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30 Sep , 2019  

. This is my September haul. This is all the makeup that I bought in the month of September, except for I just placed an order on the last day of 21 days of beauty at Ulta. I ordered a new shape tape and like neutral, and I ordered two of my precisely my brow from benefit my favorites, so you will see those in this haul and I also as up today, which is the 22nd. They release the Too Faced holiday. Look at extra-spicy the butter drum and the bronzer, which wasn’t an anti haul, but it doesn’t look as dark as it did in the initial pictures.
So I went ahead and picked up those three items, but I’m gonna do a separate haul like a two-faced holiday haul and show those in it. So these are the items that have in front of me that I actually bought in September. Let’s go ahead and get started, shall we so the first thing on top? Yes, the drama of the Too Faced white chocolate bar, but it’s here it’s mine, it’s in my hands. I am so happy. I never wanted this palette and then I woke up one day and I was like this is kind of like a cool tone, lover’s dream and I’m into my cold tones and I bought it for like 24 bucks on Too Faced and then it got lost in The mail – and you know all about that drama if you watch that get ready with me, but I have it in my hands and I’m so excited because I did go back on the website and it’s still gone. It still says sold out. So I’m so happy to have my hands on it. I feel like these are my colors these days and I think it’s so beautiful and another palette that I bought that I had no interest in. But someone on here messaged me and said that Nordstrom Rack had the white peach palette for 20 dollars and to me the way that I look at it is singles are running anywhere from 6 to 10 and 20 dollars for all of this, and I knew that I would use like a majority – maybe not these – at dark shades down here. Maybe I would pull for my other peach palette for peachy shades, but I knew I would use a majority of this palette for $20, and this was always something that I went back and forth on this one. I had no interest ever and this one. I always went back and forth and it started going on sale and so many people were like. Don’t do it, don’t do it. I got it. I never used it. I haven’t, I love it so when everybody else was giving me their feedback cuz, all I had heard was bad things. I was like you know what $20 I’m gonna, give it a shot. So thank you so much to the person that told me Nordstrom Rack had on for 20.
I went the next day and they only had a two left, so I’m so happy to get my hands on this. You all know to face is like just my love right now. They can do no wrong, so I will continue buy from them and then another eyeshadow palette that I am wearing today that I don’t know if you’ll see they get ready with me before after, but I will have one coming. Is the Natasha? No? No mini gold palette. I went back and forth on whether or not to get this because I thought well, I have the big gold. I don’t need the mini gold, but this is so different.. I love it. Love love, love, I’m so happy. I bought that a random purchase. This is the Juno and Co. Microfiber Rose velvet sponge. I follow a lot of like deal people on Instagram and they post, like people have in, like you, know, free shipping or like buy this and only pay shipping, and I think I paid four dollars for shipping and then the sponge was free, and I remember this Was like a big deal back in the day, everybody was talking about this little fuzzy sponge, but I wanted to try it for myself, so I’ve had it sitting in this basket, so I can haul it, but I need to wash it and try it out. So I don’t know how I feel about that. My friend Julie here on YouTube, Julie, dawn, Olson, talked about the believe beauty brand from Dollar General and I went out and bought a couple things I actually have a lipstick. I think it’s downstairs, but it was okay when I haven’t had a chance to play with this. Is the Hawaiian Glo bronzer? It is super like buttery and nice, but it’s very very pale and it almost looks like a bruise on my skin, because I’m so tan right now or not so tan, but losing my tan, and I feel like this will probably look better on me when I’m More fair, so I haven’t had a chance to use that now the foundation she compared to color safe for oily skin, which I love and I ended up picking up soft beige and natural tan I’m wearing this today. I really really like this foundation a lot that being said, colors say still Trump’s it. I would say like if Colorstay lasts 12 hours on me, which is pretty accurate, then this one probably lasts eight, so it does. I have worn it to work, it does. Last. I think it’s beautiful for filming, so I have worn it a lot filming, but I would say I think these are $5, a piece 5 or 7, I’m not quite sure, but I would definitely try it out if you have like combo to oilier skin.
