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Shadow and chat! Date update, real life vs. youtube, carpentry ready!

1 Nov , 2019  

Where was I going with that? Oh yeah, so I’m jumping down a 40-story building all right. So today we have a much-needed shadow and schmooze. I’ve been so excited to just sit down and talk with you guys and put makeup on. I haven’t put a full face of makeup on like really sat down and played with makeup in a while.. I’ve got my coffee here. All of my shadow and schmoozers are in a playlist. If you want to watch any others, you always can they’re linked down below.
while you’re watching, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you’re new here you can join the burrito family and subscribe. I put every Monday, Wednesday Friday, so here we go shadow nummies. I think all the products I’m using today are also first impressions to almost all of them, so I’m start out with the elf illuminating primer. Oh, that is very yellow. That looks like Dijon mustard. Oh it has a nice like thickness to it. Oh definitely is a silicon-based primer can feel it. It’s weird. It feels thick in your hands, but when you put it on your face, it feels very buttery and silky ooh that feels nice. My nails are all chipped. It is what it is okay table. I’m using today is like a tenth of the size of my normal filming table, so I’m gonna try to not throw makeup all over the place for foundation. I’m just gonna start applying the foundation and then we can get to chattin, but I’m gonna try out the revolution. Pro foundation drops I’m like forever confused. If makeup revolution is revolution Pro, what is tam Beauty, I feel like they have like five names for their brand. Are they separate? I don’t know, but I have the shade F one, and then this is the lightning drop. So if f one’s too dark I’ll add in a little bit of the drops, I guess I think I’m just gonna try the drops on their own instead of like mixing them in with something I like. The cover effects drops that way. Okay, so in my last shadow inch mousse, I updated you guys kind of on more personal things that were going on in my family.. So my grandma and my uncle passed away within a couple weeks of each other. The last couple months have been kind of intense between that happening and then moving traveling people visiting the Sigma launch. There’s just been a lot going on last couple months. So don’t think I’m gonna have to lighten these. These are gonna, be too late. I think oh yeah, maybe they’ll oxidize /all. Just that’s the warm up my face, bronzer, that’s looking pretty! I automatically just do half my face now, like I’m doing a foundation review, I’m using my Sigma f80 right now, which is back in stock.
but so you can catch it, since it is slim edition back in stock.. So I’ve been doing moving vlogs out the wazoo, which have been really fun for me to film. I love I love watching moving vlogs. I have three films right now. I’m working on number four link to down below. If you missed him, but I’ve just been documenting the whole move, yeah I’m gonna have to like coat my face in bronzer. Today I don’t know what the heck it was about. This move, but for some reason packing this time around was probably the worst packing I’ve had in all my move. So far it was never-ending, like I would think I was almost done and then I would still have like five more hours and the same thing kept happening. I don’t know what it was. I don’t know if I just had so much other stuff going on too. That it just was hard to like crank it out and actually get it done. I gave myself I think, like three weeks literally, I started packing three weeks before the move and I was going up to the last minute, like the night before I’m gonna go in with my flower beauty concealer, which I love. But then I want to try mixing it in with the color pop white, no filter concealer to lighten it. It’s just zero: zero, fair, zero, zero. So I’m gonna try. These two together have a try this before also in between packing for the move and everything I went to Chicago, because my parents – and I had this trip planned for like a few months now going to Chicago for my birthday, even though I’m stressing my mom’s dress In because she’s dealing with the uncle thing, it was just kind of like bad timing all around, but we still kept the trip and we still went and I ended up getting in one of my really bad. My green faces body phases and it’s pretty much in my bed, the entire four days or however long we were there, made it out one afternoon and then one night, so my birthday was spent in the Airbnb bed, but is what it is. You know how karma looks pretty good, definitely liked it better. With my cake aww, I bought the colour-pop, no filter pressed powder that I might set my face with. I also got the loose setting powder. This one is just translates to how much I’m not usually a fan. I don’t know why about it? Actually, this isn’t a shade Fair. This is the lightest one. I wanna see how this shade looks. This one’s definitely be too dark for my under eyes. I’m try setting just my cheek area with this one. This feels nice, this foundation.
