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Reverse X-ray makeup challenge

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi YouTube: it is me about listen, iam snow, I’m so sorry, you will have to do with me as your host today, if should be, should be back. I promise, but for now you’re gonna have to do with me, so so sorry about it, not really else so pretty much. I wanted to do something a little bit special today. I wanted to challenge myself to push my limits, so I decided to take a picture in this specific lighting setting it on that type of stuff and in verse the colors on one side of my face.
So what I want to do is pretty much on this side of my face. You may make a completely inverse, not the steps or anything like that, but the color so highlights are gonna be black shadows are gonna, be more white or anticipable turn into blues yellows will turn into a different hue of blue and we culture rap. Is the new rock and roll we two rock stars, it’s been like, then I’m Reds will turn green, got it, okay. I don’t know how long this is gonna take. I might look ridiculous. I might feel spectacularly, how I do. Okay, just please root for me because I know in advance already now that I am gonna have a hard time. It’s just fine, don’t don’t worry about it! It’s I’ll! Be fine, I promise so I guess so. I have a picture right in front of me right on my computer screen, where I can see pretty much more gonna be doing. I don’t know if I am gonna succeed that you know can. Oh, let’s try. So pretty much, I think I’m gonna start off with Anastasio Beverly. That is not pretty much all the colors and I like using cream type products for face paint and all that have a stutter cream type based products or water-based face paint. For now. I think I’m gonna start off with the black in here just right there and a sigma short shader brush to eat 20. So we’re gonna start off on highlighting a highlight and be be weird. We’Re just gonna place like Sully buck in a loop spots where the highlight would be which is starting out on my note or right, oh my golly, and on the forehead of course, a lot of the forehead is quite live. I have a big ole forehead and that big ol forehead is very highlighted. You know a lot of that is gonna be entirely black honestly. To be entirely honest, I think what I’m most intimidating is probably the colors itself.
Does that feel, like it’s gonna, be real hard to get these colors to look right and inverse, as I don’t know, specifically. Obviously, what colors, I am you so I’m gonna do my best to get as close to a realistic view as possible, really gonna feel a little bit, but well with that mentality. I am assume all right here in a corner, obviously that beautiful inner corner highlight well, that is stunning, that is stunning. Absolutely stunning get some on the lips as well. Get those low highlight it’s months all gone, so there we go. I’ve got our step. One done. I think we look beautiful. I think this is a little all right. So then we’re gonna just dip into this blue band mix that, with a little bit of yellow on the back of my hand, get that greeny blue. Look just like thing: that’s good enough and we’re gonna be starting not out all right under here, oh wow, and then just start feathering out that block with a little bit of blue in there as well mug audio. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you already know what the hell has been going on in my life, pretty much for those of you who don’t know. First of all, you should probably follow me on Twitter, I’m Sims pug, so um pretty much my upstairs neighbors for the past. I think three years or something like that. They have been fighting every single morning: the butt crack of dawn starting at 5:00. In the morning. Every single morning – and I usually go on to about I’d, say about eight: sometimes they go on all day, usually round. Eight is where they draw the line cause, I’m pretty sure one of them goes to work but um yeah. So pretty much we decided it has been a not. We don’t want to deal with this anymore, we eat. This is not how we want to live her life anyway. Wow love that for me, so my mama decided that we were gonna. Hang a note on their front door. Tell them! You know, we all stop. You know just say if y’all won’t, stop we’re gonna call the police yeah yeah. This is not acceptable, so we hung that on their front door. Now we hear me about an hour later is when you realize that note was there.
So then that hour later the man of the couple, because I’m pretty sure it’s a couple – are assuming so anyway they’re, not a very good couple Lee you get the idea. So pretty much was he decided to patrol our gallery now ring everyone’s doorbells started banging on people’s doors and stuff like that, and we were terrified, so we called the police and as holos next time, they’re in the middle of a fight. Please call right away and we’ll come over and you know so pretty much a bit later. That day I was promised, so they started fighting again by the way. When I say fighting, I don’t just mean fighting they are thrown. Should each other really loud, they’re standing around there running around their front door is scuffed at this point, which I don’t know how they did front door window is broken al and covered in by applying food. For some reason again do we know how they did that, but they managed to so yeah pretty much we were done dealing with. You know what I mean every single morning for the past three four years, any hope they came, knocking on our and our neighbors and everyone’s front doors and stuff, and he tried to look through my window stood outside like right there behind me. I could see his silhouette behind my curtains. Obviously I was terrified cuz we were. We were kinda scared. We were kind of scared, kids, you know what I mean so uh again the police told us to call next time anything happens, so he did why. I was by myself my mama called the police for me because I am scared of these neighbors and they’re right above me uh, you know so she called the police police came over. Apparently I didn’t quite see them, but then 20 minutes after the police apparently left. He came knocking and banging and ringing on my door again again. I was just kind of scared and I didn’t know to do, but nothing more than that came of that days all right next day he is painting the front door. Apparently, this man is painting the front door. I don’t know why he’s painting the front door, but this man painted the front door the wrong color anyway yeah. That was pretty much the story for now I’ll tell you guys any updates. but for now this yeah, so yeah husband my week pretty much, how have you guys been? How was your day been? How was your week been? Let me know in the comments down below, I don’t sure I’ll read any of I’m still just I made a little mix, adding some yellow and some white to this as well.
