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Shoulder to shoulder + Jessie J

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys so today I am here with me today. I am here with the legend, the icon – I am here with hi guys, so today we are here to do our makeup together and fun part is, and I never knew this you do your makeup yourself. I do for everything. Yes, we’re going to shop dates. You go on date sometimes so I am so excited that we’re here today. Thank you make up forever, who arranged this for us. I am so on. Yes, girl get that promo. I am so excited and let’s do it, let’s stop yeah! I was introduced to this new product here.
This is my makeup. Forever is called the skin booster from drops. Please give me some of that boosts girl. Okay, I’m still rubbing yeah. I quite enjoy the rubbing. Well, look: are you going for? I just think like beat, oh my face. No, like a soft but kind of strong. I was like soft and then you went strong and over the ah, I like to use like warm oranjee, Browns cuz. My eyes are green, but and if I do a dark eye, it’s usually a dark, dark brown or a plum as opposed to black I’m using this by the way, which is my favorite foundation. I’m using this way – and I use this on stage – it’s HD – Make Up For Ever professional Paris font attempt chorus. I always do my eyes before my skin do do your skin first kinda Nana, just girl appreciate the cake and we’re done it was so nice to be here today. It was an honor dumb guys. Take me to the pachi put me to gown. You did that voice for ice age right I did. I did see this is me the entire movie another thing, and now I’m gonna have like okay, stop making me laugh. You were really horrible and I said no. I was watching that movie and I was like I know this voice, but I can’t like place it and then it ended, and I saw you I was like. Oh my gosh. I knew it baby, so when you do your makeup for all these, like events, yes, what is like that key thing you, like think of well every event is different me doing. My makeup for TV is very different for me doing my makeup. If I was going to an event – and I was gonna meet people on TV, you always look pain out and you always look shinier. So I always use more powder and I’d pop I put more bottom lash on and maybe do a white inside liner on my eyes. But when I meet people I often wear a lot less. So that’s the vibe I’m gonna do today because I want to meet you all you’re gonna.
Do this not less but just lie with me. Come on yeah I like to do it all over my lid, so hygienic did you use a primer? No I’m living on the edge babes, I’m Amish out here, not using a primer just thinking I can oh, my mother’s looking a little pale. Damn girl, I’m just here dressing as a ghost. Oh this one. One time I was dude, I was invited to this like interview on TV and they got us at a hotel room me and my boyfriend. Oh my boy here in films me at home. I know it sounds really bad. I know I know so. We brought the camera, we brought lights and we only checked into that hotel for like a couple hours and we we walk in. I go yeah. It’s up. I came and gave him my last name, and I go yes just for a couple of hours and he sees all these light and he’s like. Okay and I came in without any makeup on and it came back out with like full face and he was like. Did you have fun? Oh my god brush. You know you can use it. I have ICD and I like to use things. Did you clean your brushes every day? No, I did how come you do that, but then still like bathe your brush in your mouth, um. Somebody’s not in these boom, this girl. What is your favorite makeup? Look you’ve ever done. Mm-Hmm! Wait! You do their makeup! Other people! I did my sister’s wedding. Well, I, for one, think you are the one that created the trend with the Rhinestone in the center of the lower lashline, like back in the day. I remember doing that with eyelash glue and going on stage and sweating the eyelash glue into my eyes. So is that, like a favorite look of yours, I suppose I mean the first, I think it’s like anything. You involve when you grow and you change and I think makeups a perfect way to really like to see that mm-hmm like in photographs. You look back and go. Oh, my god. What was I thinking, but at the time yeah, you know you loved it and it worked and it made sense. So I try not to be angry at myself of anything that I do. Okay, I have a really hard question. Yeah. What song are you the proudest of yeah? I think it’s, the ones that have stood the test of time and I still meet people now that have have listened to the Scot songs or discovered them, and it’s helping them now.
You know so like who you are who’s laughing now nobody’s perfect yeah they’re, when you busted out in that blonde wig and you like, with those things behind you, I died with the M. Oh yeah Wyatt today, what literally about half an hour into that shot? I sat on one of those pilots polystyrene boxes thinking. It was solid and fell straight for it and, like pulled a muscle in my arm, I mean have you ever used 13 as a highlight? Oh, like bang, bang onto my face. I know I won’t it. What is the moment that happened to you in your career that really stayed with you that little ones tell me like go into places that I would go before I was famous and before I was signed, where people then started to notice me right that felt weird. It’s funny when people shout my name right next to my face, I thought no see yeah I’ve, I’ve. I went to Kat Von D. You probably know her the tattoo artist. I went too hard to Universal Studios the park with Halloween, and you know people come up to me and be able to oh, my god, Nick it’s so nice to meet you but like with Kat. It was littered, oh yeah, and I’m like she knows that. Shout something at me that I don’t know Jessie J. Yes, that’s my name whoo. I probably said that in public nothing we’re gonna just be like they’re gonna shout shout runs Williams Arena. What is your favorite makeup forever product, the HD foundation? What the sticker fluid the highlighter haladki this one then load and the golden one and not the acrylic. I was wearing the blue, the aubergine one. Yesterday, Patrick’s too laid your face. I was done when you do red carpets, because those are like how do you make it long-lasting red carpet. Makeup is hard. Red makeup. Carpet is hard, just because there’s so many different cameras and so many different lights, ou- of okapis. I try and wear this right. The more naturally you look the better yeah, because you could, because those cameras plague every room. So if you look a little bit caked they’re gonna see it. I did one record once and I never did it again. I like felt so beautiful, and then I saw those throws. Another thing ya know any one time ya know I’ve been there.
