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Say goodbye to my friends and move to college!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, so ten lines are a joke, so basically excuse all of these clips that kind of annoying they’re. My sisters actually, but I decided I’m going to vlog these next couple days because I’m literally I’m moving on Sunday, which is in one, oh, my god, three days three days, I’m moving, so I just wanted to rock these past couple days. Um, like I’m, seeing friends and whatnot so today, I’m really hot breath donating top. So today I’m seeing jazz me and Jessa go for lunch and then I’m meeting all of my friends who I went on holiday with, if you guys watch that get ready with me.
It looks like I’ve cut my hair, really short god. I would not see short hair at all okay and then I’m going to dinner with my other friends later on, but I’ve just got ready, don’t know if you can tell also necklace is actually from misguided. I absolutely love it, they really kindly gifted it. To me, this mirror is a little bit dirty. My bodysuit is from brandy melville. I literally got it like here’s ago. I don’t even know if you can still get it to be honest, but like you can get these square neck body suits everywhere, and then my jeans are literally my new favorites I’ve, literally worn them three days in a row, and yesterday I went to London. I, like this woman, complimented my jeans just like where they’ve brought miles like that from the Molly may collections. I said I will actually link these jeans down below if you guys interested, because I just love them, I love the fit of them. I love like the really dramatic rips at everything. As you can see, my tan lines are kind of present, but does anyone else love the look of like your time lines be gonna show because I actually love it, but yeah I mean it. You just gotta grab a jacket, I’m just waiting for my sister and yeah, I’m just saying for my sister she’s just popped out to go get something so I’m just waiting for the car, because if you didn’t know, we tried the same car so kind of Emotional because, like for the last time, I’m gonna see my friends like a while, so I hope you don’t cry, I’ve got too emotional, but we are gonna go. They see on the chat she’s just seeing her green for today, edamame beans and my foods. Actually arrived, this is my favorite starter. By the way it’s Beauregard Lee, I love it so guys we are just no girl. I will take a Smith’s Pantages get a bit of contact with the ground, currently we’re just shooting just shooting just right now, if you’re from our end, you know exactly where we are, I kind of hate it, but oh there’s only one nice place in the area.
We make the most of it, so I’m just taking some such a classic. You what I like about three new Instagram pictures now to upload, I didn’t have any now. I know I do thank God, but my hands are so beautiful. I’m really gonna miss them. You’Re from my hands, you know how beautiful this, but you go into town and that’s a different story. Trust me anyway. It’s actually a really nice day. Today, I’ve been finding its gas stage, you don’t think it was really cold. I woke up yesterday absolutely breezy and today, like like I’ve, just put a jacket on now, just because, but it’s such nice weather, it’s 22 degrees, guys that’s crazy. I think home, but yeah. That’s pretty much. What I have to update you, guys on I’m gonna, be on earth. I so weather I’m actually, like I’m hot. I never thought I feel like this again. Oh my god, the sun’s out so guys, I’m now back home. The time is currently 543 and I’m gonna leave sweet. My friends at about 45 minutes I’d, say we like an hour or something so yeah. My room actually asked like look at this. It’s actually becoming a Jo, was stuff everywhere, and I’ve just got like the boo hoo package.. It was pretty emotional, but it won’t be that long before I see everyone anyway, so, okay, so I’ve had a quick outfit change because I don’t know if this is the last time like I’m gonna, be doing something in my hands for a while. So I just thought changing my outfit: oh, my God, my sister’s packing you nailed, my god. So basically, so this is just a body suit from boo boo, it’s actually like brand-new. So it’s not. She really creased, but oh wow. It’s fine! So Emily she’s just wearing that hi anyway, we just had a drink. Okay. What are we doing outfit of the day? Okay enjoy to see yourself? Thank you. Is this jumper, that’s like it’s raining clearly and you’re clear: where are they from everyone say hi, you guys. Remember these guys do next guy we’re looking for suggestions for where to go on our new year’s trip. Just do it so guys good morning, so I forgot to do you mine, so I forgot to and the vlog last night the next morning, I’ve just had breakfast and today’s task. Basically it’s Friday today, Saturday tomorrow and I’m moving on some day.
