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Shopping bags for our hospital – pregnant w / baby 5!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey everyone, it’s P-A-R-K-E-R and we’re super excited to be here right: J-A-C-O-B, Yep, yep, yep, yep., (, upbeat music). It just occurred to me just occurred to me than I am three months away from having a baby. Like this pregnancy has gone by so fast. We haven’t done really any planning.. I think’cause we’re just so used to like just tossing another kid in the car and we’re like “. Let’s go.”, We do have one plan: it’s to have a baby. Yeah., That’s like that’s one.
, Definitely have my baby. ( laughing), But I was like we need to kinda get goin’ on this guys. Today. We’Re gonna go to Target and I’m gonna. Do some shopping for our hospitable, sorry. And I’m gonna do some shopping for our hospitable, — ( laughing)? Why do I using hospitable, ( laughing), So today we’re going to Target and I’m going to do some shopping for our hospitable, — Hospital bag., ( laughing). So today we’re going to Target and I’m going to do some shopping for our hospital bag and ( laughing) ( laughing) Hospital. ( laughing). Wasn’t that well said: Didn’t you love that pronunciation of hospital, (, Jessica and Bailey giggling)? I’m really excited about this. We’re all going together as a family, because I love to incorporate the kids in any sort of baby prep that we do.. Yes, it can be more work, but I think that it really instills excitement in them and gets them involved in the like new baby process.. So it’s just something that we love to do as a family.. I think you’re in the wrong isle, Jacob., (, Jessica, laughs, ). Oh I’m, seeing baby stuff., I’m seeing some baby stuff. Baby stuff. Baby stuff., Diapers, diapers, diapers., Diapers., Okay. So first of all, we’ve done this before. So we have an idea what the hospitals usually carry.. Typically, they will have diapers., We’ll probably need a few, even just for the ride. Home. Potty., Oh you’re, the potty pro. Aren’t you This is. like Duncan’s, dreamland, right now., You love a potty, don’t you Yeah. Our little potty training pro., So hospitals often come stocked with just about everything you like need., Like the bare essentials. They will have.. They will have stuff to support a mom who just gave birth, like you know all the stuff that goes on with that., And they will also have stuff to support a new little baby like diapers and wipes and things to suck things outta noses and little pacifiers. Usually sometimes., So if, for some reason you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have a hospital bag and you’re going to have a baby, don’t get too stressed.
It’ll be okay.. Yeah. (, Jessica, laughs, ), But it’s also kinda fun to get ready in this way and to pick out the things that really like are suited to your needs. Yeah., Yeah. Yeah and the things that, like ya, know. I know I really like I’m gonna make sure I have on hand. So as far as an actual bag goes. First of all, this is probably going to be way too small. (, laughs, ), But we’re gonna try to go with it.. We’Ll definitely need some sort of diaper bag.. Our current diaper bag is excellent, but it is getting older and pretty like banged up so time for a new one.. This one is Ergobaby, which is a pretty good brand, so– I feel with baby stuff like you. Can get off brand things and they’re actually often better than the like? Really fancy really expensive things., But I’m gonna try this., I kinda always try them and then I regret it, but we’re gonna try it.. I think this one’s really cute – and I love that it’s a backpack. So when we’re talking about something that could be a potential baby diaper bag, I really lean towards a backpack. They’re. Ultimately, what we use the most. They’re. What Christopher feels comfortable with, and I like to be able to have him, carry it, or even one of the bigger kids carry it.. This one probably won’t be able to carry all of the things we need for a hospital bag like all of our changes of clothes and like everything for the whole few days that we’ll be at the hospital.. But it’s a really cute bag and it will work for the baby stuff.. So I just looked through this bag and I will say the number one thing that it is missing that I hope we don’t terribly regret and miss like. So much are that the sides here are completely closed and our current diaper bag has this really cool thing where you can put baby wipes in it, and you can just like pop it open and grab baby wipes from the pouch directly., And it’s really really really Nice., So this bag won’t have that.. That might be a problem, but hopefully it’s not too bad., But I will say what this bag does. Have that I really like. Are these upper handles here. We’ll be able to grab it really easily from the top? And I really appreciate that. That will be very helpful and I just think it’s really cute. Other than that. It has the basic things inside of it like a lot of good pocket, storage and also a little changing pad, which honestly, I never really used those but.. But if I ever decide this is the baby to try it on it’ll be there for me.
