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Purple eye shadow and lip tutorial

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello: everyone in today’s film creating a look using some plumb tones and some purples. I want to use some of the most beautiful purpose that I have within my kit and colors that inspired me now here upon the platform Some of them have been slightly more muted, but today I want to create a look – that’s quite soft, but has slightly more plum tones to it, but it’s light a bit of purple as an addition. Now I have already gone in and applied moisturizer as well as eyebrows.
Today I used my consistent go-to moisturizer, which is embryo Lee’s la creme, concentrate I’ve, also gone on and drawn on eyebrows. Today I used some of kryolan’s derma color cream concealer in the shade d40, which is this beautiful army, green gray, color stenciling and sketching at the shape with a Mac 263. I further went in and created depth and dimension to the eyebrow, with individual strokes of Ingrid’s powder eye shadow in the shade tree to nine, and I just darkened the eyebrows lively and used it to set the d40 color now a short while ago. My eyes were very irritated and slightly inflamed, as the skin around here was very pink and red and slightly raw, I’m not necessarily sure why, but they were slightly resembling the anus of a flamingo. So I went in and applied some of Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion and applied a liberal, thorough amount of it all over the eyelid and right up to the brow for my base tone as well as my transition color, I’m going to be taking some of mac Cosmetics powder eyeshadow in the shade all of this color Hawk’s, because I mean it’s very similar to a makeup which of course I adore, but it’s less 1. It almost reminds me of the color, which I absolutely love, and it isn’t necessarily the color of an actual eyeshadow. It’s more a case of when you are taking off your makeup and you put on the pads with a little bit of makeup remover, and then you take them off and there’s almost this slightly smoky topi cool toned effect across the eyes, even though they’re simply dirty. It’s a lovely color that is left and I always think why can I never find this in the form of an eyeshadow, but Hawkes is closest thing. I’ve been able to find to that color these tones that are really easy to blend as well, and then I’m just taking it cleans over two to eight brush and just softening and blurring all of those edges.
Now I haven’t applied any concealer or corrector or foundation of any kind which serves to be very convenient when applying eyeshadow fast. As we will not get any fall time, then I’m taking a clean Mac to one seven and is blurring all of those edges. Now I’m taking some of mac cosmetics powder eyeshadow in the shade Brule and a good to use that just to soften the eye. Look now, please do excuse this slightly offensive mark on my hand. I actually fell off the tallest tower and my castle, I fell about 200 feet to the ground and scuffed my hand. I did have a bandage on it, but I thought it was best to allow to air dry as it wasn’t really healing as expediently as I would have preferred. So I do apologize if it causes any form of offence, but I’m sure you can overlook it and, of course forgive me and I’m just softening the edges of the Hawks eye shadow with some of the Brule color using a clean Mac 1:7 and I’ve just come Back in with as over two to eight brush and I’m just buffing over everything, just to ensure a seamless, I’m just going to take a little bit of the excess away with a little bit of Bioderma on a cotton pad. Now I’m going to be taking some of mac cosmetics project, I shadow in the shade blackberry, she’s good to go planet more so at the outer corner and onto the upper lashline using is over two to seven brush with a blackberry, no applied, I’m not going to Go in with some of mac cosmetics, powder eyeshadow in the shade, and I’m just going to smudge that almost as if, though, I was lining the eye and drawing a cat eye, I’m just smudging it on the upper lash line. First of all, and just lifting it out just of us a slightly with a canst has n33 a micro pencil brush and the way that I’m doing it, just keeping it within the triangle on one way that I do this is by placing the brush against the Eye like so and against the side of the nose so that it is within that triangle. I demonstrate this technique with in many my Philip’s, where I place it like so, and if you look at it straight ahead, if you almost imagine whatever you were doing to stay inside that triangle, this will give you the effect of a much more elongated look just By placing it the side of the nose and the side of the eye, you will actually feel the brush against this boom, but today I’m not actually along getting the eye by following my eyes, natural shape.
