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Rosie Huntington Whiteley Perfect Baby Skin Guide Beauty Tips Fashion

30 Sep , 2019  

Everybody it’s Rosie, I’m here in New York, I’m gonna show you my day-to-day beauty routine. First off, I start with a little beauty elixir and I spritz it on my face, and this kind of just gives a really nice smoothing healthy, glow it tingles, and it feels amazing I let it dry for just for a second. The next product I use is this glow cream, and this just gives this amazing glowy illuminating kind of feel because the next product I use, it’s called the BB cream, and this gives baby skin effect.
So anything that says that on the tin can, on my face, I like to use my hands because it’s quick, it’s easy and I like the way, like the warmth of your hand, kind of diffuses the product into your base in a more natural way, and I Feel like you, can just correct what you’re doing much much easier okay, so the next product I like to use is Garcia bomb, comm favorite lip bomber out at the moment, I’m like a lip balm. Freako love lip balm, okay, so the next thing I use is a little bit of concealer. This concealer is from my line, and so I just grab a little bit under the eyes and then nose. I learnt to do my makeup from my mom when I was a little girl before she get ready to go out or to go to work and I’d watch next. I do my eyebrows not really OCD about my eyebrows. Next, I do bronzer. I absolutely love this bronzer My makeup routine definitely did not change since becoming a mom.
It’s always been quick and easy, and then one of my favorite tips I picked up from a makeup artist – is to pop a little bit into the socket Gives you a really natural contour? I don’t believe it you can do mascara without calling Ash’s trying not to get in my eye Haha I like to find mascara on my top and bottom lashes opens up my eyes a little bit more and I don’t typically wear eye shadow in the day, but I’ve just discovered Julian Dempsey’s lid tints, and I am obsessed with them You just tap a little bit in here in it I got a pop, a tiny bit next thing: I’m going to use this cheek and lip color contour love how glowy it looks I really love real glowy Looking skin highlighter, I always apply my highlighter to the top of my cheekbones little bit under the brow on the Cupid’s bow down sent My lip liner is key, so lately I’ve been using these lip colors and I’m obsessed with them last thing This is like a tinted kind of foundation powders This just gives me an extra little bit of coverage I just apply that to my chin and that so to take my hair out, give it a douche Maybe I always think it takes me five minutes to do My makeup – and it actually doesn’t that’s probably why I’m late all the time, thanks for watching everybody, bye,

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