It feels really lightweight, so I’m gonna use my usual under eye setting powder good day, though in Chicago we went to this really good seafood place if you’re into crab legs crap. What was the name called I put on Twitter fresh, not fresh sheets, that’s like the classic crab name, it’s so good. It was in this kind of like dive bar and they had the best king crab legs. Ever okay, I’m gonna find it okay. It was called half shell Chicago, it was so good yeah that foundation looks pretty. I would totally wear that again. I need to get a shade or two up, obviously just pressing it in here. This looks a very sheer already just on the brush. It is called a sheer pressed powder, though right yeah, I’m just setting the area that I’m gonna be blending bronzer and stuff on. I mean okay, nothing to write home about the bronzer. I’m gonna use at the morphe eat, wait. What Elle is shaded that lower one looks really nice and fair, so it might use that in combination with the one above it do. I think my top two questions lately have been about weight loss and then also how the tinder date went. So, let’s start out with the weight loss, so I’m going up literati. because now I see it, but I’m still getting questions about it. When I was on gabapentin for my migraines, that totally made me get forget what they call it like egg egg face or something there’s like a word for it, where it actually causes your face to like majorly bloat. I also gained body weight when I was on gabapentin, but it really freaking blew up my face, like my face.. Gabapentin didn’t do anything for me, so that’s why I went off it. This bronzer is actually perfect for right now, because it just gave me like an overall warmth without really like majorly bronzing, so I’m gonna bring this up to a temple, since my face is too late right now. I’ve also, though, been eating way, healthier and actually like stuck with it. Then I have in the past. Usually, if I eat healthy and like work out, it’s like a really quick, 30 day phase, where I’m doing like Jillian 30 Day Shred and I eat really clean and then, when I get to like what I’m going for it just like goes perverts back. I’ve just tried to maintain a more like steady eating and also working out kind of lifestyle. I guess you could say imperfect, produce and hellofresh have actually really been helping me, because I have things in my house that I just need to cook that are healthy, so it just kind of like forces me to I’ve also been meal prepping more.
I have like a few go-to meal, prep things I showed one of them Mexican, one in a past vlogs I’ve overall, just an eating healthier. I was doing really good about working out for a while and then just with all these trips and traveling and stuff. Lately I just got off the bandwagon, so I’m gonna start that up again now that I’m here, I’m still going I’m only here for like a week at a time and then I have a trip and then I back and then a trip and I’m back And then that continues like through mid-august right now, but while I’m here, I’m gonna try and get back in the workout mood. Okay, now I’m gonna add the other bronzer debutant. I think I want to use this one right here. Actually, no I’m gonna use donut bronze my face now that one I don’t love that one looks a little bit to oranjee on my skin, so yeah. Basically, that’s all I’ve done is get off the medication that was causing me to gain weight and also just overall eating healthier and semi working out semi keywords still doing drilling Michael’s 30 day shred. That’s what I do we’re all going like really long walks before. I finish up my face actually want to do my brows, I’m gonna try out this guy the revolution Pro brow pomade. I also have the cush milk makeup just came out with this. They have their cush fiber brow gel, I’m actually gonna try this first and then just fill in where I need to with the pomade. That’s usually what I like to do with products like these milk makeup is really right and like the cush tree, and they came out with our cush mascara now they’re doing cush, brow, gels, they’re gonna have a whole cush line. Who knows next subject tinder date. and so many of you guys since then have been messaging. Asking how that date went it actually ran really well like really well, I don’t really like sharing too much of my personal life or dating life. Oh, I like this color online, so I’m gonna like really get into it, but we’ve been hanging out since then. That was like a little over months ago, so I don’t know remaining cautiously optimistic. I guess I don’t like to get my hopes up, because you just never know what these things you know, but it’s been really good. Okay, I really like the color of that. I do need to add, like fill in certain parts with the other pomaded, but I would totally use that again. It does have a scratchy brush. It feels like a super cheap wand like this feels like something from forever21 to me, looks a little bit.