No I’m sketching in a very diminutive wing. I don’t want it to be too pronounced and I don’t want it to be too visible and I’m not actually following my waterline, so I usually follow the waterline shape as a thought were to extend out and that lifts the eyes dramatically. But I’m almost creating the slip, instead of it being on the edge of the eye almost after the eye. So it’s a little fan of down and it will make the eyes look a little bit more dream and it’s good to smoke the upper lashline. Now you can clearly see that has given the eye substantial definition, yet it remains quite unpronounce. Now I’m not necessarily too concerned of the eyeliner footage that I just applied. It looks a little bit messy because I’m going to be going over it with a purple tone in just a moment. Now, I’m going to be going in with a purple eye, shadow and pepper. A shadow is one of those things that I think can be worn on absolutely everyone. I would say that the shade that you go for and the formulation is subjected to you, your eye, color, your eye shape your age. All of those things. One must pick whatever one wants, but it’s just most suited to oneself and most enhancing of oneself, so you might be something that suits a very sheer purple of the eyelid or something that might suit a very opaque purple over the eyelid. I think that colors are a wonderful thing now. I was very inspired to create a lip today that used purple but used it not necessarily in the sense of hello, I’m wearing purple, eyeshadow more as a purple accent to the eyelid. I don’t necessarily want it to be too dramatic, but I still wanted to be really beautiful and have a bit of purple color in it, and today I’m going to be taking the sleek makeup: acid. 5. 7. 0. Eyeshadow palette. Now I’ve always loved this palette. They’Re! Really useful colors within it. Now I absolutely loved these two purple tones here and the shame that I’m going to be using. Is this one right on the it just looks like a slightly fuchsia purple, slightly pinky purple, it’s absolutely gorgeous, but it has a slight reflex.
Blue thread, so it is absolutely stunning on the eyes I haven’t actually been able to find another color like this another product that I have, that is slightly similar, but it’s lighter. It’s like pink is by felis cosmetics. This is a loose eyeshadow pigment by felis cosmetics. In the shade obnoxious, I’ve always thought that obnoxious was another unusual name. Fine. I should indeed so beautiful, and if I told that slightly you will be able to see that it is this beautiful, loose pink shade. But then, if I put a little bit of on my finger, you will see that there’s a slight blue reflex to it. So these sorts of colors do tend to look very odd to violet. They remain a violet, but because they’re predominantly purple or violet blue in them does not overwhelm the purple, so it doesn’t become a reflex blue or a reflex pink or even reflex purple. It just tends to look like a very blue toned purple. Now I shall be a plan is absolutely beautiful: purple eyeshadow from the sleek acid, 5, 7, 0 palette on a kid stars: s32 Tschida. I describe this as a synthetic duplicate for the Mac 239. It’s absolutely marvelous, and now I’m going to give it one little spritz of mac, cosmetics, fix+. I’m always a little scared to use this actually, as I’m deeply fearful of anything that sprays or squirts all over the place, and I’m just going to place this on the centre of the eyelid. First of all, I’m just going to pull it out slightly and then buffets lightly along upper lash line, where we lined just a moment ago with the mac cosmetics code eyeshadow in the shoot sketch. I just want to buff it into that. So that’s absolutely beautiful! Violet Turner glide, I’m just going to go back in with some of our black berry, color and just blurred those edges. Let’s really start to laugh at him without violet Turner Clyde. It doesn’t give me the exact level of there. Odessans that I would prefer and not getting my own way in life is not something that I have ever experienced, so I’m going to go in with some of that obnoxious color just on the center of the eyelid. Just to boost the sheen, just ever so slightly, I’m just using the same as 3, 2 brush just apply that on top and didn’t I just crudely applied it.
