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Review of hair color (purple rain)

1 Nov , 2019  

I know many of you are like going to rag me because some of you really just get a kick out of doing that But ask me if I care, because I really don’t anyway, the reason why I said that you guys are gonna rag because I want you to see this color like I want you to see this color in her hair This is my I call her my little sister Trina, but I want y’all to know that that’s her at the beginning, with The red hair Trina has been every color in the spectrum which I love you because I’m able to be so creative with her like I just absolutely love it, but we took her from being red to be in purple, which is one of my favorite colors Actually, Red’s red violets, all of those in Purple’s, are just in magenta czar, like my favorite colors, but Trina is now purple and I just wanted to show you guys that influence purple, which this is the purple ring she was pre lightened I did go in and lighten her up a little bit before I did it just to break off some of the red, but I went in and added the purple ring, which is semi-permanent color, its artistic colors, and I put that on top of there This is probably after about three shampoos that I’ve done She also shampoos her hair at home, sometimes because her hair gets really really oily, but I want y’all to see the vibrancy of the color and just how it’s still shining after I get done like this Color is really really really amazing and again it’s the end Line of color is the artistic colors, and this is the Purple Rain So I want y’all to get into this color after I get finished, so you can see it I’m gonna try to post up the pictures of when I first did her color, so you can actually see how much brighter it has gotten You know some colors they’ll fade in their style back turning into what you’ve lightened it to in the the previous time Excuse me, I can’t talk, but I want you guys to see how this color has brightened up, and it just looks absolutely amazing after about four or five shampoos Please do so also make sure you hit that ring the notification So you’ll know every time your boy goes live I love you guys so much I’ll talk to you soon, peace, but everybody other than all of the other choices Oh, Oh

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