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Reveal my dark past: Before that I had a beauty channel? Ke Jie Jie

30 Sep , 2019  

Y’All wanted this hello, everyone, it’s Kendall here, if you’re new around here, welcome if you’re not new around here, what is up mom’s gonna miss kit and y’all. Just couldn’t let me live my life. because this is how we got here. This is how I have to expose myself in this way. I will say, though, I kind of skimmed through everything for a second, and I was like it’s not as bad as I like, I feel like I took pictures of when it was like halfway decent.
I was still a sheetal, but today we are looking at some old photos. Some very old photos I’ll give you some context of those photos and also a secret channel that I’m pretty sure none of you knew existed because I had like maybe a hundred subscribers. Maybe a hundred thirty subscribers good times, man mm 10 ish to 10 11 yeah, also shoutouts to this little bun thing. Do you know how hard it was to get this this smooth, but, like I got the top smooth, though I should put in a ponytail, something that will be cute anyway, we starting early, okay, my lips, my whole face. This is this is a perfect example. where I was talking about how I did not lotion for most of probably for all. Actually, all of my school look at my lips. I couldn’t lick up junior year senior year. I still had my hair, so I must have been before I cut all my hair off. Damn I’m skinny. Okay, wait a second! This may be bad good. I, like I know, point have I been thin but, like I look back at old photos and I remember being like man, I need to lose 20 pounds man. I need to lose 30 pounds, but bitch shut up. Look how small my face was a little cockeyed, though okay, we’re about to get into a dark territory here: okay, for the next, like 80 billion pictures, there’s nothing but in black photos, because I was it’s funny because, like I see, are me and I’m like y’all, Just so invested four-way and then I realized Kendall. You were one of these when you were 16 and you had time to do this. I had more pictures of five men that I’ve never met and will never meet. Then I had myself or my family wait. This is kind of cool. This is a painting from when I was in 10th grade going into an 11th grade, and I took this horrible art academy that I completely forgot about. Is that we’re at the storytime? Not really? Basically, we just went.
It was a big waste of my time and it was the catalyst took when I decided I didn’t want to go to art school. I got really jaded, oh, and they also had us like volunteer at an auction. That was also very demoralizing because there were all these paintings and they were like it’s going for $800. This painting – and it was garbage well to me, artists objective – are sold immediately. Everyone say I want it, I want it, that’s a masterpiece, and then I remember it was this beautiful giant. Super hypo realized picture oil painting of this beautiful, like old black man, so like it was all these wrinkles and stuff. It was just so well made. They were like we’re selling this for five hundred dollars and people did not want it, and I was like nope it’s not for me, I’m not pretentious enough for this world. This is off topic, but I recently painted a self portrait which is the stuff with the first self-portrait I’ve done in years, because not good at them self portraits project. What we would like ourselves to look like in a photo, but then push come to shove. It just ends up not looking like you, so I feel, like the painting, looks like Keanu too, because it kind of looks like me. The thing is, though, then, like I posted this, and my mom was like. Are you on drugs? What’s this? Are you trying to tell me something she was dead, ass, serious, a notice? I I don’t feel like having this conversation right now, I’m so off topic whatever okay, anyway, yes, more in black, a lot of in black, that’s low-key kind of fire. I was a weirdo. Look at that, I’m wearing false lashes only on the bottom and those are like upper lashes. Only on the bottom, that’s kind of cool, I look worried and concerned about. My life would be rightfully so this photo okay. First of all, I used to be pretty freaking. Weird – and I was also really cool, though I miss being cool and weird I’ve tamed down a lot. I used to a lot of like art stuff on my face, I’m looking a little Ashley in this photo, but the photo quality was taken on like one of those like webcams that you know on top of a computer so like it’s super hyper sharpen and hyper Exposed but I was Ashley if it carries um and I want to say I submitted it for something in art where there was a reason why it was a public thing for a second there and my art teacher, the one that stole for me if you’ve seen That story time that’s a lot of the year, so she told me that I should take it down, because it’s too suggestive now me being in what twelfth grade eleventh twelfth grade.