If you didn’t know me went to Manchester and I’ve got to tidy up my room, I’m gonna pack up loads of my basically. This is not the situation right now like there is just stuff everywhere. I’m now gonna go into town to get my eyelashes done again just in time for uni, because you can’t really tell but like they’re. Actually a lot of them have fallen out. This is okay, but like a lot of them are for now, and I just want them to look like nice and fresh for freshers, so I’m gonna go get them done and I will take you guys with me. Probably won’t form anything in that. Oh, but that’s to a drive with me: let’s do it so yeah my appointments in my 25 minutes, so I probably should actually go now cuz. I don’t wanna be late, so yeah, my outfit this day. Are you guys even surprised that I’m wearing these jeans, so I’m not sure why it’s so hot in this car I mean where the farmers should don’t know. Why looks so rough, but I actually love them so much exactly what I wanted just kind of very full at the same time, they’re not too crazy, cuz, the first time I got them. I thought I literally looked crazy, but I actually loved them. There’s someone also blasting their music, which the contacts I just turned off, but I was loving the tunes so yeah anyway, and I’m actually just gonna go home. I have so much to do like I literally have to pack up my whole life and I think I’m gonna do like toiletries and stuff when I get back, although we don’t even have many Twitter trees, but yeah I’ll show you guys what I will do At home and yeah, it’s really scary, because tomorrow is last day, which I could like do anything. So I need to just get myself together, but yeah. It’s really sad, because only she won’t see my friends again. I also just saw someone who I used to work with like pulling up in a car park and I literally went all the way around just to avoid them just because so awkward, let’s go glass, my tunes, also, if you guys want to follow my Spotify playlist, Which I’ve been listening to at the moment, it will be linked in description box down below, if you guys, wanna, follow it and whatnot so guys intellect the same music as me that holding banned scripture, you can go. Follow yeah, I’m gonna go home now because I’ve got to do so, see you there, but basically I’ve been home for a few hours now and I’d love to tell you that I’ve. You know cracked on with my uni packing, but I’ve actually done nothing. Instead.. I edited that I’ve uploaded that and I’ve just been doing stuff on my laptop really and now I’m about to have dinner, but I’m gonna watch money – heist.
If you haven’t already watched money highs, were you doing with your life? Why haven’t you watched it so good, my brother’s home, happy birthday, Jay, okay, he hates me anyway. I’m gonna go have dinner. Also, I’ve got this jump part from London. It was from this like a little like independent shop is really cute and really nice. Tomorrow is the last day before I move in, so that’s gonna be the last day of this vlogs I’m gonna do a whole separate moving blog, so yeah stay tuned tomorrow. You’Ll see, though, hi guys, I’m Tommy and real footage of a child Varig attention right yeah. Thank you leg up you! Let go leg up, hi guys welcome to my channel again and then here’s my sister. He was in literally passed out on the floor, and she’s got freaking spiders on her eyes. How do i zoom zoom boom yeah, you so guys, it’s actually Saturday and asked me what I’ve done today. Nothing I’ve been led on the floor procrastinating for want to say an hour and Harvey in see. You now got you know and hoping, but it looks good me through. You know. I think if I bring, if I buy ice lollies before he means she’s hit that last in the two-and-a-half hour journey, it’s made for me to put them in my freezer. It’s actually not. Okay, to you, George, say hi. This is the process of packing for uni. What’s in here, camp I’m gonna eat a green yeah gonna miss the elephants are they’re, pretty shake your booty right, guys, I’m making some progress. This whole corner homes are so sorry that I’m wearing this jumper again, but today is the day that I am it. So I’m literally just got got like this big box sponsee case a big suitcase yeah. I strained my hair last night and like washed it, and I was in bed by half 11, so I was actually really proud of myself, considering I had loads to yesterday, but I’m actually, this is what I’m currently. This is what I’m currently wearing I’m not gonna. Wear their jokes, jokes, jokes, um cars all packed up. Basically me. Let me just show you a little working with. Oh that’s! My father, like you were sad when I was leaving was on TV yeah. Oh, my god, gonna miss these people, the most hey. Can I get it guys. We are literally going to the office ends of the country. I’m going down sharp you’re going up north guys, I’m calling it she’s dropping her clan. alright, anyway. Hurrah so guys, I moved in a lot, has changed the last boat to you and I have officially moved in my parents.
