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Rose bronze cat eye makeup John Maclean

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everyone, so this is the very fast film of 2018, my goodness, it feels awfully strange to be saying that 2017 was a wonderful year and it went past so very very quickly, and I very much hope that you all had a safe and wonderful entry to The year 2018 is going to be a fantastic year. I have a lot of things planned, but one of the things that I am very excited about is my 24,000 birthday. I’ve been alive 24,000 years this year, so I’m very excited to celebrate that.
So I want to make today still absolutely fabulous and have a fabulous look and have everything, just fabulous and refined and gorgeous so that we can begin 2018. Fantastically things always end the way that begin, so the something begins fantastic. It will end fantastic, so on and so forth. Tonight, I’m going to be going to a huge celebration, as it is the very first Friday of the year. All the witches from around the world will be gathering at the coven and they’ll be a fantastic ritual and celebration to celebrate the new year and, of course, the first Friday of the year. But I shall only be seeing the chief witch this evening. It is certainly not correct for the Dark Lord to be mingling with regular witches. That would be a travesty. So today’s look, I want to create a look, that’s absolutely fabulous and gorgeous, and just something that I like something I feel fabulous and happy, and so I want to create a look using lots of oranges and bronzes. Today now I have already gone in and applied. Moisturizer primer, concealer, corrector foundation, powder and eyebrows. Today I went in with my usual moisturiser la creme concentrate by M release. Then I applied a liberal coat of supercars ultimate face. Primer evidently quite used. It’s very similar to the Smashbox primer, of course, would recommend both super colors primer as well as Smashbox primers they’re, fantastic now for base. I want to find different one. Today, usually, I go in with Kat Von D’s, lock a foundation in the shade at like 42 neutral, but today I decided to revert to a very favorite foundation formulation of mine, which is actually a mixture of two foundations. I mixed a combination of Estee Lauder’s, double we’re in the shade shell, with Ella mask as skin based foundation in the shade zero 1, which is a pure white. But I take the LMS skin based foundation in the shade white and mix it with Estee. Lauder’s double were in the shade shell just to left the color up, so that it matches my skin tone, and I have forgotten just how fantastic this makes my skin look. But one thing I love about Double Wear is that it is a very hard wedding, long waiting foundation and you can layer products on top of it and it doesn’t start to crack or crumble off.
I don’t know why I had to stop using this mix for so long. I think I just gotten tired of always having to mix, but I absolutely love these two together and I’m a little ecstatic back to them. Prior to my foundation, I color corrected with some of kryolan’s derma color cream concealer in the shade d1. Then I set everything through with some of Carolyn’s translucent powder in the shade tr3 for eyebrows. I then went in and applied some of Kryolan derma color cream concealer. In the shade D, 40, just to stencil the shape. First of all, I wanted to go for quite a hard shape today, quite a small bright there, not too thick and to set that through. I took this middle color here, the one in the middle from the Louisiana palette and it is in the shade, pom-pom. So, to begin, a look: I’m going to take some of Kryolan spider eyeshadow in the shade Sahara, and I only have a slight amount of the loose powder that I used to set my foundation as a base on the eyelid. But I’m just applying this Sahara. Color. On a Mac 239, I’m just packing it on to the lid. First of all that I can get a really strong, color, then taking as over two to seven brush I’ll just blend the edges. It isn’t really that important to blend it at this point, as I’m going to be going in with further eyeshadow to blend, to the edges of it, of course, and to sculpt. But I just want to map in the shape. First of all, as I do tend to get a little bit, i should’a happy and puma eye shadows out all the time, and I want this live to be quite a long, gating and slightly cat likes I’m pulling. I should outward just ever so slightly. It’s good to keep on packing it onto the eyelid and building that up then, on our Charles Fox, eight one, four, six zero three one brush, I’m just applying that underneath the eye just to connect everything round, we’re not taking it too far into the inner corner, Not yet anyway, just blend the two round like so so without Sahara, kala applied to both eyes. I then applied little bit stronger through the socket just to build definition ever so slightly, but then I’m going back in with a clean, sober two to seven just to buffer on the edges, so that we can ensure a seamless mess to further intensify the eye. I’m going to take some of mac cosmetics, powder eye shadow in the shade and down a planet on the first two to seven brush for which that we used I’m just taking it through this socket, and I really want to just deepen the socket with this shade.