I really like it. I’m glad that I picked that up. Lipstick, like I said, was okay, nothing to write home about, but the foundation is really good. One of the 21 days, uLTA Beauty things was this Clinique, take the day off now. I would never pay full price for this, I found a drugstore one, that’s affordable that I absolutely love, but with this being half off, I know that I like the products I have several samples of it. I thought I would go ahead and buy it because I do love a double cleanse. Some things from Sephora. I picked up Natasha de Nona’s, new lipstick. This isn’t the color Beatrice it’s 3-1 in P. This is more, I think, the neutral pink she has different undertones for different skin colors, it’s kind of like what I’m wearing today as in this is the maybelline beige babe, as in like concealer lips, and although I love the look, I almost need a doctor. It up with a lip liner or a lip gloss which I had to do today, but I love this look so much. I love that this color has more of a pink undertone. Let me just show you these things, because they just remind me so much of each other, whereas beige babe has more of like a yeah, a nude undertone they’re, pretty daggone close, so here’s beige, babe and there’s Natasha Beatrice dang they’re. So close, I would say: beige babe has a little bit more of a nude undertone than pink or maybe their exact you. Let me know they are so freaking close, but anyway this is my jam. I love the formula of this. I don’t get like the white ring around my lips. It fades away nicely. I always have to put a gloss on it, but it’s fine with me. Another thing that I’ve got was the milk push fiber? No okay, so this was the last day of the summer. Sale then I got this stuff cuz. I had one more day of 20% off and I picked up this this and I feel like something else. What I’m gonna finish filming and be like? Oh yeah that it’s harder to do these monthly hauls, because I start using stuff and things end up in my purse in my word drawer and I forget what I bought, but so far I like this, I’m not returning it. I feel like it’s a little too wet for my sparse brows. I like the brow, babe or boss, babe from Tarte um. This is okay, I feel like it’s over height. I got the color and herb, but it’s a nice like neutral, almost like ashy tone, which is: can you see that which is nice and that’s what I like and I feel like, even if my brows are looking a little warm with everything else.
I can put this over it to kind of make it a little more neutral, so it’s good it’s good a little over height and then the last thing I got from Sephora is this little pencil sharpener. I talked about my k’kaw lip liners, not sharpening well, and my best friend commented on that. I guess I never asked her a person, but she said that I needed a better sharpener and I think she said benefit and urban decay. But I went with the NARS because it was the cheapest and I don’t know how it works. I haven’t used it yet, but we’ll see if it doesn’t work, then I’ll go with probably the urban decay, but this was, I think urban decay is like 15 and this was like 9, so I was like. Oh, it kills me to pay 15, but anyway, I’m gonna be trying that out and then the last thing. No. This is not the last thing, but I did place an order with color pub because of this one blush. So they came out with that peach collection and I wanted this blush. Please have a name on it. Oh yeah, frisky business. I love love, love the packaging. I am from Georgia. Everyone, I know still calls me, like a Georgia Peach, the little things scratched on the front, but this blush was probably too light for a majority of people, but I knew in the winter. I would love this little flush of peach. This is no no for a minute. I thought we were like to face baths but um. So I got this and then you had to spend like 30 to get free shipping. So I got a couple other things that have been on my wish list that I keep putting off. I got oh, this was the kathleenlights blush. Now what I’m gonna do with this is. I have let me graduate okay, so maybe I’m not gonna grab that I feel like I put that compact somewhere. So I had my little pony compact and it had a highlight in it and I don’t think I would have gotten rid of it. But I remember thinking I was gonna buy something to put in the compact instead of the highlight. That was in it because it was too dark for me and now either. I set it to the side to remember to do that, or I hope I didn’t get rid of it. I don’t know so I can’t find it, but if I can I’ll just probably about one of their other ones, this is the blush in. I need space. This was part of the Kathleen, like astrology thing, that she did and I thought it was so pretty so this has been on my oh, my gosh. It looks exactly like the blush that I put on today that Lancome blush, but a little bit more pink.
