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Sephora Vib sale – new makeup + skin care!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey, what’s up guys welcome back today I have a Sephora vib sale haul I have to cover at my address. I just showed it and then dropped everything. So I have to refill mitt because I placed both of those orders after filming the first one, so it didn’t make any sense. Actually, my third order still isn’t here, but I didn’t get a lot in that one. So I’m just gonna tell you what that stuff is at the end. I got one product that I got sent to me in PR and one thing that I ordered right before the sale that I’m also going to include in this.
Thank you so much for watching it and let’s get started so. The first thing I got is this tan looks the face illuminating self tan drops. I have been self-tanning myself more often actually right now. I don’t have any on me, but I wanted something for the face. Usually I will take like a makeup brush and like a buff it on my face or I’ll use like the applicator mitt and put it on my face. But I kind of wanted to just try this out because I’ve heard so many good things. I did get the medium dark because they were sold out of the lighter one. So we’ll see how this goes. I’Ll, probably only keep it on for a little bit, but yeah I’m just curious to try it out. I’ve never tried like a face self-tanner before and honestly. I’ve never really had self tanners like break me out or anything. I just want to try this out, because I’ve heard just heard some good reviews and figured I’d, give it a whirl. Another thing that I picked up is this hourglass ambient lighting powder in luminous light. I’ve also heard so many good things about this. I’ve tried other ambient lighting powders from hourglass, but this one in particular supposed to just kind of be like a natural highlight or like a very soft overall setting powder kind of thing um. I, since I filmed this haul already and I’m still a minute filming it again. I did try this out as a highlighter and it did not work for me um. Maybe when I’m tanner it’ll work, but it looked beige, it was too dark on like the highlight area, so that kind of sucks. But I could also try this to set my whole face. We’Ll see how that goes, because I was a little disappointed, but so this was an impulse buy and I have tried it out a few times already and who, let me tell you, it is so freaking good, it is bougie, but it is so freakin good. This is the Tom Ford Soleil glow bronzer. Now I wanted this in the one that has a sheen just because I kind of like bronzers to have a little bit of a sheen.
I, like my contours, to be matte but bronzers to have a sheen. It comes in this little envelope here, so I wasn’t sure like how I was going to like it because it was matte, but first of all it’s huge, and this is what it looks like on the inside. I did use it. That’s why it’s kind of gross already Helen, it’s a beautiful shade. I have it on right now. I think it looks so natural, but yet like you could build it up to be a little bit deeper. I think they only had the two shades. Unfortunately, but it is, I said first I was like: why did you go and buy this bougie-ass and bronzer and then it came in and I realized why Tom Ford is one of those brands that, like just seems like so unnecessarily expensive and then the majority of The stuff that I’ve tried, I’ve really really loved and I haven’t returned the only thing that I don’t really use. That often is the bronzing primer, and that’s because I keep it in with my primers. I should keep it in with like my skincare, because I’ve totally use it like after doing my skincare, to give me like bronzes, another bougie jumbo product is this. This is a recommendation from one of you guys. Actually, this is the new Marc Jacobs, Omega glaze. All over oil illuminator – I have this on today as well. This is like a fair girls dream. It’s definitely more. I see it gives almost like that golden color, but it is like reflective, like almost like a pearly gold. I have that up here on my cheekbone. I think it’s so pretty. I’m so glad that I ended up picking this up after one of you guys said to get it. So. Thank you so much for recommending it. You know I’m a style um, so yeah I did put it on today. I love it. I love the color. I can’t wait to use it more. If you want to see these in action, let me know I can do a tutorial. I was actually gonna film my makeup today, but I felt like it was too similar to stuff that I’ve done.. This was so freak and uh, but I thought I was so cool. This is the Isle of paradise, tanning applicator, mint and look at how cute this is it’s like a duochrome. It’s hard to tell on camera, but that’s a tanning mitt. I think that’s so cool so uh.
Let me actually take this out because I am curious. I feel like I’m not actually gonna, like the texture of it, because I like a bond, a sans or loving tan kind of sponge, not sponge, um, applicator mitt, because these are really soft, I’m usually not a fan of like these foamy ones. I feel like the tan just doesn’t go on as good. I like the ones that are like really soft, like velvet, but it was too cute, not too fast, okay. So then I picked up my benefit precisely my brow pencil. I recently switched to switched to shade, for I usually do shade three, but since going lighter and ashy er with my hair, I feel like shade for just matches me a little bit better because it is a little bit darker and a little bit a sheer, and I, like the contrast, so I picked this up. I did have a mini size of this pencil because when I went to go buy it a couple weeks ago, they actually didn’t have it in stock, but thankfully they did this time and on my second order I picked this up. I got some more Charlotte Tilbury stuff because I have been on a Charlotte Tilbury kick like a major kick, because I went to this class that they had at Nordstrom downtown and they’re like a key makeup artist. Was there and taught us like tips and tricks on their whole? Pillow talk collection and I just fell in love with their products like even more. I already loves their stuff, but just fell in love with it. Even more so I picked up more stuff. This is one of the things that I wanted to get when I was there and I just I didn’t get it, I didn’t get it and then I saw it on the website. I was just like the test, for you can get it so this is powder and sculpt brush to me. This looks like a little bit of a fluffier version of my Sigma. F30. 5. You guys know I’m obsessed with that brush. This is what it looks like. I think this is gonna, be so great. First setting the under eye area, the thing that stands out with her brushes you’re, probably not gonna – be able to see it here, but it’s got little indents. So when you hold it, it just makes sense. It’s just made to be held, which you would think all brushes would be, but like this is so freakin comfortable and all her brushes are this so um? I’m so excited that I picked this up. It’s so freakin soft.. I feel like this is gonna be a new staple for me, another Charlotte Tilbury product, that I got, which I cannot believe how big this is.