I even know she was talking about. Apparently she was trying to say it looks like I’ll have a ball gag in my mouth and that it just wasn’t appropriate, which made me think. Well. What are you into? Well there’s a lot to unpack here, one of those earrings. Those are actually kind of firework. Boa things cheetah boa the makeups kind of cute, though I don’t want to recreate these like what are those Halloween lashes and then bangs horrible. My bank, my hair for most of high school, was pretty atrocious. It was pretty bad until basically, I cut all my hair off same here, yeah those are like top and bottom lashes. What am i doing like with my face like who? Am i intimidating? Here’s a perfect example. What I was talking about. Do you see how light my face is to my neck grin see that happens to me a lot now, but it’s because but back then it was because I had no access to foundation that would match me. Also. I didn’t bronzer contour cuz. I don’t think nothing. Bronzing and contour they were around cuz. I remember it being a thing, but it didn’t become a big thing until a few years later, so they weren’t making colors that I could use. This look is in desperate need of a lash. I also didn’t fill in my eyebrows back then, okay, the Ashley as she of it all, but this is good potential I could work with us. Is that a glitter lip? Ah, I kind of miss me this person, my hair’s, you, my hair, is mad Gracie. I think this is when I was still using actual like grease in my hair, like the like blue magic y’all, we past that honey, we use oils now this could be a look. Oh, because my hair looks they’ll. Ask you know you. Yeah was like the little like the same girl face me see. I was eager lling it out here way before my time. I didn’t even know people were trying to tell me what any girl was, what Avaya vsco cam girl was, and I was so confused because I was like so you put dots on your face and you wear clothing and drink water and wear scrunchies.
Oh yep see that’s where cropping in the cordon. This looks so much better in black and white and Crofts. So good, oh a sheet. Oh, this is really cool, though I forgot about this. I actually I remember doing this. I was in this room. I was in the room that I recorded right now and I was talking to my friend, Kyrie she’s, a sweet, been friends for a very long time. I went through a lot of elf liquid liner cuz. It was $1.00, so I could do crap like this and it wasn’t that big of a waste you know again. I could I see potential in this. My hair is mad greasy. I don’t want to recreate this. This is kind of fire I just had so much free time. I remember that I remember so much free time and just time for my mind to wander, you know what, if we kept everything the same but just changed my hair. This would be so much better. I’m not so creepy. I was that so creepy, damn see. Look how skinny I was. This is like a hot ass 60 pounds, the bangs my bangs have their own like story arc. They were just sometimes they were good most of the time they weren’t. They would like start off at the right place, but then I’d have to trim them and then they would slowly grow outward, and I don’t know if you could see this, but there’s this little like ugly-ass, pink striped thing here, those were from Sally Beauty Supply. There were five dollars each and I had a turquoise one. I think a dark blue one and this pink this same ugly-ass furred fake fur, coat my session with this was and is that, like a dog, paw necklace, rhinestone necklace, I don’t know if I ever told you tube the story of the bangs, though now that I Think about it so, back in like freshman year of high school, I okay, I permed it and cut it with an eyebrow razor cuz. I want it to be able to pick it out and do like the seen hair, I’m still waiting for like actual seen, hair pictures. I don’t see any I don’t know. Maybe I just didn’t take as many pictures of that time. My life is, I thought I did thank God, this isn’t actually short hair. This is just my hair in like a ponytail or something a yellow plaid scarf. I feel like all this weird stuff I used to do. If I had money. I could have made this into actual looks. Oh whoa wait a second.
What is this – and I remember this – is me making a social statement? Okay, it’s supposed to be like the beauty on the outside and then on the other side. Is we like the pain on the inside? I use toilet tissue to get this little like hole mark here, but it just poorly executed. I was doing very early special-effects makeup. Oh and my hair, of course, is a high ass mess because it’s greasy and teased out and poorly cut. So it’s just. It was a so again bad hair, the. But this time I wanted to do something little flirty and I flipped it out. Jesus crisis Livie. It’s so thin, especially considering like today, like I have I’ve always had really big air, and it’s just like to imagine that it got this thin. Do you know how much cutting with an eyebrow razor? I had to do for it to look like this. Okay, I’ve been ripping on myself a lot, but I still to this day is a look. I wonder where them lashes with cuz those are for those were Halloween lashes. I remember getting my like Walgreens or CVS or something like that and fire. Oh, I vaguely remember the little like circles or whatever. If I’m not mistaken, those were like the little repaper reinforcements. Let you put in like a like you put in a binder. I think this is the day I discovered I had boobs, oh here it is here’s that blue free uh, so uh. Also. What is this fun? Are you gonna plead, not acknowledge the fact that I have like tiger paint on my face and sunglasses, I’m wicked. Just like chillin again not hating on this photo of that much. I am still ashy, but at this point let’s give that a given only thing, that’s bothering me as an adult is that my lines aren’t straight. If I did this over, I would put like tape on my face also why I still have like a headphone in. Why didn’t I ruin the whole aesthetic of the photo. You did not commit. Oh another, social statement. Hey, do you see the behave? Okay? Let’s ignore it we’ll get to the makeup in a second, but like do you see this background record? This? Was this weird, like shrine thing I had of Taylor Lautner when I like came up, I thought he was just the finest dude in the world and in good old kind of fashion. I’ve been doing this, my entire life. I liked him hot and heavy for like two weeks and then looked at him one day I was like actually no, but I digress it’s it’s there.