And we’re shopping right now… So look forward to that. Soon. Binkies babies like a lot, and I think that these are some good babies’ binkies.. So this is what you want. This one says six to 18 months and you need one that says newborn so go look for that., So I don’t know what that is.. I guess that’s a pacifier., So I don’t usually use a binky the first couple days because I’m usually getting a baby like very accustomed to breastfeeding, but they’re nice to have., And I will say we do end up trying every single one. We’ve had two kids who Didn’t take a binky at all, didn’t like it not into it.. I think that was Bailey and Duncan and then Jacob and Parker were completely dependent on them and loved them. So much., All four of my kids have nursed without an issue, so we haven’t had a problem with like nipple confusion there, but they do suggest that you wait a little bit before using a binky if you’re. If you have any potential issue for breastfeeding., So Jacob found this one, which I’ve never seen, before. That’s new to us, so we’ll try that.! I love these little toy ones. Duncan never took the pacifier, but he really enjoyed the doll thing.. Also these–. What about this giraffe, Let’s see if Duncan approves. Duncan? What do you think for new baby Yeah., You think he’ll like it, That’s mine., You think your baby brother will like it Yeah.. Okay. Will you put it in the cart Yeah. Mkay.? I wish I remember how to– Thank you.. I haven’t had as much luck with these’cause. They always seems so heavy that they fall out of the baby’s mouth, but I dunno a lot of people swear by these ones.. Oh those are good ones. Parker. Go toss that in the cart, dude. Not necessary, yet not necessary, yet., Not necessary, not necessary., But these are my faves for Duncan’s age., Ooh NoseFrida. We love a NoseFrida., I love these.. I love these. Ooh. I’ve never seen this. This is new.. We need this.. We definitely need newborn baby nail clippers.. Oh wait, there’s a whole kit.. Am I doing this wrong? I did it wrong. We should just buy the kit… I think a lot of people talk about them on YouTube because they’re kinda, like gross seeming., It kinda, just shows you the desperation that parenting takes so ( laughing). These products are amazing.. They have helped relieve a lot of issues for my babies. You’d. Be surprised how sharp newborn baby nails are so we’re definitely needing the clippers with us at the hospital., And they also have like a little just a nail file in case the clippers don’t work, because sometimes the newborn baby fingers are so tiny that you wanna.
Just use a file, so that’s all in there and I’m set.. That is a great kit., We’ll get a small thing of diapers.. We already have some wipes just because I have a bunch of kids, but I think I’m gonna get some of the things like for me and for like coziness right now.. I definitely like I love a nursing cover., This one’s really cute and soft, and I’m super tempted’cause, it’s so cute, but this isn’t really the kind that I end up liking.. This is kind of like a shawl based one.. The kind of nursing covers that I swear by and I love. Oh, I found a cute one. Yes, it’s kinda cute., I dunno it coulda been cuter but still.. I love the ones that have this. Like thing you put around your neck., Not everybody’d gonna like the same thing, but this is what I’ve found that I love, so I’m gonna get one of these. And I’m gonna bring it with me to the hospital, even though when I’m in the Hospital, I have no modesty at all and everything’s hanging out and I dunno if I’ll actually use it, but in case I do feel like I need it or if we have guests, I will have this with me. Yay And then speaking of breatfeeding. We need a good Boppy Pillow. Boppy Pillow’s are my fave.. I do have one at home, but I also find that every baby I have they kind of like shrink and deflate by the end of that nursing session. So I’m gonna get a new one. So it’s nice and big and fluffy, and then I’ll have the other one as like an extra standby one, which I also always need, because I love my Boppy Pillows.. I am so dependent on them. Eee, I’m just so excited I’m having a baby. This is so much fun, Yes Boppy’s! Yes, I like that one too, but you know what I kinda, I’m feeling– Yeah. I like this one. Look at this one. It’s like camping, happy camper., Oh wow., That is the queen Boppy. I love that.. So Boppy’s generally come without a cover with a like cotton lightweight cover or with one that’s like really soft and fluffy on one side and then kinda cottony on the other side. We’re having a winter baby. So I think I’m gonna get one that has one of the super soft warm sides., Ooh Jakey. Let’s see what you got. Luxe. “, Hello, world”. I like that one a lot or we could go with this queen, one, which I also love.. This is tricky.. I dunno how I feel about these little dots though.. I dunno how soft that is., What does the back look like And then yeah? This makes more sense’cause.
