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Singh Jeffrey star gloss reviews and lip gloss

30 Sep , 2019  

Everyone welcome back to my youtube channel if you’re new here my name is Nick and I’m a man with the beard he likes to do makeup and that’s why it’s called beard and beautiful and today we’re going to be playing with the new jeffree star cosmetics, lip Gloss aka the gloss – and I already Geoffrey Stark, sent these over to me again and I already opened them. Of course I couldn’t wait. I was super excited. You can see them lined up back here. if you are ready To get glossy without further ado, let’s get bearded and beautiful.
I want to say thank you so much Jeffrey star for sending me these. If you’re watching this, I get so excited when I see the FedEx shipping notification from jeffree star cosmetics go to my house and then, when I get home, seeing the pink box just sitting in front of my doorstep and just opening up is such like an experience And the packaging is always super fun with the cartons and the actual product packaging. It is just such a cool experience. I know not everybody’s not on the PR list, and I’m super grateful for that. But even if you just get one of these, the experience of getting these in the mail in a little pink box and then you’re opening up the carton and seeing the packaging and everything it’s just such a fun experience. So, yes again, thank you so much Jeffrey Starr and les continue on with the makeup.. My lips are always the last thing in my look. Sometimes I will put on the lipstick and then a lip gloss, but for the most part, whether I’m going out the one thing I always wear is lip gloss. You see people say all the time. What is one thing you would not go out of the house without wearing makeup wise some people say brows. Some people say mascara mine is just lipgloss. I love having juicy lips. I think it’s so attractive, just like it pulls someone’s attention. Okay, I need to shut up and just get to swatch in so you all can see this. So first, I’m going to show you all you, the packaging, the packaging comes in a carton like this and it says the gloss excuse my nails. I work at a hospital and I never get my nails done when I know I should, but they just get busted at the hospital anyway, and on this side of the box, they tell you those two finishes: glitter fantasy in extreme shine, juicy delicious iconic on its Own or over any lipstick in most likely, I’m gonna be wearing it iconic ly on its own and one end of the box.
They will give you the name of the gloss, and this is spank me and of course all these are vegan and cruelty. Free. Just like all of his products are so normally I always do muscle swatches, I’m gonna swatch, these all down my forearm, so everybody can get a really good look at these shades and I will also probably put a few of them on my lips to also Show you as well all right, I’m gonna show them with some beauty lighting and then I’ll show some iPhone footage as well. First up we have sky high, then we have ice cold and that has like purplish, pink reflex and in it then we have heard glossiness crystal climax, safe word, I mean I’m shocked, wait I’m gonna sequin glass and that might be a good gloss for people Who just want a little bit of shimmer, but not as much like purpley, pink reflex or anything like that? Then I don’t actually have crystal kiss in my kit. I think it must’ve just been an accident in the PR shipping, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked in the garbage. I looked at my packaging, but this is what crystal kiss looks like on the packaging. Then you gonna spank me wet peach. Midnight luck, diet, freeze, pretty royalty control freak which you may not be able to see that. Well, it does not have any shimmer in it, so this may be a good option for people who don’t want that micro glitter and just want a nice shine. It’s kind of like a little baby pink on the boss. Candy drip just like a little baby, pink with shimmer in it and legends only that is a very, very nude gloss time as much as my skin tone, either down the line one more time, so everybody can see we have starting. At this end, we have sky-high. I scold her glossiness because still climax, safeword, shockwave, sequined, glass, diamond juice, spank me wet peach, midnight luck, diet, trees, dirty’, royalty control, freak, I’m the boss, candy drip and legends only so this is what the product looks like up close a little reminiscent of the concealers. It doesn’t have the star on top, but it does have this kind of magical wand type of feel, which I am all about. Considering I am obsessed with Harry Potter, I would say probably nine times out of ten when I leave the house, whether I’m going to work, I’m going shopping going to event doing anything. I like having a crossbody thing like this. This is what mine well hello. This is my pride shirt well, this is what mine looks like it’s a bag by Herschel and I don’t usually wear it on the front.
