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So, I cut the soap wrong… |Soap 6 in secret soap series 2019 Royal soap

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey hey You made it.. I will leave you guys… That’s where you wanna start. That’s where I will explain the Secret Soap series.. You don’t wanna get spoilers right here at the end. It’ll ruin it for you.. You want the full experience, honey, the full experience By the way. All of these soaps are gonna be available to purchase on October fifth, at three PM Central Standard Time.. The way Royalty Soaps works is that we do one release a month.. We make all the designs and then those designs could be gone forever.
( laughs ). Not always we typically do one throwback design each month. We’re not doing one this month, but each month, if it’s a normal month, we typically do one throwback design from in the archives. But yes, that means there’s like a hundred new soaps. Every single year on Royalty Soaps, and if you really like one, you should go, get it now, ,’cause, it may never be there. Again. Katie’s creativity has to move forward. We don’t live in the past. We move forward Anyway. This soap is rather simple compared to some of the other ones that we’ve done, but the fragrance is delectable.. It is a throwback from one of my core fragrances, meaning one of the ones that gets sold every single month in the form of a diamond soap, a body lotion or a perfume oil.. This is the Olive Branch scent from way back when.. So many of y’all love that.. It is a lush duplication and the top of this soap is really really pretty and it has a super cool stamp that is totally gonna blow the whole Secret Soap series. It’s gonna give it all away. So without further ado, let’s make some soap.. Have you guessed what it is? You have to leave your guesses down in the comment section below No stamp for you, but I hope you can guess what it is. (ominous laughter). The first thing we’re going to do is glug-glug our lye water into our oils.. Maybe that should be my new thing.. I don’t ever pour anything. I don’t ladle it. I just glug-glug it. What an ugly little word: a glug, (, laughs, ), Let’s blend on high. (, upbeat, music, ), I’ve removed a little bit of the soap and I’ve put it into two of my white pitchers and then the rest of this is gonna. Be split into three of my jack buckets. (Katie laughing). You could hear that your voice changed directions.. Behold the buckets Time to dumpy-wumpy the soapy-woapy.. These are gonna, be three beautiful shades of green and silver.. Now to scrapey-wapey my… (Katie laughing). No, That is not–, Don’t mess it up. Katie (Katie laughing). I have to say it like I’m a contestant on ( laughs ).
What is it Wheel of Fortune I’d like to solve the puzzle? Pat. ( giggles, ), Scrapey scrapey, my big containey? That’s right: (, mimics, Wheel of Fortune sounds). I’D, be the Vanna White to your Pat Sajak Katie., All right enough of that tom foolery. Time for some colors, The first color we’re adding is green. Oxide.. I’ve really been loving, green oxide. This month., I don’t know what got into me.. I forgot how fabulous this color is, and lots of different suppliers had it.. I just get it from TKB because well, quite frankly, it’s the most inexpensive and it’s very convenient when you’re making a big purchase from them. Anyway, This next one is Enchanted Forest from Mad Micas. And finally, another Mad Micas Gray, Satin Pillowcase., (, laughs ). Now let me begin by mixing in these colors with my spatula, because I would like the blending process to be minimal and we still have to add the fragrance oil to this.. I’ve never used the Enchanted Forest mica before, but I loved the swatch on their website.. It looked like a beautiful sage: green. Oh-em-gee Olive is the fragrance of the day.. Pretty sure this is a Lush dupe. As y’all can tell.., (, laughs, ), Let’s blend in that fragrance oil. And now for another episode of Katie, makes it all up. ( laughs ), I’m just gonna dump this straight onto one side and I did mix it some more. With the stick blender. I was getting impatient. ( gasps ) go figure. The gray is going the same way, I’m pouring it on the exact same place and breaking the fall on the side of the bucket. And the last green ( hoots ) we’re getting dangerous now.. If you could just figure this– (Katie laughing), (Kenny imitates trumpet). I want your attention. Everything (imitates, trumpet)! No, no, not you books are always first, you know: Hockety pockety, wockety, wack Odds and ends and brecker brack. Is it plenty–? No slip inside very small We’ve got to save enough room for all All right Kenny. You want me to freak you out: Uh hockety pockety, Let’s spin it around Oye. This is un– Conventional Unconventional. I’m not sure what that’s going tohave done. (Katie laughing). There is such a thing as like a spin swirl in soap, making that’s not new. However, I don’t know exactly how people pour that and spin it., I’m not real big on classic soap making techniques. I know a few little things here and there, but that’s not really my cup of tea.
