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Spring 2017 make up Jesse Lewis

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello: everyone today, I thought I’d film and update tooth makeup collection, since it’s been quite a while. I think it’s been about a year since I’ve done one of these and my makeup collection has changed quite a bit. So I thought I’d just film an updated makeup collection for you guys today, so without further ado. So same as last time. I store my makeup in the Alex five drawers from Ikea and I use these as like part of my desk and it works really well for me because I don’t have that much makeup, so I just keep it in the top 3 drawers.
In terms of my makeup brushes and things, I keep all of these on the top of my desk because, as I said, my Alex drawers are part of my desk. So I keep my makeup brushes and this little score a pop from Ikea and it just sits by my mirror. So in my first role, I have all of my base products say things like foundation, concealer powder, bronzer highlighter. All of that sort of thing – I just keep all of it in this first drawer here. So if I start with the tray at the very back and all of these drawers are from Muji, so in this part of the tray I have all of my concealers. So I have a Maybelline fit me: a Rimmel wake me up a NYX HD concealer, the Revlon Colorstay, the collection, lasting perfection and the soap & Glory. Kick-Ass. Then over here I kind of store all of my circular products. So I have the Rimmel stay matte powder. In the front, I then have the Rimmel clear complexion. I then have the Primark face powder. I have the MUA undress your skin highlighter, which is really good. I definitely recommend – and I then have the revolution vivid, baked bronzer in ready to go in this next drawer. This is where I store all of my foundation, so the first one I have is this NYX stain Mac, not flat foundation. I then have a Max Factor correcting CC cream. I then have two of the Rimmel match perfection in slightly different shades. A number seven state, perfect foundation, the Bourjois, healthy mix, serum and the l’oreal true match foundation, and the ones i use most out of all of this is my Rimmel match perfection and my NYX stay matte foundation. This very first draw is probably my messy. It has kind of the most random stuff, so in this kind of right-hand side here I keep all of my primers. So I have the Libya man, post shave, balm the max prep and climb the benefit Porefessional, the maybelline baby, skin instant, pore eraser, and then I have all of my kind of other products.
So I have a hoola bronzer, this NYX blush in soft spoken. This Fleet rose gold blush a sugar bomb blush from benefit. Then I have a color correcting kit from Barry M and this is a cream color correcting kit and it’s actually really good, and it has some really good shades in it. So it actually definitely recommend that one. I then have a another blush. This one is an NYC one. I then have a bourgeois chocolate bar bronzer and highlighter GOI. I then have the sleek Solstice palette and then moving on to the stuff, which I don’t really keep in box, so just pump down the side of this drawer. The first thing I have is my max prep and prime, which I love for using before I actually put my makeup on, because I just find my makeups it’s so much better. If I use that first, I then have a few benefit mini, so I have two of the Bennington’s and then a high beam as well. I then have a few samples here, so I’ve got things like the Urban Decay, eyeshadow samples, a Chanel foundation and a Dior foundation. I then have my number 7 loose powder, which I used almost every day, and I really love this for definitely recommend this as well. Then, at the very back I just have a contour kit. This is the city color contour palette, and this is a cream contour palette and I definitely recommend it, especially if you’re kind of new to contour, like I was it just, has three shades in it and it’s really easy to use and it’s a really good quality. As well at the very back of this draw, I just have kind of like either like the tin pallets, which I don’t really touch from, might benefit or just things that I really don’t use in general, which is generally just kind of prymaat makeup, but that’s pretty much everything in this first drawer so in this second drawer I have all of my kind of eye products, and this is probably one of my favorite drawers be honest. So if I just start with my pallets, which I have in the very front of the drawer, the first one I have is my naked 2 palette, which is actually at one of the first high-end pallets that I got, and this just has some really pretty colors.
In it, I haven’t really been using it as much at the moment, but I always use it quite a bit in autumn, underneath I have a modern renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, and this is quite a recent purchase for me and I absolutely love the colors In this, this is the palette that I’ve been reaching for most at the moment, because all of the colors are just so pretty, and I really love this palette is definitely one of my favorites, then, under that we have my pea Faced chocolate bar palette, which I Got for Christmas, I haven’t really used it that much to be honest and obviously, the white gives smush in the post, but this is another really pretty palette and obviously it smells like chocolate, which is absolutely amazing. So I’m really hoping that I get some more user of this palette soon as well over here I have a few more kind of mini palettes, so these are just two Tanya burr ones. So the first I have is this one, and this is called Hollywood eyes, and this has just really nice kind of gold shades in it and they warm brown, and these parts are really good for traveling, because they’re, really small and they’ve got a lot of colors, Which you can kind of make a lot of different looks with then I have the Fairy Tail palette, which has kind of more neutral cool, shade tones who’ve got like a brown, a peach, we’re kind of taupe color and then a black as well. I then have my for makeup geek eyeshadows, which are still set in their packets, because I haven’t had chance to buy a palette to put them in, but I made a complete. So if you are interested, I will leave it linked below moving on to this first little kind of tub here. This is what I keep all of my eyeliners, so the first one that I have is the collection fast stroke, and this is one that I used to use loads and it’s still one of my favorites and it’s only like 2 pounds of it absolutely amazing. I then have the bourgeois slim eyeliner. I don’t have a benefit they’re real push-up, liner, a Primark liner and then two of the Tanya burr glitter eyeliners. I also have a Maybelline potted gel eyeliner, but I don’t really use that too much either. Moving on to this massive one here, this is where I keep all of my mascaras out of these mascara is the ones that I use most is the Maybelline great lash, the 17 clear definition, which I use my eyebrows and be benefit they’re real, but I also Have some other ones so other ones I like are the Maybelline lash sensational benefit roller lash, this little mini number 7 extreme lengths.