But also warm the eye up ever so slightly to get a really seamless blend you kind of have to work up and in small slight layers. So the gradient of the look is seamless and it’s always a good idea to keep several blending brushes nearby. So you can work between the few that you have, because, if you’re trying to work with a brush that is oversaturated with the product, it can almost begin to dirty the look. So it is always a good idea to change the brushes. You are blending wefts. It’s okay to use the same brush to apply additional product as you’re, only using it to apply the product, but when you’re blending the product, it is a good idea to have different, cleaner brushes. Now I’m going in with a clean, Zuba, two to eight brush and just blending all of those edges and follow the same procedure on the other eye. Now, I’m taking is all that to three one brush, which is fantastic for what I’m about to do and when you have applied to a socket tool. It can be a good idea just to pull the color onto the eye and that’s what I’m doing. I’m just packing it on and pulling it over into the eye and into the lash line, just so that the coloration of the eye is even and creates the illusion of a much more gradual blend. Now I’m going to apply some of Max met exposure agenda in the shade Swiss chocolate just through the socket on a Louie’s young FY, 38 a brush, and to do this I am resting my elbow on the table in front of me and I’m then just tilting. My head back ever so slightly and I’m just drawing that into my sock and sculpting round the eye with it, I’m just taking a down round slightly and on. I trust Fox eight one, four, six, zero three one brush and then just applying the same eyeshadow, a Swiss chocolate and just connecting what we’ve applied in the socket rent to the Antony, but I’m taking no further than the centre of the eye. So that is all of the Swiss Cottage applied and blended through the socket and slightly underneath the eye. I didn’t want to take the color right into the inner corner as I’m going to do a cat eyeliner in the inner corner of the eye. So if I were to take the color all the way in it would demean you to fight the presence of the inner corner, flick that I’m going to apply by taking a shuttle into just the center of the eye when we go in with our cat eyeliner, It will actually lift the eye upward further, as there will be an illusion of a point in the center of the eyes, which just of course broadens and pulls the eyes upwards and outwards.
Now I’m going to take some of mac cosmetics, Studio, Fix powder foundation in the sheet NW 10, now just a planet underneath the brow bone and pulling it into the look pulling a downward. This is a grip technique if you feel that you’ve gone overboard with your blending or brought it too far, you can just go in with your powder foundation or your powder and just pull it into the look just to bring it down ever so slightly then went Back in with a two and seven and just blending those edges just to ensure a really seamless gradient. Now I’m going to go in with the sleek strong palette, five, seven eight and, as you can see my palettes a little bit, tatty I’ve just opened it. Just now and a lot of that shadows have been crumbling and moving around as it is a little bit old. But I didn’t have the heart, chakra tech, because there’s one color and his paths in it absolutely adore. And if I this palette. Since goodness knows nineteen old cake, but this color right here at the bottom – it’s a beautiful, bronzy sort of muddy shimmery to them. It’s absolutely gorgeous it’s very similar to the colors that I’m wearing on my eyes currently, but it has a little bit more bronze and shimmer to it, and I haven’t worn: it’s been quite a long time and I’m going to plan it to their eyes with a Charles Fox eight one, four six, four zero five brush, I’m just packing it onto the eyelid. First of all, the great thing about slowly, cheaper formulations is comes to shimmery tools. Sometimes they are either super dry and you don’t get very much color payoff other times, they’re slightly more emollient and they are very almost creamy. So you can really get great color payoff from the immediately and I’m just a planet over the eyelid. I’m just pulling it into the socket just ever so slightly and then just stipple the edges of it ever so slightly just to blend it. Now, I’m going to take some of mac cosmetics posh under in the shade of Mythology, which is this beautiful. Bronzy rose gold, shimmering, glistening color is absolutely gorgeous a little bit of that just to the center of the lid just to add a little balance of light. I don’t want to highlight it too much but just add a small bounce of light and complete the same steps on the other eye. Now I’m going to go in with some of mac cosmetics, powder, eye shadow in the shade of carbon and apply it on a space Inc, a liner brush, and what I’m doing with this first of all is just sketching where I want to place my flick, as I’m going to go in with a brown eyeliner, but what I’m going to do with a carbon, because I’ve applied so many brown tones.