I thought it was gonna be way smaller. I don’t know why, but this is the multi miracle glow cleanser mask and the bomb for baby soft skin doesn’t sound. So looks I mean open this sucker up, so you can use this as like a cleansing balm and then you can also use it as a mask which is kind of cool. I’m gonna smell this I feel like it looks so freakin fancy. Oh, so pretty! Oh, oh, that is glorious. Oh my gosh. This smells so good. I cannot wait to rub this all over my face. Oh my gosh, so the reviews were really good. I checked it because I was like some stuff. Like I don’t know, I love getting bougie stuff, especially during the sale, because then I can save 20% on it. Oh, my dog is trying to come in hold on. Let me get my dog yeah. I love splurging on fancy, bougie things and treating myself for that kind of stuff. I a lot of things I have loved and I make sure I do like in-depth reviews and get testers and samples or whatever. Oh, are you leaving me now, but this I had actually never heard of so I went and I read all of the reviews and there were so many good ones. So now I’m just like extra excited to try it just because it smells so freakin good, and this is gonna look so good, just sitting out another product. That’s similar, like that. I’m gonna include right now because they’re similar products, but this is one that I got sent to me. This is the drunk elephants live a couple ting butter cleanser. I actually would have purchased this. If this wasn’t sent to me, I love drunk elephant. I’ve fallen so in love with pretty much every single skincare product that they have almost all the only thing I don’t like is there one like day serum because it smells like hot dogs, but I have tried this once it is awesome. It’s basically, it sounds like the same thing as this, but this is not unmask. It’s just like the cleansing balm. It comes with a scooper which is in my bag because I had it in my bag, for when I go to the house on the weekends and it’s magnetic, so it sits right on top, which is so clever. The smell of this is and the greatest, but it works well, so the scooper on the top you just take out a little bit melts it in between your fingertips, apply it on your face and it rubs off all of your makeup.
So the one that I currently have been using for years like even before I started my youtube channel, I would get the touch-up cleansing oil that I’ve just been using and I’ve been loving, but I have a very, very sensitive eyes. I don’t know what it is about. The talked of cleansing oil – I’ve loved it for so long. But I have to be careful about when I’m using that, because if I put it all over my eyes and then I open my eyes or and then I add water and I open my eyes – they will burn like burn on fire. So I don’t know what it is about that, because it’s got like really good ingredients and everything and first the longest time. I thought that it was like possibly my mascara getting at my eye, but I used this the other night and it wasn’t that and then anytime I use like makeup remover wipes. My eyelashes are sticking together um, it doesn’t happen either. So I’m hoping that this Charlotte Tilbury one doesn’t do that to me that would really suck. I also have a little tiny jar of the Clinique take the day off one, but I haven’t tried it yet. Apparently, that one is like awesomesauce, I’m just kind of like in a cleansing oil mood just since everyone’s coming out with them, Dior has one I want to drive, but that one’s even bigger than these, so that can be saved for another time. Next, I picked this up because I have wanted this for ever like ever since I saw this came out. I’ve wanted this and everyone freaking talks about it. He was kind of an impulse buy, but at the same time like I’ve wanted it for so long. It was kind of like one of those things where you like, just freaking, get it. So this is the lemare eye concentrate. This is like the fanciest craziest eye cream. I have ever gotten, but I’m obsessed with the moisturizer from them. I have had that moisturizer for I think a year now, but I’ve had a sample of it for so long. I would just ration it so that I wouldn’t run out of it, but every person that has used this eye cream has just raved about it and raved about it. They’Re like it’s so good, so I finally picked it up. I love the packaging. It’s actually pretty freakin big for an eye cream, and then it comes with this little applicator applicator, which I have tried this twice. It is amazing, it’s like so cooling on the eyes and so hydrating. I love it so much. You need probably half of what you think you need like even less than that, the two times that I’ve used it.
