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Put false eyelashes under your eyelashes!

30 Sep , 2019  

My god drop, I know hi guys welcome back to my channel today, I’m gonna be showing you guys a little trick. That’s been going around Instagram there’s been little meaning tutorials of girls, applying false lashes, like on the waterline like on the tight line, which is so crazy. I feel like it would hurt my eyes. I was really curious to try this out and I haven’t tried it out. So the point of this is pretty much fool: people, because you’re applying the false lashes, like literally underneath your lashes, your natural lashes, are going to cover that strip, and it’s going to look like you have pretty beautiful long lashes, but really don’t I’m just kidding.
So I have two pairs of lashes right here. I have the style risk a by Koko lashes, and I also have the demi wispies. Every single person that I have seen do this uses very natural lashes. It makes sense all because you don’t want to be applying like a very thick band on your eyes, because that’s gonna bevery uncomfortable. I don’t even know this is safe for your eyes. You guys my backdrop is so wrinkled, but into so. She basically cut the lash in half yeah. Let’s, let’s try this out you’re gonna. Basically need some really natural lashes, some scissors and an eyelash glue. I have the duo adhesive. I got this at Walmart. This is a tube form. I love this one, you guys it’s like so good yeah and then some tweezers, because I don’t know how difficult would it be applying false lashes just like that, so I’m gonna zoom in up in this face. So I have my lash right here and I’m just going to pretty much focus on the lash boy. I’m just going to cut it halfway. I hope it doesn’t like lose focus. Okay, so I could the lashes into as you can see, I’m going to take the outer part first of the eyelash instead of applying the glute in the back, I’m just applying it like in the front. I think it’s best for you to wait for this. To get tacky try to mirror like right under you, because you’re gonna really need to look under there. I’m just gonna pull my eyelid. Oh, my god, my eyes already watering, I’m gonna, have to really get in there and apply the lash like right on the water, like, oh my god, my eye, my eyes, water a lot.
So I don’t think this would ever work out for me, but if it can help a girl out, why not lift your eyelid up and pop this right there, like really close your lashes, oh my god, okay, I’m! I need some glue. Maybe I waited like a little bit too long, though okay take to make sure you blink really good before this, because I feel, like my eyes, are drying out. I’m just gonna press these I’m trying to really keep these like. As close to my lashes. More than my actual eyeball, okay, so I feel like I already applied those right. My eyes are drying out really bad, though my brow yeah, I just remember, ow, really bad right now, so I’m gonna take my tweezer, then actually pinch my natural lashes and the false lashes together that way they can actually really blend now. I know why they cut it in half like I would not be able to apply a full strip. This is so hard, so I’m just gonna lift the eye. Okay, guys, I think it’s on now, so I’m just gonna pinch, my lashes together. This is for sure harder than it looks so this is so difficult, so my lashes don’t feel crazy. I thought it was gonna be like really irritating. These werevery, very thin, very natural. So this is pretty much how the eyelash looks. It looks pretty natural to me, and this is how it looks when you look down as well now on this, I am actually gonna be trying out a thicker bad. This is how they look as you can see: they’re a lot more thick, but the band itself is really not super crazy. I don’t want to cut these into just because these are some really nice lashes that I haven’t worn. Yet I mean the other ones. I didn’t really care for because they’re super natural, but I feel like these – I don’t want to cut them in half, so what I want to do is actually test it out using the whole strip. So now I’m going to take my eyelash and I’m going to pull my eyelid up. Okay, oh, I think so, bad! Ah, okay! This is really hard because I want a blink like crazy is so freaking hard? Okay, this is not safe for your eyes. I’m gonna have to cut it I got that on it’s okay, so now I’m just gonna pinch them together.
I know it looks like I applied the eyelash the wrong way, but these lashes are kind of weird like they’re kind of short In the end, oh it’s so hard that I want to blink I find it better if I just use my fingers, because these tweezers are so close to my lashline – that it’s a little bit dangerous So this I did feel a little bit irritated at first, because I could feel the lashes, but now that I’m actually pinching the lashes together I really don’t feel it that much They are a little bit more uncomfortable because I seriously don’t feel anything on this eye and this eye, I just a fuel I feel like I have lashes on, which is not a bad thing, because I really thought they were going to be way more uncomfortable So this is how this eye looks, I’m assuming it looks less natural than these So this is how my eyelashes look Let me know what you guys think about this little trick that people are doing for me now that I tried it out I think I need more practice and I don’t think I would do it again, though, because for the most part I never like looking natural, I’m really into dramatic looks I wouldn’t really recommend people doing this Just because I was struggling to apply this glue was getting in my eye My eyes were watering like crazy It’s just I don’t think this is okay for your eyes in general If you do actually want to try this out, try to use like the thinnest band as possible, but this one is like I could feel it which I could go out and I’ll be fine I think, but I think after a while I would just be kind of like annoyed for now I don’t think I’ll ever do this again, because it’s kind of pointless for me I, like really dramatic lashes, I’m not telling you to do it because I don’t think it’s safe for your eyes Thank you so much for watching If you try this out, do it on your own risk, because this is something I don’t recommend I love you guys So much and I’ll see you guys in my next one bye,

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