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Project PAN_Update 2, 19, 2019

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. I get so excited about the year-long project pans and I swear like after every update that I film cuz, I film quarterly updates like two to three weeks and I’m like. Oh, I already can’t wait for my next update, so I’ve got some really exciting progress to share my project. This year is already way more successful than my project. Last year my 18 and 20 18 was the first time I had done a year-long project pan and last year was the first year that I really got into a project painting.
So it’s definitely a learning experience and I feel like I did a better job of selecting the items to work on this year. So I’m really excited to share my progress with you guys and if you are interested, then stay tuned. But first, if you haven’t already subscribed to my channel, I hope you consider doing so before you go. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Let’s get into my progress, so if you guys missed my introduction or my first update, I will leave both link down below for you guys, but in my first update I shared with you guys that I had finished off my Marc Jacobs, a sugar sugar lip gloss In this little like deluxe size, I said in that update that I didn’t know. If I had a stopper to take out or not – and I hadn’t taken it out, then I like looked again and I was able to take the stopper out and use a little bit more of the glass. So this is a little bit even more used than last time, but this is I’m definitely calling this one. This is done since my first update, I have finished off six more products which is so exciting. So I finished off seven of my 19 total products which isn’t quite halfway, and I know we’re at the halfway mark. It wasn’t going to be a rolling project pan and I know it’s kind of weird to do rolling when I’m only doing quarterly updates, but I want to motivate myself a little bit more to use up a few more products in my collection. So a side note on that, but let’s get back into the progress. I did finish up both foundations that were going in this project. I finished up in the Dior Forever foundation. This is one of my favorites they’ve, either either reformulated or repackaged, and I don’t know if you can give this anymore. I recently picked up the Dior forever dewy like luminous version, and I liked it, but not quite the same as this. I also want to pick up the mat and see if it’s more similar to this, because this was my Holy Grail foundation and it is done it is done, so I will be rolling in another foundation, actually a couple more at the end, like I said, I Really want to get through some more products, and this will be a flake motivation, because right now, I’m not working on any foundations in any of my project pans.
So it’s like unheard of. I also finished up my Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. I had mine, shade nude, which was a little bit dark for me, so I wanted to finish this up. I do plan to repurchase this one by the end of the year, probably during the next support of Eid sale, but, like I said, I want to get through some other foundations that currently are like not loves in my collection, but not enough to just declutter, and I really want to start to curate my foundation collection for 2020. This will definitely be one of my curated like foundations. I want my collection, because I really do love this, and I’m really excited that. I was able to finish this off. I finished off at least two concealers that I had going. First, I have the hello fab bendy avocado concealer by first aid beauty. I liked this concealer, but it didn’t turn out to be like an all-time favorite purchases. One. I think I would go with my Laura Mercier over this one, which is the one I’m using right now, so I don’t think I’ll repurchase, but it wasn’t a bad concealer. It just didn’t turn out to be like a Holy Grail and then I don’t even know if I can talk about this concealer, because my feelings for this are so strong. Ah, this is The Naked skin concealer and I really dislike this concealer. I have gone through multiple tubes of this. I used to love this concealer, but I hate this concealer now I did not take the stopper out, so I’m just gonna. Let you guys know right now. I didn’t take the stopper out, I’m sure. If I did. I could probably get another two to three two to three weeks at least of like use of this, but I don’t want to so I’m calling this done like I’ve gotten, I’m not like. You probably won’t be able to see, but I can see the sides here. I was here the last update. I’ve used this so much. I just don’t like this. It makes my undereyes look dry. I just don’t like this. I was getting anxiety the other day because I just was looking at my collection and getting so upset, because I was like forcing myself to use this when I didn’t like it, and it just like got me overwhelmed about my whole makeup collection, and I was like You know what you’re pretty much done with this just call it quits, you don’t have to take the stopper out. You don’t have to keep using it. You can just be done with it. You can count it as an empty because you used pretty much all of it, so I’m calming this is done even though the stopper isn’t out will not repurchase.