I have a Rimmel, wonderful, argan oil, mascara, prime elkss1, a no Max Factor waterproof, and I also have a few little minis down here. So I have another mini they’re real and I also have a Mac sample over here. This is very cute, my false lashes and I don’t really have too many, because I don’t really wear them much apart from what I’m filming. So I have this pair of red cherry five, two threes, and these are my absolute favorite lashes and then I have another pair of red cherry lashes and these are the dollar lashes and these ones are a bit longer and kind of more for if you’re going Out or something, and then I have a few of the Primark individual lashes, and I also have my last loop, which is the Juara eyelash adhesive in clear English tray here. I have kind of just all my other random eye products which don’t really have anywhere else to go, so I have like a bear real eyeliner remover. I have the Maybelline big eyes, which I really like to use for the white side. For my waterline. I then have this Maybelline brow drama brow mascara. I have two little mini loose: eyeshadow pigments from Tanya burr, this little eyeshadow pencil from Primark, this matte eye makeup remover sample, and I also have the MUA color blast kind of crayon pencil eyeshadow then over here. This is rotate all of my kind of individual passage eye shadow things, so I have a Maybelline Color tattoo and this is in on and on bronze, which is one of my favorite shades. It’s a really pretty color and I love using this in summer. I don’t have a Topshop one, and this is quite similar to Mac painterly. It’s just this kind of nude pink color, which I love using as an eyeshadow base. For my other shadows. I then have the freedom dip, brow pomade, and this is only like five pounds. So it’s really affordable and it’s really good. It’s what I use on my eyebrows on a daily basis – and this is in the shade dark brown which works really well for my eyebrows and I then have two of the individual number seven eyeshadows.
So one is in this really nice, champagne, color and the other one. Is this kind of tape Brown find me over here? I have this mu, a pro rail kit, which is one of the first things I got when I started out with mater, and it just has like three different brown shades on like a gel Chris mu, a matte eyeshadow palette, which is a really something that I Use by just keep it anyway, and I then have my eyelash curler, and these are models own and I got these off of a source actually and a really good quality. So I definitely recommend them and then finally, at the very back of my drawer, because it doesn’t fit anywhere else. It has my revolution beyond flawless eyeshadow palette and I used to be absolutely obsessed of this and I still think it’s really pretty. It’s got some great shades in it and it’s really affordable as well. So if you’re starting out with makeup, I definitely recommend this palette, so in this final drawer. This is where I keep all of my lip products so on the left here. This is where I have all of my glasses. Then I have my lipsticks here: lips kind of gone things here and then, like other various lip glosses and Barnes at the back, along with some lip scrubs and lip liners, so starting in this first part here. This is all of my kind of lip gloss products, so the first I have is this number 7 BB lips, and this is something I really love. I then have a sleek matte me: lipstick. A Rimmel volume boost the Rimmel apocalypse, a Primark kind of lip crayon. This whipped velvet MUA looks lip gloss, a few Tanya burr lip glosses as well, and then I have this Max Factor red one and they have this benefit sugar bomb lip balm as well, while lip gloss, which I also really like – and it tastes really good too. Over here with my lipsticks, I have this number 7 lip crayon, a clinic lipstick sample, a Topshop lipstick in secretary, which is like a brown nude color. My two matte lipsticks, one in velvet teddy and one in brave, then two of the NYX soft matte lip cream One is in Madrid and the other is at in Abu Dhabi.
Here I have my other lipsticks, which I don’t really use as much, but I have a couple of MUA ones These are just normal ones and then that’s a max one I have a Rimmel one in red This is Kate Moss I won I then have another rumor one, and this is in a really interesting kind of brown nude shade, and then I have a Burberry kiss sample Then we have all of my kind of glosses and bonds and things that have Olivia lip butter over here I then have to Libya pearly shine lip balms as well Then I have all of my body shop lip glosses and these are the born lipids and I have all six flavors of this and I then have two of the zoella like farms and my favorite one is the sweet mint one Moving on to this acrylic storage, which I got off of Amazon in here, I just keep more lip balms and a lip scrub So I have the popcorn lip scrub from lush I then have an EOS lip balm in sweet mints I then have this Carmex lip balm as well, then, back here This is where I keep my lip liners So first I have this pink one which is from Rimmel I then have a more round nude shade, which I got from bourgeois and I then have a red one, which is also from Rimmel Finally, here I have all of my baby lips and I have seven of them Some are electro and some are just plain ones So I can’t actually remember all of the proper names in Roy, don’t think But I’ve got this one which i think is something like pink punch I’m not too sure it’s from the electro range Then I have a doctor rescue cherry me Intensive care, peach, kiss sweet mint and this one is peach punch I then have two of these Revlon Colorstay lip balms in two different shades, one for nude and one’s a more pinky color and then finally, I have three of the Tanya burr limited edition lip glosses, which I got in my advent calendar at Christmas, and these are In the shades candy cane Christmas stocking, which is a matte lip which is actually one of my favorite lip products I own, and then we also have very publisher – and that is basically everything in this drawer Apart from a few kind of little bits like these plastic pieces here, which are for my Muji storage – and that is actually everything, so that is my completed makeup collection

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