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Shani Grimond: a colorful all glaze Makeup Course

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, my chickens are welcome to my channel. I really wanted to do something inspired by this photo that I found on Instagram. It’s like a beautiful sunset eye, shadow look and I just sort of look like. Oh, that is so nice I’m going to try my best to recreate it, so the girl that did this makeup is definitely makeup. Xr on Instagram, so I’ll leave her down below okay, so I just found the best eye shadow palette to create this look, sir. It is the morphe 35c palette, it is so colorful.
I love multi eyeshadows are very pigmented easy to work with, so I feel like this is going to be a great look. So, firstly, I’m going to take this black, yellow, shade right here and I’m just going to lightly dust this above my crease, so all the other colors can kind of like blend up into that one, I’m just taking that on my Mac 2 to 4 brush. It’s also where to be putting like a yellow gown for my cruise, so I’m just very softly or lending that from side to side. Oh, my goddess is blending up perfectly the next color I’m taking. Is this orange right here – and this is going a little bit underneath that yellow making a sunset doll, I’m just taking this on a smaller blending brush? Just because I want that the yellow to still be peeking through, I want to go up too high, so I’m just going to go ahead and take that yellow, shade and blend out the edges of the orange. So it’s all very seamless, then, with that same brush, I’m just going to pick up this red color and that’s going directly in the crease so again, underneath the orange and the yellow. So again just blending in windshield, wiper motions and then for my lid color. I’m going to pick up this one right here, which is a really pretty deep, violet color. Oh sorry, gorgeous! I’m so excited to see what this looks like on the lid, because I’ve never worn anything like this before. So I just have a really small flat shader brush, I’m going to pack her on now, I’m just going to take that ready, shade again and I’m going to use this to blend out that purple just so it’s nice and soft. Now it’s time to move on to the skin, so I’m going to take this Sephora luminizing booster, and I’m just going to pop this on the outside of my face. So the skin can be nice and glowy. I’ve never actually used it before.
So I don’t really know what to expect, but we’ll see – oh my god. No, but it went all through my brow. It’s so watery. Okay, I’m going to blend it out and I really feel like that out of too much of a glory. But I guess we’ll see when the foundation goes on top and to prime my face. I’m taking these Smashbox photo finish primer water. Do you guys remember when everyone used to use it mmm, it’s also refreshing on the skin. Now it’s time for the foundation, so I’m taking the alluri el infallible 24 hour, matte foundation. I just started using this the other day and I was like, oh my god, we’re seeing my whole life. It just stays on for, like the whole entire day, does not budge it also just going to put a little bit on my brush actually a big bit, and then I’m going to blend it into my skin. It has really good coverage, and I love this color. As well, I’m in the shade 24 golden beige. I thought this one was in LA with Chloe and it’s just been sitting in my cupboard. This is so I was like I’m just going to give it a try, and, oh my god, I’m obsessed with it. I’m just going to blend it in with my Beauty, Blender, because it is quite thick. There was like little lines left on my face from a brush. I’m just gonna soak up that I’m going to do my forehead with a little paddle brush this way. I can go around and I’m smelling empty. I literally only used it a few times what is happening and then put concealer, I’m taking my Smashbox Studios, skin, 24-hour waterproof concealer in the shade light/medium. I used to use this all the time I loved it. So much. I’m going to really highlight underneath my eyes. My face is a little bit of a different color to my name, but we’re going to make this work guys, I’m just taking the lighter shade of the same concealer to make sure it’s nice and bright. Then I’m going to blend it out with a Beauty Blender. It literally took me a whole day to sort out my makeup room have so much and makeover to joke. I only ever realized when I’m like going through it. Otherwise I just use like the same stuff. I’m really making sure that my under eye is fully concealed, because the colors that we have on my lid may make the eye look like it’s being punched and Bruce. So if you sure all those orangey purpley blue tones are gone to set that concealer down, I’m taking my a spanner loose face powder, Michael literally, gave this to me like six months ago, and there was hardly anything left, but I’m still using it like this stuff Lasts so long, I guess, because the container is so big, I’m just going to put a tiny bit on under my eyes to make sure the concealer does a crease at all and then for the rest of my face.