If I were to go in with a brown eyeshadow like espresso or Brown by mac cosmetics, it wouldn’t necessarily have the same presence as carbon. Would I won’t be able to see it as immediately as I do with a black eyeshadow? So, by going in with a black eyeshadow, first of all, just very likely, I can plot out where I want my flick know that I have plotted each of those black lines. It’Ll give me a guide as to where to place my gel liner and now I’m going to go in with some of mac cosmetics, fluid line in the shade tiptoe, which is this absolutely beautiful, dark brown color and I’m first of all, going to apply it on A Space NK bent liner brush and just work it into the root of the eyelashes first of all, and pull it out and start to thicken it at the outside of the eye. You just start to build up your wing because I’m using predominantly Brown base tones. If you make any form of mistake, it is actually quite forgivable. Certainly in this blinder it’s actually quite difficult to differentiate between the liner and the. I shall oh so it adds depth and there is a presence of the eyeliner, but it still blends amongst the color palette that we have used, and then I am taking that color and just applying it to the waterline. You have to be quite gentle when using a finer brush and then what I’m doing is I’m just following the line down almost as if the top line / Kim down and went straight down and I’m pulling it a straight down as I possibly can. And then I will cut it across that way. It creates the illusion, certainly on my eyes, of being a much more cats like and much more elongated, because my eyes are slightly rounded and down turned. They need that extra lift. When creating this kind of look and then I really started to disprove that over and fill in the space in between so with the liner, and I complete I’m going to take some of mac cosmetics powder eyeshadow in the shade so and I’m just going to apply That, on the underneath of the eye, just to blend the gel liner and the shadows that we have applied already together and I’m a planet on a Charles Fox, eight one, four, six zero, two one brush. Actually, this brush has been discontinued, as I haven’t been able to find another one, but I would just recommend going in with any pencil brush. That is quite specific and quite soft, because I tend to find that gel eyeliner really dries out to my waterline and dries up my eyes.
It doesn’t make them irritable, but it definitely has a presence and it’s slightly dry and I don’t mind it. But when I go in with an eye shadow on top or to blend or whatever I do not like to use any of these ghastly scratchy pencil brushes, I don’t think anybody does, but I do not enjoy irritation where it need not be, but I’m leaving this Section of the eye almost there, I don’t want to apply too much shadow into that area. I want to keep it still quite light. I’m going back in with our two two seven from before: I’m just blending edges and then I’m going to take a tiniest bit of the mythology just place it underneath there. I just almost to warm it up and add a slight faint Sheen and just blend all of through no, I tend to have grip difficulty with getting pale, shimmery tones or cream tones to appear on my skin tone. I know it might be a little bit funny to some of you. I certainly find it a little bit humorous, so would you actually highlight with a slightly more pale gold just ever so slightly and to do so, I’m going to use the bombs middle Luminizer and I’m actually planning a very faint and slight and mountainous just around the Cat liner that I’ve drawn on the inner corner, so I’m just a planet just here. First of all, you can build it up quite slowly and as much as you want and then a little bit of it underneath the liner and blend anxious and complete the same steps on the other eye. I don’t want it to be too shimmery, but I definitely want a little bit of light in that region so that more or less completes all the eye, shadow and gel line of work. Now, I’m just good to go in and curl my eyelashes using my Inglot eyelash curlers, I actually quite mess saying QBs eyelash curlers, my QBs eyelash curlers, sadly died and I was going to escort them to hell. Personally, myself, as I have a membership card, but I was just too grief-stricken now for my regular viewers. I know this isn’t going to be surprised, but I’m going to take some of the bombs. What’s your type mascara in the shade of black, I’m just going to apply a very strong and liberal amount of it to the eyelashes, we’ll be walking in from the root upward. Now, whenever I apply mascara to the lower lashes, it always transfers onto the cheek so to reduce this, I take an eyelash brush and cut it and then just paint on top of the eyelashes, mainly at the roots. Where I want the greatest definition.
