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Searched for 10,000 pence. – What did we find?

30 Sep , 2019  

Today, well, probably over the next few days, we’re gonna hunt 10,000 pennies everybody, its Rob with Rob, finds treasure, and I went to my bank and, I said, give me four boxes of pennies. I popped the tops of each of them. I wanted to make sure they were circulated, so these are four boxes: same Bank same leak, same source, so we’re hoping that if we get into a good box, maybe there’ll be a sister or a brother box that will go with it or. Conversely, if we have a couple of bad boxes in a row, maybe we can augment them with some good boxes.
Who knows either way? We’ve got a long task ahead of us 10,000 pennies to look at that’s gon. Na take some time. We’ve got about 12 to 16 hours on this table of work ahead of me. So we’ll start with box 1 and box 2, then box, 3 and box 4, and the reason I label that way is one person brought out these two boxes and that one brought out these two. So man look at it is these went together and these went together, but they’re all going together for this hunt. So what am I really hoping to accomplish with this four boxes? 10,000. Pennies. I’m really hoping to get my fair share of Wheaties it’d be nice to get 50 or more, but but I’m hoping to at least get 40 that’d be 10 per box average. That’s are hoping for, of course, I’ll take less if we can get some oldies and of course you know me, there’s a few pennies that I’m really been on the hunt for forever. I still never found in 1992 D or P. Close am tough to find only 15 have ever been found of the d, and only a handful of the P. Just don’t want to look for it. I’ve never found a 1999 P white a.m. I found a bunch of 98 and a few to thousands, but no 99 s. I’D love to see an 83 P, double-die reverse or even an 84 doubled, ear. Lincoln said, that’d be nice as well, and of course, if we could score 72, a 69 or 55 that’d be ridiculous. Alright, we’ve talked a lot. I’m quite certain of it, but I wanted to make sure you guys knew I had my penny mat ready to go. I’ve got my scope ready to go on the screen to get up close a person with these Lincoln cents to see. If I can find something good and of course I said the word Lincoln cents, it would be nice to find another Indian Head Penny, even though we just found one a few hundred, oh ha nice circulated. I didn’t take much time checking for Enders. If I run into one along the hunt, you guys will be looped in, let’s get it all go for. First wheat penny found 1957 out of Denver nice Tony to hole.
Number 11: a box one another wheat penny you get to reveal, and that is a 1942 s put it under the scope, confirmed 1942 s with some damage with some damage. We penny number two rule number 22. Third, wheat penny of the box coming 52 Denver, but I’ll take that all day as well. Roll 25. The halfway point of box number one we’re gonna, have our fourth wheat penny. It was facing me 1952 Denver once again. That D is a little bit higher up in the date than normal, but it’s not in the date sometimes on these older wheat, pennies. You do want to check to met mark, to see if it’s in the jacket or up in the date that one’s close, but it’s not a big deal, pretty common. Well, take it, though, that’s four in the box roll number 29 and I can see it peeking out, it’s gonna be another wheat penny in the light was a 40s. It is a 48 out of Denver wheat penny number five of the Box. Rule 37. We’ve got an oldie 1917 Denver a teens we tee with the MIT mark, can’t get mad at that. It’s worn, pretty slick but good enough to see decent detail a clean date and a clean mint mark I’ll take it all day for sure oldest fun. The box wheat penny number six. Maybe we can get to eight or ten role. 39. You can always hear the Canadians before you see him just about because of their metal content, heard something fishy sure enough. A 1983 Canadian in the roll roll number 42 we’ve got another oldie here and I saw a mint mark as well: 1930s, less than 25 million of these minted, but they’re still a common wheat penny and in this condition, you’re looking at a dime well you’re. Looking at a penny, but you know what I mean I’ll still take a 1930s in the box for sure I don’t get a lot of early 30s with mint marks, let alone the early teens that works as well. So nice find so far. We penny number seven box, is doing better on oldies and were scoring some better condition ones here in the back of the box. That 69 has got some scratches, but it’s hard to find a 69 philadelphia in really good shape and, aside from the scratches, it’s got a lot of luster and it’s a good strike. So I pulled it out just in case alright. Let’s get back to the hunt. Last for all the box last part of the roll uncovered a wheat penny.