Oh, that’s beautiful, so I picked that up. Hopefully I can find that little palette I’ve been dying to try one of their jelly, much shadows and this one was always sold out whenever I was looking at stuff on there. This one’s called big ego comes in like similar packaging to their other ones, but it has like a little stopper on it. It’s the coolest texture does feel like kind of like play-doh a little bit, but if you get so much pigment off of the swatch – and I can’t wait – I feel like this will be in my next get ready with me. Now that I’ve opened it look and I feel like as long as it doesn’t have fallout, which I don’t think it will, because it’s so like, like pressed in a wet form. I feel like I’m gonna freaking love this, and if I do that, I’m ordering more because now that new palettes on my radar, the lilac, I love you or lilac love you or something know their name. Sometimes I’m like what so anyway, that’s a my radar. So I’m already building a new color pumpless I’ve been wanting this lippy pencil and a little one. Ever since it came out hello, did they shoot your packaging looks different. This is just a very fair. Oh my gosh. This is so perfect, very pale nude. Oh that’s! Good, I knew this would be good. Did they change? I feel like this packaging. Oh, it’s, the color top it used to be white. Okay, that’s genius! So glad they didn’t that, and then the last thing that I got is, of course a setting powder. I’ve been wanting to try there setting powder, I got the color entry Lucent, I think they have this yellow and then a darker color and I can’t do yellow so, like I said this stuff has been sitting in the box. I haven’t opened it as their hairs in here there’s like hairs stuck underneath the plastic jacqueline cartoon, I’m just kidding, so that was my color pop order and then have one more order from Ulta. This was part of their 21 days. It’s the first day, beauty face cleanser. I got it for 1050, it was half off. I did not know it was gonna, be this big. This is as big as my head, like. I thought it was gonna be like this, but I cut it out. The box – and I was like okay yeah – this is totally worth ten. Fifty did. I need another cleanser yeah Actually, because am uh 15 year old is stealing all my cleansers, so I did need another cleanser went ahead and bought that I bought a little baby batiste to go to New York with, because I have to have my dry shampoo.
I bought a repurchase of the ordinary aah, a 30% plus BH a 2% peeling solution It’s like the blood facial and I use the rest of that one So I can’t be without that at all So, Who am I, Who am I? I got some jeffree star brushes? I got J s6 I got js9 and I got this little dome brush That is J s13 I went into Ulta with Julie a couple weekends ago and we sprayed the strawberry spray That is morphe / jeffree star and it smelled so good But then, when i got online and i was reading all the reviews, people actually said it’s not the same as the morphe spray which i love, but while we were Ulta, I also felt these brushes and I’m like Okay, these don’t feel like morphe brushes They actually feel super soft, but then they also have that stiffness that I like, so I don’t like it too fluffy, because then I don’t feel like anything gets blended in and plus they were pink and I was like might as well Try amounts, you know, let you know, concealer trumping, her shape tape, concealer and you all know, I’m the big shape tape lover So I was like really so I always got to put her to the test I always got to prove her wrong I’m gonna be trying this I don’t know if it’s the right color, it is in C 155 It looks like I probably have to wait until I lose some of my color for sure, and then with that order I just got a free little tart gift It has the don’t hate, hydrate little mini moisturizer, it has the shape tape pour and prime balm It has a little micellar water in there and it had the stay spray which I wanted to try So that’s why I ended up placing that order, because the 21-day thing, and because of the gift – and I wanted to try a couple other things, so that is it that’s quite a bit for September and going into my birthday month So hopefully I don’t spend a lot, because I know that I’m gonna get gift cards and stuff plus we’re going to New York So I’m trying to be super good Super super good, I’m trying my hardest So that’s it! That’s everything that I bought don’t forget to give me a thumbs up if you’re not yet subscribed to my channel Please do so I would love to have you Thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next one

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