This would not recommend this anymore, even though I like, I said I used to love this one nation. Her foundation concealer, definitely not anymore, and then the last two products that I finished up are the two primers that I had going on in this project. First, from Too Faced, I had their hangover RX primer. I picked this up during one of the two faiths not to face one of the Ulta 21 days of beauty sales, and this was fine. It’s just not a primer that I love not one, that I want my curated primer collection, which I’m getting closer and closer to so I will not be repurchasing this, even if I could get this on sale, I wouldn’t purchase it again, just because I have so Many other primers and buy so many others. I mean like three to four that I love so much that I would want to use over this. That there’s just some point and then I also finished off my Beca first light: priming filter. I wouldn’t repurchase this. I don’t dislike this, but I also just don’t love it and again it’s just I. Finally, like figuring out my Holy Grail, primers primers, like one category, I feel like I’ve really got nailed for the like my favorites. Ah, and this just isn’t a favorite. I bought this one I believe on sale as well, and I think if I could get this on sale, I still wouldn’t purchase it because I just primer, as I have my love’s. So if you guys are interested in seeing my ranking my entire primer collection, so you can like hear more about primers I’ll link it in the cards. Ah, but it wasn’t, it wasn’t hard for me to use this one this. These take the Bekaa ones take forever to get through, I’m actually going to roll another Rebecca primer into this project, to try and get through that one but excited to have finished up a couple: primers. Okay, now getting into the rest of my my shirt, these stupid shirts never want to stay like anyway. So I have my Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish powder and I was really hoping to have finished this off by this update. I’m so close, you guys, and I really do like this powder. I just don’t think it’s worth the $45, so I don’t think I’ll repurchase this. If I can’t find I’ve been getting more and more into powder, if I can’t find a pressed powder that I like as much as this, maybe down the road, I will repurchase this, but I’m gonna search for a less expensive option. I, like my covergirl, vitalist, healthy elixir powder. I think that will do over this. So I believe I will have this done no problem by the next update. I mean, if I don’t, then I like probably didn’t use it, but I’ve been enjoying using that it hasn’t been hard to use uh it.
It’s gone pretty quickly. However, I hit pan on it really quickly. I will say – and I was like: okay like this – is not worth the $45 because I hit pan so quickly. But I have you said a lot the last three months and I still haven’t finished it. So maybe it is a better ride on all my Becca sunlit bronzer. So I repress this. I took a picture before I repressed and I took a picture right after I reap rest, so I can put both of those on the screen for you and I feel like I thought that I was gonna be done with this bronzer by this update and Then I repress tit and I feel, like it’s been really slow going. I have been using this quite a bit the last few weeks so in preparation for this update, because I wanted to finish this and now I feel like I’m nowhere close to finishing this. This is one of my all-time favorite bronzers. I definitely will repurchase this once. I finish this. I’m really excited to have gotten to work on this, and I know I will finish this by the end of the year, which I think I’m gonna finish. Two full-sized bronzers this year, which is so exciting. What I love about this is, it gives a little bit of a sheen like it’s, not super super glowy, but it’s not a totally matte bronzer either. So it’s just absolutely beautiful on the skin love. This bronzer super excited and are super happy that I included that in my year-long project, another product that I am excited that I included in this project is my fenty kilowatt highlighter, and this is enlightening dust and fire crystal, and I hit pan on this. My last update, but the pan has expanded on the subtle side. I don’t know if I’ll end up hitting a pan on the more intense sire. I guess I could make that a goal for myself. My goal originally was just to hit pan on the subtle side and I actually have pan on this pretty quickly. I was surprised this is definitely a highlight when I use up the whole subtle side. I will repurchase this. It is my favorite highlighter in my entire collection. I absolutely love it. I think it’s beautiful. It works so well as a highlight to wear to work. That’s not super intense, but it’s still like there and it’s just beautiful for my skin tone, um my newell. Getting back to what I was saying, my new goal is going to be to use up the entire side of the subtle side. I again was surprised, take it pan so quickly, but I did, and now I want to challenge myself to use up the entire side. I think it is definitely doable like. I said I’ve expanded the pan quite a bit, so excited to continue to make progress on that and then the last update I rolled this highlighter in over one of my blushes, because blush just stresses me out to try and pan.
