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Ready: Make-up therapy heals sad feelings

30 Sep , 2019  

Not looking my best hi guys um, this is gonna, be the weirdest intro ever. I feel very much all over the place right now, I’m not really myself right now. You could probably tell my energy isn’t like totally there. So if you’ve been like paying attention, you may have noticed that I haven’t really been like totally present on social media over the last week week and a half I’ve just been going through a lot of stuff in my personal life right now, and I decided to Just give myself a little bit of a break and just let myself heal a little bit and recharge off camera and I’m not feeling happy right now at all.
You could probably tell I feel horrible, but I figured that instead of sitting in my bed and crying or sleeping all day, I would come on camera and distract myself. Do I want to talk about what’s going on in my life? I really really don’t. That’s not part of the plan YouTube for me for the last five years has always been a sanctuary. It’s always been a welcome distraction. It’s been my job, it’s been a lot of things for me and always positive, and so I figured instead of wallowing today. I would put on my big girl pants sit in front of the camera and film and just put on makeup just talk to you guys. I know I’m not the only one going through hard shit right now. I know a lot of people go through a lot of hard shit and thankfully I have the ability to take time off because of my job and I’m so grateful for that, and I just want to thank you guys for supporting me. I think we all need a little distraction every once in a while.. I’m gonna try and allow this to perk me up lifts up my energy. I just want to put makeup on my face. I haven’t done that in a really long time. It feels like. I have some new products here that I want to try out. I have new products from nude Stix that I have used once and they’re really beautiful. I mean you guys know. I love all new. Six products I have the new Urban Decay Naked reloaded palette, which I’ll talk a little bit about. I have used this once before. Let’s get started okay, I look like trash denying that my face is puffy my under like I, I just look so bad, so I’m gonna first start off with my base so that things are a little bit evened out, though I’m just gonna first go In with my Bobbi Brown vitamin-enriched face base, this has been like the moisturizer slash primer. I’ve been using before applying my makeup.
I’ve been really enjoying it. I’ve spoken about it quite a bit recently. I feel like it’s just a really nice moisturizing primer. It sort of makes your skin feel nice and smooth too. It’s also really nice for every day, when I’m not really looking for something. That’s like filling my pores or like giving me crazy longevity. It’s just like a simple product. My lips have been so dry. Okay, so I was looking for my lineage lips to be mask in vanilla because I’m obsessed with it right now, it’s just like so delicious and vanilla II. I love it, but I can’t find it. I know where it went so I’m just gonna use the original one which i think is like strawberry. It’s also really nice, but the vanilla one is like a plus plus plus, would recommend. I think I want to go back to an old love. I have not used this product in what feels like forever a cosmetic CC cream. You guys know if you’ve been following my channel for a while how much I love this stuff. I’ve not been on my face in such a long time just because I’ve been finding like other foundations that I’ve been really into, and this is sort of just you know, taking a back seat because everybody knows I love it. I’m gonna use it on this. A cosmetics brush, it’s so freaking, pretty it’s from their Valentine’s Day collection, it’s called love as the foundation, and is this not like the cutest brush you’ve ever seen, it has little floating hearts in it and the actual brush is the shape of a heart. I just think it’s so pretty and it makes me a little bit happy, so I’m just going to apply this all over my face. Oh this color is match me so good right now. It’s always so satisfying when you apply your foundation and it just melts into your skin and matches you perfectly. It’s like one of those little things in life. You know that just makes you happy. That’s like something that only a makeup lover would understand. Honestly, every time I don’t wear this foundation for an extended period of time, and then I put it back on my face, I always like question my sanity and why I ever stopped wearing it, because it’s just perfect it has the most amazing amount of coverage it. It’s like a solid medium coverage, it’s so lightweight it’s so natural.
Looking it’s really nice and dewy, and it’s just the perfect foundation for every day. I love it. It smells like lemons, which is always a plus skin, is looking a little bit more. Even I feel like I already look a little bit more alive. I actually want to try a new concealer today. You guys know I really love the Revlon candid foundation, so I wanted to test out the concealer, because I haven’t had a chance to do that. Yet I really like the packaging of it. I really think it’s cute. It sort of just looks like the mini version of the foundation. Today, I’m gonna be using the shade 0:10 vanilla ooh. I don’t know I just melt that it doesn’t have a weird smell. Ooh color is really nice too, I’m just feeling really lucky with the shade matches. Today I did like the self-tan myself the other day to sort of try and pick me up. I find that when I do tan myself, I just feel better overall, so I did a little self tanning session and it did make me feel good, but it’s definitely completely gone. I’m back to my very, very pale self, so this color would have been too dark for me a few days ago, but it matches me really perfectly right now. I really like the undertone of it. It’s not like too peachy or too yellow. It’s really nice and neutral, like that. That covered nicely that looks really good guys. Foundation and concealer has been applied, and I already feel so much lighter even just like talking to the camera, so therapeutic and it’s so funny, because I find that when I’m in my worst moods it is actually so much easier for me to talk to the camera. Normally, sometimes it could be the biggest struggle in the world and I can’t get like a full sentence out of my mouth and it’s always so frustrating when that happens, and that’s like when I’m in, like a normal good, everyday type Of mood, but whenever I’m in, like a shitty mood, I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m a little bit more relaxed in some ways, so just talking to the camera feels so much easier and more natural. It’s it’s weird how that works. I don’t know why. I’m like that, but I guess very strange: I’m gonna go in with the new nude sticks new DS. This is the new DS match Oliver bronze color in the shade sunkissed. So you guys know I love the shade Bondi bay. I’ve been using that forever. It’s beautiful I’ve gone through like two tubes of that and interesting, because it’s not really a shade that I would typically go for for a bronzer color.
