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Scott disik and Sofia Ritchie reality show

1 Nov , 2019  

Thank you for watching my okay. Let’s get started it’s time for so every day is a celebration, but today, in particular, is national, where your pearls day, uh-huh pearls, don’t just have to be done around your neck or around your neck. I love a pearl necklace. What I chose pearl jeans, so Scott Disick was 34, wants to do a reality. Show with his 19 year old girlfriend daughter of line / T Sofia Ricci. Well, I got to tell you something: a 34 year old father of three with a weird relationship with his baby’s mother doesn’t even need to be in a relationship with a 19 year old.
I don’t know where her head is at and what she’s thinking but Sofia this is so not your guy he’s such a bum. I mean he seems good with the kids and everything like that, but that whole Courtney thing and but she allows it so all right. Fine, but you know all right, so the Lord is shopping. This show, allegedly there reports that Kris Jenner will be involved, of course. Well, they just sawing that 150 million dollar contract for the the dare show to extend on a you know the car Keeping Up with the Kardashians show and I’m sure somewhere in the fine print. It says you can’t do anything without me knowing about this and also being on board with it, and you can’t do anything without the e Network being involved. Perhaps so they say, he’s shopping it. I don’t believe the shopping part. I do believe that Chris would do this, even if Courtney had a problem with it, because that’s the kind of woman she is well. Why can’t me and Scott have our own show cuz you’re, boring Kourtney, I mean she’s, lovely, but she’s, boring and boring is good on that show. You know she stays in her Lane. Scott, though, is his own Island, and this is a show you all as much as I don’t like a 34 year old father of three being with a 19 year old child who also comes from Hollywood royalty yeah and doesn’t need Scott or this show. Even though we didn’t know who she was before she got with him right, everybody wants to be popular, I’m watching this show. I can tell you the guy, I I don’t care for Scott. I don’t care for his ways, but Scott is that kind of character? He can have his own show and and then plus his relationship with a 19 year old girl. I mean I’d, be watching and disgust, but I’m watching and if I was so previous parents I would say no way but forgot no way to the show.
How about no way to your 19 year old daughter being with a 34 year old father of three about that? Not judging Lionel, but I’m judging and so are they what a mess anyway? So, Nick Gordon, the boyfriend of the late Bobbi Kristina he’s got a job he’s gone to rehab and he’s working as a landscaper in Orlando Florida. Why not one day you’re mowing lawns next day you own the company, you know what those landscapers make. I can tell you: I got the bills at home, oh my gosh, and then when they get into the snowplow thing, and then they just show up at your house, you don’t even ask them to plow but you’re glad that they show up. Look. We had this amount of snow in Jersey, the plow showed up. I didn’t call you whose pants enough – I guess I am but you know remember Nick – was found liable in the wrongful death case of Bobby Chris and he was ordered to pay the estate 36 million dollars. So that’s a lot of bushes to cliff and a lot of longs to mouth. I don’t know how he’d possibly pay it. You know he’s just a lost boy, you know, did you see dr. Phil when dr. Phil had him on yeah? You know you just died. I cried, along with him, crying what a mess Nick good luck with your new life obba by the way his girlfriend is still with him. The abuse charges were dropped. Remember he was accused of hitting her this summer and all those charges are dropped so they’re back together, which I guess means that they were never true to begin with, and I wish Nick good luck. Good luck, the following story: I care nothing about, but I’m doing it for you because I know you do. The Internet is buzzing about a possible reunion with Destiny’s trial at Coachella, the festival you know in April and there’s a rumor that Beyonce will not just reunite with Kelly and Michelle, but those other girls whose names we don’t know Latoya Lata via well. No Fabri wasn’t invited, okay, Farah was not invited, but remember the other. Girls got fired when they saw the Bills, Bills, Bills. There wasn’t even a phone call. Shady Matthew, Knowles Matthew was Matthew, was at the helm, her father at or should we call him shiny, Matthew, Knowles, it’s very shiny, but Matthew was at the helm at that time and they didn’t call the girls they just put out the Bills, Bills, Bills, so this girl, Farrow, wasn’t invited the internet seems to think that they are going to be getting back together because they’re, hence being dropped.
Beyonce posted a picture wearing an ac/dc t-shirt. Only she blocked out the the DC we’ll see. I don’t believe that I think that the DC is probably on her other board. The AC is on her the boob, a cool outfit. Oh my gosh, I am so wearing that look at all miss Wendy, zip and it ends with it. So Michelle also posted a picture of her outfit from the time they reunited at the Superbowl, say and then Latoya posted a vintage picture of the group uh-huh and then latavia tweeted. I have so much to tell you guys, I’m allowed to say all I’m allowed to say right now is never mind and Farrah. You post your fu real, quick just like why wasn’t she invited she was only in the group for a minute and she was unceremoniously dropped? We don’t know what happened to her, but you all know who Farrah is? Don’t you yeah clap? If you know how it is, I think she should have been invited all right, so Beyonce to me has so much success and money that I don’t think that this is anything but her throwing a bone to the other girls. Like you