I think it’s impossible. I do not understand how people pan blush and if you panda blush all the power to you, because I don’t think that painting blushes in my future, unless I like cheat or like drop it on the floor and it cracks. Does that even count as hitting pan? I anyway, so I had pulled in my Natasha Jeannot glow powder. Now this is just the original glow, not the super goal, and I pimp a man this. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have hit pan on two highlighters in my collection. I’ve got highlighters we’re like blush and that it was impossible to hit pan on them, but it’s not and I’m so proud of myself. I have some pretty good pan going on this as well, so that is super exciting. My goal, for this is just I don’t really have a goal. I don’t think I can use this up this year. I just want to continue to track my progress on this and I’m just happy that I was able to hit pan and I just want to keep getting used this one we’re highlighting a product that I’ve been working on is the cover FX custom enhancer drops, and I thought I had a mark: oh yeah, yeah, okay, so my mark was right here kind of like a little bit like right below the C at the top of the tear drop. I don’t think you can see and right now, I’m pretty much in about the same spot, I’ll mark this.. I’ve only used this a handful of times. Honestly, I used to love this product and I just don’t enjoy using liquid highlights as much anymore. I will try to get some good use out of this this summer, so that I have like a better update next update and I feel like this is about the best time to get progress, because I’m using liquid and cream products more on the summer time. I have a feeling, if I waited any longer, I just wouldn’t make any more progress on this at all. My goal was to use this up. I don’t know if I’ll hit that goal my fingers are crossed, I’m still hopeful. I still like want to challenge myself to do that, but I just don’t know this one makes me nervous. Oh, I forgot to mention one way I have like started to use this. I use this a couple weekends ago when my family and I went to the beach. I use it to like highlight my shoulders and I kind of liked it that way I feel like I could get some use out of it. That way so we’ll see, like I said, I’m nervous, but still hopeful. Maybe I can maybe I can hit my goal on that. Speaking of blush, here’s my essence satin touch gosh. This is what we’re looking like now. I know when I post pictures of like where I was last update and now or like at the beginning.
I know I’ve worn away the imprint. I know like you can see that I fused the blush, but it’s just not motivating enough to me when I look at this like I go like this and I barely feel a damn barely so today. Actually, when I went to the gym earlier, I put this on like I popped this on as an eyeshadow. Just like give my eyes a little bit of life, and I think I may start using this as an eyeshadow – to try and get some more use out of it, because my goal is still to hit pan on this, and I just don’t pursue that happening. If I just solely use it as a blush, I am not lying. When I say I have been using this five days a week minimum. I wear this blush every day to work. I never switch up my blush even when I want to reach for buxom, seychelles and wear that blush to work, because it’s so much prettier in my opinion, not that this isn’t a pretty bop blush. But I just really like buxom seychelles. Even when I want to reach for that for work, I force myself to wear this every time I go to work. Sometimes I wear this with filming, which adds another day to the like. I just I’ve used it so much and I have like over 30 blushes in my collection, so I literally have enough blush to last me like three lifetimes. So that’s my rant about this. I swear in my 20 in 20 project pan. I don’t even want to pull a blush in because it makes me so mad, maybe I’ll pull and buxom seychelles. So maybe all right, you guys just a few more products to update you on so I have mine – are, is a soft matte concealer and I have lots of progress on this. But what I post say is I use this every single day as an eyeshadow base, and I’m really surprised that this isn’t gone. So this, for me, is like a bang for your buck type of product. I’ve heard people say they go through this really fast, but I feel like, even if I was using this as like concealer or spot concealing, which I occasionally will use it for, I feel like it still just goes, really slow. So I think this is a really nice product. It works really well for me as an eyeshadow base or like an eyeshadow primer, it does a nice job of spot, concealing when I need it. I don’t use this underneath the eyes for me personally, I just it’s not one that I like to use under my eyes, but I think it’s a great product and one that I would consider purchasing again as an eye. Whoa isn’t a shadow a base. I don’t like I’m not worried about finishing this up. I hope I’m done with this by the next update. I’D be surprised if I wasn’t, but at the same time I kind of thought I would be done by now cuz I use this so often as well.
