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Riding or dead makeup brush.

30 Sep , 2019  

you guys requested it so intensely in my WTF, where I talked about wet and wilds. Seventy dollar brush set, which still just saying that out loud, you guys, sounds really ridiculous, but peace depart they’re, not that expensive. but I asked you if you wanted to see me go through all of my brushes that I use on a daily basis and put together my hit list, because you guys know I don’t stick to one brand. I use drugstore luxury and everything in between so I have sat in front of me lined up all of my very favorite must-have brushes to do my makeup.
I can do pretty much any look with all of these, and this is what I take with me. If I am traveling so this is my hit list yeah, the funny thing is in front of me, like I literally have. Where are you? I have a Mac 224 that the ferrule of this brush is just completely dented and banged up. I don’t know if I was like it looks like I was chewing on it. I don’t chew on my brushes, but I mean this is like this has been through the wringer. I had another one that was my lucky 224, which was the first brush that I ever spent good money on. I saved up babysitting money to buy this brush like I made a special trip to the mall for this one brush, and that was the Mac 224 because they used to not have anything at the drugstore. This shape for your crease, and I knew I needed it because of all the books that I was reading as a teenager about makeup like I needed a tapered blending brush so yeah my first 224, I sadly lost, but it was like my lucky brush and it Had the wood exposed, because I had used it that much we will get to eye brushes. I’m gonna set this one down. But my point is a lot of these brushes, whether I have been introduced to really fabulous like luxury lines. A lot of these brushes I’ve just had for years and years and years and what works for me works for me and I’m pretty consistent with that. Alright, so we are gonna start out not with a brush, but this is a tool that sits in my little jar right here. I think I got this at Target or home goods and I just keep my mirror that I apply makeup with all the time you hire the fairest of them all and it’s a snow-white hair. I just think it’s really cute. I have my band that I got on Maui for, like $2, to fan off any settings phrase or anything like this. I just like having something nearby, always with my brushes to kind of do this action in case something I spray on my face is too wet or needs to be dried down or lash glue, or anything. It’s just really nice to have kind of a small fan.
Like this one and then I do keep my nurse Jamie up, lift with my brushes, I used to keep this with my skin care. You know in the bathroom, but I found that I use this more right before makeup than any other time. So what I will do is just like a solid minute or so just getting my circulation going, and I find that my foundation applies more smoothly, it’s very weird, but when I’m deep huffed a little bit, everything just goes on so much more smoothly. So that is kind of my step, one for brushes step. Two would definitely be a Beauty Blender like this guy right here. I will give you a few alternatives. The shop miss a dollar blender is so good. I need to order some more of those and I actually want to revisit the dollar try on. I want to do another one of those just because I discovered a lot of really great things for a buck. You know like why, wouldn’t I want to do that again, so that version of a Beauty Blender is really good. The original, of course, is very good and then Ecotools the green one, with kind of a little bit of a triangle type edge. That is another favorite of mine. I am very, very particular with sponges, because I want them to have the right fluff when they are too firm. I don’t like that. I like to have enough bounce and fluff in it to really just I almost dig my foundation and that’s not what I did just press the foundation and and have it be very lightweight, and I just I like that: squishy fluffy texture. What was that? It just sounded like something broke in half on my desk, okay, of course, I love my Clarisonic. This has been the greatest tool for blending liquids, but especially for blending contour and cream bronzers. I love this. I am such a die-hard fan. I feel like it is excellent for nose, contour, and it just allows you to blend whatever you want to blend without moving it everywhere. You can get a concentrated blend right where you need it without pulling dragging pressing or taking a long time to blend. If you have a good, really liquid foundation, not a thick cream but more of a liquid foundation, this will make it stretch. You don’t need as much, and it just gives you this flawless airbrushed finish. I love this huge fan. You know I’ve been using Clarisonic for over a decade. I mean I’m it. I just love it. I love it for washing my face and then, of course now I love the brush attachment okay, another brush that I do enjoy and this one is $62. I don’t reach for this as much as I used to, I think I’m kind of stuck on the Clarisonic and then a Beauty Blender, but I do remember really loving this so much and I should probably give it another try it’s one of these things that I Can’t part with like, when I think, of clearing out eye brushes, I’m like no, I need this, it’s very densely packed.