I prefer to make everything up all the time.. So let us pour this into our slab mold after this quick commercial break.. This is going to look so cool. Coming out. Oh look! Oh yes, The spinny swirl has done us a good deed. I do believe.’Cause it’s mixed up those greens just enough for it to look fabulous, but not so much that it muddles the whole mess and the consistency is right.. I needed this to be a little thicker, so my lines would stay relatively sharp, while I’m pouring. Looks like cavo in a good way. I thought you said, looks like camel. ( laughs, ) in a good way Looks like a camel. Looks like a soap that a camel would want to eat. Grass.. Do camels eat grass, I think so What do camels eat? Besides water, I mean ( laughs, ) See this is the fault of them. Focusing on this whole water camel thing is we don’t even know what they eat? Well, they’re mammals. I don’t think they’re carnivores, because that would be weird.. That would be very scary., So we’re gonna have to assume it’s some sort of herbaceous life. So grass sounds nice. When you live in a desert., YouTube can do a lot for people and I think with enough editing, anyone can look really really smart., But if you keep all the real life in everyone can look stupid. This is reality when sometimes you forget what elementary school animals eat. Hay grass– Yeah hay is grass., It’s just dried grass.. I don’t think that they live in the desert. Anyway., I’m pretty sure they just visit.. Oh honey. You wanna go out into a place where literally no one wants to be and no form of life likes to survive. (, laughs, )! Well, no, I wouldn’t dear, but this man on my back seems to think that we should anyway. (Katie laughing). Now, while we’re waiting for this to set up, I should talk about this mold one more time, because workshop heritage has done it right, Like I said they are the only company I could find. That would make a custom size, mold and a silicone liner., And they made this a little taller than I even asked for, because I’m pretty sure I asked for a 3.5 inch high and they made it four, Which is just incredible, and it’s so easy to get. It out.. The other thing is that they’re inexpensive, okay, I bought some molds from a company. I don’t even remember the name of quite honestly. I think another soap maker told me about them and they were all plastic molds like HTPE plastic and they were so expensive. They were so clunky and hard to take care of.
I just never wanted to use those molds. I never wanted to make slabs because it was just so flipping inconvenient to use those molds, But this is the type of mold I’m talkin’ about.. It’s minimal. All of everything is easy. I just I love it. I cannot recommend it enough. I will leave you guys a link down below. Now for this layer. It sat up a little bit and I have to put some big texture in there. I’m talkin’ bit texture All right. This looks about right to me. Let’s mix up the next layer. Harold’s purple crayon is making its appearance, as is blue tide. What did Caleb say that he’s still mad about? Oh, I remember what Caleb said: let’s expose him Exposed exposed exposed, exposed, exposed, exposed, Tee-hee, tee-hee, tee-hee Spill, the tea One time Caleb and I were driving to my parent’s house – and we saw some cows in the neighbor’s yard and next to the cows, are something that Down in Texas, we call cow egrets.. Now I don’t know what they’re actually called. Maybe that is their actual name, but they’re called cow, egrets and Caleb. Never in his life had ever seen. One of them, which I just find so strange as a Texas native but bless his heart, he’s a Kansassian and we are gonna have to forgive him for that. Sohe pointed at them and just goes “ Katie. Oh my gosh. Look at all those skinny ducks !”. I think they are called egrets. I don’t think that they’re called cow egrets, but the real hillbilly way of sayin’. It is sayin’: cow birds, (, laughs, ), They’re, just cow birds, you’re right.. He don’t have social media, sohe don’t know we just tattled on him. Neither (Katie laughing), I’m gonna blend in that fragrance oil. This fragrance oil has been such a dream to work with.. Okay. This has been thoroughly mixed up. So, let’s pour it on top of our soap slab, I’m gonna start by pouring the purple on top – and I am just gonna mix this as I pour it. I thought about doing it in the pot for this, but I think it’ll be more potent if I just ladle it in myself in a couple of rows.. This will also make the swirl on top super pretty.. This looks like Sully (, laughs ). It does look like Sully.. Did the whole family see it? It’s your mom.? Oh, what can I say, The camera loves me Sounds like Kenny and I are having like our own movie marathon out loud (, laughs. ). I mean we were just really good at watching. The same movie over and over and memorizing all of our favorite lines, (Katie laughing). Thank you! Celia Welia! Now I am taking some Harold’s purple crayon and we’re gonna put that on top mixed with a little bit of oil.