This is actually cotton.. I think we’re gonna go with this one.. Also, if Duncan changes rooms, — Yeah., It’ll match., It will it’ll match his room., Along with the fact that we haven’t bought anything else. Yet for the new baby, we also haven’t decided where everybody’s sleeping., We do think there will be some rearranging of the furniture and the rooms, but we haven’t completely decided yet., So ( laughs, ), we’re gonna have to figure out that nursery situation soon too.. I don’t think I was plain enough about the Boppy, but the covers that they come with are removable, so you can get one without a cover at all and just buy covers for it or it just like comes with one, and I think, probably the ones that Come with, like the soft ones, are a little more expensive., But I really like that fabric. Some people, it’s too warm for them, but I like it. So I always get those and then get a couple more removable ones. Too.! Oh Christopher’s, appreciating this right now.! That’s a pretty cool thing.. Yes, what do you think Duncan Good. Good? Can I feel it Is that what it’s for This– Yeah? So it doesn’t go in your eyes.. This would’ve saved our lives with Bailey. Bailey struggled so much with getting water on her head.. But if I go like this and just tip your head back oh. All right. Can I feel it. I know it’s not hospital bag but toss it in the cart’cause. I know it’ll make your life better sweetheart. Bath time just got a whole new game., (, Jessica, laughs). So one thing you might be noticing is that, even though I’ve had a lot of kids every single year, there’s new thing on the market and there’s new like essential. That actually like is super valuable to moms.. And I’m so grateful that I’ve gotten to experience that, because the first time I had a kid was 12 years ago., It’s wild! How much things have changed, but also wonderful that there’s so much more support for new moms and for babies. And also kind of a bummer, because every year there’s something new that I’ve loved that gets recalled.. I’ve found that so many baby products that are like the baby product when I’m having each baby ends up going off the market for the next baby, because it’s recalled., For instance, the big one that just happened this year was the Rock’n Play Sleeper.. That was a great great product that that has issues with safety that people didn’t know about.. So now it’s off the market., The Orajel Nighttime Teething Gel and I feel like that’s been around since I was a little kid and now you can’t even buy it as far as I know.
