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Purple flash cut pleats makeupifanyj

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, I’m gonna be showing you guys how I got this purple. Glitter cut crease makeup! Look! So let’s go ahead and jump into this tutorial as usual, I’m starting off with priming my eyes using the makeup revolution concealer in the shade c12. I get asked a lot if I use powder to set my concealer, and I do not because I feel, like my eyeshadows turn out a lot more pigmented when I don’t set my concealer, I’m just gonna go ahead and apply that on to my eyes as Well, as carve out underneath my brows and then apply my tape that way, I get a nice clean.
Look once I’m done applying all of my eye shadows, the first shadow that I’m jumping into is from coloured raine. This is the shade perp’s Murph and I’m applying this fall into the crease using a morphe M 506. I’m going to be using this brush a lot in this tutorial. I bought several not too long ago because I’m really really loving this brush. So I’m going to be trading it in between shadows, I’m basically applying this on to the crease and winging it on the outer corners. That way, the eyeshadow kind of extends with the cut crease and I’m going to be creating later on the next color. I’m going into is called the cute from color drain and I’m going to be using this shadow, basically just to blend out the edges of that dark purple that I just used, then to really deepen up the crease. I’m going into the Juvia space magic palette and with the shade FA, I’m going to go ahead and apply this onto the crease as well, don’t be afraid to go back in with that same brush that you will use to apply purp summer to blend out the Edges of this darker purple eyeshadow, if you need to so now, it’s time to cut our crease, I’m going to go back in with my makeup revolution. Concealer! This one is in the shade c1. I always use a shade to cut my crease, because it’s a lot lighter than the shade that I use to prime and I’m basically going to wing out the outer edge of my cut crease, as well as the inner corner of my cut.
Crease you’re. Gon na see a curve on both sides, so I’m just making sure to go over where my eye folds on my crease and then taking the concealer and winging it out on the outer edges for the lit space. I’m then gonna go into the violet bas. Filiming Gopal light this color, it’s a shade bikini and it’s just really cute, like shimmery light black color and I’m gonna pack, this onto my eyes, using my finger first then using a smaller brush to get the edges of the cut crease. Now I’m moving on to eyeliner. I wanted a nice bold winged liner, for this look, I’m gonna start off using the pretty vulgar ink gel liner with a small little angled brush from Sigma, and I’m basically just using this to kind of sketch out the shape of my eyeliner, then to bold. It out I’m going in with the NYX matte liquid liner, and this is also going to smooth out any bumps that may have formed from the gel liner that we used before I’m using two liquid glitters from OPV Beauty on the lid space, the silver one that I use on the inner part of the eye is called Camp sunshine and then I added a purple glitter, it’s kind of like a lavender color onto the lid and that one’s called champagne fantasy, while the glitter is still damp. I’m also going to use the mermaid scales glitter in the shade of royal amethyst and just pop that onto the lid using a lip brush. Next, I’m going to go ahead and start prepping for blushes. I’m adding mascara now just to make sure the lashes blend in really well with my natural lashes and the falsies that I’m using today are from bold face makeup and these ones are in the style of lash trans. I’m gonna pop these on using a pair of tweezers and then go in with my lash curler, just to press my natural lashes and the falsies together. So I’m gonna pause with the eyes for a second and move on to skin. I’m gonna start moisturizing, my skin, using the covergirl vitalist go glow, luminizing lotion, and this one is in the shade of daybreak, then to prime I’m going in with the cover FX blurring primer.
I absolutely love this primer. It makes your skin look so like flawless and smooth, so I’m just applying that on to all areas that I typically have like larger pores. So for me, that’s on my forehead and mostly on the inner part of my cheeks and nose, then for foundation. I’m going in with the Becca ultimate coverage 24-hour foundation in the shade maple. I’m not really sure how I feel about this foundation like I love full coverage foundations, but this one I feel like there’s a little bit like too heavy. I probably will mix this one with other foundations in the future, but usually when I do full coverage, I prefer it to be like more lightweight, and I feel like this one just felt like it’s like a little too like heavy on me, but I’m gonna Go ahead and try it a few extra times just to see, if maybe I can work with it, but because the foundation is a little bit more on the heavier side, I went in with a lighter concealer, like a lightweight concealer, so I used the Laura Mercier Flawless fusion concealer in the shade 4n. I pretty much use that to highlight all the areas that I typically do so underneath my eyes along the sides of my mouth, as well as the bridge of my nose, then to really brighten the inner part of my undereyes. I’m going in with the color pop concealer and the shade number 32. Of course you want to make sure you set everything with a powder, so I’m using the RCM a no color powder. This is one of my favorite powders to use because it’s truly translucent – you don’t get any like type of flash back with this either then to bring back some warmth into the skin. I’m going in with the Black Radiance to complexion contouring palette in the shade lights and medium, so I’m gonna go back in with the eyes now, I’m basically just smoking out the lower lashline with all the colors that I use on the crease So I’m going in first with purp Smurf from coloured raine, then blending that out with the shade cute then smoking it out a little bit more using FA from the magic palette on the inner corners.
I went in with one of my favorite pigments from peaches and cream this one’s in the shade pixie It has a seat really cute, like pink pigment to it So I thought it would be perfect for this look, so I’m just using a small little brush to pop that into the inner corners to open up the eyes a little bit more I haven’t used blush in a really long time, but I really wanted to try this blush with this look, so I went in with these you a Coquette blush to do well I took the darker of the two shades and I just pretty much applied that on to the tops of my cheekbones Then right after I’m going to go ahead and start working on my brows, I’m going in with my on associate dip brow pomade in Ebony As usual before I go in with high light, I want to make sure to spritz my skin, using some Mario Badescu rosewater facial spray, I’m using my little fan just you kind of dry it down a little bit and then I’m gonna use the Anasazi adream Glow kit and I’m taking two shades from the palette and mixing them together, I’m using a three alanda magic and applying that on all the high points in my face So the cheeks a little bit on the bridge of the nose forehead, the chin, as well as the Cupid’s bow Then Last but not least, I want to go ahead and fill in my lips using a lip color, I’m lining my lips First, using Mac’s, plum lip liner, then to fill in my lips, I’m using Joey’s lip creme in Terra and you guys already know I love a good lip gloss So I’m going over that using the nikah K is a diamond glow lip gloss and the shade of beauteous, but that’s pretty much it for this look guys I really hope you enjoyed it Thank you so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, and hopefully I will see you guys in my next tutorial

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