I’m going to take this Chanel powder. I actually bought this for my $2,000 makeup tutorial and I forgot about it, but this one was like $100, so I really want to see how it goes on my skin. How do you open this off in it here we go, so this is what the powder looks like it’s a little bit lighter than my skin tone, but we can make it work. I hate how it has like half of the packaging. Just a powder puff is like seriously who uses those anyway. Brushes are just so much easier, but I guess, if you like going out, you can take the powder puffs in deep space, not hating, okay. So I’m just going to pack this on it’s making my foundation gross sorry patchy. What the hell! I literally have no luck with powders at all. I just love my Australis one, like seriously I’m going to push my brows upwards and to do that, I’m taking the 3d brow Stearns by a benefit I just sort of had to trim them yesterday. Oh, I have hair in my mouth like what do you mean? So I’m really excited to try this out. I love putting my brows up. I feel like I look so much more natural fluffy. So up there guys. Oh, I really like the applicator on this separating all of my little brow hairs. So cute, I’m just starting with that: a red, crease color and putting that on my lash line from outer corner to inner corner. So they can really proportion out what’s happening on the eyes and then I’m going to take the orange and blend that just under it. Now I’m going to take this eyeliner from colour-pop and it is in the shade booth. This is a really pretty pinky purple type, someone to the wood color. So I’m going to put this on my waterline. I love when they like two lines off, so you know you don’t have to sharpen them. Oh save my life. I always hate doing this part. Oh so uncomfortable, oh, my well, my face is literally yellow and my neck is like a brownie color.
We need some bronzer on that ASAP. So for my lashes, I’m a tasty benefit, a roller lash and Winokur to my top and bottom lashes. So they’ll be nice and ready for my whole Seas. Now it’s time for the lashes I’m taking these Empire lashes in the shade Queen of Hearts.. We need to pop these on now now for the contour, I’m taking the pixi by petra and natural contouring powder. So much, but this one is very cool tones or hopefully that works anyways back to literally seemed, like sometimes words, just really stick to you and you can’t stop saying it like. That’s just in my life, I’m just going to take whatever is left down the sides of my nose. I just started doing it. It looks so good it just like eyes more shaped winery’s, because it’s just when I can get a bit lost in my face, sometimes and then for the bronzer, I’m taking the a Marc Jacobs, tantric or mega bronze. So I need this because, like a brownie shade – and I really big brown so much – you know what I mean. So I just got this new brush from morphe. It is the m5 27. Their brushes are literally so soft and love them. So much I’m just going to start by doing my jawbone, so we can blend that harsh line and then I’m going to take some on my cheekbones and have to do a bit of baking actually and also around my hairline. So we can even out all this bronze eNOS, I’m just going to take a little bit of the gold deposit on a smaller brush. Just because I want to add a little bit of March to my cheeks, I love Google og so much. I think I’ve said this before, but I’m pretty sure this is actually a highlighter for deeper skin tones, but I really like it to add a glow to any match. Bronzers, I’m going to bake a little bit with my ass fun powder, just underneath my contour. So we can clean it out only what I really need to get another one of these powders. That’s so good, it’s really soft, so it doesn’t make like a super harsh line. If you want to me and then with my powder brush, I’m just gonna brush it away very lightly. So, as you can see it like cleaned it up a tiny bit, but it doesn’t leave any harsh lines now for my blush, I’m taking the max lash in the shade aromas. This is a very shimmery blush I’m just going to pop this on the apples of my cheeks and blend it back.
I can honestly never have enough shimmer on my face Okay, so now it’s time for the highlighter, which I’m so excited about, I’m going to take the new benefit, highlighter, which looks sorry, it’s like a light pink fairy color Oh, this is going to be good, so I’m just going to apply that with a fan brush and it’s dust it in here it doesn’t look very like chunky It just looks very like finely milled, oh yeah Oh my god That’s so pretty a little bit Lots on and I did spray my brush with mac’s fix+ I always do that with my highlights, and also I’m just going to put that on my nose I really want to go with like a nice pink ombre lip So we can kind of tie in with this whole colorful eye Look, it might be too much, but I’m gonna do it anyway, I’m going to start by lining my lips with the Urban Decay lipliner in the shade at disobedient disobedient point Firstly, I want to start with the makeup geek cream satin, and I’m just going to put this all over my lips Oh my god, this stuff literally drives sorry Matt There is no way this is ever going to transfer, so the next color I’m going to take is a few shades lighter and I’m just going to pop this in the middle So we can make a little bit of an ombre look what’s new Lastly, I’m going to set my face would be a touch, a luminous, dewy mist or my face to be like extra glowy So here we have the finished of makeup Look, I really hope you guys liked it Oh, my god, I just went and did my hair because I was like trying to cover the color difference right here at works really well by the way, and I noticed that this stuff left so many dots all over my face and I’m just like I thought this was expensive Why is it doing that? No thank you I’ve used this for so long and I’ve never really noticed it, but the product is actually white so down the bottom Here, it’s white, so um It doesn’t surprise you that it does that anyway, but like what’s the point of even having a face If you liked this makeup tutorial, because it helps me out so so much Next, because I love hearing what you guys want to see, so I love you guys so much don’t forget to subscribe to my channel my lovers – mmm

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