. I hope they bring things like those back, obviously in a safer way, because they were great products, but safety is clearly the most important thing. So. Ooh I just found a new section. Okay, I just found a whole new section and I’m really excited ( laughs. ). Remember how I said the hospital has a bunch of things for moms. Well, I just found an area where they have like the real good stuff, and it’s that Fridababy except it says it’s Frida Mom.. So I know this doesn’t look that appealing to anybody else like who else gets thrilled by disposable underwear, but a mom who’s about to have her fifth child. So I definitely wanna get all of these things.. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh., You can put ice in your pad thing.. That’s definitely going in the shopping. Cart right, now.! Okay! I just did the same thing where I put all the individual products into the cart and then realized they have like. This is just the kit again, so like (poppy music), they have a whole kit., So I’m just gonna grab that. Get it perineam. Today’s your day., Yes, my favorite things., So you guys should know. I have a muslin swaddling blanket addiction.. I think they are extremely cute.. I already have a ton.. I definitely am gonna get more right now for my hospital bag, (laughs), because I have the excuse but they’re so pretty and they’re so practical.. We used them for everything with Duncan.. I like these ones., Yes, those are so pretty.. I kinda like these ones, they’re like so soft and sweet like they’re, sweet looking.. I like these, but I kinda like the ones we have home better.. This is good. I love this feel.. Oh, It says “. I love you.”. I love that one. Do you wanna get that one Yeah.? Is that the thing We don’t need this for the hospital bag, but it’s really cute.. Ah sweetie.! Oh my gah SwaddleMe’s! These are some of my favorite products that exist.. Oh, my gosh. Look at how pretty this is. Can I feel it That– It’s soft. Is what we need. We’re gonna get this newborn SwaddleMe for now and we’ll see what we need beyond that., We’ll probably need a million three packs to be honest, but this one’s really cute. Get the other one. You Like this camping one, I like camping, so– Yeah, that’s cute., All right. It was covered before., I’m gonna get that one adventure. Time for adventure. Baby. Oh.. We found the smoothest rocking chair., I’m actually really on board with that, but we can’t put it in the hospital bag.. Does it fit in the hospital bag? Yes., That’s the question., It does. Are you gonna fit it in the hospital bag? Okay., I’m actually. Like 100 percent on board with this, but we’ll need to see if it goes in our house and– Can I have a turn. This is like a later date purchase, but I love it.
. It would fit in our room. Our bedroom, I feel like we can put that in our bedroom. Yeah., Did you guys just see me fall in love with my husband all over again?’Cause he’s the one coming up with the space for the dream, ottoman and coming up with the reasons for how it will work in our lives.. Here’s the DockATot.. We actually got a DockATot for Duncan and didn’t use it much and lent it Colleen for Flynn.. So all the times that Colleen is using hers for Flynn. That was actually one that she borrowed from us.. I think I’ll have to get that back from her to try with this new baby, but every baby’s different so like it was so great for Flynn, but it didn’t really do much for Duncan.. We had a couple good days but, like I dunno. We’ll see what this baby thinks. Aww. Look that is so cute. I mean I don’t usually do shirts and shorts with newborns, but like–, Like this. Yeah, do it. All right. It’s a deal.. Wait, wait, wait! Wait wait.! Well, I think that this will fit me so–, (, Jessica’s, laughter, drowns, Jacob out, ) Sure Jacob.. We need some pajama sleep sets Bailey.. We need like sleepers. And my rule for sleepers. Is they can’t button or snap.? They need to zip and they need to have feet., Because if you can live in a world where you don’t have to put newborn socks on your newborn you’re living in a better world. That is so cute. All right. Wait, wait! Wait! Jacob. Ding ding ding ding ding. Winner winner, chicken dinner.. That’s very good. It’s pretty light weight. So let’s get a warmy one too, but get that. Ohh. Wait Jacob! Is that even newborn? That’s three months dude you need newborn., Daddy, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding winner.. Look! It’s got little puppy dogs on the feet., Yes Ding, ding ding ding ding.. Do you like that one (Jessica’s laughter drowns out Duncan)? Do you know what it says? It says: “ Little brother.” Pretend like you’re holding your little baby brother.. Oh he’s gonna be so little. He’s gonna, be so little you’re gonna be so big.. What do you think Back to (background music drowns out Duncan) Nice. Back to the book, (Jessica, laughs, ). I’ve been giving Duncan board books to read while we’ve been shopping., No no.. As you can see, it’s a very nice distraction., ( laughs, ) He’s very happy.. You like that one! That’s a good book., Good, book. Newborn all right, put it in the cart.. This is so cute and I’m so tempted, but no snaps., Oh, my word, are you kidding me? Are they sen…? They have a Miranda, Baby clothes line.
