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She’s the best girl in Los Angeles for a week.

1 Nov , 2019  

Hip-Huggers, its Alexa Lucy here, I’m back at YouTube again, who are you doing tonight? Well, we are at the Daisy, love pop-up on the Venice Beach, our walls and it looks incredible fun, experiences, okay, learn about and achievement, Gigi, oh so sweet fragrant. I mean I’m already wearing it right now. I already smell it from here. Oh my god. That’s amazing! Incredible! Oh my god. They are gonna grenade herself this year, boo-boo and I are now driving yay we’re going to or information about next.
These are all the new rap shoes there’s a recital with the amount of like hairspray and bobby pins in my hair, i’ve been had really really deep acne in a really long time, and this, oh, my god, this hurts so bad. Well, i really wanted to go to tents tonight, but my friends vetoed the idea and they’re like we’ll come and stay with you go to sleep. Hey guys welcome to my ID to tidy right now and i really need to go through this closet because there’s way too much stuff that i just don’t wear and it’s really intimidating coming in here and being like. Oh, my god, i have so much clothes and I literally hate everything.. What is going on on Alexa? Does anybody else play this game with themselves where they have to like put everything away? That’s on the bed and they can’t go to sleep until they do it, but then they throw it on the ground cuz. I do. We love a white dress moment this background right now, while you’re sawing is just unreal. We’Re now eating salad, taking a break from filming, should I even argue in my Hall, oh yeah, so I wanted to show you guys what I ended up getting from our um. I because they were so generous and actually gave me like a lot of really beautiful pieces. So many caught me pick out a lot of these, but this little black tank is like so cute. Just like a really nice little basic there’s a stress out. It’s brand new, at least it’s a little silk situation, a white, oh, my god! This dress is so beautiful. It’s so pretty! Hmm, I think she’s, oh this one’s, oh, my god, this top, I’m obsessed with it basically is like cuts out in the front. Super super super cute.
This is really pretty it’s like a little plain black tank, Wow yeah. Oh my god. This is oh, that’s pretty stuff, I’m so excited. This is like one of my favorite brands so getting to go down there and do that was like so special. So thank you for me. Thank You Dominique. This was amazing. So today I am driving down to San Clemente to spend time with my family. It’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow. These days it may be regarded as fiction, but there is always the chance. That’s such a work of fiction, Tessa, hi, cutie pie, my god. How old are you now, hello old got a car, you got a card Wow and you didn’t ask for anything else, so I didn’t know what to get you. So you got a cake from milk. I’Ll show you that later she likes you more than she’ll ever liked me, hey Landon. Are you ready? Are you ready for dinner, really have a car? That’s nicer! Tonight! That’s fine! Oh my god. It’s the first time, you’re driving me! That’s you a cake from mode bar. How gorgeous is that so I’ve dropped in this address, probably four or five times, and it just keeps saying the there’s no drivers available, but even if I try to schedule it like tomorrow, it still says the same thing. So I don’t know why it’s doing this, but if I could get it to them today, that would be amazing. The Kody team just won the Fifi Awards, which is basically like the Oscar of fragrance, and so they won for best social media campaign, which is something I worked on so I’m like I have to go, I have to go. I have to go and congratulate them properly, so I have to head literally right now. I have to head to benefit on Third Street tonight and the benefits team, because they’re doing nope new brow stuff. So my cutie girl, hello whoa. What are they doing today? You’Re saying I just don’t know we just met, so I don’t know if you’re ready for a cutie or not. What are we doing today, guys styling around? We won’t touch them Superman. You heard it here. First skinny proud track. She doesn’t need to come here. Just finish, my brows with the key: no girls, don’t look at this you’re the queen down Honestly, you make everything Queen of all things benefit, so thanks guys pretty girl, hey guys, Courtney, Calvin or grabbing some coffee, it sings.
What are we in love? I know it’s cute right, my favorite South Africans, I’m happy you guys are here, sorry, Casper, the old keys and my brothers, thank God for Alfred oat milk ice You know a latte, I didn’t have this I died I’m here at the side, active girls right now and we literally just uploaded this podcast We recorded it literally probably like 10 seconds ago nah Well, I’m wearing Assad active for you What do you have on today? The mango mango said I think we have the same styles Oh yes, I have the tie-dye and we have We think we don’t know if you’re watching this vlog vlog, whatever you want to call it we’re gonna, do one other tie-dye to be released, but we’re not in love with all three colors that are coming, that I think we’re gonna do all three they’re Beautiful guys, I just saw them and I’m really excited, but this is my favorite little like situation set These two girls were in the company on their own, so go support their stuff because Lululemon doesn’t need anymore Your money we’re going to Claudia’s blonde, but my tie-dyed sweatshirt on – and we also talked about that This has been months in the making She asked me to shoot this in April Riley shot the campaign So we’re about to see my pictures, I’m excited and I am the neighborly emotional support yeah I think I shot the tag Wow Wow look at the churro bar Wow Thank you for the light Chris Oh no, this is my story Okay, we all match yeah These look delicious We need to make one immediately That’s the truth We’Re here Queen, look at this is perfect for your guys’s new apartment there right now, looking for furniture for their home nice IKEA cares yeah They someone’s getting rid of oh yeah, guys you’re so lucky, so I’m just now editing the vlog and I figured this would be a good place to end it So thank you guys so much for watching I will see you guys next time and until then don’t forget to subscribe Thank you for tuning in to a week in my life, j’adore

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