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Silver glittering glass AF make up Catherine Bedell

1 Nov , 2019  

. Is this glitter glam makeup. Look at that. I did on New Year’s Eve. I posted a selfie on Instagram and I got a lot of good feedback from you guys, so I decided to create this tutorial for you all to start this look out, I’m going in with this Mac eyeshadow palette and I’m grabbing this brown shade. Here I have no idea what this eye shadow palette is called, but I will have it linked down below in my description box, if you’re interested in checking it out.
So I’m first taking that brown shade on my sigma e35 fraiche, placing this into my crease and just blending that upward into my transition area after that. I’m going in with this dark brown shade from that palette and I’m using that same brush to apply this into my crease area and I’m basically just going to a build up these shadows.. Now I’m going in with this black shade out of this palette, and I’m concentrating this in my crease and I’m also going to bring it down onto the outer part of my lid kind of in my outer V area. And then I’m just going to go up and around and blend that out into my crease. This is going to help me really build up. That definition, for when I put the glitter, is going to really pop against this black shadow. So after that, I’m just moving on to the next. I am basically just repeating those same steps so placing the shadow in my crease and my outer V area and then just blending it out going up and around and then back and forth and I’m usually a fan of Mac’s a DOS. But these were kind of hard to blend out and to get an even blend with, which is. Why is taking me so much work to get this like nice and seamless? Now I’m going in with the concealer that I use to clean up my brows, which is my Maybelline, fit me in the shade at 30, and I’m using this to cut my crease. So I’m first going in and just a lightly applying the concealer so that I can map out how big I want this area to be, and then once I kind of have an idea of how I want it to look. I do go in with a bit more concealer, so I can mute out any shadows that are beneath it. So after that, I’m taking you this itty-bitty Sigma blending brush and I’m using this to apply some more of that black shadow right. On top of the area that I just cut out. I want the glitter on my lids to really pop and of course, since this glitter is gonna pop on its own, but I feel just adding a little bit more of that black.
It’s really going to look good against that glitter. So now I’m taking the lightest shade out of that mac, eyeshadow palette, and I’m just placing this all over my lid with my Sigma shader brush and I do have a 10% off coupon code for you guys if you’re interested in trying any of Sigma’s brushes. and I will also leave a link and that coupon code, so you guys, can do some shopping once I get that shadow apply, I do go back In and add a little bit more of that black, like I said, I really want this. Eyeshadow looked so now for my winged liner, I’m using my Kat Von D ink liner and I do like the ink liner a lot better than the tattoo. It does have a fill instead of like a bristle brush, so it makes it a lot easier to apply and it also dries down Matt where the tattoo liner dries down with kind of like a shine to it. So this one is definitely my favorite and once I get my wing finish, I’m going in with my Revlon Photoready eye art pen and this one is in the shade steel spark. So it’s kind of like silvery, but it’s more of like a dark, gray type of silver. Originally, when I did this look, I use my Urban Decay. Silver glitter liner, but I misplaced it and I couldn’t find it for this tutorial. So I decided to use this Revlon one and it did okay, but it didn’t stand out like I wanted it to so. I went in with this loose glitter and I think I got this from like bulk, glitters or glitter world, or something like that about two years ago for like a dollar for the whole jar and I’m just going in and placing it over at that Revlon Photoready Eye art pen, while it’s still wet so that I don’t have to add any glitter glue adhesive. Once I get the glitter on my lid, I’m taking my mac mineralize skinfinish highlighter in the shade global glow, and I’m applying this on my brow bone to go ahead and finish out my eyes, and I will also be using this on my face later on. which I already applied my lashes on my first eye. So now I’m just doing my second eye, and these are from one of my subscribers. Her brand is called candy coated by jasmine D, and these are her mango. Mama lashes, so I will have all of her information down below in the description box. You can check out her lashes, you guys they are so so bomb and I absolutely love them so now time to move on to complexion.
So I first took my maybelline baby. Skin primer, which is my favorite primer of all time, I use it every single day and I’m just putting this all over my face, and now I’m going in with my Ruby kisses pure mineral color corrector in the shade orange obviously, and I’m using a sigma concealer Brush to blend this out, I have successfully cleared up my acne, but I’m still working on clearing up my scarring, so I’ve been having to use color corrector just to give me a little bit of extra coverage, so I don’t have to do two layers of foundation. So before I apply my foundation, I’m going in with my mac fix+ spray and I’m giving my face a spritz of this um, it’s winter, it’s cold outside and my skin gets dried out, even though I do normally get super oily, and so I found that giving My face a spray of this before I put on my foundation. It really helps keep me like moisturize and keeps my makeup looking fresh throughout the day, and I didn’t show my foundation, but I’m using my L’Oreal infallible Pro matte foundation in the shade 111, it’s really important to apply your foundation while the fix+ is still wet because it just helps it blend out so beautifully, and it gives your face, like a beautiful finish, to highlight my skin. I’m going in with my la girl Pro concealer in the shade cool tan, which has by far been like my absolute favorite shade of this concealer. I switch shades along this concealer, but I think that I have definitely found the one and I’m blending this out with my Sigma 3d HD Blender. So you guys, I have finally finally finally reached on my Sasha Buttercup setting powder I’ve been using my Laura Mercier and it’s alright, but it’s definitely no Sasha Buttercup, so I am so so happy and if you guys are interested in trying it, I do have my coupon code, which is still won, so definitely go, get it and I’m just applying This over the areas that I highlighted so next, I’m going in with my black radiance pressed powder in the shade evany to add some definition back into my face, and I’m just applying this underneath my cheeks around the perimeter of my forehead and then I’m using any Excess powder and just using that to shape up my nose a little bit now, I’m going in with my black radiant soft focus, finishing powder in the shade creamy bronze finish, and I had about four or five things of this and during my move I lost all Of them, so this is a brand new thing of it and I’m so so happy because this is like my absolute top powder ever.
It keeps me like a really matte throughout the day, but it’s not like overly drying or anything like that It’s just a super beautiful gives me a really smooth and like camera-ready finish so once I get all of that baking powder dust it away and get my face set with that black radiant soft focus, finishing powder, I’m going to go in and finish up my eyes So I took that Revlon Photoready eye art pen and I just placed a little bit under my eyes just to get the area wet, and then I went in with that loose glitter and then applied it to really make that glitter pop underneath my eyes to coat My lower lashes, I’m taking my Maybelline total temptation, mascara, which is new to the market, and you guys it is so so good one of the best mascaras I’ve ever tried from Maybelline, and I really do love it So once I finish up my eyes, it is time to add a little bit of glow to my face and I’m going back in with that mac, mineralize, I am first aligning with max quark lip pencil, which is definitely my go-to lip pencil but it’s definitely nothing wrong with that If you find something that works, definitely use it and for my gloss today, I’m going in with my glam glitz gloss, and this is her holographic One she does have a lot of different colors, but today I’m just using the silver one, because it ties in with my eye look perfectly and just look at how the glitter picks up in this gloss It is so so beautiful you guys I will leave all of her information it down below as well She is a Memphian just like me, so make sure you guys definitely go check out her business You won’t regret it and then, after that, I am going to go in and add a few little beauty marks with my Kat Von D eath liner A lot of you guys wanted me to do a tutorial on how to do faux, freckles and view marks with your makeup So basically, all I do is just take this liner and just give it a few little taps to my face to create the beauty mark So that is the finished Look you guys I hope you enjoyed it I’ve missed you all so so so much and I’m so happy to be back on YouTube You

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