Now.. I think I just found the jackpot.. Let’s see. It says, newborn. All right, good., Zip., Yes., Zip, zip.. Very cute love it., All right put it in there.. We need something: fuzzy though fuzzy and warm. Ohh. Here, Mama. Ohh. We could do that.. Do you wanna? Do these things I dunno.. Do you ever like them? I don’t remember.. We’ve tried those a bunch of times these, like sack things and I dunno. Some people – love em, but we haven’t had like huge success. So maybe we’ll get one.. Do you like the sheep or the bears Sheep. Sheeps, okay., All right., So we’re not seeing any warm pajamas. So I need to remember to get some of those,’cause. That’s what I really wanna have., Especially when we are going home from the hospital.. It doesn’t get that cold here in California like at all, but we really like warm sleepers., Especially since babies aren’t supposed to have like blankets covering them, while they’re sleeping. Yeah those are snaps.. That’s a complicated sleep suit right there.! Oh hats! That’s a good idea.! Bailey is this the suit you got.? Is this the matcher for that Yeah.? Okay, here Jakey. Good catch, we did need some hats.. Oh, this is cute too Look “, Say yes to adventure”. I love this. This is a zero to three month, sleep suit. So this will not fit our baby at first, but it says “ Say yes to adventure” and they’re really cute and I love them. So I’m gonna get them right. Now.. Now that I think about it with Duncan, we always swaddled him and we wouldn’t actually want him in the warmer sleep. Suits. We’d want him in the ligher ones, because the swaddle was going on top and we didn’t wanna like really overheat him., And maybe I have some warm ones at home.. I just have to go through my old baby stuff, but I didn’t think that it was possible for me to have a fourth baby boy in a row.. So I did kinda pass on a lot of my newborn boy stuff, but ( laughs, ). But I do have some still so., But I think Colleen is now saving me Flynn’s hand-me-downs, for when this baby is a little bit older., We just didn’t know. I was gonna, have another baby boy, (, laughs, ) so surprise. I know that Christopher’s gonna wanna go to Star Wars, Land like within the first second of the baby being born.. What do you guys think Yeah. For baby’s first trip to Star Wars? Land.? Yes! Well, I’m hoping he visits Star Wars Land before he comes out., (, Jessica, laughing). Christopher really wants to take me in my third-trimester to Disneyland so see how that goes.
I’ll push you in a wheelchair. The whole time. He’ll push me in a wheelchair. The whole time. The whole time. And then I’ll just birth right there.. I have already exceeded my expectations for products that I would get for myself and my own recovery, but I’m now in the like maternity section, because one of the main things you really want in your hospital bag are things like nursing bras, maybe like a nice, robe Or cozy pajamas. You really need those like awesome, recovery, clothes and also new mom clothes.. There we go. To identify a nursing bra section. You will see these little clips., Yes, (laughs), so they pop open, like that., Jacob– And then– Big brother extraordinaire.. We’Re gonna be getting something more like that, but even more something like that., (, laughs). This is the money.. This is what I want. All right, no frills for these bras.. So it’s good to have a little clip there or you can just get a really stretchy bra kinda like this.. This one wouldn’t be great, but like something that p– Woop. Do-do-do.! Oh like this, like this guy.. So this you can just pull down. So you don’t even need the clip., But you also need to keep in mind how like leaky and goopy. Things will be in that region.. So this is kinda nice.. It already has like a thickness. You’re gonna be adding nursing pads as well to a bra. Like this, but I like having the extra like somethin’ there, so I kinda like this one.. But then this is also good for like when it’ warm and you have those nursing pads. Or if you get to a point where you don’t need nursing, pads anymore, which I generally do. Like about a month or two months in I’m not so leaky that I Need them., I’m kinda, the rare case.. I just don’t have a lot of excess milk, but then you’ll have women who are just like overflowing with milk for months and months and months.. But that’s not me so.. Also, I use something called Lansinoh, which is a cream that protects your nipples when you’re first starting to nurse, so they don’t like get cracked and yucky and awful and sad and hurt., And I really really love Lansinoh.. I think it’s great, but it’s very, very greasy and it will ruin my bras and ruin my shirts and like kinda, ruin anything it touches immediately unless I have a protective barrier between it. Never tried these like high up belly leggings. So I’m gonna try some of these today yeah.. Well, actually I dunno. If I like the way that feels. I’m not going to buy them today. I (laughs), I always chicken out about buying them.
