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Shop Missa hit and miss

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey ready, it’s gelatin. I get asked a lot. What are my favorite shot mistake products and what are some shot? Miss a products that I don’t recommend, and so I had to narrow it down to five. I might increase the number for my favorites because I do have a lot of favorites that I can’t live without from shop. Miss a but I’ll definitely mention some honorable mentions as well, and I also wanted to tell you guys that it’s normal for a brand to not have every product be a hit product.
You know, I think, that it’s normal for a brand to get this type of feedback and to understand what consumers want. You know what are things to consider in the future launches and everything like that. So this is just my little opinion and so let’s get started into my hips, I really do enjoy the h2o UHD pro setting spray. I think that this is actually amazing. It is more pricier on the shot, miss a website, it’s about two or three dollars, but I think it’s actually worth it because it makes the powders melt onto the skin. It has a really nice fresh fragrance and it also helps with the longevity of the makeup and wearing it on my skin right now, and I’ve had my makeup on for about ten hours now, and so it’s held up pretty nicely. I was having low expectations when I first got this, but when I kept using it I was like damn. I think I really need it back up, so I have one on hold for me and definitely check this out if you’re ever thinking about getting a new setting spray or something to travel with. If you’re wondering, what’s in my eyebrows, I actually really enjoy the sculpting brow pencil, I’m in the shade dark brown – and I love this because this has the perfect consistency for me for an eyebrow product and I don’t want to say I’m picky with my eyebrow products. But I look for things that are not too waxy they’re, not too stiff and they’re, not too soft. This one, I feel like gives me great, color payoff. I could build it up if I need to, and it’s really easy to spoolie out so that meets my all my requirements and honestly I like the shape I actually accidentally the tip this morning. Cuz I put the cap on the wrong side and things happened, but it was only a dollar, so I’m not even that mad at it. I just think that, if you’re looking for a great brow pencil in the shape of a brow, definer or the group goof proof by benefit – I don’t know I’m not really a whole big benefit girl. But if you’re looking for something in that teardrop shape for your eyebrows, this is something to really look into.
If there’s something about me that you should know, I love eyeliner, and there are very rare days when I will not wear eyeliner and I was very surprised. I really liked the wonder liquid eyeliner. I have the shade black. They also have a brown and I’ve never tried the brown. I remember the brown eyeliner girl, but the black one is actually really good. It’s an app approved I’ve napped in it like 10 times. It’s not smudge, it hasn’t flaked, it works really really well, and I love it because the tip is so small. It’s it’s actually amazing. If you are a big fan of the NYC liquid liner and you’re, trying to find a dupe. I think that this outperforms that and it’s cheaper so definitely look into it. It’s something that I think is a hidden gem on the shot, miss a website, because I’ve never seen this product sold out so definitely get your hands on it. If you see it, I have three sets shot missing a brushes and I love them so much. I have the foaming brushes. I have the high def brushes. I have the pop-up charity brushes, I think shop, miss a does their brushes right and I just wanted to give them a very quick shout out, because I used to be a big fan of bh cosmetics brush is but through time and through years. I’ve noticed that the more I was washing them, the more I noticed that a lot of them were deteriorating on me. The bristles started to get kind of no, no nasty trust me. I’ve been using beach cosmetic brushes since I started to do my makeup and that’s like eight years so as you can imagine, I’ve gone through so many brush sets on beach, cosmetics and just using these, they are so good and they’re. So high-quality there’s a difference between all of the brushes that I will talk about so the foaming brushes they’re perfect for powder application. If you’re looking for a great powder brush set that has both face products, I mean I’m not face products face brushes as all as eye brushes. This is a great set. It’s a 10 piece brush set and I think it’s really worth it.. So, if you’re wondering how all the brushes look how they apply on my face. The height of brushes in the white handle are great for liquid and I am never the one to apply my foundation with brushes. But whenever I blend out my concealer they’re small portions of my face with the brushes, I think that my face looks absolutely gorgeous and there are some brushes in this collection that work great with powder as well.
I just think that the majority of them work better with liquids now, if you’re looking for something cute to travel with, but also donate to charity, you’ll probably really like the pop-up charity eye brushes this I use interchangeably in my tutorials. I think that these are amazing. High quality brushes, if you are a beginner in eyeshadow application, then definitely check this out. All of the brush sets range around $10. This one is ten dollars and 55 cents, because you’re donating the 55 cents, a charity other than that they’re all ten dollars, and I think they’re all really worth it. And I like the eye brushes because, typically, when you buy eye brushes online or with any vendor you’re, not getting a good selection of blending brushes, you get a good selection of eyeshadow brushes of small brush. It like pinpoint brushes but you’re, never getting blending brushes. So that’s why I appreciate this set so much and I feel like it has completed my brush set. So I’m looking at all of my products that are in front of me and I’m thinking to myself. Oh, my god, I have six favorite, so I’m gonna mention it anyway. My number one favorite, I’m gonna wait till the last one, but I wanted to mention and give a huge shout-out to their single eye. Shadow single highlights single bronzers all their singles. They are so good. They are such a buttery soft texture. They do have a little bit of Fallout, though, but I don’t mind it because it is so buttery, so soft, so smooth granted this these two colors, those are not shot missing. I just couldn’t find a place to put it, so I put it in the shot, miss a little pallets. The palace itself are really good as well. This one comes with a mirror. These are such high quality. There are two dollars. I know it’s a little bit more expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for. So that’s also really good. Now, if you’re wondering Jasmine, what is the thing that I have to buy from shop? Miss a what is the number one favorite? Well sweetie, I mean know how long you’ve been here. But if you don’t know this is by now, but we gotta talk because it’s the shot, miss a pop-up charity, teardrop Blender. This is my ride-or-die. I used it today. I didn’t have time to clean it, but it is my ride-or-die sponge. This stuff is literally amazing. I bought twenty, no joke, it’s everything. I got my family hooked on it, my friends, hooked on it. Anybody who needed a blender, I just gave it to them, and then they said.
