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Steve Wilkes talks about crows: You have to stop running Cleveland Brown first

30 Sep , 2019  

Good morning last week was was a good game, but it wasn’t good enough from a stand point. We got to find ways to hold our opponents to three points in the red zone. I think that was really the difference in the game. When you start talking about red zone defense, it wasn’t good enough. Last week we were able to create some takeaways, which was great, and I thought we stopped the run well, which one night game plans going in Gurley was so dynamic and it’s not gonna.
Be any different this week, when you look at what the Ravens are able to do offensively with Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram gonna do a great job of stopping the run, they’re very dynamic in what they’re doing across the board, unable to take the top off. With Brown 15, I think he does a great job for it’s just putting pressure on the defense vertically up the field, and with that I take your questions playing Madden. You know, they’d, be honest, he’s probably the closest thing I’ve seen since Michael Vick. This guy is extremely dynamic can make plays when you don’t think, there’s a play there to be made he’s just Houdini, I guess but phenomenal, not just with his legs, but his ability better get the ball down the field as well. One of the great things that he does when he gets outside the pocket he’s not just looking to run his eyes, are still down the field he’s trying to push that ball down the field. That’s what they’ve been really successful with lately without three starters. You know we don’t know yet you know those guys are still trying to work back into the fold, so we’ll see exactly where they are at the end of the week. They play dynamic, again no reservations whatsoever. Last week, those guys have started in this league played a lot of football and they went out and performed well last week had to support at a teammate supporter, the coaches. I, the coach’s assistant coaches at our outstanding job and really preparing these guys and getting them ready to play, particularly you. Look at Justin burst Joe wit spent probably 48 hours with him around the clock, just trying to get him up to speed with the game plan.
He went out there and performed well all the talk so far he’s been about how long Lamar Jackson is still in the ball more, but still running a lot more. It looked like the chargers last year in the playoff game, the second time facing them caught up to that is that the game plan to emulate. Well, it’s not so much trying to emulate what the Chargers did we’re just trying to put our guys in the best position to be successful. Tony, I think really. You have to stop the run first with Jackson as well as Ingram, and we’re going to try to do that. The best way that we can, that fits within our scheme. You know they have so many different weapons. You know I, like 89 Andrews he’s, he’s a dynamic tight end, a guy that we brought in Arizona and coming out a couple years ago with the 30 visits. So he is definitely coming to his own he’s performing. Well, they find him on third down. They find him in the red zone and then again I already mentioned you know 15 brown. So we got a lot of weapons that we got to make sure that we try to stop toughness the physicality downhill runner, which is just another element of Lamar being able to pull the ball. So you get caught up really trying to play downhill. Then, all of a sudden, now you soft on the perimeter so there’s different elements to what they do and I thought he brought a lot to that offense, along with what the Lamar is able to do already, are the office to prepare for because they have the Running credit for it and because it feels like the different packages of the but there’s three tight answer. This feels like they look different than a lot of other offices. I would say really breaking them down pulling back the layers. Different personnel groups you’re gonna get all of it, but it’s really all the same. It’s just bodies in there, but the illusion they run the same thing with 13 personnel that they do out of 11 and that’s where they try to get you a little bit with the window dressing. But it’s all the same. It’s you know: it’s a as a college office is really what he what he did at Louisville.
You know in those kind of things and Greg Roman his background with Kapernick when he was at the 49, and so whenever you have an element of the quarterback being able to run the ball, it just has an extra blocker. You know that’s what it does. So we preparing well, for it we’ve seen that offense before so I’m very excited about going against the offense. I’m very pleased where we are right now with our game plan, has a way of bringing up unique, skillset, presenting unique challenges and there’s the division champs when he took this job. Did you start thinking about him? I mean well, we do an offseason study about division. Opponents, some of the teams that we crossed over different divisions. So, yes, we did do that again, very dynamic and what he’s doing trying to find different ways that we can come at them find different ways that we can ready to stop Ingram as well. So we started