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Sephora Vib Sales Revenue 2019 – Part II

30 Sep , 2019  

I was hi guys welcome at my channel, I hope, you’re having a fabulous day. You guys. So I promised you guys in my first haul, which was just a couple days ago, that if I ended up purchasing a couple more items that I would be sure to share with you guys.. So I don’t have a ton of things. I think I only have like 6 products or something like that. So you can check out some of the other things I got once again. I tried to stick to necessities, and there are a couple of things in here that some of my subscribers were like you have to have this I’ll share this with you and I’m most excited about a brand new highlighter that I didn’t know about until today.
I love to peruse the Sephora website and I saw this highlighter and I was like I didn’t know about it and all the reviews are really good, but I had to grab it and I wanted to share it with you guys because you never know when it’s Gon na be that next best highlighter so without further ado, if you guys are new to my channel, make sure to hit that little subscribe button. And if you want to see what I got in my Sephora, vib sale, part 2 and then keep watching you guys. Like I said, as long as I can keep the chatting to a minimum, but I did pick up a few things and I did promise you that I would share with you. So let’s go ahead and get started. First. I did end up returning. I exchanged the glow motions sol de janeiro. I exchanged it for the shade Rio sunset, which is a little more of a champagne. The one that I had before ended up being a little too white. I did try it out of my hand, hoping that that would work and it ended up not really working out. So I did return it for the champagne shade, which I thought will be a little more suitable. So I just want to give you an update on that, and I want to also give you an update on the kosis oil that I got for the face. I got it in the shade of one and I ended up exchanging it 404, so that is going to be coming in the mail and when it does don’t worry I’ll be doing a full face of everything that I got in this hall. Just so, you can kind of see how it wore and whether or not I liked it.. Now we can get down to the nitty gritty and I can tell you guys what I picked up. Okay, let’s start with what my subscriber told me I had to have so one of my subscribers said that I had to pick up the Natasha, Danone at Diamond and glow blush and hi lady powder. So this was twenty two dollars and you know that the larger palette she had was super expensive.
I want to say it was close to 80, so this is a good way just to try out some of those high-end products without paying the price tag so, like I said this comes with a blush and a highlighter, and I love the beautiful pink iridescent packaging And when I saw these two colors, I thought oh, my gosh. That is totally me, so it does have a little bit of shimmer in it. But if you guys know anything about Natasha J Nona, her products are so so good. So there’s a swatch of my finger and let me do a swatch on my hand right here, so you guys can get a good view of what this looks like now. This is in the shade. This is the mini diamond and glows you’re going to get a diamond powder and a duo glow. So here is the blush. I think that blush is beautiful and I will tell you this highlighter does have a lot of shimmer in it and when I initially swatch it on my hand, it’s not really giving me a whole lot of pigment. So I’m not sure I won up. I don’t want to put it on my face, because I want to kind of save the highlighter that I’m most excited about, but I really do like this blush color right here. So let me go ahead and pop a little bit of the blush on my cheeks. I’m just going to use this blush brush from Mac right here, and I like this because you can see it kind of gives you like a nice iridescent glow, really pretty like. I said guys find the sample products are not the same, but on the travel size. Products I think, are a great idea, especially if you want to test out those higher-end products, so I definitely picked this up. So thank you so much for the recommendation. Okay. So the next product there’s going to be no surprise here. If you saw me Sephora vib, so recommendations is one of the items that I put in there. You guys the Marc Jacobs, tantastic bronzer, is by far my favorite bronzer. It’s not too warm. It’s not too cool and I just feel like you can use it to contour the cheekbones or you can use it to give your face a little bit of a bronze glow. I just love it. You get quite a bit of product. No, I will be honest. This is rather pricey, it is $49, but if you think about the sale, you can save 20%, so that saves you $10, so I ended up getting over 40. So this is the color right here. Let me do a swatch and, like I said it’s not too warm it’s not too cool there. It is right there and, like I said, I love to use this to sculpt my cheekbones or apply to the outer perimeter of the face, and this lasts me a really long time. I think I bought a one of the bronzers during this very last time and I still have it and I want to show you how much I have left.
