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1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to the vlog Channel today, I’m super excited because we are vlogging. I haven’t blogged. I think it’s like two two-and-a-half weeks. I’ve just been really busy on the main channel, because I’m traveling a lot in August and I’m not gonna, be here at the end of August for like two weeks. because I hate not uploading. It’s like honestly. So I’m really hoping that I can get everything done, so I’ve just been really doing that, so I’m gonna do that after I finish logging and also I just cleaned my bedding, so I’m about to put It on and make my bed, and also I’m gonna, do a little mattress update, because I get so many questions on and daily about my low mattress, which I am obsessed with Hector, and I have had it for over six months now and we’re loving it.
So. I love working with them. They’Re such a great brand. I swear by them and I think their mattresses are a hundred percent worth it. It’s basically like you’re, getting a luxury mattress for such an affordable price. So Hector – and I have had this like – I said since the end of December – beginning of January – and we don’t have any complaints. It still looks like brand new can’t even tell that we’ve had it for over six months. So that’s a plus. I love the fact that it’s like really soft and bouncy, but it’s not like overly soft to the point where your body is just gonna fall into the mattress and there’s no like firmness at all like there’s the perfect amount of firmness and softness and bounciness In the mattress that I personally really like, I never have like neck pain, back pain or anything like that. I think it’s great and I already told Hector like when we buy a house and we have a master bedroom that we’re gonna get a big king-size. Mattress from Lowell, because I’m just that obsessed with the quality so definitely check it out. If you have been thinking of getting a new mattress, maybe if you were a new homeowner or you just moved into an apartment, also, do you guys do get a mattress from below you get free shipping free returns, 100 night free trial, so it’s a win-win. Definitely check it out I’ll have a link down below for you guys. I also really do like their pillows the last time I did get two pillows from them and I ended up giving them to my dad because his pillows were totally flat and I felt really bad because I had extra pillows. So I gave him those, but today we’re gonna be unboxing two new pillows.
That’s the reason why I wanted to clean my bedding and everything because I love having like new pillows and like fresh sheets. It just feels like very relaxing, so I cannot wait leave tonight and be in bed with fresh sheets and fresh pillows. because I just went to the store yesterday because I’m going to LA this weekend for my first meet-and-greet, Which I’m so excited for so I’m gonna show you guys what I’m wearing it’s like very casual, but it’s me so I wanted to get something that was like very cute and comfy and I didn’t want to be like really uncomfortable, so I’ll show you guys So let’s get started, okay bedding is all on. I know it looks wrinkly. I literally just took it out of the dryer, but it is so soft. The comforter is my favorite because it literally feels like a hotel style comforter. Now I am about to unbox these pillows and put these up as well. I just got the standard size. Oh look how nice it looks. I love it. It literally does this not look like a hotel style. Pillow. Also love that comes packaged up really nicely, but you can see the pillow does come with a little care sheet. So you have all the information here. It is machine washable. You can keep it fresh and then, on the back it says it’s soft, supportive, durable machine washable, and then you have your little contact on there if you have to contact their customer service. Oh these feel nice. You see that how it just kind of like is really soft within it comes back to be like a little bit bouncy and firm, so I’m gonna put the pillowcases on and plop these right on the bed, so the bed is officially made. Everything is nice and fresh. I actually don’t have two new pillow cases for my pillows back there, so I just tucked them in until I get some new ones. I’m gonna go to the store later on tonight and I’ll bring you guys along with me but yeah. That is what everything looks like. so my my hair, by the way I tried to straighten it earlier. I didn’t really straighten it all the way and it’s like frizzy. It is so hot today in humid, so don’t mind it and yeah. I got it cut last week because it was growing out like so fast and it was like got this really weird awkward length, but I was like just chop it off, so this is what we’re working with today. Anyway, I’m gonna show you guys everything that I got from forever 21 and Aeropostale.