Try anger, alright color! I don’t know if this is right, but it feels wrong feels very well. I ain’t gonna worry about it. It’s on my face now and I ain’t taking it on. I have a feeling that this will pearly look pretty scary. To be completely honest, I have to use a sponge, but I don’t want to use a sponge cuz I’ll get a sponge real dirty. Oh my eye, this is one of the darkest area, so I’m just adding your white cidade just white every out here. Looking a little bit patchy, I’m not gonna lie. That’s fine right! How do we find some white up here mix that in together a little bit of a blendy blendy blendy? If you will a walk? What did i just you ever say things and realize you were really annoying Shusher, hey some more white up there, gonna do my best blend all this together, a little bit, but it’s smaller, some white in the crease to really deepen up the crease right here. In the center to you know what I’ve noticed, a lot of people seem very confused or angered by my accent for some reason, I am Dutch first of all, no, I am NOT nikkietutorials, I’m so sorry about it. I’m very sad about it too. Sorry, um! Second of all, I live in the Netherlands. I am Dutch, I speak Dutch and then my name tongue is Dutch. We speak Dutch on streets here in the neurons. We don’t speak English as a native tongue, so uh I don’t get exposed to English every single day, no life. I don’t have to use English every single day so to all of you who are annoyed by Max and you can’t a genuinely ghosts like a big boy. There’s honestly, just too remember, I speak Dutch. I trip on a big, deep, blue phone, so Susan about to be in man um. I speak English fluently, I speak. Dutch Dutch is my native tongue. I know three languages, three. How many me you know you want to criticize me, for you know not perfectly speaking either American, British or Australian or whatever it is that you want to criticize me for go right ahead. Just know that I’m I’m probably smarter than you criticizing marks telling me.
I sound dumb cuz. I love that, for you I feel like the island is gonna, be the wrong colour. I don’t mind, no everything has to be perfect right, it’s correct, I am the artist and I am calling it right now. Not everything has to be perfect. There’s a heron. I love Bob. I’m not gonna worry about my eye colour, because I can’t change that. I don’t. I cannot wear lenses, kids, my eyes, don’t work like that. I have very dry eyes apparently and lenses just won’t. My eyes sue me what if this turns out? Okay, what if I invert the colors and it looks no horrible I so I just went in and took a little bit of a picture and we looking a little bit of a little bit beige. So I’m gonna have to add some more greens to it so for that I’m gonna use the NYX ultimate palette, and I’m gonna go into this blue right here in this green right here and I’m just using a VHS might Express for that. And I just put in that right here getting a little bit of that bullish going. You know what I mean some under the eye as well, because I got some redness under my eyes a little bit with this. I’m gonna have to add some more black. Some more black so for that I’m gonna be using the black moon, cosmetics or reflect palette watch the outside. But it’s a bit beat up with this fun. Don’t worry about it! Everyone looks a little bit of that. A healthy glow going on. You know what I mean: love this door for me. If anything, I I think I look stunning. You might disagree nuts, fine, we’re all entitled to our opinions. So next up in a minute taking my white swan by graftobian, there’s water activated buddy pain, just gonna be taking a spoolie brush and just writing that on coating that brush in a white buddy we’re gonna do hurry not in some way some quite and Then, last but not least, for the white, I’m gonna, be putting that in my eyebrows, add some more liver of a green of this color right here in water line. Add a little bit more white tulip I think I’m gonna go even a little bit more extra and I’m gonna include the neck and my hair as well, so I’m just gonna start out by painting all right down here go in the air as well.
Obviously, I think I wanna get hello are just sticking with it, so I’m gonna add like a few little brush, strokes down and some leg bones over here, because this is highlighted usually a little bit darker and then just kind of blue and green and All that other good stuff, all this down here up a little bit more get this subculture, get acces going on in this center here and then for the year It’s pretty much, just all gonna be pretty green Like so and then pretty here, I am just gonna be taking little brush, I’m mostly just adding white to it, because from what I can tell and inverse, my hair is kind of just white, so I’m just gonna use a water-based body paint in my Hair, so I washed it out real easy because I don’t want to get stuck with paint in my hair You know what everybody paint is a pain to get out of your hair trust me So there we go I think that is pretty much it for the look snow Obviously I cannot quite see how it looks as I’m filming this right now so uh yeah I think this is pretty much it I think I want to add – maybe some more dark on the neck like right in here yeah Just like that Perfect lovely, lovely gently, okay, okay, alright, so I think this is it This is the final finished product The finished look, if you were knowing all of you, I’m pretty sure y’all will leave me a comment to Let me know in the comments down below how you think I did um I can assure you right now, when I invert this, it’s not gonna Look right so uh yeah leave me a comment down below um for this challenge Can people actually still nominate people to do challenges and all that type of stuff, or is that just a distant memory that we don’t look back? I don’t know Minh ate everyone All of you, I will be very mad if you don’t do this challenge anyway Thank you guys, so so much for watching subscribe to my channel I know this prep You might as well join your family Just join the family, it’s fun, we’re a fun bunch come on I say as if I’m not sitting here shirtless with a hole inverted face My eyes looks terrified anyway You guys so much

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