Babe trust me like the Brit Awards. I did a line live a few years ago. I think I remember that I tried to personally block it out of my memory like I was wearing baby song came on my mouth and literally I am, I remember in the room. I looked fine yeah and we took a photo. It was finding it on camera and I couldn’t smile to my teeth was so yellow it’s ours, I so the victors I’m just like. I was awful. You know instead of blowing, you can do this, so not gentle. Of course, it’s gonna make a song out of it. Taking up shadow with my brush. Take a brush. Take another shadow of my brush. I’m sorry CJ cool taking the shadow off the brush, but do you have any more strip lashes that aren’t so thick yeah? Can I use these? Can I use these ones? These are big but natural impact. It’s like that’s my porn name tonight. Do you think my dad keeps saying he’s got the strongest vibrato like a maid zing wait. Do you? Yes, I know I would do it because I love creating my my own callers and Li yeah. You know texture and formula. I would love that. I want everyone to like it. So then I feel like when people don’t like it. I won’t like crush it like so maybe like it’s not literally impossible to do anything that everyone will like do. You know that was hard for me to like accept when I started my channel when I just started doing it. You know people were so positive and they liked what I did and then, as you got bigger yeah. Everyone starts getting a little bit more negative and it was so hard for me to deal with that because I was used to like love and warmth and support, and then I have like old meanings like calling you names or not. Loving your work and – and it was really hard for me to accept that okay, you always have to think about this. Who would you rather be you or them? Oh me look past the pain that they’re trying to you know, give and think about why they’re doing it just keep on your path of light and promote in what you believe in and and being that warmth and loving person yeah, it’s like if you keep feeding. If you keep feeding the beast, it’s gonna come back, so I’m still going for this team. As look, I always go for so I’m trying to in my head. I’m doing a little golden vibes come up with some.
This is kind of like a holiday going outlook should probably have a tan, but clearly I don’t do you you’re sitting next to hi your skin’s beautiful, like your kind of your skin, I’m really pale too we’re different kinds of power: more yeah, you’re warmer, I’m a Pallavi, I’m a defini kind of pill. I totally forgot, you didn’t do your skin, yet it looks really good. So I like to slap myself a little bit amazingly just about for the face. Oh, we got purple on the lid, oh hello, for once not brown or gold. It looks good or rose gold or bronze or champagne. It’s the same eyeshadows, ladies and gentlemen, this is Pam. Oh you’re, like me, I did the Loki Awards in Australia and I had a meltdown said nothing to wear and I was on my own. I was tired, I was young and I just I hated everything and everyone. I just didn’t know how to deal with my life, and I cut my own fringe cut. My eyebrows didn’t know what to wear and then ended up wearing a leotard under it like a swimming costume. Under this, like long dress – and my makeup is so bad and when I tell you, every woman in Australia is like a princess, they all look beautiful, they’re, all blonde. They do. You know, and I literally came down to connect. I was gonna cast a spell on all of them. I’m here at the lowers, and I’m going to make your eyes thing with the struggle come on. Second thing go, let me say: you’re too, nice close your eyes. It’s totally fine you’re gonna do a liquid liner over that right. You got a girl. This is lovely artists, liquid matte feeling like JLo. You should do the JLo lip trick. You know eat your up over the top, no right here. She goes here in the center they put like a little bit of contouring powder and like butt out. Oh my god, it worked. Oh my I’m going I’m coming in boy like this. Oh I like this. Oh suddenly, I’m not basic anymore. Watch me pull up to a Korean barbecue after this be like hi guys. Is it this one? Can I do it? Can I go in yes, oh she’s gonna. Do it? Oh! Oh you guys, I’m a flashlight, nice! Oh look! I can’t stop I’m gonna miss them fix my final look guys, which is crunchy chic, it’s kind of like yeah, grungy, chic Lion, King sunset, 3, 2, 1, mist in and fixing.
How do people look cute when they do that? The lion is that all you’re using hey? How much should I do ok watch and learn yeah? Oh my t-shirt, soaked in I’m like ooh Let’s go swimming Kim Kardashian’s supporters taught me this once you spray Do this locks it in there’s so much to look Go ahead Dryer! I never have a hair stylist I feel so important now do I look like Adele yet welcome to makeup for ever news, I’m Jessie J, and this is Adele, and today we are talking about mist and fixing it’s the new product That’s got everyone talking If you haven’t seen everybody doing this, then you’re not down with the kids Alicia’s got the story over to you Welcome to Make Up For Ever news, I’m Jessie J, and this is and over it, and I have been bringing that the Rhinestone today in the studio we’re discussing how we can put them on our face You know back in the day I once used to be a pop star, but no more It was the days I didn’t have any friends or own a mirror, but today, ladies and gentlemen, nothing SJ, please change the problem The fact that I have a few friends – and I own this very special mirror today I put rhinestones just slightly under my eyes As you can see, I went for an orange rhinestone and over it went for crystals small crystals all over it Sweating welcome to makeup For ever news, I’m Jessie J, and this is over it What do we do now? We do outro and then posing and then photos and then is the posing in slow motion Or can we pretend emotion? Can we pretend to be information? Oh, you can pretend anyway, anything Are we ready? Oh, we are okay and that guys includes us get ready with me and Jessie J thanks for getting ready for us I hope you’re going to a lovely party So thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed, as always, that’s negative, we’re both gonna come and get you with the mr fix so anyways Thank you so much for watching all right and on that note see you later bye Everybody

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