I really didn’t get much, but let’s do a little haul, so I got just a couple jewelry pieces, so I got these hoops just like really standard hoops, these weren’t 390 and then I got the same ones in silver. I also got this cute little choker necklace. This was $7.99, so then I also got this anklet and I really like the little pops of turquoise and this was six dollars. I also got this little choker duo and this was for 90 and then I got another pair of Hoops, and these were for 90 as well, and they’re gold really really cute, then also from forever 21. I got this really simple t-shirt. I love the baby pink with like the lashes. I thought this would be really nice with just jeans or leggings, just really cash, and this was only 990. I got a size small and I got this skirt which doesn’t really look like much, but I promise when it’s on it’s really cute. I think it’s called like a corduroy corner. I can’t say that word corduroy skirt. I think it has like the little belt. That goes around it as well, which is really cute, and I love this little pink collar like I’m into pink lately. I love it, and this was a little bit more pricey. It was $17.99 in a size medium. I don’t really think now that I’m looking at it, this shirt is really gonna match with that skirt, but I mean this will still be cute with like jeans or something it’s just like a standard, little tank top thing, and this one is also in a Sizing medium, I actually got this on sale so originally 14.90. I got it for 7 bucks. Then I went to Aeropostale and I actually thought I was gonna find my outfit at forever 21. I ended up finding it Herrero, so I’m gonna keep it super simple, really just like casual, but like this is me like. If you guys know my style like this is my style. I got a denim skirt, which is. This is the skirt that I’m gonna wear on Saturday. It’s like not super short, but it is considered like a miniskirt, I got a size 6 and this is their high rise miniskirt. This was actually on sale, so Aeropostale had like 60% off, like almost all of those items in stores, so originally 4950. I’m pretty sure I only paid like 20 bucks for this scarf, which is like such a steal. I love it. It’s just like a standard. Miniskirt but I love the color, it’s like a nice, medium, wash light wash type of thing, and then I got two different tops so I’ll insert pictures of me because I did try them on cuz.
I sent them to my friend Ashley, and I really like this one. It’s like okay, it kind of looks like a picnic type of thing, like grandma’s curtains a little bit, but like it’s really really cute. I, like the puffy sleeves I like how it’s a crop top and it ties on the side. So I was thinking about wearing this with the skirt and like I’m gonna get some nude heels or something today from Target or oh what’d. I tell you this one: actually I got this in a size, large, they didn’t have a medium and I wanted it so bad. So I was like. Let me just get it. It actually fits good because my boobs are still like pretty big like even though I lost weight they’re still there and then I’m thinking. I think this is actually the shirt that I’m gonna be wearing to beautycon. On Saturday, it’s like a white shirt, pretty much. The same vibe that has like the puffy sleeves, it’s like a crop top, it’s really really cute, though I like the cream white color, I don’t know. I just think this is really cute with like a belt and like some really cute little heels, and this one. I actually got in a size, small. That is what I got. I’m super excited and I’ll bring you guys along with me later on, to target because they have really cute shoes there and maybe maybe I’ll go to TJ Maxx. But I don’t think that they’re gonna have like what I’m looking for there at t.j.maxx, because I know it has like really cute shoes, so yeah, that’s everything that I got I figured I would to show you guys, I’m actually gonna charge, my camera, because It’s at nine percent, so in the meantime I’m gonna edit and I’ll catch you guys in a little bit.. because that is Labor Day weekend and I kind of want to take that weekend off because that’s gonna be like right after I get back from my vacation. So I know that I’m probably gonna be exhausted. I can get back to work, probably right after Labor Day. I’ve already done some of them. Of course, I just need to edit these, and then I tried to put the dates here of the days that I need to post. So this is what I’m working with so far, probably like week and a half or so as I have a lot of work to do still, but that’s what I got going on, so I am about to actually start dinner now I wouldn’t just show you guys this new juice that I am obsessed with. I was watching Carly bible’s what I eat in a day, and she mentioned these and the minute that I saw them.