Oh, this feels like a Beauty Blender. I even had a client, I use it on a client. Yes, she said ooh. I just know when makeup artists are using Beauty blenders on me, and I literally giggled and I said: hey like it’s a $1 button day. I don’t know this. Sponge is actually amazing. It makes the skin look so smooth. It does not set up a lot of products, it’s great with literally powder liquid. Whatever you need it to blend out, it will blend it out great, and so I give this a huge shout out. It’s got me through many days. Many sick, happy sad depressed days, and I definitely love this one so much and if you’re wondering why my skin looks so smooth. That’s definitely because it’s this sponge, alright! So now that we’re done talking about the hits, let’s go into the misses, and I have you know I I feel like. I have some pretty valid points with some of these now, the first one being any type of shot, miss a translucent powder. This stuff is white, it is stark white, you know, give you the worst flashback. I do, however, think that if you are very pale, you can pull this off you. This might be the perfect powder for you, but for me I just think that it doesn’t work out as well as I anticipated it to now. I do have this in the pressed powder, but I also have tried it in the loose powder version and my opinion is still the same. I just think that there is too much help in here and there’s too many factors or ingredients. I should say that give you that flashback, so this is definitely a pass for me. I was considering this product as an honorable mention, but I just feel like the more I thought about it. The more I was a little bit more upset with how this was marketed towards me as a consumer, because, most you guys know I have bought almost everything here. Yes, Thomas a has sent me some stuff, but majority of the things that I’m mentioning I bought it myself and the first thing that I bought from the shop is a website was their blur primer and their poreless primer. I feel like they don’t do anything they moisturize my skin, yes, but do they blur my skin? No, do they fill in the pores no, and I feel like the only good primer from their line. This one is on honorable. Mention is their mattifying primer, but even yet this does not mattify the skin.
This one fills in the pores, so this one should have been marketed as the pore filling primer as opposed to the mattifying primer. So you see it’s kind of like they’re, not giving you what it claims and I feel like that is a Miss for me as a sumer, because it’s not what i want and i yeah i got upset when i got it so, yes, there’s a use for It, but i felt like they could have maybe improved their formula a little bit better. The next product i wanted a mission. Are their original wonder blenders now sharm if they did send this to me, this one is their new shape, i’m into the new shape and everything, but this is hard as a rock. It is so hard and the reason why I prefer the shop miss a Papa charity. One way more is because it’s marketed as 2 times softer and you could feel the difference. It’s insane and I I really don’t know anybody who likes the original wonder blender. Yes, I feel like it was the first thing to the beauty blender. That was a dupe that was the cheapest, but it’s just like it’s not worth it’s not worth this. It’s not, and I just feel like they should stick to the two times softness factor and just spread that throughout their entire line, I feel like they should ditch this and they should just stick to something very soft velvety luxurious now the next two products that I Want to mention, I don’t have in my collection anymore, because I was so upset with it. Okay, so the first thing I wanted to mention was the concealers, and I know a lot of people love the concealers. Everyone thinks it’s full coverage. A lot of people think it’s a shape tape dupe. I don’t think that, but it is so Matt. It’s so matte to the point where it emphasizes a lot of texture under the eyes and mind you. I don’t have a lot of texture under the eyes. I don’t have a lot of creases, but it made me look like I had a lot and I feel like if you are somebody who has really oily skin, maybe you would really like it, but for me I felt like no matter how much or how little Product I use – I just felt like my skin – just looked really bad and if they came out with a formula that mixed the original concealer formula with their BB cream, I think it would create this really nice long wearing yet very liquidy and very creamy product. On the skin, I feel like it would look really really good. So hopefully they come out with more concealer options, and I love I love. How Sean is saying is actually really inclusive with their shade range. That’s the reason why I bought their concealers was because they had a really large shade range, but I just felt like the formula itself was a little bit too drying and not ideal for my skin.