I’m like okay, only use a little bit, and then I probably use double than I should. I think this is going to last me a very very, very long time, especially because I have a separate eye cream for at night that I can use. So I’m so excited that I finally picked this up, because I really have wanted it for so freakin long and I’m excited to see what all the fuss is about. So I’m sure you guys have heard of Patrick he’s a celebrity makeup. Artist, super well-known super, talented and absolutely amazing. He came out with Patrick top beauty so when he launched his products I actually ordered them on his website, but they are now available at Sephora. So I wanted to include them because you can get them at Sephora and had I not ordered them through Patrick cos website, I would have got them on Sephora. However, I do think that they were sold out, but I wanted to include it anyways. So I got both of these body oils, which now that I have swatched them. I really don’t need both. I think, regardless of your skin tone, you could use either one this one’s more geared toward darker complexions, and this is geared more towards like lighter complexions, but I’ve tried them both on and this one just reflects more gold, where this reflects a more silver, and I Think that when you blend it in it’s, just your skin shows through regardless so pick these up. It has a very beautiful scent, it’s weird, to say that this is underrated, because this brand just launched, but I think this is way more impressive to me. This is the OSS for face. Well, whatever I’ve been using this for my body, this is the major glow highlighting mist. This was in the color look at her or white pearl and it’s basically just like an aerosol can of highlighter, which is amazing. I can’t imagine putting this on my face, but apparently that’s what it’s made for, but I would use this for, like my collarbone area and like down my legs like if I’m wearing shorts or here on my shoulders, I think this is so beautiful. I feel like this combined with the glowy would just be absolutely stunning. The only thing with the Glo oils that I was a little bit disappointed in is that they just to me, look like sparkle glitter all over this to me doesn’t make you look glowy.
It just makes you look glittery because of that I was even more curious. I’D wanted this next product for ever this is the next thing I got from the sale um. I I really didn’t need this, because I have these right here, but I’m just curious and I wanted to compare them. There really isn’t a lot of like body oil glowy products on the market I feel like as of like last year. It was literally just this Tom Ford one and then the Estee Lauder bronze goddess. So now there’s a lot more coming out and Patrick oz is one of them and I feel like his is very, very popular right now. This is what this one looks like. So this is, I feel, like it looks the most like this, but it has a little bit more of a golden hue to it, both of the scents smell amazing. I think I do prefer the Tom Ford won, but the Patrick Tom one still smells absolutely incredible, but yeah. This gives me just more of that, like shiny glow, rather than I have straight-up sparkles on I’m glad I ended up picking this up, because this is definitely more so what I’ll probably be using, rather than the other ones. I’m gonna look at my Sephora order. Right now, because I have another one – that’s been don’t have heard – I ordered it the last night that you could. It was literally like 10:30 at night and I was like the sales. I knew what I need and then ordered a bunch more crap, so um a few things that are gonna be arriving I’ll post the pictures in here. Sorry, I don’t have them, but I didn’t want to wait like another week. Another lemare thing that I picked up was the skin tint. It has SPF 30, I’m gonna be going to Mexico soon, and I kind of wanted to try this product out because it looked like it was gonna be sort of like an illuminating skin tinted. Moisturizer type of thing, so I picked that up, I’m so excited to try it. I feel like when I’m there, I’m just gonna be like living and my skincare pretty much so I I’m excited to play with that. The other thing I got for Mexico was the way after Sun body soother. I saw this on Jen Atkins Instagram and I was super intrigued and I completely forgot about it until I was looking up like their new like products that they launched at Sephora That night and I was like oh yeah – this would be so great for Mexico, so Ruben’s that actually just got back from Mexico and he’s like yeah, it’s like 90 degrees there, so that will be nice for we’re like sitting on the beach and just like apply It and can like soothe your skin and make you feel a little bit more cooler instead of like super hot.
So also me and Ruben get burnt like tomatoes So if we’re gonna be using hella SPF, but our skin is probably gonna be hot, so that will be great for that I also randomly picked up a Becca champagne pop highlighter They didn’t have the full-size one, so I got the mini size which I’ve never ran out of a highlighter before so the mini say it’s gonna be fine, but I feel like for the summer that’s gonna be such a great color and I’ve had champagne Pot before in multiple different palettes and sizes and everything, but it always has shattered, so I don’t have any left I picked up some more slip scrunchies I love the slip Scrunchies they’re really good for your hair, they’re, more gentle less damaging So I picked up some of those and then lastly, I got the Dior lip glow Maximizer lip gloss, because I’m obsessed obsessed with the regular lip glow in pink and then I’m also obsessed with the NARS lip glow that they have the orgasm one And then, when Norris came out with their orgasm lip glow gloss, I fell in love with that and I was like okay If I love that I’m probably gonna like the Dior one, so I got the do your mom, oh yeah Thank you so much for hanging out with me today and watching this Let me know if you want to see any of these products in action, I’m so excited to play with them, even though I have played with a lot of them already I definitely need to do a skincare routine It should be coming within a month I have a lot going on the next couple weeks: cuz I’m going out of town twice, because I’ve had a pretty set routine, that I’ve been loving and I can’t wait to share it with you So that’s everything you guys! Thank you so much for watching I love you and I will see you very soon Bye,

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