I don’t think this luck would be complete without a set of false eyelashes. These ones are by prima lash and I’m using the duo adhesive glue to glue them down so the eyes more less complete. I’m going to move on to cheeks now to contour, I’m going to go in with some of Kryolan spur to eyeshadow in the shade Sahara, which we actually used as our base tool on the eyes earlier, and I’m a planet with his over one to six. And I’m just stippling it into the cheek first of all and I’m doing a little bit of it onto the temples and sculpt in the fire just over the side with it. Now, when contouring the features I do tend to like to work in from the hairline as I do tend to find, it just looks a lot more natural and seamless, and I always like to apply contour very, very gently and build it up in small amounts and In layers that way, one is able to avoid harshness. No, I don’t really like to contour my jaw or to apply tools to the jaw. I like my job. I don’t want to try to demean you to fight in any way. What I’d like to do is just take a little bit of the continent just on the neck, just to create the illusion of a slightly thinner neck. As I have quite a fat neck, it almost resembles the base of a Corinthian for blush. I’m going to take some of mac cosmetics powder blush in the shade of blush baby, which is a marvelous favorite of mine and I’m a planet on the same so that 1 to 6 brush for which that we use to apply the contour. And I work in it upward and inward into the face, almost in a buffing and pushing motion that, were you ensure shamelessness and seamless skin always looks expensive and then to highlight I’m going to take some of my ways: undress your skin shimmer highlighter and I’m applying It on his over 1 1/4 brush now I’m taking a tiny bit of the highlighter onto the bridge of the nose a little bit on the forehead tiny bit on the chin, building the glue up now for the lips. I’m going to use that some of mac cosmetics, lip liner in the shade spice festival to over line to overdraw and just to correct any asymmetry within the lips. I’m not going to fill in the lips totally as I want to keep the lips similar to what they are right now, but just with more shape, and this slowly start to fill in the lips now for lipstick. I wanted to keep the lips quite blank. Almost a pale nude Slavic pinky, so I might mix two colors together, but first of all, I’m going to go in with the bombs. My bells be paid: lipstick, mother, odd name just applied directly from the billet first of all, and then to balance out the warmth of it I’m taking some of MAC Cosmetics, lipstick in the shade sent in Germain one of Charles Fox, eight one, four, six, four: zero.
Five brush so that we create a custom blend and at any point that you notice once you have all the lipstick on, you can go back in just to make corrections, because when you apply the lipstick to the lips filling, it reveals the full shape of the Lips and how they look on the mouth, always a good idea to step far away from the mirror and to talk away and to also just look at how it looks from side to side to check If you put the lip line, absolutely perfect, you can always go back in and just make any additional Corrections so that more or less completes the look I decided to pair it with polka Street hair, as I Sommers think when you wear looks that are highly excessive With big boring, mas hair, it all becomes too much, I think sometimes, but today I felt like having straighter flatter hair and, of course, if it’s too flat you chromes go to Zoosh I have had a lot of fun Creating this look for you here today and, of course this is my first film in 2018 very exciting year ahead of us I personally have a lot of things in the pipeline A lot of things that I’m working on a lot is happening and a lot is going to happen and I think this year is going to be quite something I certainly hope so I must also notify you that I have social media I have an Instagram account Add a Facebook account and I have a Twitter account I am most active, however, on Instagram and Twitter My Instagram is Lord and clean lor d, ma CL EA n and my Twitter is house of McClain h, o, u sv, o f, ma c le eh and of course I shall leave all they pick up a links to all of my social media Within the description of this film, I am very interactive on Twitter and on Instagram Sometimes I do surprise livestreams I never know when I’m going to do one I just do them whenever I feel like doing one, so they may come as a surprise, and I am all ready to go out and celebrate my evening I don’t know whether to go by broomstick or by carriage, but I’m sure I’ll have a marvelous time But again I must say I hope you all had a safe and wonderful entry to the year I hope they were found today’s forum either interesting, useful, helpful or beneficial and once again thank you so much for watching and, of course, take care Bye,

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