I went out to giant which is my local grocery store, and I picked these up. I’m sure you can find them at any grocery store, but they are so good. So it’s from the brand lakewood organic, it’s basically just a hundred percent fruit juice – and I know juice isn’t like the most ideal thing to drink and I honestly don’t even drink juice. Anymore like at all, but if you look at the ingredients and on the back, it’s literally just a hundred percent juice, it’s just organic apple juice, so the sugar and stuff that you see in the juice is actually just from the sweetness of the actual fruit itself. Me and Hector are obsessed. We bought like four of these, and this is our last one. We just bought these on Saturday and they’re already gone, so I’m gonna go later on today, also to my grocery store to pick more of these up because they are so good. We tried the pineapple the apple and I think mango is well delicious. I think the pineapple and apple are our two favorites, though so, if you’re ever craving juice – and you just don’t want water, you drink a lot of water. Like me, you got to get these and I will say these are pricey like they’re. Definitely not like a Minute Maid juice that can cost you like one to three dollars. These are like $6 around that range, but I think worth it because it is a hundred percent juice. It doesn’t have any added sugar and all that other junk in it. So totally worth it definitely recommend it. Okay, so I’m at Target and I’m really liking these really simple, nude heels. It’s like a really chunky heel. It’s not too high because I don’t wear heels so my feet get really hurt easily, like I get blisters for nothing. So I think these are going to be good and they’re a new day. That’s the brand, so I’m a size 9. I literally have like such a big foot right here. I think this are gonna be good in there $25, which isn’t too bad. Okay. Now I’m at t.j.maxx surprise surprise I’m trying to find a really cute, simple crossbody bag to bring with me to beautycon, because I don’t want to take what I’m wearing right now, which is like my backpacker purse thing, because it’s too big – and I just don’t want Something more simple and smaller, so hopefully I can find something here. I found this one Steve Madden, super simple and I feel like this could be a really good piece, also for fall and just a really simple bag, and it’s only twenty three bucks. I think I might get this one, we are back home and when I tell you guys we are obsessed with these juices, I was not kidding, so we pretty much got all pineapple, which is literally just 100% pineapple.
Let me just show you ingredients organic pineapple juice. It tastes like legit, like you’re, just eating a pineapple, it’s so good, and then we just got one apple. I really like the Apple, but I think the pineapple is definitely my favorite and they have a ton of other like even like vegetable juices as well. So, okay, so again, these are the heels that I got just to show you guys a little close shot. The brand is a new day and like how it’s like a really short chunky heel super cute. I just tried these on with my skirt and it really liked the way that it looks. So. Those are my shoes for Saturday, and I wanted to get shoes that I could wear, obviously not just for one day but like just in general, like I would definitely wear these with jeans or with another skirt or something I might even take these with me on Vacation because they are just super cute like for like going out like a date night or something I really like those, and I found this super cute bag at t.j.maxx. I have been obsessed with like cheetah print for like the past year, and I saw this and I couldn’t pass it up. So it was a little bit more pricey 40 bucks, but I couldn’t pass it up like it was adorable. So I’m gonna take this with me to beautycon on Saturday. It’s perfect and I could even use this. Obviously, in the fall like a little goin out bag or something I love it and it does come with the little. What are they called straps handles the straps that I can just hook on right here on this side. So I’m obsessed with this, it’s so freakin cute. The brand is dune London. Also. I got this package from Joseph colors. While I actually ordered this myself. That’s not PR or anything that it took a long time for this to get here. I think it took like over a week and I got like fast shipping and it wasn’t fast at all, but I am glad that I finally got it. I was gonna. but I feel like it’s already too late just because it’s already been out for a while. I was really hoping to get this like a few days ago, but anyways yeah, I got their new medium to full coverage, meet your huge foundation. I got the shade 115 light medium and then I also did get their seamless beauty sponge and then I just got two liquid lipsticks and I got the shades, let’s cuddle and super natural. So that’s everything that I’d like it looks like the shade range in this is pretty good too.
They have a lot to choose from okay. So I’m finally about to organize some of my makeup in here. I feel like I’ve been talking about it for months, and these containers have just been sitting here for a few weeks and I haven’t gotten around to it. So I’m just gonna do it now before I shower, because I am exhausted, I’m ready for bed, but I just need to get this done right now. So I think in here I’m just gonna separate my mascaras, like this section right here. I had a primers mascaras and tinted brow gels, but I think I’m just gonna separate them all, because it’s kind of overflowing in this little container here, so I’m gonna separate them in here, and I’m also going to do my lip products as well. So I used this container here to just put primers and mascaras and like litter, glues and stuff, and then here I think, I’m just gonna be putting all of my brow stuff, so tinted brow, mascaras pomades that I’m currently using and then my eyebrow pencils by The way I am not pregnant, I am just using that actually for my legs, because they do have some stretch marks on my legs so yeah. I also use that on my hands as well, but anyways yeah, so I’m gonna put some brow, pencils, which I have all of my pencils over here in this little container. So I think I’m gonna separate drugstore brow, pencils and high-end brow, pencils here, which I mostly have drugstore anyway. But let’s do that and by the way, this container, I think I got this from Ross or TJ Maxx and then visa from TJ Maxx as well. But Marshalls has these at Marshall’s home goods like any place like that, and then this one is from Lux box. I actually mostly have just all drugstore brothels. I don’t really have like to high-end brow pencils. I don’t really use a lot of high-end ones because I feel like the dresser has so many options as you can see. So I think I’m just gonna keep it like my little brow section here and then in this. I think I’m gonna try to separate some of these liners, keep my colorful ones together and then maybe some other regular ones together as well, and you know what, since I’m here, I’m actually gonna get rid of some of these pencils that I don’t even Really use because I don’t use quite a few of these, like this NYX fill in fluff wrap, and so I didn’t really like this, so I’m just gonna get rid of it.
