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Return to DIY in 2019! Homemade notebook, dormitory decoration and supplies!

1 Nov , 2019  

I’m going to scrap this whole DIY in about 30 nights. If I can’t get the sticker piece off, hey guys, what’s up it’s Lauren and welcome back to my channel uh. the meows plushie is there’s a super limited amounts. If you want to eat your meals plushie with the little kids butthole and the little split is blue, you can go get it now. I’m chopped out laurdiy calm, I am so excited to. Finally, like start snuggling, this moves.. Most you want to give us a 360.
We got. The Moose plushie is officially live again. Super limited once they’re gone, they’re gone. If they do really well, we might be able to bring them back for Christmas, but for right now this is it so get your own little now also, the fact that this me is is still alive because my actual, like, like breathing moose, had wanted to eat. Stuffy moose so many times and yeah he’s still alive. Look at all his limbs, all extremities. For today we are doing back-to-school, DIYs yatha iPhone got and, to be honest, I like kind of did honestly this summer, just went by like so fast, but I can’t believe it’s already August 11, also on the day you’re watching this, it’s my birthday. So that’s the thing too. We specifically want to launch the moose plushies on my birthday, but yeah back to school. I know you guys all go back to school at totally different times, like literally, is all between like July and September. It’s crazy the range, but I want to squeeze in one back to school supply, slash dorm, decor DIY. I also am totally aware that you guys are all different ages. Some of you guys are in elementary in high school and college, so I just figured that everybody likes cute notebooks and cute pillows, even if you’re not in school, it’s probably still gonna be cute for your house or your apartment or whatever you’re doing in life. Anyways back to school supplies and dorm, decor, okay, so, first DIY, is this really cool embroidery thread like notebook DIY? These are just regular craft covered notebooks like crafts with a cave-like kraft dinner. Like wait, oh my god! It’s not called kraft dinner in America. Much Canadians! No Katie its macaroni and cheese, though anyways, Kraft, notebook and I can be using some embroidery thread and like this is not like a yarn needle necessarily. But it’s just like a poky, thicker needle and essentially really making designs on the front of the cover.
With string – and it’s really really cool, it’s like kind of like Bowie and like just like a little more unique than just throw in some washi tape on notebooks, which I’m gonna do a little lady, because I love the washi tape. But this is really cool and I’m super stoked on this guy’s I’m using a thimble right now. I don’t even know if this is how you’re supposed to use it then, but we using one oh come through simple: oh my gosh, okay, so I’ve seen so many other cute ones that have like origami or paper planes and really cute stuff. That’s pretty just like straight lines and angular. It always looks the best, but you don’t really do a curved line because, like not entirely sure how you do that anyway used to finish it off, I’m just going to add like a few little tape balls. So I know it looks pretty cray on the inside and I’m just sandwich this like first page down on to it, so it just like hides all of that and that’s pretty much it and also that took literally like a minute like 60 seconds. Okay, we hide you because you a little bit ugly and then that becomes your first page of the notebook. Yes, okay, so I have this extra AF sticker, slash patch, that I’ve been waiting for like something really cool to stick it on, because just like that ain’t it you know. So I feel like this. Notebook is the time if you have any like really cool stickers or patches, they’d, be really cool as like the main piece of notebook decor. So I’m gonna do the same embroidery technique on the cover of this one, just in like a diamond behind it. With this, like really cool metallic E string and it’ll be like kind of like the background feature and like obviously, this is the main piece, but, like we got at a little bit of DIY flair to this notebook, I have done so many backpack DIYs. In my time of DIY on YouTube – and this is probably the most email one that I’ve ever made – and I just want to let you know that I’m okay, I’m fine, okay! So essentially, I just have this plain black backpack that I got from forever 21 and I realize that I’ve never done anything using the straps really so we’re gonna keep the body but the same, but I have to be super emo belts as they broken promises. I’m not entirely sure if it’s a band or anything and the schedule says 9:00 a.
m. eat 11:00 a.m. cry 2:00 p.m. nothing 4:00 p.m. nap 7:00 p.m. think about you, if you like, that, was really similar to like the Grinch’s daily routine anyways. I’ve got two of these, so I’m gonna start by cutting off all the hardware and then essentially we’re gonna fold it in half and create a strap cover and just add glue on both sides. So, basically, just gonna sandwich the original strap in between adding a little bit of heat, just kind of seals these up, so it doesn’t spray. Next up is going to be to unhook these, and this is kind of like a permanent solution. So once you decide how long you want it to be, that’s gonna kind of be the length of the strap that’s forever, but like forever, with this structure being pretty perfect in size, so do like one belt per size. So I’m going to touch it back up and then okay so time you guys have been requesting dorm decor and I know not everyone’s at school. So I wanted to do a room decor piece, that’s still applicable for anyone, no matter how old you are – and this is gonna end up being so cute – I’m so excited to this DIY. So, essentially, we’re going to be using table runners and rugs and placement as decorative pillowcases, because a pillow that has tassels and like crazy patterns on it and are woven can be anywhere from like 40 to a hundred dollars and about that light, especially if you’re on That college budget, so you can go to thrift stores, Marshall’s home goods. You know like discount places that have all types of different patterns of rugs, bat, bats, table runners whatever and essentially we’re just gonna glue together the edges stuff it and call it a pillow. This one is gonna end up being such a cute frickin body pillow, now they’re made eight dollars for this table. Runner and it’s gonna be is so cute with tassels and then we’re stuffing so guys a really great hack for buying stuffing, because sometimes it can be super expensive. It’s going to the thrift store, or even just like any kind of discount outdoor store anywhere, where they have discount pillows, basically and chopping, a pillow open and just taking its guts. That’s what I did today Pillows were on sale at Michael’s for like four dollars, and so I just bought four and now I have a ton of stuffing and I just stole its inside and now we’re gonna make something cuter with.
It was our morbid that felt like a little more but stealing its insides kind of phrase that better, I think the word guts was more like good guys I was worried this one’s gonna be a little Beth Mattey, because it straight up was a bathmat, but like anthropology, I’m coming for you, it’s so cute ohh ohh, just farted out a piece of stuffing okay yo, guys straight up this pillow I paid $90 For and bathmat pillow it’s just as cute bath mat comfortable but I just want to show you guys how truly easy it is to DIY any notebook because, like this is cute, but doesn’t have a name on it or a subject or any kind of Like I cook, when there’s nothing here, I’m like what do you for, though, what did you purpose so, even though this just says hello like I feel like it gives it something cute or you could do something blank here and write a subject here for school, either Way, I’m gonna stick this one on and then I think we’ll just do something super simple like adding some diagonal with some mini washi tape over on the side, but it’s so easy to get creative and yeah Why? I just want you guys to craft a little hearts out based I just want to make anextra cute notebook I know it’s the third one, but so I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY I know some of you guys are already back in school rip That’s really sad, canada I feel like we start in september anyways I hope you guys enjoyed it I’m gonna be doing a giveaway on Wednesday I’m gonna be traveling in Canada For my birthday this week, so I will have a back-to-school giveaway ready for you guys on Wednesday, for the blog make sure you try out any of these DIYs, your back-to-school, you send me a photo at laurdiy on instagram, using the hashtag laurdiy on instagram did I have a school hashtag, I literally could not remember I don’t think we did cuz like how Laureen the holidays, I think back to school, just didn’t work for us anyways pull Emma at shot, Lauren diycom Thank you So much to the party little aura of the week hope you are super enjoying and loved your Lord Yahweh products, and I will see you guys on Wednesday for the back school giveaway and on Sunday, but another Sunday yeah You know what

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