It’s definitely like pretty red um and these types of shades. Don’t normally look so hot on me, but I did try this a few days ago and I was surprised at how it looked on my skin. So I am going to try it out again today on camera and we’ll see how it looks so, I’m just going to put it. You see how red that looks. It almost would probably be better as, like a blush hmm interesting see when I blend it out. It doesn’t look quite as red, and I really feel like it does get quite like a natural tan vibe, because it does have those red undertones. This is Bondi Bay right here. This is sunkissed. Sunkissed definitely has so much more of like a red undertone. It almost looks pink next to a Bondi bay, but I don’t know once it’s on the face and actually blend it out. I do actually feel like it works. I still think I do prefer Bondi bay personally, okay, so now for the blush I’m going to use the new shade Sunset Strip. I do believe this is limited edition. So if you are interested in this, I probably get it sooner than later. To be honest with you, but this is a stunning color. It is like a bright bright, bright, coral. I love this shade because I almost feel like it gives the cheeks that, like sunburnt type of look and on the lips too, this is a really beautiful color, because you can use these not only on the cheeks but on the eyes and on the lips. They’Re sort of like multi-purpose type products, so I’m just going to dot some on my cheeks mmm, perfect pinched, cheek effect and love it last news: tick traffic, I’m gonna use is not sponsored by nude sticks at all. They just released these new products and I’m a fan. Obviously, so I really wanted to try them on camera. This is their new magnetic nude glimmers and it’s pretty much like a subtle liquid type of highlighter, I’m using the shade 99% angel. These again can be used all over the face. You don’t just have to use them on your cheekbones. You could also use them like on the eyes if you’d like, but it’s a really pretty pretty natural-looking highlighter, and this one has a nice pinky undertone to it, which is nice for fair skin tones.
They also have what I believe that is more goals, and I think one that’s a little bit more bronze and I’m not gonna see again very pretty. Let’s move on to the eyes: let’s talk about a new urban decay naked or reloaded palette. How should I say this, I feel like urban decay has come out with just so many different types of naked palettes, that they don’t even really excite me anymore. Unfortunately, I feel like it’s just very much overdone this one, however, really surprised me because, like online and seeing the pictures online, the palette looks pretty. It looks like a fine palette but a person. I actually quite liked all the colors in here and I have used this once before, and I think that they are fantastic like really really really great eyeshadow, so I really like the way they apply. I like the pigmentation. I like the way they plan. They remind me a lot of the eyeshadows from the Urban Decay Born to Run palette. You guys know I love that palette to death. I still think that that is probably the best pal that Urban Decay has ever come out with, because it has the perfect amount of neutrals, perfect amount of fun colors, it’s just like one of the best palettes. In my opinion, I love that thing. I feel like this really is what the Naked palette should have been to begin with. I do definitely think this is a great improvement from the original Naked palette. You have some really great builder block matte shades, which is what the original Naked palette was was missing. The most you have some nice warm Browns nutri pounds, this great, deep inner shade over here, which I love called endgame. This is such a nice deep, dark brown. You have some beautiful metallics in here a nice mix of like cool tones, some more like warm bronzes shades golds. I also wanted to mention the packaging, because it’s so strange it feels like a pillow. I don’t really like a fabric on the front of my makeup. Palettes, I just feel like they get so first gonna start off with the shade bribe, which is the matte cream. I also want to say that I really appreciate the fact that the cream and blur, which is the shade over here, are both giant-sized. Well they’re. Not giant but they’re, bigger than all the other shades in the palette – and I think that’s really nice, because these are like the types of shades that you do use the most.