So that’s my update on that and then I do. Eyeliner that I was working on her and working on. First is from essence. It is their extreme, lasting eye. Pencil. I’ve used this so much like pretty much. All the writing has worn off. It’s just like a dark brown. 299 fist best eye pencil. I’ve ever used, it stays in the waterline all day. It is such a good eye. Pencil will 100% repurchase this. When I finish this – and I already purchased their nude 1/2 – which I love, I think they have four other ones in their line that I want to purchase too, because it’s such I could literally purchase them all for under. Well, I can finish my collection out for under $15, so so as far as this one is concerned, for my essence, I have my markings right here. I hope you can see it so with the cap off. This is where I was in the beginning. First, update and second update, I’ve had about the same amount of progress between the first update in the intro, as I have between the second update in the first subject. Maybe just a hair more in the second update, but this is another one. I’ve used this so often, I would say at least minimum 5 times a week, and I’ve only made that much progress. I think it just doesn’t make sense me. I feel, like I sharpen this. I feel like I’ve sharpened this, like 10 to 15 times, so I don’t know if this like grows overnight and I’ll never be able to finish it, but this is one that, like kind of makes me nervous. I thought this would be a gimme product. It has been interesting to see, though, how quickly I go through eyeliners, because I thought I went through them very quickly, but this one eyeliner, it seems like it’s gonna last me the whole year and then to challenge myself. I also put in this Urban Decay a mini. This is in the shade, a Starfire, and why I’m saying like to challenge myself is this: just isn’t an eyeliner that I’m going to use every single day. I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this. In the fall time – and I actually have this in my waterline today – here are my updates on this one, so I was here first update and I’ve had more progress now between, like the first and second update, so more progress. I’m still, I don’t know like. I don’t know where the pencil ends in this I’m nervous about this. That’s still hopeful. I can complete this alright and then we’ll finish it up with the three lip products that I’m working on so up. First, we had from fenty Beauty the original blast bomb. When I started, I was right here. I was here at the first update and I forgot this one too, but I am right here, so I’m almost done.
I if I had worked a little bit harder on this. I definitely could have finished this up by this update. I definitely will repurchase this when I finish this, this is one of my favorite glasses. In my collection, it is stunning I have the other two. I love all three such a good lip gloss. This will 100% be done by next update. I’m a little disappointed myself. I didn’t work a little harder to finish this, but such a stunning loss easy to use easy to wear like even when I’m not wearing makeup. I still sometimes will pop this on and it doesn’t look weird so love this gloss. That should definitely be done by next update, then from dose of colors. I’m working on this liquid, lipstick and lazy Daisy, and I only use this probably two or three times since the last update, and I think I used it four times between the intro and update number one. So I am a little bit nervous about this and I do think I’ll get some good use under this in the fall and winter time, maybe not so much in the summertime. I do really like this shade. It’s just I don’t know. I can’t get away with this in the summertime too, because it is like a lighter mauve, really pretty love the dose of colors liquid lipstick formula and honestly, I just really wanted to track how long it would take to use up a liquid lipstick, and I definitely Don’t see myself using this up this year, this might be a thing, but that’s okay and then the last product is my Tarte rainforest of the sea, lipstick and rum punch. I love this lipstick. This is my favorite lipstick in my collection, it’s just such a beautiful color there. It is right there and I’ve worn this quite a bit when I feel like I saw a lot of progress left. So here is first update right here. I forgot to do an introduction and then here’s the second update I’ve used this a ton and I feel, like the line, has barely moved. If I roll this all the way up, as you can tell, I sell quite a bit of product left there. If I worked really hard on this, I think I could finish it. I still want to challenge myself to finish this, but this is a product, that’s beginning, to make me just a hair in harvest. Are you guys, so those were the 19 products that I originally started with and, I do want to roll in seven more products to work on. I had gone back and forth between wanting to start a whole new project and then I was like no. I have enough projects going on right now. I think I’ll just roll a few and hope that I can finish them by the next update and hope that, maybe, even if I can’t finish all of my products that I started with, maybe I’ll still be able to then complete 19 products by the end of The year and it’ll just be fun to track some more progress on products so because I finished up to foundations, I want to roll in two more foundations.