I did hit pan, but there is still a lot left, but I think at this point I’ve had it a year I probably should dispose of it, especially since on the back it does say, 12 months after opening, so I probably will dispose of this. So I definitely wanted to pick up a new one, but this is just such a good universal bronzer. Now there were a lot of other bronzers. I thought about trying. So let me know if you guys found any good ones. There was the Anasazi of Beverly Hills bronzer. I went I thought about trying and then I also thought about the Fenty Beauty. Honestly guys I had both of those in my cart and then I thought. Well, I don’t know, do I really want to risk it? I was reading some of the reviews and I didn’t really have the best reviews and I thought why not just invest my money and a bronzer that I know works that I know that I’m gonna use. So if you haven’t tried this one, I would highly recommend it, like. I said, a little pricey, but I don’t mind paying a little more money, especially if I know a product is gonna work for me, and this definitely works for me. Okay, it moving on. I wouldn’t talk about a primer that I don’t think I really mentioned a lot on my channel, but it’s really really good and a lot of times if I’m having a good makeup day I’ll think to myself well, what was I using that day to make my Makeup, you know a little better and most of the time it’s this Pharsalia skin too and blur. I do have the large size right here, but I’m almost out of it. So let me shoot an but I ended up just getting the little travel size. So this Ranger, this is about twenty-two dollars, which I think once again is a great price, whereas the large one is fifty plus dollars now granny. It definitely is worth it, but this time around, because I did already have one haul before this I wanted to stock up on products I needed, but I didn’t want to gosh. I didn’t want to spend all of my money. I had a set budget set aside, but this is really really good now, just to give you an idea, I do have an very oily t-zone and when I put this on, it goes on like a lotion. So let me show you this one. You can see it kind of, has this little pump and it is a lotion and usually what I’ll do is just kind of rub it into the skin and you can kind of tap and I just feel it makes your skin so silky and smooth, and it Makes the foundation just go on and glide so smoothly, and it really does look like like a face tune.
It like blurs out all of your imperfections, it’s so good. So, like I said, if you haven’t tried this, I would definitely recommend trying out this little size. Just to see, if you like it, this is the skin tune blur, but they do also have the the other one. I think it’s the volcano ones the new one, and then there is another one. It has the gold flecks in it. I’ve tried those too, but because they do have oily skin, and I want something to smooth out my imperfections. I use this one and I really like it actually I’m wearing it today and I definitely feel like my makeup goes on a lot smoother when I use that as a primer. But if you want another option and you’re like me and you have oily skin you’re. Looking for something to mattify, but also reduce pores I’d also recommend this Tarte poreless primer. I think I mentioned this in my Sephora vib. At the end, too, just in case you want to check that out, because there are a whole bunch of products I mentioned. Those are my tried-and-true favorites, but this is another really really good one, so yeah it was really excited to pick this up and, I think, is the product I’m going to use on a daily basis. Okay, moving on, let’s talk about a mascara, you guys if this was an old favorite of mine and I kind kind of way from it. Because do you know that I got really into the drugstore mascaras like I love this one, the essence lash princess. I know you guys are probably so tired of hearing me talk about it, but long before this one. I was a huge fan of the Marc Jacobs valve and huar mascara. This is $26. So obviously, if you save 20% you’re gonna save about 5 bucks on it, which is still a pretty good deal, considering how the mascara is it just um? The thing I like about this mascara is, you know how some mascaras to be put on a lot of coats. It’s gonna start to clump. This doesn’t do that and it just volumize it and I feel, like it, also lengthens your lashes a little bit too, and I just love, love love it, but the reason I wanted to get it this time around is they had. This is a special edition. Oh, my gosh: it’s not that special edition. You guys. I got the wrong one okay. So if you go online, there is a special edition, which is the one that I meant to get, but I picked it up in the store and I must have grabbed the wrong one, but that’s: okay. It’Ll still do the job. So let me show you what the wand looks like, so you can see the wand.
That’s kind of has like little fat bristles, but I already have mascara, but let me just kind of try it out a little. So you can just kind of see what I mean. I apply it to the root and then I just wiggle it a little and you can even just see how that little bit just really volumize with the lashes you guys. I love this mascara so much. It is so good, but it is tough because the drugstore mascaras are really competing with the high end. You know that I have my favorites there, but because the Foro was having their spring sale. I thought that would be a time for me to splurge on this. One but speaking of mascaras, I do have a question for you guys. Maybe you can help so I used to really love the it’s. The wire salt baby, doll mascara. It comes in the gold tube and has pink on it, but every time I go to look, they don’t have it and I check online too, and they don’t have it either. So do you guys know if they’re discontinuing that, because that’s another mascara that I really really do like, but I was just curious just on the side note, but if you have not tried the velvet noir, I would definitely recommend it and, like I said right, they Do have like a specialty mascara, it’s like a limited edition, which is the one that I meant to get, but I didn’t pick it as you guys can see. I am kind of failing during this haul with picking the wrong things. I picked the wrong shades, but that’s okay, that’s okay! It still does the job two more products to share like. I said it’s not a super long haul, but I’m saving the best for last the one I’m super excited about. Okay, so I wanted to get a lip liner and I don’t feel as though the Sephora lip liners that the gelled up liners get enough attention. I really don’t. I have a bunch of those. My favorite is the Sephora. This is the Sephora lip liner, and this is in the nudist. This, in my opinion, is just a perfect nude because it kind of has like the gray undertones, which is what I really like in a nude. I don’t really like the orange undertones so because I purchase the tardis festival, color I’ll show you. This is what I got in my first haul and you’ll have to check that one out. I wanted to get a lip liner that I thought would go with it. So I picked up the Sephora gel liner and this is in the shade, sink or suede. It’s number 28. So let me show you what this one looks like. It is a pretty mob and I think that’s gonna go really really well with that.
