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* review of the new Moisturizing Foundation and primer – Allthatjaz of extremely dry skin

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi everyone welcome to my channel. So today I have a review for you guys. It’s a foundational review, the all new fancy, hydrating Pro Foster foundation, just came out. I’m saying this is going to be like a first impression sort of review. I just want to give you a bit of background about my skin. Personally, I am a very, very dry skinned person. I listen my skit. I am excellent friend I like I get eczema on the corners of my arm patches on my face. My neck glittery.
I’D like I’ve got really dry skin, basically, except for that very reason. I kind of started to shy away from the original soft matte fancy foundation which used to my go to, but my skin just wasn’t having any of it. So when I heard that she was releasing a new hydrating foundation, I was like. I need me some of that, like this loose, she needs to get tested, so yeah sit back. So I actually got my hands on three new fancy products. The first one is the fancy bc profile, hydrating primer. I also got the sponge, you know the little Beauty, Blender sponge. I think this came out ages ago. This is not a new product and of course I got the profile so hydrating long way at foundation. As you can see, I’ve just been a bit too. You know impatient and opened it already he’s gonna show you everything looks like this is the foundation. I got it in the shade 417. This is the shade that, in in my soft matte foundation, I do believe they come in the same amount yeah. So it starts to amount in each. This does look a lot less for whatever reason, but it is actually the same amount in each oh, but it is actually the same amount in each bottle. Anyway, let’s just get straight into at least review there shall we now. This primer says it’s supposed to give you instant hydration, which is something my skin constantly needs. Hydration a soft silk finish extended makeup, wear which is important for beep. The functioning of you know a primer. It has to allow your makeup to last long. So, let’s see how this works just do a couple palms straightaway. It does feel really really soft, like it does say, on the box. It’s supposed to give you like a soft silk finish and just from like rubbing that in it does feel really soft. I can make her skin feel extremely soft, so that is a good sign. I guess so yeah that does apply really really smoothly. I feel like instantly it’s given me like a nice and I want to say shine cuz, you don’t want to look shiny. I looked healthy in the face if that makes sense. Like my skin looks nice and hydrated, it looks ready for the next step and yeah, I’m happy with that, but I’m gonna see how it actually acts as a primer.
Obviously, when I do put the foundation on top so with the foundation you’re supposed to get the same foundation shade that you’re in in the soft matte foundation and all the full 70 in the soft matte, so I’ve got a full 70 in this. I’m just going to test really quickly if they are actually the exact same shade. Okay, so this one down here is the soft matte foundation. While this is the hydrating foundation – and I think of that is pretty much the same color – that is a pretty decent match, but just literally from rubbing those two foundations in, on my hand, this the soft matte foundation, those so much thicker than the new hydrating foundation. It feels a lot more heavier and for, like, I said, probably full of coverage in this one. This is supposed to be a medium to full coverage foundation. So I’m guessing it’s not not too full, but maybe buildable, but let’s find out I’m just gonna start off very light with the foundation with the first layer and see how that works and then I’ll just keep building it up. So I’ve put a like a literally the tiniest bit on I’ll. Just keep building that dance floor extremely soft. It feels like skin, not gonna lie, it’s extremely lightweight. I think I think it’s more on the light coverage than medium coverage and for a foundation, especially compared to the soft map. It does feel very light on the face, doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything at all and but I’m just gonna sort of put this first layer on and see like how I can build it up. But for now I think this is quite a good match to my skin. It is quite red, but my my for 70 has always been like this red anyway, and it takes a while for it to just sort of my settle in, like it’s always been quite red like on first application. So I’m not too shocked up out of that. Okay, so that’s the first layer on first impressions. It does feel extremely silky soft. It feels more like a I don’t know, and I cut almost like a moisturizer like it’s a really a really lightweight foundation. In my opinion, or maybe because I me just used to the thickness of the matte and the soft matte foundation, but it’s extremely light – I mean it’s quite hydrating, as you can see. It’s left me with quite a Jewish finish in comparison to the soft matte, which leaves me quite matte, especially when I do put on the primer like those are the soft, matte and foundation.
