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Simon said Stamp StampTemper #1 was released! Hand made labels!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey everyone, its Desiree and it’s finally, here one of the months that we always wait for Simon, Says Stamp stamped ember and wait till you see everything in this release. If you haven’t already so make sure you join the blog party, that’s going on so the stamp set that I’m gonna be working with is called handcrafted with love, and I thought it was perfect and you name the craft, and it is here so when I First saw this, I thought of tags. Whenever we give a gift and it’s handmade, we always need that tag, and I think it is great for the knitters and the crochet errs, because it even has care instruction instruction, icons and everything else that we can create.
For these tags, so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna create five general tags and role, tags and you’re actually going to be able to see a production line when it comes to these tags. So the first thing I did was die-cut. All of my tags and I like to do double layer tags. So if I cut one I’m cutting two of them, so the first step that I’m going to do is I grabbed my genic, a white pigment ink and I’m going to stamp in this case. It’s the sentiment, but what this tag is going to be so it’s either home-baked hand knit hand, stitched handcrafted and then hand sewn. Those are going to be stamped mainly on the bottom, but some are going to be stamped in the center and some are going to be stamped along the long side of the tag. So I’m just picking and choosing where I want to put how this tag is going to be identified or basically the sentiment I am going to be using. My excuse me Brutus Monroe, alabaster white, fine, detail, embossing powder, so I do like to use a white pigment ink when I’m going to use white embossing powder. I do also use Versamark, but that kind of is my go-to combination, because just in case I miss a spot at least there’s white pigment ink underneath in my mind it works. So this one I’m gonna stamp in the center of that tag and again I’m doing all of the stamping I’m putting on the embossing powder and then I’m setting them aside and then all at once, when my heat gun is good and hot, I will then Heat set all of them at once. This way, I’m not constantly turning that like that on and off, and I’m not breaking a stride, so we are definitely going to have a production line going on here once they have cooled and they’re all heat set.
I’m then going to pull these adorable icons so for the home baked. I’ve grabbed the little oven, because it’s too cute and I’m also gonna – be using one of the very small hearts in this stamp set, as well just to accent and fill in the areas. So I’m gonna do an all-over stamping on each of these tags. So first up is the hand-stitched. This will be perfect for my sister. She does crafts, but the only thing she will do is cross stitch. She will not get into anything else, so I know this tag will be perfect for her. I have the feeling she’ll be asking me to make lots of these for her. So after I stamped the image, I’m gonna put my embossing powder on and then I will fill in with the small heart just to fill in any gaps that I may have, which is what I’m reaching for now and then, after that’s filled in then I’ll Cover that with the embossing powder and now I’m back into the Stride once they are covered, I did choose a Desert Storm cardstock for these um, because I was also curious about something and you’ll see in a minute. Next is hand-sewn. So for that one, I had to grab that most adorable needle and thread, I’m stamping that all around and again with the heart, so that we can have just those little gaps filled in as well. I didn’t want to overpower with the image, but I just wanted to have enough. The next up is home-baked and the oven is absolutely precious. They even have a little washing machine. This stamp set is just perfect, you can. It has a line that says made by it has a created by it has pens and brushes. It has a date line so that you can date whatever you make. They really had everything. Would they put this together? They thought of everything, that’s what I was trying to say. You have your hand knit and, of course the the ball with the knitting needles is just too cute, so I’m gonna stamp that around and then again fill in with the hearts and then for the handcrafted. I figured you know what we’re just gonna cover everything so for the handcrafted. I use the palette, the paint palette with the brush, the scissors, the marker or the pen. However, you want to say that and then just the brush alone, so lots lots of choices going on here.
So when it comes to all of these images, I actually set them up on a round acrylic block. I’m gonna be able to stamp them all at once that one got a little bit carried away there and then I’ll just be able to turn my acrylic block and re stamp them. And then I have a perfect type pattern going through and then finally, with the heart again just to fill in any gaps that may have now, you don’t have to make tags with this stamp. This would be a perfect set to make that handmade card to somebody. Maybe who is a card maker themselves, and they would probably really really enjoy it. So then I grabbed the huge hand. It will not huge okay, the the big round, solid circle that says handcrafted, and I you did use my Versamark ink with that. I wanted to show you that, yes, I usually grab my white pigment ink when I use my white embossing powder, but you can certainly use your Versamark ink by all means, and you can see you get a beautiful coverage of the image nice and solid and the Embossing powder melts beautifully, so that’s the second tag, so you can see. I have the first tag and then I have the second the seconds like the backing. So I grabbed my distress, oxides in bundle, sage, tumbled, glass, scattered straw and wild honey. I wanted to see what they look like. I’ve seen everybody else stamp these on. You know craft cardstock. I wanted to see how they would look if they were blended. I am using my makeup brushes for that and I make sure that it’s heavier on the bottom and then I’m just going lighter as we get to the top. So I’m creating a variegated look. I’m only using one of my makeup brushes and you can see. I just clean it off on my damp chamois just to clean it and again it’s damp. It’s not soaked either that or I will use a damp baby, wipe to clean them as well, and you can see I’m not getting any transfer of the color coming through. My favorite does have to be the tumbled glass. I love the way that looks. I love all the colors, but I do like the way that looks on the Desert Storm cardstock, I’m going to come in with a dry cloth and just wipe along the top I get carried away, I bend the cardstock, be gentle just to remove the excess ink from the top of my embossing powder, and you can see it wipes away really nice and they become white again.
So, with the back tag, I’m going to score one inch from the top of the tag I like to so I’ll turn that around so that it’s showing on the back But I do like to just score the one side so that when you flip up the front, it’s going to bend just a little bit But I do like to make two layer tags because then you can write your note inside instead of if you just wanted to, you could put just two and from but I like to write a little note 9 8 room So I always do make double tags once I have these glued together now it’s time to make our tassels coming off the top I love making long tassels off of my tags I think it’s an awesome embellishment for them, so I’m just using a white organza ribbon with a piece of I think it’s hemp cord or twine, I’m just layering, those together, folding them in half and then poking them through the hole of the tag and then pulling Through the opening of the ribbons and then just snipping, where the fold is so that they go free once I have these all threaded, I will then come back with my scissors and just cut the ribbon on an angle so that I don’t have that straight edge And that just helps to give it a little bit of interest on the end of the ribbon as well I don’t trim them I do like them long and Tassili It’s a technical work right right I do hope you enjoyed this project using one of the stamp sets during the month of September for Simon, Says Stamp and their awesome stamped ember month celebration So please make sure you go check out this release It is filled with so many different items You are sure to be cautious, hide the wallet all the products that are used will be linked down below and if you have any questions or comments, please make sure you leave those down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can If you haven’t already I’d love for you to subscribe, make sure you ring the bell, because you always want to know what’s coming up Next, I hope everyone’s having a great day I hope everyone is shopping well, but most of all always remember What’s most important always be creative

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