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Respond to hate speech. Bud Mondo

30 Sep , 2019  

What’s up my beautiful babes, so first of all new background was sad dud such a pretty color I mean come on also there’s two of me today. I have two camera angles, so I could be like what’s up and I get that what’s up what’s up? What’s up I mean if that isn’t fun, I don’t know.. I’m gonna be responding to a comment. Those lovely lovely, lovely hate comments that I just just great my favorite. Thank you so much for those. Luckily, I don’t get that many hate comments, because you guys are amazing and super positive and let’s keep it like that.
Okay, so, like I said, I don’t get that many hate comments, but there seems to be like one or two that just sneaks into my YouTube notifications, and you know I just happen to see them, and you know I screenshot them for later use for such a Videos like this and before we get started, I just wanted to say that I will not be showing these peoples usernames or profile pictures, because I want the hate to stop here and I don’t want anybody.. no more hate! So you guys, let’s dig through these fabulous hate comments. Shall we let’s do it? Let’s start off with the classic homophobic comments ha. Never here we go here’s a good one. Huh all people with dyed hair are gay. Well, wow, that is a lot a lot of gay people. That’s amazing Wow! Oh my god, ellipses gayalert. There’s a gaming! Please! Moving on here’s a cure. The really creative one you’re gay you’re right, but could we learn to spell your next time? You know just just a suggestion you don’t need to. If you don’t want to, but might be good. I bet you he’s gay. So how much exactlyare you willing to bet on that? Because I’m willing to quadruple your bet and hopefully I’ll become a millionaire after that, but after I wouldn’t that bet because yeah definitelya homo. my Liza Koshi reaction, Kochi fans just hate me. I respect that. It’s all good. This one is a great one um by far probably my favorite so far, sorry, but guys have to be guys and girls have to be girls, but when guys try to be girls, it looks disgusting. What your is it? That’s all I have for that. One hate you bro, dumb, dumb, irrelevant, first of all, you’re irrelevant. First of all, you spell irrelevant wrong one of the times, and also I don’t know what the context of this one was because I hadn’t done what never calling anybody irrelevant. That comment is irrelevant to my life, because I am fabulous. Okay, I hate you Brad mondo. I hate you Brad mondo.
I hate you Brad mondo. Thank you for spending so much time to write. I hate you Brad mondo three times. Did you copyand paste it three times or did you actually write it up? Because that’s a lot of time, because you know comments, self-respect, homie bro, I’m sorry, but you were trying to– hard to– hard to. I think they meant to. But I missed a no there yeah, you should try harder next time. You write a comment. Just saying: WTF is this creature? Well, I am known as a human and there is many of us on this planet and you’ll. I I’m surprised you haven’t met any more of humans and I wish you the best of luck, but you should probably get out more. If you don’t know what kind of creature I am learn how to shut up or say something useful. The way he talks is so annoying, especially when he says das and girl, first of all, Yas and second of all girl. Okay, he is so desperate for fame. Am i that transparent? Let me just let me I’m going to tryand read this one. I felt like you’re trying to be cool, but failing. I fell like you’re trying to spell. Someone needs to go fetch Trisha, they mean Trisha paid us, so both of them can go on. Bosh was just genuinelya great comment, that is the quality hate comments that I’m looking for. Why does he emphasize himself as being an amazing hairdresser like shut up? Okay, let me just tell you so uh when you get a hairdressers license cosmetologist license. They issue a certain amount of licenses that actually say on the license that you’re an amazing hairdresser. So I was one of those lucky few who received when those licenses that say that you’re an amazing hairdresser. So I hope that clears that up. Also, don’t remember myself. Ever emphasizing that, but could be wrong. Are you reallya hairdresser? No, definitely I’m not yeah. You guys. I just completely faked it this entire time. Ya know I never went to school for hair, I’m not a real hairdresser.. Hairdresser reacts to this hairdresser reacts to that just for the attention and, if you’re extremely bad with sarcasm. If that was a lie, I am reallya hairdresser yeah license and everything so just put him out there stop calling yourself a professional, well I’ll stop calling myself a professional. Wouldn’t you stop commenting on my posts? Oh my god, so I honestly had so much fun. like I’m, pretty sure it should have been the opposite. I should have hated filming this, but I really don’t mind you reading hate comments I try to make the best out of all of them and to be honest with you, they never affect me.
I have been through so much my life living in New York and has definitely put me through the wringer ad Nothing offends me and nothing gets under my skin anymore, so say whatever you want about me You hate on me all you want, but I think of the day by you hating me is making me more popular So thank you I appreciate that so please you guys let’s not, let’s not hate anybodyanywhere Let’s just be happy, please there’s too much paid on YouTube and it’s disgusting all these kids, and you know I get it they’re fun to watch, and sometimes I watch them Too, young kids, and they think that this stuff is right and they think that they should be bullying other people And it’s just not right and we really need to put a stop to it somehow So, please, you guys just be positive in your day to day life and try to make an impact on others, and I am gonna do the same I’m not always perfect and I know – and I may have insulted somebody in my past on YouTube I don’t know – and I’m not perfect, but I’m gonna try to be better and to keep this a positive place, and I hope you guys do the same Always just try to find the funny side of hate If you can, you know make the best of it, and today it’s Instagram shout-out goes to n, as she is fabulous Let me show you a picture Oh my god I love me Some curly hair eat your hair is so stunning yeah She says hi Your personality is just so awesome I love you too I have curly hair as you can see, and I want to change it, but I don’t know what I should do would be blonde suit me Yes, yes, blonde hair, when it’s naturally curlyand like almost afro like oh, my god, it is my favorite thing in the entire planet, that is, it really is some beautiful texture, with some beautiful blonde hair coming down the side of you going blonde Is that curly hair is already dryand making your hair blonde is gonna make it even more dry rolling it’s gonna look amazing, but, yes, girl Do your blonde thing, you’re gonna look so dope with curly blonde hair and also make your hair look You know more curly, because it’ll bring out the crow cuz they’ll be more reflective and it’ll just be so dimensional and gorgeous, and with that all said, thank you guys so much for watching today Don’t forget to leave your extra life and I will see you all next time Please

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