I don’t really very much when it comes to my lips. I either wear something nude or I wear something mob. It’s kind of just what I like. You won’t really see me in any other colors, or sometimes I like to do what I’m doing today and just wear a cloth and if you’re wondering I’m, the gloss, I’m wearing is a Mac dazzle gloss. These are my favorite and this is in the shade like magic. It came in one of the holiday kits, but I love the dazzle glass. That’s my favorite, but that’s beside the point. So these Rouge liners are $12, which I think are really inexpensive compared to a lot of the liner’s like the Charlotte Tilbury, which is really good. That’s 22, but a lot of the liner’s you’re gonna pay like $20 for – and I just don’t think these are talked about enough. They glide on your lips very smooth and they last for a really long time. So I’m really excited to test out this color and, like I mentioned in my haul, before what I tried to do, was I tried to grab a product from every single makeup category, and this was kind of the category that I am missing. So that way, when I do do I get ready with me and I can test out all the products I can have all new products for you, so super excited to do that. So now, let’s move on to the final items that you guys I was so excited about now, if you’ve been watching me for a long time, you know my obsession with highlighters, it’s probably a little bit of a bad obsession, but I can’t help myself I like To glow, I’m always on the hunt for the next best highlighter, so I go to Sephora website and perusing the website, and I said what is this I haven’t seen this before. I checked the what’s new part of Sephora all the time, and here was the highlighter. Didn’t see, it only had two reviews, but both of the reviews were 5 stars, so I said I need to get it and the highlighter I’m talking about is the bare minerals highlighter. It is the endless glow highlighter. Now this is in the shade free. I want to say it comes in three colors. The one I got is more of a champagne. Now I don’t really know I’ve done about my bare minerals. I don’t have a lot of their products. I’ve used they’re like liquid lips, which are pretty good, but I don’t know that they’re really known for their highlighters, so I was a little surprised. I I honestly expected that the reviews weren’t gonna, be that good. But it comes in a nice black matte package and you open and look at that – is that just like stunning, so bare minerals is embossed in it. But when you let me show you this swatch It is so pretty.
First off, look at that and I’m gonna try it out too But do you see that, like beautiful champagne, so pretty and pigmented – and it just goes on so smooth? So, even though I do have a little bit of highlighter on has worn off just a little bit, I am going to test this out because I have to test out this highlighter You have to see it and I need to experience it for the first time Please comment down below if any of you are obsessed with highlighters the way I am it’s kind of a bad obsession but, like I said I just like to glow, I feel like highlight, really brings something extra to the face You have to excuse me, I’m looking for my highlighter brush here We go I love the morphe m5, so let’s go ahead and put a little of this on Oh, that is really nice and I, like it, cuz it just kind of blends in with my skin tone, and it goes on very seamless, so pretty you guys and it doesn’t seem to be enhancing my pores or the texture So this was, I want to say this was around $28 or something like that So again, you’ll see the 20%, so I was really excited to pick this up, okay guys, but that is everything I got like I said I didn’t pick up too many other items because I will be doing it get ready with me using all the products I purchased I think I covered every category with the exception of maybe a concealer, because you know the Tarte shaped tape is my favorite and then I don’t think I got an under the eye setting powder I look for a new one You guys, I really did, but the reviews just weren’t that good – and I thought you know what I like my Laura Mercier or my Cody airspun So I really don’t want to branch out in that department, but every other area I have new products, so stay tuned for that So if you guys are new to my channel, make sure to hit that little subscribe button and follow me on Instagram I love to have you join me over there Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to watch and let me know down below what goodies did you get from the Sephora vib sale? Did you get anything? Is there anything else that I need know if there’s something else they need don’t tell me, I don’t need to spend any more money on it again Thank you guys so much for spending your day with me have a wonderful day, when

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