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Stay in London for 3 days (Travel VLOG)

30 Sep , 2019  

We made it to London, we are out and about it’s actually pretty warm, which is really really nice and there’s lots of Sun we’re gonna go for a bit of a walk Sadly, we only have about two and a half days, including this we’re in the foodie experience, denardis beautiful ones, and I am free This is the most iconic thing I’ve seen ever so The London is amazing, but it is pretty pricey, but if you get the opportunity go on it and our last day in London before tomorrow, which is so sad to go back to Australia, we’ve got an action-packed today, we’re headed now to sea life, and there may Be a bit of madam just and the rest is a surprise It is very My new house welcome also very insanely busy here we didn’t realize that was a part of a team in London, and now we’re headed to school up excited room totally excited We just got back from same school Brook and it was incredible I would turnout him recommend it to anybody We were just so in love with everything It was amazing and sadly, that’s actually the end of our time In London it was a very quick two and a half kind of three days, and tomorrow morning I’m headed back to the city back home It’s gonna be a long flight, so I’m gonna end this book here Thank you so so much for watching and following our travels around the UK and Ireland

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