Have literally just left, but my stuff is literally everywhere so, like I’ve got, I guess I’ll just show you a little bit of a pic of my room. Like here’s my view, and then this is basically my room. Obviously I’m not gonna need all that food. There, like bathroom, I just got to sort all my clothes, I’ve literally shoved them all in these shelves, but yeah initially. I need to find a proper sort through, like also need buy like fridge stuff, and my parents would say that will take me. But I just kind of want to get this all done fast and I’m not even like hungry, because I’m still so like nervous. But I feel like I need to speak quietly, I’m not sure any of my I didn’t one of my flatmates has moved in. I think is bit of a mask. My dad’s being me, though, but I just need to work out where I want things to go and like what’s gonna, be my YouTube filming background. I’m thinking like the bed like that. So I kind of need to think when I put my vote post cards on there, I’ll call my drink so yeah I’ll update you once me else happens. I have no idea what these spots are doing my face kind of rude, but they I was just bonding with my black, I feel like no. I know that everyone in everyone’s gonna talk a bit quieter, but yeah we were just all bonding, went pretty sharp. We went for a walk to try and pick up our student IDs, but it sounds like we can’t even pick them up today, but yeah. My room is still a mess, I’ve just kind of organized there. I mean I’ve only done one side. I did bring my brother’s never pulled up with me, though, because why not – and I’ve tried to organize this, but that’s one of my that’s all of us as well, but I’ve tried to. But yes, so I have to stop my makeup. I got and speaking quietly, but literally me my flat B, hang on just grade like everyone’s, so so nice, which is so good. I don’t know if anyone knows that I’ve been vlogging, but I believe she just made myself a little drink. I’ve just on my makeup. Just watched and money heist and yeah, so I’m probably just gonna decide what to wear. I want to have no idea like what kind of vibe to go for, but I’m sure yeah. My makeup is so cakey on the sleeve. But it’s fine and be honest I would wear and then had to prove I’m really enjoying myself so far.
It’s weird it doesn’t actually feel like my home It feels like I’m just stuck in a hotel so strange, but yeah hi everyone, it’s the next day to go to you use morning So it’s currently it’s on a clock I kind of need to leave now, but I’m absolutely exhausted, just pawned some makeup really quickly but yeah Today’s the first day, we have Welcome Week beautiful things to do so that, and you leave my camera here I’ll just show you my outfit pretty quickly I know you tauriel so because it’s so cold in a Manchester I’m having to wear those coat which is coming in a halt really soon and then I’m wearing this Molly, my bodysuit with a brother underneath some blue jeans and my apples, that’s my outfit so yeah! I seem to have actually forgotten about this vlog I’ve literally been so messy, but basically it’s like two days later now and I am going to meet my friend Sophie, I’m you’re gonna go into like mystery Santa don’t you can tap on my voice, but I’m starting to lose it But this is my outfit So I’m glad she’s, just wearing a comedy scene, actually wearing a black crop top these jeans These new mum jeans, which are from Topshop, then my jacket, is from PLC on my bag is from Nasty Gal yeah I’m excited to go out and it’s like buy some things like and you buy a new lip liner because I’m running out of mine, so basically that’s what I’ve got to go Do anyway, I’m gonna go now I’m not gonna take my camera up just because don’t risk a business, I’m not used to the city yet so yeah even like three and four I mean that’s kind of late That is late, but here is my outfit But today I just got this new tracker which wasn’t it she got from Primark, it’s pretty much the same as yesterday, but I’ve changed up my jeans a little bit which we need zackaroni fix that hi everyone It is I’ve realized that since I’ve been you I just haven’t rolled, I did she don’t look like three times like for like a minute There um, but basically I’m gonna end this vlog here If you guys want me to do more vlog at uni, let me know, but this vlog was mostly meant to be like the bit before Union Then obviously I moved in um, I’m very sick as well time to get ill from freshest freshest as well and truly over so anyway If you did, I can now take this wristband off Thank God

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