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Scott disik turns over mark Warburg’s house: “flip it like disik” overview (S1, ep5) e!

1 Nov , 2019  

Here we are, it smells like money over here, you’re right, it’s gonna be money right now, Alana’s remodeling, a house, that’s about twelve point: four million dollars, eleven thousand square feet, seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms and it actually used to be Mark Wahlberg’s house flipping a house Like this of this kind of stature and money really gotta know what you’re doing look Obviously you know we want to work together Yeah, let’s figure something out go to dinner in a few days, we’ll discuss it and we’ll see what we can do Can we make this space feel just a touch more feminine, so that females come in here and really feel like there’s a vibe for them, yeah so to soften the space, I’m gonna, add sisal rugs warm walnut desks and then beautiful, vintage blue leather chairs? What is this a brillo pad? That is a Schumaker below my hair? I don’t know about your mohair This would be beautiful on those chairs, your clients that know luxurious stuff would like No, these are nice chairs and then you don’t have to buy a new trim Just recovering and repurposing, if you don’t want us to do any of that stuff, then what do you want us to? Do nothing you’re done? Okay, so you don’t want my help anymore You want to do it yourself Oh, I don’t need any of that extra stuff What yeah that’s an aggressive design? Wait! Wait! What’s going on here, I’m gonna! Need you guys to start up here in the front, we’ll get other guys back here I mean, what’s going on, you know, what’s going on in life, what those guys so Scott! He didn’t tell you: no, he wanted us to help them out to get no needs in here Gravida got the control He luck, your guys, pissed I brought it all my guys and he’s like no, no, no one steps foot on my site, we’re just trying to help like a little butthurt I think Oh, my god, all I was doing was trying to get this project to move quicker Okay, honestly, all I was thinking was if we could build the house out quicker, I could carry this house for less time and save money I apologize I’m not trying to step on anyone’s toes Nor do I want to hurt anyone’s feelings

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