It’s gonna be number eight and it’s a 1947 can’t see if that’s a D or an S, let’s double-check, no-doubter, 47 Denver so for wheat, pennies in the first half of the box. For in the second half second half, that is really well with a 17 d and a 30 s can’t get mad at that. That’s eight! I don’t see any more wheat pennies in this role. So that’s too much to wrap up eight wheat pennies. We did find four nice coins, 259 s and a Canadian, no 69 SS, but a lot of copper I’ll. Take it that’s box one! Let me get box two out and let’s continue the hunt. Rule number 67 of the four box hunt and we’re gonna have our first Canadian in the box at least of this second box. It’s a nice 1975. Take it. I didn’t film this one, but since I’m filming the Canadian figured I’d, show it to you guys got nice grease strike right here, it’s supposed to be in 1994, but you almost can’t see the date and the Li being. Liberty thought it might be damage at first, but I think it is a grease strike either way, not a lot of value. Just thought. I’D show it to you something kind of different and cool. Well, it took 30 rolls in the box to to get our first wheat penny. Here’s the back of it. We get to reveal it it’s now our ninth of the two boxes so far, and it looks like it’s a 1955 out of Denver coming as they come. Well, take it, though, get us on the board. Finally, in box to roll 33 gonna get our second week pin in the box and number 10 of the two boxes again coming 53 Denver, but I’ll take that all day plus it gets me finally to double digits very next roll boxes. Finally, starting to warm up, it’s gonna be our third wheat penny at the box. More importantly, 11th overall right now can it be a sub 50s nope. It’s gonna be a last year 1958, but at least we’ll find it some wheat pennies. Now we’re on a roll number 38 and after having zero wheat pennies until the 30th roll we’ve now got four in this box 12 for the two boxes. I get another reverse. This reveal – and I think that’s just a 1946 with some grease on it – doesn’t matter what the hazard mitt mark it’s trashy and it’s common regardless, but it is wheat, penny number 12 and that’s a dozen next roll number 39. Yet another wheat penny and I think it’s a 55. It is a 1955 filly and I don’t see these often and unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be the double die, but you know we’re gonna get under the scope.
So let me get under the scope and just make sure we got it into the scope, clearly, no doubling on the date or on Liberty, some damage, but no doubling on the motto. So not the uber rare 1955 double die averse, but I like seeing him cuz. I rarely do wait. Penny number 13 well, box 2 is done. It was a little slower than box 1, with only 5 wheat pennies we’re up to 13. We didn’t add any more oldies. You know. I thought it’s weird. I just saw this. I had a 1999 D that has an off-center strike in a 1994 with kind of a grease strike, so I pulled those two out. I found two toners that I liked a 1999 and in 1994 D, so we found a 94 Philly and a 94 D, as it was a 990 and a 99 Philly anyway. I just thought that was weird, that the four side, poles that I pulled out for whatever reason were same two years of different mins. We didn’t add a few more nice coins, a few more 59s and that’s about it, so tough, second box. Overall, it’s only 5. We have 13 wheat pennies we’re on pace for 26. I wanted at least 40. We gotta find 27 more wheat pennies in the last two boxes. We’Re not gonna find them just staring at empty box. So let’s get this box off the table. Grab box. Three and start the hunt again roll number five, a box three gonna have our first wheat penny of this box, and now the 14th of the three boxes come in 53 D still adds another one to the board. Let’s get back to the hunt. Rule number eight, a box three and I’m pretty excited right now and I’ll show you. Why see? If I can get a good look at this coin, we’ve got a fat edge right there and typically fat edge coins, either main proof or fat, Indian, Head pennies or flying angles, and based on that rim looks pretty solid. It’s probably gonna be a proof. Coin. Figured we’d look together, looks like we got a shine and I think I see 62 in there yep 1962. It’s got to be a proof coin. Proof. Coins were struck from the Philadelphia Mint exclusively until 64. San Francisco took over duties in 68 through 74, but they also did regular strikes and then in 1975 and on all s-mint. Pennies are proof coins. So this is definitely a 1962 Philadelphia. Minted proof, penny and I’ll take it. It’s got a little bit of damage. Of course, being in circulation a little bit and it doesn’t have a deep cameo because, prior to 1973, a lot of the proofs did not have deep cameo where they have the frosted foreground and a mirrored background.