know, you, all’s careers are flat. I’m gonna give you this one. Last time it’s like when you’re associated with greatness, if you can’t move all move along and at least be girl, I didn’t say great Beyonce is great, but if you can’t at least be ger, then there’s something wrong with you. There’s something wrong with your management. There’s something wrong with your hustle there’s something wrong: how do you brushing up against Beyonce and your Farah not even invited back Michelle Kelly professional socialite, who are the other two? Oh, your head looked happier, okay, all right! Well, this is yours, one last chance: Beyonce’s flowing you Obama, so here goes Tamar. She was performing in Dallas and she wanted a little drinky drink. So she goes to the bar gay bar. She was turned away since when do the gays turn Tamar away? The shade of it all correct: well, here’s what happened! Well. Take a look here, my favorite town Dallas, busy, zero tolerance. I think that she threw a little gas on it. I couldn’t imagine somebody actually verbalizing zero tolerance for tolerance for black people. Even if you don’t like us, you keep that to yourself. You know what I mean, because we have zero tolerance for a lot also, but it’s only the ignorant who say that so Tamar.
I don’t believe that part. Do they know that you were Tamar? Did you pop your tongue and do that laugh, cool glasses and a good wig? And that’s Tamar? That’s every gay man’s dream! Oh my gosh turn up time with Tamar. Well, the bar released a statement saying that they have a strict entrance policy. It includes no sweat towels. Now I was wondering what a sweat towel was well, apparently, some of the guys like to go right after the gym, but you can’t have your towel. I guess others pop moly and sweat ooh, so they have to you know I I don’t know why a man would have a sweat towel in his pocket. Okay, no sweat, towels! No backpacks is that indicative of street culture, which some people might hashtag black people. Then we don’t know who was in the bar seat, mr didn’t get in there. There might have been black men in there twisting it and turning it, but here’s the big one. They said no sunglasses inside and I’m sure she was gonna. Take off her sunglasses. She’s right there in the beste Buell you know and then here’s the bigger one pants must be worn at the waist. So no backpack, no sagging, hmm street culture, invented by black people that you’ve appropriated okay, all right. Well, Tamar. We still love you here. It’s a big heavy brooch right came with the sweatshirt yeah. Oh yes, thank you. So Joe Budden is very upset with Eminem Eminem has got a new song, it’s called untouchable and Joe Budden has a radio show called everyday struggle. Well now you take a look. What joe said about Eminem, so we got a new Eminem track Untouchables, throw it in right. This is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. This is the first time in my life that I feel like the ball is being dropped on Eminem. Can I correlate that to Paul taking a Def Jam, John probably, but somebody over there should be saying something: Interscope it’s behind that will not use the plight of black people to sell in record and wide profit. Morons. Am i love and respect the things I learned from them is part of the reason and I retired early, because, if you’re at the top of rap, I don’t want that so here’s the deal the song and you know Eminem has already spoke – has always spoken. You know a bit of politics in with great stories he’s a great storyteller, my husband, hates that I like Eminem, he hates it, but I do However, I heard the song – and I don’t like the song, because you are not the voice of black America and I appreciate you throwing us a bone but just leave the racism up to us.
You know support us from afar, but we got this I don’t know if you understand what I’m saying you know, because you know I like I like people outside ofour race sticking up for us, but not the first single on your album, trying to appropriate the culture again and he hasn’t put out an album in Four years, so this new album is called revival It comes out today, it’s his ninth album, so you check it out and see what you who’d you, rather by the way, no, no wait! I’m taking a poll clap if you’d rather Eminem, okay, okay, clap, if you’d rather Joe Budden, Oh shade of it all Oh, it’s the beard, maybe or maybe Eminem’s money is longer I ain’t saying you’re gold digger, but all right, there’s a show about to return to TV and I’m watching there’s nobody in my hot topics – bureau meeting that is watching, but I will be watching because I care Mob Wives I got to know these people when it aired on vh1 between 2011 and 2016 It ended after the death of Big Ang, but um Karen and Drita and Renee and them can hold it down It hasn’t been announced which original cast members will be back but Drita right here, uh-huh, no, no, no, will not be back She voluntarily says I will not be returning She’s got a whole nother life She wants to disassociate herself with that show the mob life and the whole bit funny thing is she still wants to be on TV because she’s about to join Snookie and then for that Jersey, Shore yeah? You know they wrangled back the old cast So I was telling you last week, Jersey Shore is coming back to TV with the old cast the situation because he doesn’t pay his taxes, so he’ll be going to jail in February Listen! I like Renee I, like these girls, and nobody in our bureau meeting, could think of the sassy saucy one from Philadelphia What was her name? She used to come up and set fire sets to Staten Island and then leave Natalie yup include Natalie include her look I’ll check it out Renee by the way you look terrific, I saw a recent picture of you You look absolutely terrific, but up next we’re breaking down the hottest winter TV shows so grab a snack and come on

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