, We gon’ swirl this in. Time to swirl my favorite part Ohhhh. Yes, I thought I was maybe gonna do a more formal swirl, but I decided against it. Gotta get all those corners first come on over. I want to talk, but I’m enjoying myself too much.. It looks like one of those Instagram ads where it’s like. So satisfying Yes, Now let me show y’all what is about to really make this soap talk: Boogie Nights, bio glitter by Fizz Fairy.. We have silver teal, purple and teenie tiny little sparkles of blue on the inside.. I am just gonna add this final touch of glitter on top and then we are done. Top game on this particular soap is, I don’t know it’s just really: stunning., I’m loving blues and purples and of course the bio glitter with it on top is great.. So we are gonna let this sit for 18 to 24 hours, we’ll come back to split the slab into loaves and cut the loaves into bars. After this quick commercial, break. (light music), So uhhh– Katie did a little bit of an oopsie poopsie, ( laughs, ). Here’s the deal y’all know that wonderful slab splitting footage. Well, I actually split the slab the wrong way.. It was not my finest of moments and I am deeply ashamed, so the piece I have to cut for you today is a lot smaller, because I’m not cutting it long ways. It should’ve been split with this being the front. Instead of this being the front and yeah., But I actually ended up changing this design a little bit anyway, so it’s actually not that big, a deal.! So, let’s cut the original design. First., There’s gonna be a little bit on either side, which is just the way it has to be.. Glitter falls everywhere. So this is the original design. You can see the gray and the two greens, and then the purple and the blue dipping down in to and and I really like, the purple and the blue.. However, I felt the gray just didn’t fit what I wanted. So after I made that slab, we made a different one.. Here’s, the second one we made and, as you can see, I replaced that gray with this dark green and it looks a lot better.. I know it looks a little hacked on the sides because I had to manually cut it with a knife.. It is just a whole bunch of oopsies. That won’t change the inside design, though so, let’s go ahead and take a peak on the inside. Kind of cut off that little ugly, bit And they’re a little bit tall.
So I’m having to push up Pressing down gently Pull one out here, and this is what it looks like in the middle now, so you can totally see the difference Here One is far more vibrant and far more green and the other one is just a little more gray Both of them look good actually, but this one achieves the secret soap series theme and the inspiration for this design A lot better Either way the glitter and the swirls on top are truly stunning I am mega impressed And that green That was particularly this one right here on the edge is so nice The final thing to do to this soap is to put the stamp on top, but I’m gonna have to wait a couple of days to do that, because it’s still far too soft right now The question of the day is which color scheme tickles your fancy More, The top with the blue and the purple vivids, Or the bottom wit, the natural greens Right now, currently I’m kind of digging the greens, even though, if you would ask me like two days ago, I probably would’ve said the purple and blue I am just that Flippant To vote on the question of the day All you have to do is click the eye in the upper right hand corner of the screen Do you understand? Do you get it? What do you think You think you know what it is? The final unveiling will be done, the Saturday of the release That’s when we will blow the whole secret We will let you guys in on it, no more secrets It will be out in the open, and you will see if all of your guesses are correct Sorry, but you guys know it would give it away I promise I’ll Do a whole feature or whatever there, We’ve got Instagram If you wanna, follow us on Instagram you can, if you don’t, then don’t feel bad about that I don’t like it when people are pushing their Instagrams and they’re like If you don’t follow me, I will die I won’t I’ll be fine If I didn’t have Instagram at all ever I would also be fine, But I dohave one if you wanna see pictures of me and my kids Kenny has one if you wanna see pictures of him just being single and Royalty Soaps has one if you wanna, see pictures of soap and if you’re not on there, we don’t care You don’t have to follow us It’s no big deal Bye for now (light music, )

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