back in the spring, so hopefully we have something good for them. On Sunday running back, I asked the men to cease. I might be that guy sure. Well, I would say this right here is that he’s very skillful very elusive out in space. It’s a little different in college, so I understand where you’re going in regards to that guy’s at this level, you know you have some defensive. Lineman lined box was just as fast as these quarterbacks, so I think you hear them talking some of the things they’re trying to get him away from running as much and really get him to push push the ball down the field. So there’s always an element when your quarterback runs that you know you’re putting them out harm’s way. So we’ll see Edwards compliment anger on them. What do you think of not just Ingram, but that tandem dynamic? Again, you know one-two punch again. We really want to look at three, because all of them have the ability to be able to run the ball. Our number one goal each and every week is to stop the run. I think you know everybody puts so much on this league Bennett pass happy League and I’ve said it time and time again, there’s nothing more demoralizing to a defense.
Then you know 15. 20, 25 yard chunks right here. It just really just takes the the win out of yourself, so they’re gonna rotate a minute out. We got to do a great job of stopping and run and try to get them into third along somewhat short-handed in the secondary. Some of the guys that you do have in there like Terrence Mitchell TJ here those guys are pretty good, tackler so heading into this matchup against these guys, it’s always a benefit when your corners come up and support the edge and that’s what we believe in within This defense, I have again no reservation whatsoever about Terrance. You know as well as TJ. These guys have played a lot of football in this league. They perform well did a great job last week and I think they’re gonna do the same thing this week as well. Show you guys how they used to stop Michael Vick back we’ve shown different. Clips of you know when Greg Roman was that the forty niners and what he did with Kaepernick. I haven’t really looked at Michael Vick. No, but I do consider, as I said earlier, that Lamar is the closest thing to that degrees and just stocked up on safety. For this well, not so much, I just think we try to keep the best guys. That gives us the best opportunity to win. I think they have good tight ends again: they’re gonna mix the personnel in and out at 1322, but it’s all gonna look the same. You know they could spread you out and make it look like 11:00 again. Andrews 89 to me is is a receiving tight in he’s just as good as any. You know tight in that we gonna see in this league. It’s hard to say we like him here. You know we let him go early in Arizona, we’re gonna bring him back on the practice squad and then Cleveland picked him up. So he is a major part of what we’re doing special team wise everybody sometimes put special teams to the backburner, but it’s a major element of what we do strong point of emphasis and that starts with Freddie as well as the coach pre four. So I like Xavier, I think he does a tremendous job for us d-line How did you think it did Sunday night? I know probably trying to rely on those four guys to get predator.
They get as much as you want You know you always want more so, but I thought our deal on did a great job number one You know really controlling the line of scrimmage in the run game You know standing on gaps, we did a great job setting the the perimeter defense We knew they were going to try to get outside on the jet sweeps and I thought that’s where it started and at that particular point in time, once they start trying to get the ball down the field you saw Larry, Oh, get a sack I thought we were getting good pressure on the quarterback at that time Is it more just film study than doing thing out there? You can do on a practice field to dissimulate go back at the ends question earlier I think it is I think it’s a point of emphasis again, you can’t relax all right You know you got to go to the echo the whistle there’s something that you talk about all the time, but is it’s very pertinent with with this guy and the things that that he can he can bring? You can’t relax on this guy when you think he’s down and when you think you’re in position on sudden he makes one move and also and he’s out in open space So it’s hard yes to simulate that in practice, defensive lineman, maybe, but somebody might consider a position, be just a different alignment against the Rams Sheldon playing like a wide nine, for example What’s the thought process that goes into that? Do you think mismatches you looking for the thought process is constantly trying to move our guys around and create different matchups You know you’re gonna see miles on the right side You’Re gonna see miles on the left side You know last week you saw him inside, you know, trying to create one-on-ones with the guards and we’re gonna do that with all our guys across the board, because teams are gonna Try to you know, turn protection, they’re gonna try to chip and we got to find ways to free our guys up So that’s what you’re, seeing

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