I kind of wear it around the back like this or just hanging out back there, but what I usually do is. I will have a lip gloss just popped into here, along with my wallet and phone cuz. I hate when things are in my pocket, so I think especially for pride if you’re somebody that celebrates pride, whether you’re an ally or part of the lgbtq+ community. I think this could be a fun idea for Pride Month, so you’re going to an event you going to the parade you’re going to a Pride Festival, you’re going to a circuit party, I don’t know whatever, wherever you’re going or whatever you’re doing. I think this is such a fun little thing just to kind of like whip out and it’s just so like magical themed and not just your basic packaging and not not like a basic little tube. So I think that’s something to keep in mind as well. So the one I wanted to make sure people saw on my lips was this diet freeze, it’s kind of like this, like icy, almost like greenish blue color, and I think a lot of people are worried about this color because of some of the pictures online. But I think it this is with no lipstick on, and this is what it looks like on me alone. I was like what am I trying to say this is what it looks like on me alone, and I actually think it’s really pretty it’s just enough of a hue of color. I think would pop for pride, like do a colorful eye, look and do rainbow eyes and had this gloss on is very pretty, but I want to do ones that people really been more concerned about or may look a little funky and fun and different. So this one is spank me and I feel like this is a POW in your face color, and I want to show you all the wand as well. The doe foot applicator is very flexible and there’s a really good job at coating. Your lips. I enjoy it to me personally the shape of a the applicator doesn’t matter. Some people like curved to hug your lips on people like a larger one, to really sweep on a lot of color to me. It honestly doesn’t matter, I know just some people, it does and that’s why I want to show you guys that up close, so you can really get a good look at it, but I don’t favor time to spank me. I don’t think that this beauty lighting is in this lighting. I have on my camera. It’s really showing up the way it should, but in person when I look in the mirror, it does have a beautiful tint of color to it.
With the gloss, let me see if I can film it a little on my iPhone and show you what I’m seeing so yeah, as you saw that there was a nice little like there’s a nice little hue to it. So people keep asking me which are my favorites after I posted these on Instagram and Twitter, and so my favorite that doesn’t have glitter in it is I’m the boss – and it looks like this and, as you can see, is pretty similar to my lip tone and Then my favorite with glitter in it, is Diamond juice and I’m gonna put that on for you. So you often see even just one stroke of your bottom lip and then meshing it together on top just coats it perfectly you can put more on if you want, but it already like coats it so well. So a lot of the time! That’s why I do. I do a makeup look and weather no matter what it is, a neutral look, a big colorful. Look I just pop on a glass at the end like this, and it’s just so pretty in a kind of that glitter just gives it a little extra power, but even if you get a gloss, it doesn’t have a lot of glitter in it. It’s still gonna make your lips look plump and juicy and a little fun tip when you’re taking pictures of stuff. You want to do a little pout if you can see the muscle right here. The difference between this see that post sure upper lip out a little bit more to give you that pout there you go.. Other thing I want to mention is the smell. There is a light scent to it, and this does not bother me. It doesn’t stick, it doesn’t stick around. It is very subtle. Geoffrey starr said it is officially a creme brulee type of smell and if you ever used a matte cosmetics, lip gloss, it almost reminds me of the smell of mac cosmetics, lip gloss as well, it’s nothing too strange or too sweet or too overpowering. But it is a nice little scent. Let me do my little sniff test. Don’t really smell anything, so I can’t it’s not gonna bother you all day. Even if it you don’t like smells that much, then I’m gonna show you my other favorite on the boss. This does not have any glitter in it. I try to wipe all the glitter off from my previous color, and so, as you can see, the lips are still plump, but there’s no micro glitter in it, and it does give a nice little shine, and so somebody was asking on instagram what would be a Good option for a lip gloss you can put on your lips: it’s not crazy noticeable, but still adds a little something.
I would suggest this on the boss. I know not everybody’s comfortable wearing glitter their lips and like going out there like that, everybody has an attorney. Maybe you’re never gonna feel comfortable. That’s fine! It’s all up to you and how you feel if it makes you feel good great if you’re worried about how it makes you look, and you just want something subtle and a shine. That’s also fine, too. There’s plenty of options, and these would be the three I would suggest for people who don’t want glitter and they just want it gloss this more. On the nude side. I know this doesn’t look crazy nude, but it is more of like a nude on me, and this is my favorite. This is on the boss. This is the middle ones legends only, and this is like a baby, pink control. Freak keep in mind when you see these in the packaging. You’Re gonna see a power of color. When you put these on your lips, it is a gloss. So it’s not gonna be like a lipstick where it’s gonna show that exact color just pout on your lips, so you can get away with a lot of these looking pretty nice without any color underneath alright, even though I’m really gonna regret this, where You’Re going to do midnight luck on my lips, I already tried it before and it doesn’t look good that great with my beard, I’m gonna do it anyway. So this is what minute look looks like on me. You can see with my black beard. I don’t personally think it looks like great with my black beard. I’m sure midnight luck definitely has a time in a place and a lot of people might use this for specific events or underneath a very durable lipstick to really like, transform it and make it even deeper but glossy it. Actually, I don’t know the more. I look at it, I don’t too bad on me, but definitely not my go-to for sure, but I think some people will like this for sure here’s. My final thought on the lip glosses, so the scent doesn’t bother me. I think it’s pretty. Ok, if you hate scent to the point where you don’t want it at all, obviously you’re not gonna like it, because it’s there, when you initially put it on and open it, but it’s no more overpowering than like a matte lip gloss. If you’re used to that, and also it’s not too goopy, usually extra goopy lip glosses.