This is the artiste oval 7, it is 62 and it just really quickly puts your foundation on it’s great for a stick foundation: cream foundation. It just gives good coverage very evenly without brush strokes and without a ton of tugging. It does tug just a little bit, but it does give just this very full coverage flawless finish, so I do love this one a lot. This is the Kat Von D number 20. This is $38. I love this for bronzing. This is just such a dream, because it has this nice rounded tip it’s tapered, it’s like a giant tapered brush that you put in the crease of your eye, but this is gonna be for the creases of your face. You want a contour that makes sense right. You can just really fluff it in the hollows of your cheeks, really fluff it down the jaw line. It gives you a very soft soft contour, which I love. You can use this to bronze contour. You can use it. Just to bronze and warm up the face, it is so nicely just cut it. Just it’s perfect. I love this brush so much I have a giant fan brush from Sephora. This is the number 92 it’s $36. I think this is so nice. If you want a fluffy but more defined contour, I will go in with this and it just hugs onto the face perfectly. You can read a thin amount of product on the forehead. If you want to shorten up your forehead, it’s just great for blending. You can use this with regular powders as well. It’s just such a nice giant fan shape and I do reach for this quite a bit. The other fluffy brush that I reach for is from Smashbox. This is their powder brush I’ll use this for bronzer as well. You guys clearly are saying that I love to bronze my skin. I love that, but this one right here for powder works beautifully too initially. When you see this brush – and I’ve said this before like, if you were to give it a pinch, you would see a lot of the bristles are uneven and you might think like what is that? Why why would I spend so much money on this? When it looks kind of like a crappy brush, but it’s not, it just gives you this perfect placement of product, and it doesn’t give you a thick amount of product either. It just fans it out very lightly, very much for an effortless finish. It’s not gonna be a packed on caked on finish, whatever you use, whether it’s a powder, a touch-up powder, a bronzer. This is an excellent brush and I will not do without this brush like I have to have this brush with me at all times. I’m obsessed with it all right, moving down the line. Of course, you guys already know if you’ve been on my channel for any amount of time really, because I’ve used this over and over and over and over and over and over and over.
It’s been with me through three moves. Three moves, oh my gosh. This is like the OG blush brush. This is from Sonia Kashuk, and this is my favorite blush brush. So right now for me with having tried so many high-end brushes, the drugstore wins, and it’s not even a matter of being on a budget. It’s just every time. I use this. I am so impressed. It is twelve dollars and fifty eight cents, and it will give you the perfect most beautiful, blended blush of your life, the Sigma 40 HD. This is probably the only Sigma brush that I am truly obsessed with. I don’t use a lot of their brushes. I’ve tried them and they’re. Alright, I mean they’re, not bad, but there’s nothing. That’s making me go, oh my god. It’s all! I’m gonna use this one. However, I did a oMG Tuesday, and I tried this out. This is just so great for packing on powder. If you want to precisely bake underneath the eyes this is such cool brush, it will also get right around the nose. It has such a beautiful tip right here. I love it. It’s $25. I think it’s something different and I definitely reach for it a lot. A brand that has not talked about a lot, but I am really a big fan of, is called clover. I love the name of it. Have I told you guys? I don’t know if I’ve told you guys this. I wanted that to be my name like when I was going through a weird phase. I was like Oh clover and, like my email was clover this and clover that and lucky four-leaf clover, and that’s kind of why I love Van Cleave stuff, so much because I’m just obsessed with clover clover, everything look for everyone anyway. This brand clover has a brush right here. That is around 6:50. It’s so good! You guys this is the best touch-up brush that is kind of fluffy and fat. You can kick off bake really easily with this. You can just initially set underneath the eye with this, but you can also do a touch-up technique that I don’t talk about very often. I don’t share this with you often, but this is so dirty. I use this to death. I really really do. I will go in it to a more poorer, finding primer and I’ll. Take a smaller brush like this and I’ll just Pat it into the skin, and actually let the bristles kind of press it into the skin. When I want to touch up without adding more powder and it works out beautifully so this brush, I use for two different things and I really love it. I have a couple more face.
Brushes one is from morphe. This is the m5. Oh one fantastic for the highlight it’s so good for highlight it’s really affordable its morphe. It will dry out after washing it a few times like that’s. The only thing I don’t like about this brush is that it does get kind of dry, but the shape of it is just so what nice that I keep reaching for it. I really enjoy it so much. What I have to another highlight that I really like, especially if I’m being super picky and detailed, and I want high shine, but I want it locked into one area only and then I want to blend it out this from Smashbox is the precise highlighting brush. It has a slant right here. It has nice different, shaped bristles and you can really hug into whatever area you to press that highlight in this will work great with creams as well, and it’s just a really fabulous one. Nars eita brush 55 bucks. I think it’s a great investment. I have had this for so long. I have washed it over and over and over and over and over and over, and it still performs really well so I love using this, of course, for nose contour. But if you’re going in with a cream, if you’re doing a cream contour underneath your foundation, if you’re wanting that more harsh line, this will chisel you. So you can actually get that very chiseled. Look on the jaw in the hollows of the cheek and it blends everything out really well whether it is a powder or a cream for my eyes. I really love this brush from Smashbox. This is the Oliver shadow. It’s 26 bucks, it’ll fluff color, evenly all over the lid, allowing you to go into the crease and have just a really solid nice blend for the crease. I have a couple of favorites. Obviously, in the Mac, 224 is like my ride-or-die. It’s just the exact right shape that I love, and I know I can count on it to blend everything out and just do a good job. I also really love a Mac 217 because you can carve out your crease. You can, you know, lay it flat. You can do a lot with this brush, but you definitely want something: a little fluffier like this one, the 224 to really blend and fluff things out. I do also super love this one from Evelyn. This is just a crease brush and a subscriber sent this to me years ago, and I just I’m, I have not parted with it. This is a drugstore brand I think over in Germany. If I am right, I’m not sure if I’m right, I just really love this brush. If you want to spend an arm and a leg on brushes, go ahead and get some Haku hodo brushes, because they will not disappoint, there’s no frame, they never dry out.
