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Pumpkin wreath adopts one yuan tree pumpkin frame one yuan tree DIY budget friendly!

1 Nov , 2019  

How are you I am so happy? You are here again and you, if you happen to be here for the first time, welcome. My name is Kathy. I am so excited to share with you. The latest sensation. Pumpkin reform: this is from Dollar Tree for just $1. I know oriental trading sells one for $6.99, so if you don’t have one yet get it get it it’s so popular. It’s actually sold out on the Dollar Tree website already, and I want to share with you how easily this could be transformed into a beautiful reef, of course, as usual on this channel, we’re gonna, do it on the budget.
So, let’s get started all the supplies today come from a Dollar Tree accept my choice of ribbons, but of course, Dollar Tree carries plenty of ribbons too. In case you interested, this ribbon comes from a seam or 70% off was $2.00, something this one was on sale at Walmart for one dollar, you see me hold this one from Christmas tree shop for $1.99 and the chicken wire ribbon. I always wanted to get it. I got it for $1.99, 50% of Edie Hobby Lobby. All these ribbons, I got very recently, so I think you could still get them. In addition, you are going to need a baby fleece blanket from Dollar Tree no secret. That I love plaid and any floral sleeves that embellishments that he likes to decorate your pumpkin. What we are going to cover the pumpkin with the blanket – and I want to do it diagonally just like so next we tie the stem with the rubber band. Next, we push the blanket down to emphasize the pumpkin ribs and we fold it over and clip it with a binder clip or with a clothespin just to hold the shape for now, wherever there is excess fabric, you have to fold it over and clip it just Like so you, when you get to the end, just try to match the left side to the right. Okay, so it looks more or less the same. I’m so sorry about the light I didn’t realize the sunrays were coming in so strong there when done. Take a step back, take a look at it again if something seems too loose like over here at the top. For me, I decide to fold it over and clip it just like I did at the bottom just like so you when everything looks nice.
The way you like it it’s time to take a hot glue gun and attach the blanket to the frame I suggest working in small sections, you adding a bat of glue under each of those little pleats you and then adding the glue directly on the frame. Just like so when the tap is done, you move down to the bottom and do the same thing working in small sections, adding a dot of glue under each of those little pleats. When all done, let’s clean up the back a little bit, we have a lot of excess fabric there. So, just like we did up front, we can just fold it over and glue it, so it doesn’t stick up too much. You looks much better now now, let’s make some curly vines. Are we going to need? Is some nautical rope and a little bit of glue that we mix with water and two pencils we wet the rope just like so next we take a pencil and roll up. The Rope just like you would do your hair on the curling iron just like so you Nautica rope is kinda thick, so you might need a clip to clip it, so it stays in place, make sure it soaked very well and leave it out to dry. Now. Let’s start working on the bow for our pumpkin, we are going to make eight loopable today and we’re going to cut two pieces of each type of ribbon the wider ribbon. We cut about 24 inches long pieces and the thinner ones we cut about 36 inches long and the fourth type of ribbon that we are going to be using today is the chicken wire ribbon. That’s why I’m cutting it separately, because it’s a little bit different needs different treatment. I made a five inch loop right here and then cut just enough for one tail. We’Re not gonna do double tails, like all all the other ribbons. So, as you can see, I am measuring for a five inch loop pinching it it’s a little harder to work with 5 inch, loop pinch and then cut a tail you. Next, we are going to cut all the tails and an angle diagonal and let’s put together the bow now, so we have eight ribbons here and we are going to measure 5 inch loops for each piece. Then pinch in the middle make sure it’s 5 inches and hold it over with your thumb and don’t forget to alternate the colors and sizes.
So we had a wide orange ribbon. Now we’re gonna do an gray one. Now, that’s an orange one. 5 inch loop pinch and hold it with your thumb. I’m sorry, I didn’t notice. My camera was off and now the chicken wire ribbon we just have to hold it. The loop is made already yes, so we don’t have to struggle. We just have to hold it in place and now one more time that thick orange one with the pumpkin 5 inch loop pinch it and hold it the same order and five-inch slope hold it with your thumb is getting a little harder, but you can do it. Then the last one we add it to the bunch and now we are going to grab a floral wire and tie it all together and just like that, we have a nice large, eight loop Bowl. We have to fluff it up and curl up those tails. A little bit just, let me know in the comments down below, do you like the look of the chicken wire ribbon, because I, like it a lot and it reminds me of the farm, so I loved it. But I understand everyone has a different style. So just choose the ribbons that you guys like, and this is how I curl up the ends a little bit just on top of my fingers when the bow is done. We are going to attach the leaves, and my trick is to separate the bushel in half this one is six little stems, so we are going to do three at the top three at the bottom. Just like so push the leaves to the tips and attach the bow in the middle and that’s a very simple, easy trick and a nice easy embellishment for any decor. You could use that for your pumpkin for any other reef or even a lantern behind the bow. We had already leftover wire. We just used that to tie down the leaves and then use the same wire to attach it to the pumpkin I’ll. Add it let’s make a hanger and by poking the wire through the stem and tying a loop when all is attached. We can fluff up our ribbons. It looks very pretty, but if you want, you can add some more like. I have these sunflowers and those little mini flowers with grass I’m gonna cut some of these up as usual.
First, I’m just adding the flowers in without any glue just to see where I like them, and since I could one facing forward, I would do another one to the side and then the third one on the opposite side right There orange many flower with a green leaf adds a little bit of color there I really like it and we put another one at the top I think this is cute better once I have everything the way I like it, I’m quickly gluing everything in you wanna add a little more green, and I have some of that green hab bush that I used in the past with my apple wreath, and I Want to go to in couple pieces here and there you – I have a couple large leaves from last year, and I think I want to use them as backdrop over there at the top You know every pumpkin comes with large leaves right Doesn’t that help? I think it really does I love how it came together We are almost done just need a little cherry at the top Remember the curly vice that we made it there all right now, just pull out the pencil and Tara beautiful curls We are going to tie it from the back, just like so to the stem with some hot glue you I want that vine to stand straight up at the top, so I’m gonna wrap it around with some floral wire I asked my daughter to help me hold the wreath this: is she nice helper you? This is going to be perfect, just a drop of hot glue and it’s gonna stay there nicely here is our cherry on the top How do you like it and here’s another one at the bottom? I really love those curly vines and I love the whole result, the ribbon with the chicken wire and all the beautiful florals from the Dollar Tree that wonderful, blanket I’m so happy that this is such an affordable decoration that any of you can do, and I hope you will recreate it look how beautifully it coordinates with our little track that we made last week You can do that as well Thank you so much for watching I’m so excited to see because we have so many more creative ideas in the future Thank you guys

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