Don’t really bother me that much, but I do like the comfortability of this. My upper and lower lip don’t stick together. When I talk and when I go like this, you can definitely tell us a lip gloss, but it’s not overly goopy. So if that’s something that is concerning to you, you know more about that. Also, I put diamond juice back on because that’s my favorite from the collection, so next thing I’m gonna bring up is packaging, so this is definitely unique packaging. It looks like magic one sailor moon’, a little fantasy definitely feels on being for pride whippin. One of these out of your bag and using these during pride, it’s just like a fun little theme, thing: homos and people love displaying stuff, like this Jeffery stars known for bringing us different packaging like this blue blood, casket, look and some people like having stuff like This on display, as part of in a beauty room in their bathroom and a makeup room. It’s just like a fun thing for people, one of the first things you see when you buy a product before even the product is the packaging and I will say, I’m a sucker for packaging as well. Sometimes that lures me into our product when it may be another nude and it may just be another nude lipstick or maybe some nude eyeshadow, but the packaging just gets me some time, I’m guilty of it. I think we’ve all been guilty of it, but that also brings me to my next idea, so these are $18 each. So I think some of that pricing has to go into the custom packaging. There isn’t packaging like that out here. So I think if there wasn’t custom packaging, it wouldn’t be that much because when I compare this to one of my other go-to glosses, so what I’m thinking of the fenty gloss balms, those are $18 as well. These are $18. The Fenty gloss balms have three fluid ounces. These have half that at 0.15, fluid ounces so for the same price, you’re getting more with the 50 gloss balm and those are wonderful products, but they only come in a limited amount of shade. So, if you’re looking for a unique shade, that may be something to keep in mind and if you don’t want a lip gloss, that is a shade that you can get with other brands. But what I think is different about these glosses is the arrange of colors. You get so if you’re like. Well, I don’t want to get another lipstick, that’s more of a nude or a pink You have options for different colors, something that’s a little bit more out of the box, especially for pride, for festivals or for fun, or for themed costume or maybe you’re.
Somebody loves to wear all black all the time and you need that black lip gloss I don’t know, I don’t know you I just met you through my camera, but being that there are 18 shades, there’s definitely a lot of options for everybody out there So, like I always say, I’m not gonna tell you what to do I’m not gonna tell you what to buy or not gonna tell you how to spend your money I told you all the facts and I told you what my favorites are I showed you a little bit swatches I told you once ones mine, our favorite and as Diamond juice and I’m the boss I think that these would be my go to grab on an everyday basis, and since I got these on in PR – and I could try all these out, those are my – I pick those out I’m like yep Those are my favorite this one I go to, but if I wasn’t on the PR list I would probably buy one so we’re a little bit out of my comfort zone, the worm I go to every day grab, specifically what I’m talking about these two right here I think that they surprised me I I will admit I was intimidated even by the shades in the bottle too as well, but when you put them on there’s just a hue of the color, but it’s still very pretty, but it’s still good You will see the color, but it’s not overpowering like you when you look at the packaging you’re like oh, my god, I can’t put that on my lips, but this is dirty royalty and this is Diet freeze over here, and so I thought those were a lot Of fun and those were probably what I would get if I was not on the PR list, I told you all the things that I could tell you I told you my opinions It is now up to you They launched tomorrow, 10:00 am PST was it Friday? May 31st, yes, Friday, May 31st 10 am PST is when they launched so whether you’re, an LGBTQ brother or sister or you’re, an ally Pride Month is approaching and I want to say, happy pride in advance I can’t wait to celebrate I hope you all have a good time be safe and if you were planning on getting something from this launch tomorrow, good luck, I know Sometimes a website gets flooded and things sell out, see you guys later

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