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Series 1 esp5: the key to success in highlighting and outlining!

1 Nov , 2019  

Welcome back to life through its media girlfriend movie, and today’s episode is series 1 episode, 5 know where this foundation fall in a minute, so it might look a little bit doing in doing this tutorial on a face book. The whole face was on Facebook. Even the offense was on Facebook. So I didn’t each face me and I did teach you all how to master this face coats your face, making you look like a whole different person. You want to see how to get your face.
Flawless and blended seamlessly way for flawless face its primer, so I took my hooded Beauty primer and I think this is like 24 hour complexion, I’m not sure, but I willingly leaving a subscribe below. So I always get the names wrong and also all the brushes will be in the description below as well. So what I’m gonna do is put this primer on my face, as I already did off camera, and then what I’m going to do is take my back ultimate coverage 24 hour. I think aware foundation and the shade is Sienna and I love this foundation y’all. This is like when I first uses formation. It was like the best, my shadow, but they reformulated it, and this is now a better stand. What a flawless face a flawless foundation if you’re not highlighting on contouring – and you just put a foundation on you – want that flawless foundation. It’s gonna pounce that in with the kabuki brush, I love a couple he brush because it sits and leave the skin with the flawless it’s not going to stick into your skin is gonna stay on top of the skin. Just I use for different reasons, and this one I learned this trick from Patrick Starr. I even Lea distribute this foundation all over my face to make sure that everything’s covered also blending into the hairline face sculpting full coverage concealer in the shade mocha, and what I’m gonna do is highlight in the highlighted areas that are highlighted. You will see on your face areas that look highlight it and that is shimmering and glistening. Those are your highlighted areas, so you see me now putting that concealer under my eyes I like to overdo it. I always do it over. Do it over the Queen, I’m showing you how one side looks versus the other side, so I went on the side of my nose because I’m going to be sculpting my nose because I want to look smaller.
This is just going to help go in with that. Contour, my nose will already be a little bit tight, we’re here down the bridge of my nose and under the eye, we’re gonna get into sculpting this face, making my face sculpt it and bring out some of those features that I want to be shown and Really structure, so they join you right here. When you do the duck face. You’Re gonna see a line where you contour it. You don’t specifically have to contour right there. I don’t come to a mess because my face when I do that it just makes it look droopy I like a high cheekbone, so I can’t her above that and I just go around into my nostril. I can’t oh right. I don’t take it all the way to my lips and then I go up into the country because you want those over to melt into each other. When my face wasn’t contour, and that was when I just choose the line on the other side. Look how different it looks. So, yes, I want those high cheekbones y’all could see it already. My face is being sculpted, so I want a smaller forehead. My forehead is fairly small might think otherwise, but I think that it’s fairly small, but I wants to be smaller, so I want to come to her all around my forehead, I’m going out. I was taking a tiny brush and going down the sides of my nose. Inched, okay, to the guys and making it slimmer, everybody wants to slim my nose, and this is the way and key to do the skinny nose trip. So you see that before and after years ago, I did this, and I did that now when I’m doing the second, my Beauty Blender and I’m blending it. So this beauty winner, is kind of them, not that them the concealer set just a little bit and then I just started winning everything out. Everything’s gonna be blending and blending it seamlessly so keep running it into everything. You don’t see. Any harsh line want to take a morphe brush and it’s like more of a smaller buffer brush like my foundation brush, but this in the small version just talking getting those nooks and crannies to bring out that contour the trick. Everybody knows that you have to blend this out, but you have to blend it a certain way.
So I like to blend that tour in two of the highlighted areas so that way it can be all endlessly just seamless. You want everything to look seamless, not okay. I know her contour is, I know her highlight it is no. You want everything to be blended, honey it where those edges are and you’re bringing out those edges, and you can go back in with your Beauty Blender if it isn’t veneer enough for you. So I’m just basically moving it into the contour, the highlighted area, I’m sorry and then see I’ll blend it out with my Beauty, Blender so blend it and not blend it. Basically, this is really not for beginners. You don’t have to add none of these steps. You don’t have to contour your face. All you have to do is powder contour. If you want to do that, I went back in with a little bit more concealer, because sometimes I crease a lot and no concealer just it just doesn’t help so make sure you take your Beauty, Blender Beauty, Bittner your Beauty, Blender and make sure the lines aren’t In there before you set it make sure they’re smooth out before you set it, because if you said it honey is it for you using here. It’s not Sasha buttercup. It is huda, beauty powder in the shade kunafa that I use kunafa. I did take it on my nose and all the highlighted areas after I take kunafa, I’m gonna use Cinnabon, so I love her powders. It just makes my pores look amazing, seamless, like everything I just look porcelain like a down I took pictures. It doesn’t give me flashback, actually does this powder off and I thought that okay, this girl, a a I got this subscriber off. What I’m gonna do is. I want to take my highlighter, I’m taking in the cold, Guerrero, highlighter and, and I see a low kick and then also the makeup addiction, cosmetics, bronzer, fast brush, it’s a big brush so that it could be like airbrushed looking undetected fan brush, because it’s just too Hard and I learned to apply my highlighter first and then go back in with my powders to contour and bronze those harsh edges, and you want to get rid of those So what I did was, I went in with my Bobbi Brown deep for bronzer bronze and I was contouring just basically like I was cream contour doing that same method as going up to the highlighted area.
I do is take my murphy contour palette and we’re going to it’s called showmance I think we’re going to take the fan brush and we want to go in the area that we did not go in to consult with I’m when we cream contour we’re gonna Go into that area, so everything just goes together, also contour, my nose So I’m taking my blush kit bronzing highlight this one’s a say about the hills, gradient, lush kit and then that’s it for the face shop I couldn’t spray in say taking my dose of colors versus liquid lipstick and chocolate wasted and they’re, also dose of colors super natural, liquid, lipstick and then also the lip gloss in dose of colors honey, I’m home, and then I added a couple more lips Lip glosses like I was just crazy this day I believe those in the description below, but that’s it for the face I did the under eye off camera, but on YouTube I mean I use some on Facebook and that is it y’all So I hope that y’all enjoy the details on the next I’ll eat a naked eye So much watching this tutorial Let me know if you learn something from sculpted in come on um everything in detail I explained it I know I didn’t talk, because I had no get some batteries and let me know if you’ve learned something from this tutorial I hope this was helpful I also want to be doing more shadows with the glare cuz you do I wanted to know how to use this Some people don’t know how to use glitter and it might be difficult, like I said, I’m not a perfectionist, I’m not a professional maker brush, I’m a self-taught makeup artist So all I know is what I know I want to teach you on how to apply it from what I’ve learned that should enjoy this series Let me know what you struggle with when it comes to your face Come write, subscribe we’re on the road to 200k ow Let’s share share share We almost said 150, we’re almost 150, so just continue to share everybody just be blessed and have a great weekend, because it is Friday and I’ll see you guys on the next one

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