Then I do feel like the foundation has worked quite well with the primer. It’s given me a smooth enough finish sure, so I’m going to try and build that up and just see like you know, all the consult I do have a bit of you know darkness around my mouth, which of that isn’t covering quite well. So I do have to build that up a little bit just put a bit more foundation around that area. This is so weird I just like. I keep squeezing it or get singing that it’s a pump, it’s so annoying. Okay. This is just such a weird little. My diary, I’m gonna, see anything like it, but that’s really for you, isn’t it so just notice and I’ve got quite a dark area in this place around this area of my mouth. I don’t know if the camera is picking it up, but the foundation is just not doing a good job of covering that area, so I’m having to like proper build it, build it up. So I’m just gonna go and with like one more tiny pump around the area and hopefully that would do the trick, but right now I couldn’t literally see like the darkness in that area. I wish I don’t normally have that issue so mercy, but I also got the fancy, beauty and little sponge. I don’t know. I should realize how small these were. I’m just gonna go ahead and use the back of that the round bit so kind of just press that Foundation in those four like this would blend it in a lot better. So I’m just gonna go ahead and do that you know. I think that blended in a lot better, I think that looks a whole lot better than just using the brush okay. So it’s whatever excess foundation I have on my brush. I’m just gonna drag that down to the rest of my neck, cuz, malefic and sever. One my face is a lot darker then back my neck and chest, so just will not blend that in so that isn’t like a harsh gradient between, like my face Nick and Trust, I’m just gonna carry on with the rest of my face. I’m gonna carry on with my concealer and control and whatever else and just see how they go together and because, if this is going to become part of my daily, you know makeup routine. I need to make sure it goes with. You know my of our daily products, so my new go-to concealer is actually my NARS concealer and it’s the radiant creamy concealer and it’s in the shade on Monday. So I feel like because the foundation has not done a very good job of concealing around. Like my mouth and I didn’t color correct, I might have to just go over this area with some concealer as well. Just to you know correct that area because I do feel like is still quiet, but I don’t know if you guys can see, but I do see a little bit of you know the darkness seeping through the foundation, so I’m just using a damp Beauty.
Blender, I’m just gonna go ahead and just blend out my concealer. Now I’m just going to use the flat side of the fancy sponge and my Laura Mercier translucent powder to just sets the highlighted areas. I haven’t actually ever really cared for this fancy sponge, but I feel like this is actually really good for setting your under-eye Matt has made it so much easier getting inside the corners and right underneath your eye because of the flat surface I’m going to set my Entire face with my mac mineralize skinfinish powder: this is in the shade, dark, deep, okay! So now that I’ve put all the powder on that, I need to so far. It feels matte, but not to a point where it’s drying um as compared to the soft matte foundation, and it doesn’t feel heavy at all, even though I’ve had to build it up. I feel like it’s more in the lightweight light coverage side, a hundred percent, more light than medium and but yeah. So I thought it does feel it doesn’t feel cake, even though I’ve had to build it up – and I think so far so good. I’m just gonna carry on and finish off the makeup. Okay, so this is the completed. Look. I actually really like how this is turned out. Like I always say this. When I finish my Mac, I’m just like damn. You look good. She it’s gonna quickly give you an overall opinion, like my overall opinion on the foundation on like first impressions and I’m the type of person who, personally just like a foundation where you can just whip on one layer and is enough to sort of hide. All your blemishes and just do the job. Basically, a full coverage foundation is what I normally lean towards, because I don’t like building up. I don’t like wearing too much product as far as this one, because it’s quite a light coverage foundation well in comparison to what I’m used to anyway, I thought I kinda have had to like proper, like build it up and build up, build it up, and even Then I sort of still have to go over it with my concealer to sort of cover up the dark areas around my mouth, which isn’t an issue, but I just rather might have to do that. If that makes sense, I think the shade match is perfect I feel like for 7e in general that shade, when you first apply it, it can look overwhelmingly red on first application, not gonna lie to you by for like as you just let it do its thing and just you know just settle in there.
It does start to like show its true form I don’t know if that makes sense, but just it doesn’t look as red basically, and so you just call it just you know, settle and do what it’s got to do And then you see like the true color It always applies really red and later on and looks a whole lot better Like now I thought, like this is literally the perfect undertone that she matches everything beautifully I couldn’t complain and I think it’s more or less the same color as the soft matte foundation I don’t know from what I can remember from using a soft matte foundation because it has been awhile or it is pretty much the same color in terms of the primer I think it goes really well at the primer The primer is quite a hydrating primer, like I said before almost feels like her like her I could use it as a moisturizer and that, with the foundation I think, is just a whole hydrating palette package on its own and for someone with really dry skin It is really really good and that’s something that I really do like about the foundation Yes, I think it is a really really good foundation The only thing that I don’t like about it is the coverage I feel like I could have done with a little bit of a fuller coverage, but that’s just a personal preference if you’re more of a light coverage person, that’s good for you, but I just have a lot of hyperpigmentation and there’s a lot that needs to be covered up I don’t really like to build and build and build because I don’t really like to work on wearing too much product So I don’t know it’s just like where to find the balance between putting too much on and obviously being able to like cover all your might sort of blemishes and stuff like that without having to like pack so much on ya know But overall I think it literally does what it says on the package It does really hydrate your skin I don’t feel dry at all comparison when, like oh Jesus, soft matte foundation, plus the matte primer, I would just literally finish my makeup and feel so stiff You know off your face like she forced if I don’t throw that at all, but yeah, so I think that’s pretty much it for this review You guys, let me know if there are any other reviews you want me to do and I’ll be sure to get around to it I hope you guys have enjoyed it guys

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