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Silver flash cut crease makeup tutorial beginner friendly

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey you guys, welcome back to my channel is girls silver medallion, and I am so glad that you guys came back to join me again today. As you guys can see, we did another prom inspired makeup tutorial again stay tuned. If you want to see how I created this by I’m, Rachel welcome back to channel as y’all can see, I’m taking my eyeshadow base from Chloe’s Academy in rumor too, and then for the first transition color, I’m just taking my regular contour palette from the Black Radiance.
True complexion in light to medium and I’m just taking a regular blending brush and just buffing that in and I’m gonna go ahead and move to my more jewel Crew, 9c palette and I’m using the chocolate diamond and then I’m taking the morphe m56 tooth brush. I’m gonna quickly move to the Jaclyn hill palette and I’m just gonna basically build up those colors. You guys can use any chocolate transition colors, as you guys like you guys, don’t even have to use chocolate transition colors. I just decided it might look right. Um with the silver glitter or what not so right now, I’m about to cut my crease. I don’t know why I hunched over like that, but I always got to get in a weird position, so I’m taking my it consensual, Ulta brush in number 212 and then I’m gonna take my regular concealer brush and that is m42 one brush. I’m just gonna finish: cleaning up that cut crease there. Then I’m just gonna go ahead and take my crown case: blending brush i’m just gonna buff out the edges just so it won’t look crazy or anything, because i know that i still have a problem. You know with the doing that so i’m just I don’t even have nothing on the brush, I’m basically just using whatever I have leftover on that brush to just basically buffing it out blending it out. So it looks so harsh, so the next palette that I’ll be using is the crown case palette the box of Crown Kate’s palettes, I’m sorry and I’ll be taking the colors silver and white or mixing those two colors together.
I don’t know why my face look like this. I was cramping to you guys. I’m still y’all know us. Girls have that time of the month and I was just not feeling good. My latitudes just was just not okay, but that’s alright, I’m taking my NYX Mac. Matte, liquid liner and I didn’t show that part, so I don’t think I’m accident think I didn’t mean to show that part just didn’t record it and I apologize and I’m just cleaning up where I applied the eyeliner at and whatnot and then I’m gonna go Ahead and apply my glitter from upscale Beauty, and this is in the glitter April. I really do like this glitter, you guys like I. This is my first time to want to look like this, so I was really really excited, so I’m just packing that, on with the regular, when we see more brush 25 packed brush, I don’t know and in the hyouta Beauty. I recently, like I said: I’ve been breaking out a lot and I’ve been getting like a lot of blemishes and stuff. So I had to you know: come correct, ok, color, corrected it alright, and so then I’m taking my foundation brush, which is more morphe m44 for brush. I’m just buffing that out around the edges and I’m taking my Too Faced concealer here in chestnut toffee and I’m gonna start from dark to light. That’s just how I like to do you guys, there’s? No, you don’t have to do it my way, but that’s just how I liked it. I like to build it up and then go ahead and add light and stuff. I don’t know, I just can’t explain it. then I got this idea from TaylorMade James shoutout to her again cat girl. I’m just buffing our edges, y’all, making ugly faces and like notch all okay, and then you tell y’all this is such an easy look like this. Video is not long at all. I promise anybody will do this. Okay, now I’m taking my ELF HD lifting concealer In light – and there you see me using my Real Techniques setting brush again and I’m just busting out the edges around my nose all we really want to make sure this looks photoshopped, okay, and that is my ultimate goal.
I like that that looks look dramatic in the eyes that I like for my skin, to look subtle You know what I’m saying so next up you taking my top dust on from the crown case, setting powder and letter R and I’ll just go ahead and set my face, which I didn’t show and I’ll be taking my arms arts of sheep Of what do you seem kind of brushes? It’s like a regular blending brush, but I just use it for it to contour my nose and whatnot and all these brushes so cute because it has like sprinkles in it, and I also use the contour brush And this is like my first time using a Russian saw and I freaking love it so make sure y’all shop, the website, okay, honey, all right and I’ll Take my I lean meat i’ll any flashes and ursula and that’s basically it so I’ll use the same Lip combo as last time, let’s toast from Black Radiance lip liner and bear from the crown face all hips on joint This lip y’all make sure y’all light comic books All y’all is support in y’all love I really have fun creating this look cause It’s a super prom like everybody Every girl, weren’t into looks a bomb; okay, not every girl, but we’ve all seen Somebody show up into the prom with the bold lashes and the glitter you know so I just have to come Well, you know like a real prom tutorial Okay, alright, so I love you guys so much and into the new people who are just now stuffing by this channel Welcome you guys, I still don’t know what to call you guys I don’t know if I should call y’all silver metals, metal babies I have no idea, like I feel so awkward, but we’re gonna we’re gonna run against it out Okay, y’all, so don’t worry, but I’m gonna come up with the name for y’all So we can feel like a family, maybe I’ll call y’all honey holes, big booty thought, so I’m just playing I’m just playing I am just kidding alright y’all bye,

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