I’m also gonna get rid of this BH Cosmetics, one just because this is not my color and this HD brow pencil that they have actually breaks really really easily. So I’m just gonna get rid of that. I’m gonna keep my covergirl one. I have a one that I really like this coke you want. I actually really do like this as well. I’m gonna keep that so I’m really just getting rid of this. Oh and this Catrice one mmm. It keeps breaking on me as well. They’Re slim addict brow pencil, so I’m gonna get rid of the Catrice one okay. So this is just my little brow section. I’D really like that. So now, let’s do these eyeliners here here I actually have eyeliners and lip liners. So I have old my drugstore and color pop colorful eyeliners, like for the waterline and then here I have my neutral colors like nude brown, beige black and these are also drugstore, and then these are my high-end eyeliners, which honestly they’re all Urban Decay 24/7 liners. Now I’m gonna do a lip product, so this is actually just all of my nudes and like pink sand glosses and just a combination of pretty much everything liquid lipsticks. We have lipsticks glosses, so I’m gonna do these. I’m gonna try my best to organize them. I really don’t know how to organize them and how my divide them, but I have some extra storage here that I got from, I think Ross or TJ Maxx, so I’m gonna use these to hopefully get my life together, because this is ridiculous. So let’s try to do this, maybe I should do high end glosses here. Maybe let’s just do that. It’s really hard to try to organize these lip colors because it’s just like I don’t know how to make it. So it looks like pretty organized. You know what I mean like it just looks still messy, so I’m gonna keep going at this and then I’m really going for real gonna go, get a shower and go to bed cuz, I’m just so tired at my camera set six percent. So much heart just for a little bit and then I will check in with you guys and I’ll let you know my status of these lip products, because it’s just it’s too much. Nobody needs this much makeup like if I didn’t have a youtube channel. I always say this, but I would not have this much makeup because it it’s a bit unnecessary. Okay, my camera’s gonna die I’ll see you soon. So this is as good as it’s gonna get, but for now it works I really don’t have a lot of space in this Beauty room of mine, so this is just what I’m working with for now, but I have all of my drugstore lip colors here, so I have lipsticks all of my glosses here, liquid lipsticks, regular lipsticks, more liquid Lipsticks so just a bunch of drugstore brands, and then I also threw in here some color pop as well, because it’s affordable and then in this little basket, which these baskets.
I think these are from Walmart, I’m pretty sure, but some dollar stores might have them as well, but I just have my high-end glosses that I love and then here I have some red lip EES like liquid lipsticks and regular, really bright red lipsticks That are mostly all drugstore, I think, except like two of them cayenne and then here I have some nude colors, so I have my high-end nude liquid lipsticks This is like the bright orange, but I don’t know where else to put it, because I don’t have like an orange section, so I just put it in there with the nudes I have some nude high-end glosses and all of my fancy cloth bombs, which are my favorite and then here I have some bold Ola bees So I have my pinks and my fuchsia is my vampy shades and then my really bright colors here So I had like, as far as like bold lip colors, the most of red That’s why I decided to separate the Reds into these two little sections right here, because it was overflowing in this section, so I just have them here but yeah That is what I have I think it looks a lot better versus before we’ll see how long it’s gonna last, though so I’m gonna just put those in these two drawers right over here I’m just trying to make room because I have a ton of like random makeup bags and stuff which are gonna, be really good for traveling Right now I have my contacts I have a bunch of hair dye like backups, and I have a bunch of other makeup brushes right here that are just extras I just like to keep just in case, so I’m trying to like figure out Where do I put all this extra stuff? I just see on like 10 times, I’m so tired, I’m officially gonna go to bed Well, our salon take up all this makeup, like I’m dreading it, but I love you guys I hope you enjoyed this vlog and I’ll see you in a few days In my next one, bye,

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