They always do a good job consistently, and these two are just oh, you can do so much with them. You can contour the nose with this itty bitty baby, one. You can go under the eye and really blend things out. This crease brush right here is just one of the nicer crease brushes. If I want to add just a little kick up color, but I want it to blend out really well. These are just they’re beautiful. This is like the rolls-royce of brushes. They are crazy, expensive. You don’t have to have something like this to do good makeup, but if you want to splurge they’re worth it, I’ve had these first six years now and they’re still working great another pair of brushes that I’ve had for a little over six years, seven years. This is the flat tip eyeshadow brush from Kevin Taquan. Oh my god That moment, when you question, if you really do need more coffee or not, this is like the perfect brush for smoking out a lower lash line. It just does not grab the skin tug, the skin pull the skin, it doesn’t fluff color too low, so you can keep it pretty tight up in here and it’s just awesome. I highly highly highly highly highly recommend this brush. It’s one of my like top five eye, it’s so good for the lid. I have two brushes from Mac. I have the 242 and the 239. These are both $25, fantastic for just blending out the lid, adding on a little cream. It’s just nice to have these kind of shapes for packing on product, on your eye, lid itself and not just fluffing the color everywhere. First smoking things out. I have this guy from NARS. This is the number 45. This will actually really smudge out any cream liner. Any shadows it just does such a nice job, it’s so densely, packed and small, of keeping the color really placed where you want it to so. I love having a smudger brush like this and Norris does make really great brushes alright for the inner corner highlight. I love this one from morphe. This is the e36 I used it today to just kind of pack on my master chrome highlight and rose gold. You guys are gonna, be so sick of this. I just I use this every day of my life, it’s so this one. I can’t do without either it’s just the perfect shape to just to not get highlight everywhere, where it’s overwhelming things, and it’s just too much. This is just itty-bitty, teeny tiny, and it is so gosh-darn affordable that why not it’s so good for my eyebrows, what I’ve been loving, it’s actually from pretty vulgar. This is the high standards brush. I really like how firm this spoolie is It is so good for brushing everything up and then this angled brow brush has just the right width without being too obnoxious, so you can kind of really press color in kind of you know feather it out, and I reach for this one more than any other Brow brush, so this is definitely taking the front spot as far as brow, brushes and then for eyeliner.
This has long been my favorite You guys are probably seeing a trend here I really really like Mac brushes This is the Mac 208, and this for gel lining is just perfection You can just get the perfect amount, because it’s so tiny it’s just like, and if you want to do a wing and wings are intimidating to you This is just absolutely the best shape because it’s not big you’re gonna start out Small and you’re gonna be able to kind of drag the color and build and really press together, a nice perfect lash line So I cannot do without this brush and then this one right here is another morphe brush This is actually intended to be a lip brush, but that’s not how I use this I actually like using this to pack on color on the lid at the lash line, but I don’t want to necessarily totally smudge out or I like, using it, underneath the high points of my brow, because it has this kind of circular shape up at the tip That makes it very easy to just press color there, but it’s so precise and tiny that you’re not gonna get too much color, where you don’t want it Alright, the last brush is not actually a brush, it is a lash curler This is my favorite Ashu Americolor is just the very best I don’t know the length that it has on the rim itself that you can actually go in and curl without grabbing the corners of your eye and just how close you can get to the lash line I have never used a better lash curler kavanah Quan is really close because basically they’re the same thing to be honest as far as manufacturing but yeah This is so so good, so good, and that is where we land I think the only other thing I would add into the mix to let you guys know as far as brushes would be a good velour puff just to kind of press powder in is always a good idea, and this is everything that I would need to do A great look: these are all the brushes that I use today I didn’t even use all of them I used maybe half of them to create this look and yeah I hope you guys enjoyed me going through my very favorite Must-Have must-own must try brushes that are luxury and drugstore, like you, can always hit the like button Because of that – and I appreciate it alright, I love you guys so much

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