I haven’t really organized its shape. Just looks up beautiful just like that. I’m now going to go in and curl my eyelashes using some of England’s eyelash curlers on mascara, I’m going to be taking some of the bombs. What’s your type in the shade black and a shot presume. If you are a regular viewer of mine, you’re – probably very used to me saying that now the eyes are temporarily complete. I will have to go back in and do a little bit of eye shadow underneath the eye, as well as touch up the mascara and apply false eyelashes. But I shall be doing that near the end. Once I have applied and completed my foundation and concealer and powder know during the eye shadow application, the worst becomes a triple amount of fall down to clean that up. I’m going to take some of bio dramas, makeup, removing solution on a cotton pad just taking off all of that product for foundation, I’m going to be taking hooter, beauty’s, full filter foundation in the shade. Look: shake diamond planet with a real techniques pointed foundation brush. I actually want to keep my skin looking quite natural today, so I’m going to share this out, I’m just very quickly during a run to the I press. The reason why I selected this foundation for use is because it doesn’t really serve very well when brushed on and other needs to be stupid on with a brush or buffed on Austin Odom was something like a Beauty Blender. It does tend to look best when it has been stippled. Now, I’m going to stipple all of that into place using a Real Techniques expert face brush. Now I have evened out the foundation with the foundation applied and correctly. Texturized are now going to go in and apply some of mac, cosmetics, full coverage foundation in the shade w10, and i will be planet in the central areas of the face, because the solution is quite pink. This will actually serve as my color corrector for under eyes and i’m a planet on a clean, Charles Fox, eight one, four, six, four: zero five brush. Now I quite like the way my natural skin is looking, I’m only going to apply this in the central areas which require greater coverage. Other do not want to mask the skin entirely, even though I have gone over everything with hooda beauty’s, full filter foundation in the shade milkshake, I only applied a thin layer, just even at the complexion, but you can still see my skin underneath it, and I went Back in with our birthing brush pores, but he was just a moment ago just to correct the foundation and I’m just stippling that all over the concealer.
For that I just and to set all of that through I’m going to be taking some of England’s mattifying loose powder, this one is translucent and this setting underneath the eye first of all, with an angle of 6ss brush, then setting the areas that require less position With a crime brush s2 or five-pointed blush brush, now I’m going to go back in with my eyebrow brush from before, and I’m just going to go in and correct the eyebrows, as they will have been a little bit smudged and displaced from the application of the Foundation and the concealer what the app is complete, I’m not going to move on to contour and to contour. Today, I’m going to be using this sleek makeup face contour kit in the shade light and applied. I’m using is over one to six brush for blush. I’m going to be taking some of Illamasqua spider blusher in the shade sulfate. I never spent a platter – very faint, amended this as it’s very strong on a nice number six brush now, if applied a little bit more brush than I had originally planned to do so so I’m just going to go back in with my powder brush from the Floor and the remaining loose powder on the brush, I’m just going to stipple it over the blush of water that I applied and want to mute down. Vast technique just reduces the severity of the blusher. This could possibly work if your contr is too strong to highlight. I’m going to be taking the jeffree star, cosmetics, platinum, ice, skin, frost, Pro palette, and I should be using this shade right here, which is pink gel. Now I’m going to apply it on an England for SS brush and I shall employ a slight amount of it at the bridge of the nose is to London that a tiny bit of it on the chin, tiny bit of it across the forehead Then I’m going to highlight my inner corners with a slight amount of it with the kissters s30 small tapered brush now Phillips, I was going to go for my usual nude shade, but today I decided no, do you know what I’m going to go for something? That’s purple as well and something strong something darker Phillips: I’m going to be applying Illamasqua scream pigment in the shade depravity, which is this absolutely beautiful, bright, yet slightly muted, purple shade and I’m a planet with a Mac 231 brush without lipstick, no apply to the lips.
I’m now going to go in and apply an additional product to the lips just to build greater depth and to do so, I’m going to take some of elements, scream pigment in the shade mold and I’m just a planet to the outer corners First of all, and I’m just dabbing on tuna, a tiny amount of MAC, Cosmetics, lipstick in the shade Vampira and before I complete the look, I’m now going to take a kid stars: s33, a micro pencil brush with some of our hawks color from before, and I’m Just smoking the lower lash line with that connecting what we have applied on the eyelid and the top part of the eye with the underneath, so that more or less completes the look I went and further added a set of false eyelashes These ones are from an eBay retailer, as I do tend to go for more affordable options for eyelashes, as I discard them straight after use The overall look has resulted in being quite vamping, but I absolutely love it, I’m so glad I went for apocalypse something a lot more full on I think it just brings the look to life I think a nude would have been wonderful, but I think purple in this event has been a marvelous choice and even though the eyelet may appear very very strong, it is actually unbelievably simple and we only used one or two tones and sometimes when you wear strong Or heavy eye shadow looks you can actually soften the appearance of the eyeshadow by only applying the fullest strength of the eyeshadow on the upper eyelid As you can see, I’ve left the underneath relatively bare, as that’s from a slight matter that whole color just to tie everything together nicely, and I certainly have had a lot of fun Creating this film for you here today, and I hope they were fun Today’s for them to be either interesting, useful, helpful or beneficial, and once again thank you so much for watching and, of course, take care Bye,

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