First, I have from number 7 the lift and luminate foundation, and I only have about half of this left. I will mark this again. This shouldn’t be too hard for me to finish up, I used to love this foundation and I just don’t love it as much as I used to it’s. Not the right shade for me and foundation is another area of my makeup collection that I would really like to have more curated as I go into 2020. So I want to use up some foundations that just aren’t gonna make the cut this being one of them and then from dr. jart. I have their BB beauty balm. I don’t really like this at all, and I have only used this a few times like a handful of times, so this is like hard tackling it’s not actually a squeeze to even up kind of looks like it. So I can’t really tell where I am, but this is just about full the shade on this. It’s not great. This does have SPF 45 and it is very luminous like it’s too luminous I feel like. I need to set it, but I’m hoping I can get some great use under this this summer and maybe get this used up by the end of the summer, so that I can just have this out of my collection. This is one product I kind of wish. I had returned because I just dislike it. I know that much if I get too frustrated using this, I will just end up decluttering it, but I did spend, however, much that I can’t remember how much this is. It’s expensive, though I did spend that money on it and I would love to use this up some to roll in those two foundations, like I said, I’m also not working on any other foundation throughout any of my projects. Currently so I’m hoping it’ll be a good time to really work on those foundations. Actually, I did just roll in a foundation to my roulette, pan collab soft 3 foundations to be working on, so I also used up two primers. I want to work on two more primers, and now this one is the Becca backlight priming filter. This won’t make it as part of the cut of my curated primer collection. So that’s part of the reason I want to just use it up, get it out of my collection. I have almost the whole bottle left of this, and I know this will take me probably a good two to three months to get through This does have some shimmer to it, so I think it’s more like an illumination to it so perfect time, you’re trying to use this up this summer, and then I also wanted to use up another illuminating primer, because I just know it’s not gonna make it In my curated primer collection, but I didn’t want to have to illuminating primers, to work on so I chose the no pore blend primer, the smooth and pore, covering primer from touch and soul.
I have almost a full jar of this tool This one I do like – and I think I would repurchase this when I finish this – I’m just curious to see how quickly I can go through this and wanted to work on another primer So those are the two primers that I will be working on now We did finish off two concealers, but concealers are they take me a little bit longer to go through, so I decided to roll in a concealer and a setting spray So the concealer that I’m rolling in is the wet and wild photo focused concealer with all the drama surrounding wet and wild I just kind of want to use this up and get it out of my collection It’s a bummer because I actually do really enjoy this concealer, but I just don’t feel like supporting wet wild right now, so I have about two thirds of this left I really like this concealer, it’s not hard for me to use I think I could easily finish this up by the next update and then I have my mac fix+ original again I need to mark this one, but I have about 3/4 of this left This won’t be an issue for me to finish up I have two other mac Fix+ is currently at currently in my collection, and this is my oldest one, so I just need to use this up and I’m kind of curious to see how quickly I can use it up So I thought that would be a good one to include, and then I wanted to include one lip product since they finished up and that lip gloss mini from Marc Jacobs I want to include another mini in its place This is from buxom It is one of their full-on lip creams in the shade pink lady, and it’s just this really soft baby pink lip gloss thought it would be an easy one to use in the summer time I think this one I’ll take a good amount of time to use up lip products in general Take me a while to use up, but I’m really curious as to how quickly I can use it up if I could finish it by the next update That would be awesome to just use up another product I thought this would be a fun one to include, and after that that is going to conclude my second update in my 19 products in 2019 project I hope you guys enjoyed this update and I’ll catch

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