Fibery like it looks like I have more hair there than I usually do. I would use that again kiss try this. If I was in a relationship. If ever I don’t know, there’s just certain parts in my life that I once you put it out there, you can’t take it back and that’s that’s one of those things for me was i listening to. I was listening to a podcast the other day. I think it was the homeless, amos podcast, the bachelor one. Oh, they were talking to a country singer and they were asking. I don’t even remember what the question was was a good story. So far i don’t know my country singers. I think he was like a famous country singer and the way he explained how he thinks about what he does and then his personal life was like exactly how i think about it, which is like it’s not that I’m not myself when I’m on YouTube. But it’s just such a different part of my life that when I’m not filming and not on YouTube, it’s almost like there’s like a disconnect in my mind, my relationships in my personal life. I just don’t like intertwining with YouTube, there’s just something really sacred to me about friendships and relationships and when you mix that with social media, sometimes it just gets so intertwined. And I just really like keeping that stuff kind of separate. And I think sometimes that’s like the only way I can make sense of it in my head. This whole YouTube thing. I’ve talked about this in a past shadow news, but I I did not ever think that this would be my life. The whole like having people know about you and your life is just not something that I ever found appealing and it wasn’t something that I really have ever sought after. So the fact that this is my life now and I somehow ended up. There is just kind of like ironic, because I think I’m one of the last people and playing at earth it. If you told me years ago that thousands of people online would know things about my life, I would have been very weirded out. Sometimes I wish I could just like Skype, you get or FaceTime Wow 2018 Skype. Sometimes I wish I could just like FaceTime a group of you guys and just chill and like talk like friends, because there are certain things that I feel like. I would want to share with those of you who have followed me for years and that I can like trust versus just putting it out there for literally anyone ever to watch something I really appreciate in friendships and relationships. which sounds really crazy, but then they don’t know everything going on in your life.. They just know things when I don’t know things about them and it creates a weird kind of dynamic. He made a conscious decision not to so that he could get to know me without having some like preconceived notion from watching me online, which I just so appreciate.
The brow pomade is definitely more of like a sheer. It’s not super opaque. Let’s finish up the face. No, I don’t think I set out a highlighter. Did I oh, I think I was gonna use the highlighter one of the highlighters in this palette. So first I’m gonna go in with blush I’m going to use this morphe trio he’s in a lotta more. If you’re right now, I think I’m gonna take a rule-breaker, the kind of purply shade. I have no idea what I like or anything I’m going for today. That’s pretty doesn’t look as cool toned. Oh I like that. That’s pretty! It has like a hint of pink in there. I’m actually gonna take free that next shade over and top it off with that, and I’m gonna use my mad 15 blend it out. Okay, what else is new? In life I started taking a woodworking class which has been really fun. I signed up for the class before I knew I was moving everything, so it’s been a little bit interesting, cuz they’re, like three-hour classes, I’m gonna try the shade cosmic right here. So I’m making a nightstand right now, Jai initially thought was gonna, be super easy, but making four legs last time took me three hours. It’s been kind of cool that the main reason why I wanted to do it was that, so I could learn how to use all the saws and stuff can make things on my own, and you can also like rent out studio space and then make whatever you Want I wanted to learn how to make like barn doors and stuff for a while and then also just different kind of wall art out of wood? I had no idea, I mean I didn’t know anything about woodworking, but you use like five different saws, four or five different size. Just for one side, one piece of wood, which is so crazy. It makes me have so much more appreciation for things made out of wood. I love home, decor and painting furniture and refinishing furniture, but I’ve never actually learned how to build furniture. So it’s been fun, I think, as of right now, I still definitely like refinishing furniture. More than building, but once I have the tools more down, I really want to try making some wood wall art things I think, would be so cool to do like an accent. Wall yeah. That’s also been a big chunk of time. I forgot to highlight my nose. So I’m just taking that same one. Okay, that’s a pretty shade and then I also started doing aerial yoga. I’ve wanted to do aerial yoga for years. I just never actually went and did the first class and Raich for my birthday, surprised me with an aerial yoga class and it was so much fun.
I used to do gymnastics for years growing up until I tore my ACL meniscus and had surgery good times. So almost feels like a combo of yoga and stretching which I need with like gymnastics. I literally bought the 20 pass on the car ride home. I’m gonna try and go like once a week now we accidentally didn’t take the beginner class, so I’m gonna try Shannon XO remix Pella. I don’t know why. I still haven’t tried this. I ordered a bunch of stuff from exo Beauty a couple months ago. A while ago, public five months ago now, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. So I’ve just been trying things on my own, but I haven’t tried this yet so I’m gonna try that Shannon X over at the remix palette really liked her first pallet with BH Cosmetics. This one is now double the weight. How does this work? That’s cool! So it flips up and you have more shades on the other side, either want to do like this color lip and do a really neutral eye or I’ll do a neutral lip and do I want to use like the fusion stuff yeah. I think I’m gonna need going with like some of these peachy pink shades. I’m started out with this shade bestie. I think so. My most, I just about tell you guys. Oh my mind literally just went blank. Oh, I remember that a pretty pink, so I’m doing this thing. I mentioned it in one of the moving vlogs, but I decided to do this thing in like the three days that I’m home between trips, great timing, Taylor, where I am raising money for Seattle, Humane and rappelling down a 40-story building in downtown Seattle. So if you want to see that happen, you can donate I’ll. Have the link down below 100% of the proceeds goes to Seattle, humane, that’s where I fostered Snoopy through and I’m gonna start fostering. I think again in August once I’m back here from some trips so Jill, why I have a few trips I’m going to San Diego. The cousins will be there. It’Ll be super fun, but before that my cousin and cadence, does my makeup they’re coming to visit here for the week so and I’m filming this it’s Wednesday, you guys are seeing it on Monday they’re. Coming that Monday morning, then I have literally like a day and a half, and then I leave for San Diego for the week and then I have a week or so back here and then I go to Nashville for a bachelorette party. So these next few days, like until my cousin, comes on Monday. A baby girl have like a really intense pink eye or do Stucker. Oh wait. Maybe I want to do lover on the lid this purple, I haven’t used purple.
