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Rihanna surprises her mother’s life Oprah Winfrey shows Oprah Winfrey network

1 Nov , 2019  

Fire on the set, I try tohave a moment right now: bananas, mother, Monica, is coming here to this beautiful location and she thinks that she’s coming to do an interview with me, but she is I would be happy to talk toher That’s not the real deal I insist that the good water has a big surprise for the surprises This is where they’re coming Are you Rihanna’s sixteen year old, brother Rashad and her aunt Marcel? Were there too? They alsohave no idea round is about to give her mother this house thanks for coming all the way out here to do this internally, I won’t miss it, wouldn’t miss it I’ll Do it again, would you do it again? I wanted you to come out and see it’s such a pretty area Do you get up here? Often? Yes, I wanted y’all to see the pool, so I’m sohappy that you came to do this interview with me Yes, yeah my pleasure honored that you would I’m honored what, but, but let me just say it’s not just about the interview, your daughter, your lovely daughter, has something she wanted to share with you: okay, okay, no I’m not pregnant okay! Well, I wanted to do this For you, for a very long time, you have been such an amazing mother example soldier and you get to walk away with the key to this house Yes, look around this is: are you girl, yes, II? Have a picture of you hanging on the wall? My first gas is: Oh Rihanna used her grandmother’s China as inspiration to decorate the living room in this stunning Five bedroom house cheers Cheers good daughter, good daughter So let me just ask a couple questions What are you proudest of right now about her? Oh because she has remained sohumble and so close toher family yeah, she sees that same Robin tough she’s, Robin she’s, robbing she’s Now robbing to me, you know that’s what I’m very very proud of yeah you’re, not pressuring her for it to find a guy Are you not yet did you want to make a toast? I want to toast to one your first trip to my home Yes, now toher home, a fair house and to it’s a family man to to good vibes, to love happiness to everybody, just a family Good vibes, thank you goodbye Thank you Good vibes, hi youtubers I’m excited to give you an update about our own YouTube channel they’re They may even make you laugh a little bit subscribe to the own Channel today and we’ll see you on YouTube

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