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Renewal of Housekeeping Tour + Makeup Series in 2017

30 Sep , 2019  

Okay, so the first store we’re going to get into is my face palette drawer. This is my contour kit from Kat Von D. Then I have this Charlotte Tilbury palette, which I absolutely love. My favorite palette of all time is by Tarte. This is, it don’t be afraid to dazzle palette. The contour shade is just perfect and it compares to the Park Avenue princess palette, but this bronzer in here is a bit more warm. I also have this limited edition, hourglass palette that has a highlighter blush and bronzer.
Then we have the Jaclyn hill palette, of course, in collaboration with Becca. I love this palette, it’s stunning and then I have this gorgeous blush palette from Becca. This is the blushed with light palette, and I love it. Then, of course, we have some glow kits from Anastasia, Beverly Hills. I have a first impressions on this palette. Actually, so, so I have fun dips, and this is gleam. I love this palette. This is a two-faced little book of bronzers, it is expired, but I keep it because it was limited edition and then I have a drugstore wet-and-wild contour palette and then this disc from it cosmetics, but the bronzer in here is a bit warm for me at the Moment and then I am obsessed with this blush ofon palette from benefit. It is stunning, I love to travel with it, and then I have this old limited edition holiday blush palette from norm. This next drawer contains all of my bronzers highlighters and setting powders in this back section right here I have all of my bronzers and then in the middle section I have all of my highlighters and then in the front section I have all of my settings powders. I also have loose setting powders and then I have my two most view settings raised in the front and then the other ones. In the back. In my bronzer section I have the butter bronzer. I have my hoola bronzer. I have a bronzer from Becca, which they don’t longer make these. I don’t think I have NARS Laguna and I have a makeup forever. Pro fusion bronzer. I have two of them. I have an old Kat Von D bronzer, which they also don’t make anymore. I have this one by Rimmel and then I have a darker shade of the profusion by Makeup Forever. I also have Mac give me Sun, of course, and then last but not least, I have gold deposit, which is more of a shimmery bronzer. In my highlighter section I have gilded honey by Laura Geller. I have so Hollywood and Starlight from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I have my favorite highlighter ever of all time. This is Bobby Brown, pink glow. I am obsessed with this highlighter, it’s my favorite thing ever and then I have opal by Becca.
I have this profusion. Sculpting duo bow maker forever in shade one. I also have rose gold by Becca this one from wet and wild, which is newer to my collection. I have a random one by NYX that I don’t really like very much and this shimmer brick in bronze by Bobbi Brown, which I never touch in my setting powder section. I have this one from wet and wild that just released. I have one by Australis. I have this mask prep and prime 1, which is translucent, but it has more of a white cast to it. So you don’t want to be used too much of this, especially with flash photography, but it does a great job of setting, and then I have the Rimmel stay, matte powder, obviously, and then the hourglass ambient lighting palette, which is stunning I like to use this on. A more natural glowy day to set my makeup and then every makeup collection needs translucent, setting powder from Laura Mercier this, my third one and then I have a secret brightening powder as well, and then I also have a backup of it considered almost finished. And then I have the wet and wild setting spray, as well as the makeup forever mist and fix, and then I have two bottles of fix+ in the back and a urban decay setting spray that is almost out as well. This next drawer is my personal favorite, because it’s all of my foundations, primers and concealers in this section right here I have my concealers over there and then I have my correctors over here and then I have all of my primers in the back section over there And then, in this front area I have all of my lighter non tan foundation shades that in the back section I have all of my more tan foundations, and then here I have my cream, bronzers and highlighters, and then my poor NARS velvet skin. It doesn’t fit anywhere because it’s too tall, so I lay it on its side right here, it’s too pad for me right now, anyways, but I just want to show you guys a couple of my favorite foundations since I have so many I’m not going to show All of them this one here is the Burberry cashmere foundation and you can’t see, but it’s in the shade beige, it’s not pretty full coverage and has amazing staying power, and then I’m also obsessed with the Chanel vitae, Lumiere aqua foundation – and I have this in the Shade beige as well as I believe, it’s shade, 30 beige, and this is obviously a more dewy luminous foundation, whereas the Burberry one is quite matte. Another all-time favorite is Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, but my shade, I have two shades that are too dark. For me right now, so I have not been wearing this, but this makeup forever water blend foundation has been a godsend for the winter months, because it’s mostly water-based, it has just been so hydrating to the skin and it looks like my skin but doesn’t cling to Any dry patches at all, it’s just the perfect winter foundation, and then I just picked up this new one from wet & wild from the drugstore which I’ve been loving.