So it’s nice that they did make them a little bit bigger so that you’ll be able to get more use out of them. So I’m just using this to set from my crease to my brow bone. Then I’m gonna go into the shape blur, which is the perfect transition shade for my skin tone, and I’m really really into this. I’m going to just pop this above my crease. This is my Smith 232, by the way one of my favorite blending brushes and it sort of just gives like the perfect slight shadow and it’s just a great blending out color. Okay, I’m now gonna go into the shade fucked, which is this nice little Brown right there on a smaller blending brush. This is my JH 32, and I’m just going to put this more in in my crease. This is definitely not gonna be a mind-blowing. Look I’ll tell you that right now, but you see how nice you see these colors are blending. I mean I feel you can’t eat Alex I’m using like the lightest colors in the palette, but they just blend so nicely. So I’m gonna go into retro, which is the weird coral in the palette and I’m gonna put that on the outer corner of my eye see I feel like this shade, it’s nice, because it’s like super subtle and soft. It’s not like a really bright. Coral, so it’s nicely you could build it and sort of control that intensity, and I feel like that sort of goes with the vibe of the palette, because this is the Naked palette. It would be weird if it was like a really bright coral, so I actually appreciate the fact that it’s a little bit more soft and and buildable, rather than super intense. Now I’m gonna go into the gold shade, barely baked, which is this guy right over here. This is also bigger. Oh interesting, okay, so the two outside shades are the biggest. Then you have boundaries and barely baked, which are like medium sized and then all the other shades are smaller. Okay, going in with barely baked on my finger, it’s like a really pretty pale gold and just gonna put that all over my lid, oh wow. That is way more intense than I expected it’s really pretty, oh so nice! Oh! I actually really like this. I look, I feel, like it’s really coming together nicely: okay, very soft, very pretty! Okay, I’m gonna finish off this eye.
Look by applying a bit more of the coral right underneath my lower lash line. Guys I really like to tell it I gotta say I feel, like all the colors blend so so nicely on the eyes and are so easy to use, and I feel like it’s just not a hard palate to come up with looks with this. Is the glossy a lash slick gosh like yes? I totally am eating my words with this product. I did a full face of reviewing glossier products and just talking about my thoughts on the products, and I actually said that I thought that the glossy lash slick was not worth it from the brand, but I have been using it like every day. It’s not a bad mascara at all, but it’s a very natural looking mascara and I have actually been really enjoying the naturalness for everyday and I’ve been actually wearing it over my hourglass caution, which is shocking when I want more of like intense volume, is lashes. I go for my hourglass caution or some other mascaras that I’ve been loving, but when I want to something really soft and natural. Looking for everyday I’ve been loving this it’s weird, because I still don’t love the product. I don’t think it makes my lashes look amazing, but I don’t know I also sort of at the same time it’s very polarizing. I just like how separated and lengthy it makes my lashes look. It’s very like whimsical, it’s very whimsical mascara, that’s like the best way to describe it. Okay – and I know what’s going on with me, but I sort of want to put like a break or you know my lower waterline who’s, Jaime where’d she go. Who is this right now? This is the Makeup Forever aqua, XL eyeliner in the shade number 34. This look reminds me of a tropical jungle. I’m gonna fill up my brows with my benefit. This is the precisely and number four. I have not been touching. My brow hairs lately like I’ve, not been tweezing them at all, and I feel like they’re growing out like really really thick like a lot thicker than they’d ever been and I’m sort of loving it guys. I think I kept my camera on auto white balance. This whole time, so if the coloring was going in and out this whole time, I am so sorry, okay, I do feel like. I want a little bit more blush, so I am gonna go into this Charlotte Tilbury blush that I just got that I’m really enjoying it’s the cheek to cheek swish and glow blusher in pillow talk when you first open it You’Re, like this is a boring shade, but what do I always say the most boring shades always look the best on the cheeks.
I really like this a lot you have like the blush shade and then a little highlighting shade right in the middle So when you mix it all together, it creates a nice little blush II highlight shade, so I’m just taking my little brush going like that This is the JH 0 6 and I’m just gonna pop some a little more blush on the apples of my cheeks Just to sort of live in them up, okay, I have absolutely no idea how this is gonna look, but I don’t know I just saw these two guys and I figured I would give them a shot So this is the ciate What are you called? Oh, it’s called wanderlust I don’t really know what these are These things are actually called, but as always, it will be linked down below I like this because it was like a nudie coral, so we’ll see what it looks like she’s like the perfect lip color for this look I do want to try a little bit of gloss, because why not? I have this bright coral glass from Mac in the shape pink lemonade and I haven’t used a matte gloss and forevers Oh yeah, very nice, nice little lip combo Wow! Well, I will say the rest of me isn’t looking so good, but at least my makeup is looking half decent I hope that you guys are having a good day and if you are like me and you’re in a rough spot right now, just know that you know everything gets better with time You’Re definitely not alone, and I love you and honestly This is what I love So much about you too, but this is what I love so much about makeup I feel like it brings people together in a weird way Yes, the community sometimes can be very dramatic It could feel like there’s no good, but it’s moments like these that just really bring me back to why I started in the first place, and that was for community, and I feel, like the community that I’ve built here is so special, and it really does uplift Me when I’m down and and I love that and I hope that it does the same for you I’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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