Well, let’s do that so first, I’m actually gonna use lover on my finger and put this on the lid. That’s pretty I’m first just placing this down with my finger and then I’m gonna go in with a brush too to get it exactly where I want it. Where was I going with that? Oh yeah, so I’m jumping down a 40-story building so have the link down below. But if it happens like, if we raise enough I’ll be vlogging or shooting to raise five thousand, so you guys can all see and if you’re in Seattle you can also come. You can come hang out. Oh, that is a pretty shade. I’m gonna go back in with that first shade on this same brush. To add that back into the crease think, I don’t know, but I think I think I’m gonna go in for the lower lash line and use a white kind of want it more. Like openin summary, but I can’t wait because this I’m pretty sure if I’m remembering correctly, got really good reviews. This is the dough color dry fast moves quit eyeliner 10. Why can I not see out of this eye right now? Oh my drops up in here. Oh it’s gliding on a lot smoother than I thought from looking at the felt tip super black. A lot of product is coming out at one time. I’ve tried a few products from this dope color brand ooh pill or whatever that you can get off of Amazon, okay, we’re having an intense wing today glides on nice. It feels like my Physicians Formula, one when it’s gliding on which is rare for a felt-tip like this. Usually these can kind of drag and they just feel a little bit like scratchy, it’s very glossy right now. It is easy to get really carried away with this one because so much product comes out. Do you have to let this one dry down, though, or will kind of transfer? There is still like a glassy look to it, so it isn’t a matte black I’m. Actually, it’s gonna take Dark Horse right here, put away some 5,000 brushes Dark Horse of rampant. Now, I’m gonna take vamp. It shade right below it’s a little bit warmer. Okay, now I’m gonna take the same brush and going with lover the purple shade. Just press it right over that and I think, to blend it out, I’m actually gonna take baby girl, the hot pink shade. Don’t know how this is gonna go. Look. I think the camera cut off mid whoa, but whoa. That is a hot pink super. Pretty pink shade, I think I’m actually gonna go into the highlight shades white, one that has some like purple pink in it, because that’ll look good with the pinks and purples We have pop that in perfect on a trout, the cush mascara whoa, that is a mascara holy cease.
This thing is like a friggin weight, nice big wand, okay wow This is so heavy lengthening and separating I’m just not getting quite as much volume as I get with my Chi face rather than sex, I’m trying to give it another coat It feels a little bit drier it’s more of a dry formula What do you guys think about the new season of The Bachelorette? My top pick just like in general, not necessarily for Becca, just like out of the guys is Garrett, says: name: no, not Garrett, not Garrett, who’s, the one from Denver, the cute one chase What the heck’s his name – Blake you’re, not the last ones, standing hit me up Okay, here we go yeah You got a lair this guy Oh look at that difference that looks bomb layered I don’t even know if I want false lashes now, I’m more excited for bachelor in paradise That’s where the real action happens You know would totally use this again with two coats I’m gonna get up close at the end, but I think you guys can see that this is also by makeup revolution or whatever The brand name is to be determined, and this is in the shade, facade, Wow wow That is like orange That looks like butt crack on my lips Oh, that is not a flattering You know the way certain liquid lipsticks it I think we’re gonna try Physicians Formula all natural nude first and then I might top it off with a little bit more pink shade This is bare minerals, luxe, mmm kind of peachy Again I get wait I’m gonna try this one I started just like going it with ten thousand right now Let’s try an arse summer fire there we go, don’t want it a little bit lighter and a little bit more pink So I’m gonna go in with that bare minerals, one Oh my god This smells like actual brownie batter Alright snot mike is growling and I think we’re good to go I always like everything I used on my face down below in the description box and any random things I talk about in shadow and choices are always down there too I think actually, the week you guys are seeing this, I’m pretty sure another bonus vlog will be going up Another moving vlog, I’m trying to do one a week, one of the moving blogs a week, and you want them to continue I love you guys thanks for watching, [ Applause, ]

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