Now the one thing I actually really hated Photoshop, they say the things that are really disappointed. Me was their fiber mascara set. I don’t like I looked at the reviews and so many people loved it, but I don’t know about you, but if you’ve ever tried that mascara, you know what I’m talking about. When I say it’s so dry, if you cannot get the fibrous to stick onto the primer, because the primer is so dried way too fast and then when you got the fibers on your eyelashes, that fell right into the eyes and then you’re just like oh well. I should just used a fiber mascara like fiber and use mascara, or something because this was horrible and your lashes look the same. It did not do anything for my eyelashes and I was really upset. I was so excited for that mascara. It sells like lemon again a mascara from shop masais. I’ve never seen anything from them before then the eyelash department, the mascara department, you know – and it really disappointed me so, the first time I used it. I threw ok because I’m so pissed off at it. So yeah there are ups up my missus. I am gonna talk about my honorable mentions, though, and hopefully you guys found that a little bit helpful. So I wanted to talk about the lipstick if you’re wondering what lipstick I’m wearing and the shop is a traditional lipsticks, I think that these are actually really really good. I prefer these a hundred percent over the liquid lipstick because I feel like the liquid lipstick is very similar to the colour-pop ultra matte lips. I personally don’t like that formula, but I love this. This one claims to be a 24-hour lipstick. I think it’s a long wearing lipstick on all day and goes for 24 hours, but it makes the lips look so nice, it’s a mouth formula, but it doesn’t feel like anything’s on the lips. I have swatch the colors that I do own on my hand here. This one is a shade icon, which is what I’m wearing all over the lid and then to lighten it up just a little bit. I have the shade souffle and then next to it, I have a purple called poison and then the black called night girl. I haven’t really worn the dark shades all that much, but the nudes definitely something worth picking up now.
They just recently launched some $10 curated palettes. I have the one: that’s called love child, I’m a beach and wildflower, and I have played with these off-camera. I did pay for them myself. I know why I should mention that, but I have gone through these palette and the difference with this formula compared to their single eyeshadows that are $2.00. These are pressed in a little bit more hard, so I feel like I’m unable to get that really rich buttery color payoff that the original formula has, but on the purl side, I guess, if you’re not into fallout – and you really hate it. You might like this formula, I think the shimmers, though you have to scrape off the top layer you have to, because it’s not gonna, give you a really good color payoff. So definitely keep that in mind. If you do end up getting these palettes, I do think it’s a great deal $10 for a palette that has a mirror. That’s crazy. It’s amazing! The lashes I do have to say are an honorable mention because I like dramatic lashes, as you can tell, and the only lash that I feel like really suits me – are the Emelia eyelash right here. But these lashes are kind of a hit and miss for me because they are not my ideal shape of eyelash. Now I love an eyelash that goes from short to long, and I love it to be really really thick and I feel like shot misae. Has this budget, you know they’re a dollar, so there’s not much. You can really do with eyelashes. You know, especially the ones with thin bands, so you know I feel like. Hopefully they can expand their a oh line, the one that’s more expensive and create some more expensive luxurious lashes in the future. They did send me a very hefty generous pouch of all of their new lumi, blushes and halo highlights and a fine halo mm-hmm. I have to say these are very in between. For me, I love the fact that they have this really unique, baked halo. Why do I say halo baked design to own? They all apply very smooth on the skin, but I do have to say it’s very shimmery. Now, if you’re not into a shimmery blush, you might not like these, they give off a lot of shimmer. So if you have texture on the skin large pores, it’s gonna emphasize that the highlights. I don’t really want to recommend the highlights, but it’s more of um, a color preference to me So that’s why I’m not gonna recommend it, but it’s also not bad because it works really well so the Halos itself they have the swirl of like a purple cool tone, mist, um and I’m a very yellow and warm girl.
So on me, it just makes me look sick So if you are cool tone or neutral, you’ll really love these they’re amazing They are a really nice soft formula, a little bit softer than the original baked highlighters, but other than that If you’re, a warm like me, you’re, probably not gonna, really find any interest in it Just my two cents, the liquid eyeshadows, are amazing If you’re looking for something to create a really clean, easy cut crease These are also amazing to just pop on the eyelid and go They are not as intense as the colour-pop liquid eyeshadows, but they do do the job nicely If you’re looking for something of subtle but still really work, you would definitely find great use in this And, finally, I wanted to give it a shout out to these setting powders Now I really enjoy this shape banana and soft light, but if I wanted to put it all over my face, I would have to mix the two which I don’t mind I do have to say that if I’m taking flash photography on my phone, he gives me really bad flashback But if I’m doing photography on my camera does not give me any flashback instead, it makes me look really smooth So if you are the type of person to take all your pictures on your phone with flash, you’re – probably not gonna like these, because it will give you flash back But if you’re a person who goes about their day just doing whatever and aren’t really taking any pictures, but just looking for something to really help set in your makeup and give you a little bit of coverage You’Ll really like these all right I hope you guys all really enjoy now If you want to see me, do a full face to shop essay, then please, let me know I’m very willing to do it now that I have a full face of everything It took me a very long time to get here, but I got here, and so I hope you guys all really enjoy it Thank you guys so much for watching and before I go I wanted to say that if you want to help support me, then please shop through my shaman se affiliate link when you are about to purchase, because it will give me a small Commission, and so with that being said, thank you guys so much for requesting Scouts

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