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Sophia Ritchie and her boyfriend talk about the ideal date night! Red carpet and awards ceremony

1 Nov , 2019  

We’Re very different when it comes to two styles I feel like, but you know I think, we’re similar in the sense where we can really dress it up or we can just really dress it down and feel really confident and comfortable well, she’s A whole reason I got into fashion Nicole, I used to like said her closet and stare here, get ready, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever and then she started house Carla, and I was there for the whole thing So she was like what made me even think about fashion in the first place and then I grew up and I found my own direction What I liked, because you know she’s like I, was like the really cool boho like style, and I don’t think that looks good on me I think it looks amazing on her, so I kind of like found my own lane and what I thought was like that My body correctly for a date night pens on the date night, I would say I love movie and dinner, so I’m like jeans heels and something casual So for me, that’s my answer Yeah him, my god, this with stress so much stress you

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