They kind of blended together like this one but I’ll take it all day. Beautiful proof penny don’t find very many of them only found a handful, let alone, I think, only two or three from the Philadelphia Mint roll 13 is gonna yield. The first Canadian in the box and the third of the hunt 1993 we’ll take her roll 15 second weekend in the box, 15 for the hunt, 57 Denver roll number 23 and wheat penny number three of the box 16 for the hunt get to reveal it 1950 Out of Denver roll number 30 of box number, three: we’ve got a 1940, something under no it’s hard to see. The lights are not catching it just right, but it’s a 44 s. I believe so, let’s get in there and see if it has any friends as expected. 44 s matter of fact. I believe it’s our first from 1944, so put it up. There wait penny number 17 of the three boxes. So far, roll number 36 is gonna give us two wheat pennies. I got one facing me right here. It’s another 1950 2d that makes 18 and I just caught the back of one right there. So that’s gonna be wheat. Penny number 19 6th of the box, and this was a 58 Denver. Last year, nineteen wheat, pennies, almost done with box three roll 39 and we’re gonna have wheat penny number 20 and that’s a 1955 Philadelphia. Let’s check it for the double diverse, not seeing anything on the 55 or the date or on Liberty or on motto. It looks like it’s a little bit damaged, though yeah I think it’s just damaged, not even the poor man’s 55. Really it’s a little bit of damage at the end of the last five, but I don’t see what I want to see on it. Still I don’t get very many 1955 fillies and I’ve gotten to in this hunt. So far, all right wait. Penny number 20 of the hunt – roll 42 is gonna give us a couple of surprises. I laid it out flat. I saw this one right behind that one and, as I looked up, I see another one, so this is gonna, be weak, penny number 21 and number 22. First, one, I think, is a 58 d. It is 21 wheat, pennies and this one back here. It’s a 55 D, so that makes 22 Wheaties so far in a hundred and forty-two rolls. Roll 47 is gonna, have our 23rd wheat penny and tenth of this third box can’t get mad. It’s another 55 D, a lot of 35 P and DS, and these hunts, which is good because I don’t see a lot of those years now we’re gonna get back to the hunt and see if we have any more so the third box is now done.
We did get 10 wheat pennies in that box, nothing really old, but we got our total to 23. I need at least 17 in my last box to average 10 per box – that’s kind of a tall order, but we could still get there we’re stacking up to 59 s a lot of good nice shiny, 60s pennies as well. We even got that proof. Couple of 69 s is that always helps and three four ins a little bit light on a copper in that box, but I can’t get mad at 10 wheat, pennies one more box to go. Let’s see what we end up with. Let’s get that box going just cracked open roll one, a box for and it could be, a good box. We got a wheat penny there and when I flatten it out, we’ve got another wheat penny there and I haven’t really taken a closer examination of the rest. But let’s go ahead and check these two out. This is a wheat penny, number 24 and 25, here’s a 57 D communist day, but we’ll take it and then right here is another one and I think it’s a 53 Denver it is. We’ve got a few of those that’s 25 and since we found 2, let me just do a quick look. I might miss one, but I’m gonna go fast through it just to see. If I see another wheat penny since we’ve had two in the role. I don’t think I see another one, but I’ll take two to start off box for 25. Now total rule number five already got a third wheat penny and I think it’s another s-mint mark nope, it’s a da40 7d. The reason why I was thinking of as an estimate mark is, I hardly ever find seventy two S’s and I have found three so far in the first five rows of this box – they’re not in the greatest shape, but I usually find one maybe two in a Box and we’ve got three in five rolls, don’t know if that means anything, but definitely something different, something I don’t normally see, and I always look for trends on my boxes to see what kind of rolls who might have good sign. Three Wheaties three. Seventy two S’s in the first five rules, rule number nine. A box 4 is going to give us our fourth wheat penny in the box 27 for the four boxes, and it is another 1955 d. Now I’ve gotten more 55 than I usually get some peas Andy’s in there crazy. Alright, let’s get back to the hunt.