. Please tell me if you like those like high up belly things or, if they’re, just like too much on your belly.’Cause right now. I just wear leggings but below my belly., It’s fine! It’s just not what Facebook is telling me is important to my life, so I’m so confused. K this body suit thing seems really hard to get on’cause. It’s a full body suit, and how am I gonna pee? Is there other snaps or something? No, but it’s so soft., I really wanna get a nice like one of these guys. And I like this., Do they have my dress size, It’s kinda big.. I like that. I’m gonna go with that guy. I dunno. Maybe I’ll get one later.. These are soft.. This is what I’m gonna do. Here’s what I’m struggling over.! I do feel like in the hospital. I actually will just live that hospital. Gown life and kinda like be completely over clothes., But if I am going to want any clothes, I actually know I’m not going to want to wear pants, and I don’t know if other people relate with that. But all I want right now are these super soft awesome pants, but I feel like in the hospital. There will be a lot of like bleeding and a lot of things I need to maintain and take care of., I’m just not gonna wanna have pants over that zone.. I think I might do something like…, Oh hello., I kinda like this.. So what I’m liking about this is that ya know great pockets, open easy for breastfeeding and then it’s just really soft.. So I think I might do this, even though it’s really kinda big on me., I’m gonna get that too. (Chris mumbles). Okay. So my current plan and I’m sure I’ll change, but right now, I’m just thinking I’m gonna get a loose top that I can nurse in easily and wear underneath this robe thing and then just like not have any pants, ( laughs, ) Have no bottoms and Just cover up with my like my blanket and that’s what I’ll do., Obviously I’ll have an outfit to wear home, (, laughs, ), but I’m just not gonna plan on a lot of clothes when I’m actually at the hospital I think. Also, I should mention. I am planning on having a baby shower.. I know I’m getting a lot of stuff on my own, mostly because I feel like when you’re having a fifth kid. There are some people who are like super anti baby showers for like when you’ve had kids in the past., I’m not of that mindset.. I believe that every baby should be celebrated and we should have a party for, and we should have a baby shower and just like everything that we can do to celebrate. That person And I would feel awful if one of my kids had a baby shower and then the other ones didn’t.
So that’s my mindset However, I’m not expecting any gifts or anything I’ll probably have a registry, because some people like to give – but I am not expecting anything, So I’m just buying a bunch of stuff now and like we’ll have the things that we have and it’ll all work out But I definitely am still planning on having a baby shower sometime in September, So yay, Oh, my gosh, I love these This is like actually kinda counts as pants too, but I dunno how easy Nope I could nurse in that I could nurse in that So this is definitely happening, too Right here, right now, These things are like sure, warm and cozy, and a lot of women get very like hot and sweaty, especially after having a baby, but I’m typically freezing in hospitals So I really appreciate the warmth of these and we’ll see We’ll see how this one goes, but I’m not expecting to be too hot, like some people, are Also I’m sure you’ve noticed But I love that at this point in my pregnancy, a shopping trip makes me totally sweaty and out of breath for basically the whole thing And I’m not uncomfortable like walking around hasn’t been too bad today Maybe tomorrow I’ll be hurting, but (laughs) I definitely feel like really ridiculously out of breath and very sweaty, So this has been a wildly successful shopping trip for our hospital bag I’m sure there are a few things that I still haven’t gotten, And I’m just so excited We’re having a baby ( laughing) Duncan, do you like Aunty Patty’s little bump? Do you wanna touch the baby Aww We’re taking Colleen out in public right now and she looks pregnant, Which is something I never did when I was pregnant, I’m actually really hoping that you get recognized and they don’t say anything and then they take a picture And then they set the internet on fire

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