So if you’re on the hunt for a new, affordable, drugstore foundation definitely give this one a try and then another favorite is the koushik lot lip tint foundation from YSL, which is a summer shade for me, and then these Giorgio Armani luminous Foundation and my NARS Velvet Matte infants, my new favorite primer, is this one by Becca this is the exact light, priming filter and then, of course, my all-time favorite. Is the Tarte clean slate to fill in the pores around my nose. My favorite concealer is the Tarte shaped paste concealer. This is amazing, and I have it in the shade light neutral and my favorite corrector is of course Bobby Brown, light peach that has not changed in years now and then my favorite cream bronzer is the Chanel soleil bronzer Chanel. I always forget the name, but it’s something along those lines. I’ve had this for two years now, if you’ve been watching my makeup collection across the years and look, it’s barely made a dent, and I pretty much use this every single day. This next door is not as exciting, so I’m just going to give you a little bit of a summary about. What’s in it in this little front section over here, I have all of my individual blushes and then a couple that didn’t fit right here and then in this front section over here, I have a ton of lipsticks that I don’t use on a daily basis that Don’t fit in my lipstick drawers and then back here I have a ton of little mini lipsticks that I got with Sephora perks or just limited edition, holidays, tiny ones from Tom Ford that type of thing, and then I also have my glitters in the back by The way these clear, acrylic organizers are from IPO and I keep my lashes in this drawer as well just tucked in on the side. Okay, so moving on to my Muji acrylic drawers on my desk, I keep this lip pointment in my bottom drawer, as well as my L’Oreal telescopic, better than sex mascara from Too Faced and waterproof and regular a couple of these colored mascaras from cipa, and then this Glitter liner from Urban Decay, it’s just stunning – I haven’t used it yet, but I’m so excited to try it and then these tarts eyeliners in the next drawer. I have a ton of eyeliners I have all of my black ones over here liquid and pencil in the center.
I have my nude eyeliner and then I have a couple of brown ones, also liquid and regular pencils, as well as a couple of purple ones and in olive green ones In my next drawer I keep all of my lip glosses and Mac lip liners These are my four Mac lip liners obsessed with them These are the best lipliner formula and the next ones that are retractable are great as well, and then I keep all my favorite lip glosses in here My favorite formula is the Marc, Jacob high shine lip lacquers, those are insane and then this is my liquid lipstick drawer So I have some from Joey a couple of dose of colors I have some from Oprah and then I have some Anastasia Beverly Hills Some Kylie cosmetics and then of course, Kat Von D in my top drawer I keep some lip and then all of my brow products, including my tweezers So I have my Anastasia dip, brow pomade and then it caused medics, pencil, Milani, brow, wax gimme brow, anastacio, brow, setting gel and then my L’Oreal pencil and then a couple of dual ended: brow, brushes and then quickly I get tons of questions about this lash curler It was a limited edition, one from Tarte, if I can find it I’ll link it in the description box below next up is my palette drawer, which is a little bit more exciting I have the Too Faced sweet peach palette, the Tarte Pro palette, which is stunning, the Kat Von D, shade light eye palette in all-time favorite, which is the lorac pro, and it has been loved my modern renaissance palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills This is just a Z palette filled with makeup, geek shadows, and then I have these two faced: chocolate, bonbon palette, Marc Jacobs, Lolita this little mini essence palette the electric palette I have the L’Oreal nude palette, the artist palette from Anastasia my makeup forever This was a holiday palette a couple years back I have these tart tart wet palette This is the all matte original one, and then I have a Sigma, warm neutral palette and then a couple more more colorful, loose eyeshadows and a Z palette, and then this is the 35 oh and palette from morphe and then in this organizer from The Container Store I keep a bunch of just random eye products – the next drawer I keep all of my makeup brushes so that they don’t collect dust Besides my everyday brushes that I keep on my desk and then this drawer is filled with my skincare products If you did, please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe

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