27 wheat pennies whole number 15 is gonna give us a crusty. Wheat penny saw the back of it and I think 1957 man that one’s been through some some stuff. Let’s take a look at that stuff at the bottom, make sure it’s not a die cut or anything. I think it’s just dirt because it would be a weak strike on this side and you can’t tell because of the damage. Unfortunately, let me wipe it down. It’s probably just gunk, but that’d be a weird die-cut on a wheat penny. If it is that, and I got to make sure it was just gross stuff – wheat penny number 28 rule 21 – we’re gonna have our fourth Canadian of the boxes. This is in 2006 and we’ll take it rule number 24. We’Re gonna. Have our 29th wheat penny six of the box popped out of me, as I was hunting and oak looks like it’s a 56 or 3650 6d first 56 of the four boxes, which I usually get a lot of 29, we’re almost at 30 roll 28 scan to Give us wheat penny number 30 and I’m hoping that’s old man. That is slick. It’s definitely older. I think it’s a 20-something, it’s a 1926, I believe, could be 1920 1928 and I don’t see a mint mark, but I’ll take it 20 s. We D in the box that makes one’s from the teens ones from the 20 and one from the 30s, and it’s always good, seeing an older one, even if it’s worn slick cuz, maybe there’s some friends in the box I’ll wipe it down, put it on the Board get back to the hunt. 30 wheat, pennies roll 40 is gonna give us wheat penny number a to the Box 31 for the four boxes and it’s gonna be a last year, 58 D, but it’s in pretty nice shape, not a lot of scratches. Pretty good strike as well I’ll take it and add it to the collection. Rule 46 is not gonna surrender. Another wheat penny yet, but look at this a 1963 Philadelphia Mint proof. So we’ve got a 62 and a 63 now proof coins in the boxes. Unbelievable thought I would wipe it down and give you a better look at it just so you can see the reflective finish on it. Of course it’s got some circulation dings, but this thing is nice, even when I put it under the scope, very very nice, yeah can’t get mad at this find it might be my first 63 proof from Philadelphia down at circulation as well. The strikes on these are always so strong, yeah, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful beautiful. I will take that all day. Now, let’s find one we penny, so we can get to 32 row 48. Just lay them out, and I see a bird cent 1967 Canadian bird cent love finding these also Canadian number five same roll.
Another foreign from Bermuda with the hog on the back 1999 rule 49 can’t find that 30-second wheat penny, but we found another Canadian and this one’s gonna be a young head 1960 stacking up The foreigns, all of a sudden I just want one more: we pay to make 32, which would be an eighth average per box Well, the Box got stingy didn’t want to give me the 30 second wheat penny of the hunt We did get eight in the first box, five in the second ten in the third and eight in that box Overall, not a bad hunt We got 22 from the 50s, of course, only six from the 40s and then we got some oldies here: a 1917 Denver minted wheat penny a 1928 philadelphia and a 1930s one year off of the very hard-to-find 1931 s bunch of Ford’s here Most of the Canadians One from Bermuda, including a bird set and a young head, we got 14 from the 59 year Look at these beauties Some of these have some carbon spots or some dings, but they’re still nicer than you’d normally find and they’re a little bit older A lot of 63 is in there that 66, I thought was a proof at first, it’s not very nice coins I’ll take them We did find two proof coins a 62 that’s brown and a beautiful 63 man That’s nice! Only 269 s is an error in one box, none in the other, three, no errors of varieties, but we did find like I showed you, those other coins from the before, but I thought it was odd I did find three off-center strikes This 99 D is off on the north west and then both of these are off on the south east they’re, not dramatic enough to really fetch any extra value But I do like off-center strikes and I’m gonna keep all three, because they are off just enough that they’re kind of cool to me wish I would have found some more wheat pennies, but you know what anytime you can find the oldies you get happy plus I get to add 31 more wheat pennies to my collection If you enjoyed this Pentium with me, please give me a thumbs up and, as always, everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching

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