It’s making its appearance and then I have my social statement of ignorance blinds on my face and I I don’t know I guess it’s supposed to be like a little blindfold on my face ohh. Oh my god. What song is that I don’t yeah holy guacamole man. I was probably 15 16, probably gonna get a helicopter, I Shrek, or will I like back then I don’t think there was add since yet so it wasn’t like. I was making any money. Therefore I couldn’t get demonetised, you know, especially back then cuz again. I had maybe like a hundred subscribers at my peak. You know the most awesomest people want to put it. That was lame, I’m so sorry, I’m glad. Even then, you look like Freddy a look at this quality. It was like maybe three sixty four ATP’s, I used to read Seventeen magazine who’s such trash. What’s a Seventeen magazine or was it the other one? What a set Teen Vogue – I’m sitting here looking at this magazine, I’m like I’m to dress well, I have to spend $8,000 on a jacket, I’m fourteen money. This is for Rimmel. This was a makeup. The model was wearing and I thought it’d be kinda cool to recreate that. So yet again, this is the look yeah in here this. What the snapping! I think, though, like a nervous habit of mine, like I would snap all the time so we’re here, booming outside its fireworks, that’s good so for the July, and I didn’t feel like being around a bunch of very loud firecrackers. Just me, I’d rather be inside doing. Maybe tutorials, I guess this kind of set again some things, never sure that was my roundabout way of saying. I don’t want to see people Maybelline’s emerald smokes flat, I’m gonna take the lid color and I’m just gonna Pat that on the lid you checked that brush yo, that’s a paint brush. I remember that people you see before YouTube got all like product product. Like it is like the beauty community, people who used to just use whatever that’s not sure they would use whatever and Mac Mac was the only thing that was like important, like they would just say, shade names, and you knew that it was a Mac shadow. Now there’s so many brands, and it’s just like I remember that, but I kind of appreciate that there’s so many brands now cuz, I used to be like mad insecure, like I didn’t, have money for a Mac I didn’t have money in general, so it’s like I’m using my makeup that I got from the dollar store and from big lot shoutouts to both of those places, and I would put on my makeup with like dollar store, paint, brushes and there’s a will.
There’s a way wow This is so humbling, see how far we’ve come Am i right, but I would put the eyeshadows in a DVD case so that I could have loose shadows I can deep pot them and I used to I was do potting shadows very early and it’s what I’m gonna put them in a case and you that way it So it’s a really good opacity, Oh case Oh solid, color, a really bright green on a crease brush pause Did you all see what my hair did? That was all that grease I remember one time these do roasted me in high school and I’ll Never forget it, because obviously I’ve never forgot it We were talking about some and I like turn my head to the side and my hair just stuck up straight because there was so much friggin grease, and he roasted me about that, and I didn’t even recognize that it did that And I was like Oh, my god he’s so weird, it’s so weird because it’s like not a lot of shit like things like, obviously I’m older and like, but like my mannerisms and just being overall, just weird as hell like again, I feel like I’m tamer but like for the most Part not my chest: a orangie peachy-pink no class, whatever um very dutiful, and if you don’t stop explode, so that’s it I’ll have pictures at the end and don’t forget to rate comment and subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time bye That was a lot and, for the sake of time cuz this is this is a lot Maybe we’ll do maybe we’ll do a series like reacting to old, makeup, tutorials or something of mine cuz That was actually not as painful as I expected it to me It’s actually kind of funny look at it anyway, if you guys, Instagram and Twitter, both of which are Katie, Katie and I’ll See you guys on Tuesday I’m trying I’m getting better at this It was actually going up on Saturday great if it’s going up on Sunday We still got here but I’ll see you guys to z’ day

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