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1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everyone and welcome to Sutton’s days today we’re doing a dual haul. It’s going to be a Dollar Tree haul and an Aldi haul, we’re gonna start with the Aldi haul. This is our stock up shopping for winter and for a couple of side projects and a couple of bonus items because who knew they were that inexpensive at Aldi? I don’t go to all be very often at all, because it’s a very out-of-the-way, long distance trip. For me to do, but they did open one closer, so I have I’ve been wanting to get to it wanting to get.
I just couldn’t justify the 2-hour. You know round-trip time frame, but today we had time for it, and so today we did it and we stocked up on a bunch of stuff for winter and some stuff that I didn’t know I would need you know, because that is that’s how those two trips Work, so let me take you through what we got here, so we got apple juice and we got apple cider, that’s back there to four of the apple juice, two of the apple cider. These are to make our annual apple pie moonshine. I will leave a link in the description box below and in the I cards above, because that’s what the brown sugar is also and we’re looking forward to those give it as gifts, and it’s a really great thing that people enjoy this time of year. We also got a gallon of milk literally because of the price, it’s another one of those cases where wow. How can you pass it up for a dollar twenty something? But it’s also the reason why our small dairy farmers are going out of business and they cannot support themselves anymore, and that is why big corporations are taking over the dairy industry, which is something we should all be very afraid of. Ok, but fill drinks milk. So we got to get on the milk next sliding sliding mMmmm this on the tripod. So you guys don’t wiggle quite as much okay, they had broccoli frozen broccoli, florets and you can steam these they’re 95 cents a bag. I got 10 bags of the broccoli got six bags of the California medley, so those will go into the freezer that will get us through a good chunk of the whit chunk of the winter. I also got a case of diced tomatoes. These are the basil, garlic and oregano diced tomatoes. I picked up. Let’s see this one’s a little wonky, but I picked up. I picked it up almost a case of tomato paste because we’re doing a lot of things where I add tomato paste and I hate always running out of it. We picked up four of their tomato, condensed soup, because we both like tomato soup and it’s one of those things that I have not enjoyed in quite a few years now.
So I want to try some tomatoes to appear soon, but I want to make my own so this. This is four little cans to kind of get us through, and then I picked up an entire tray of tomato sauce, just little tomato sauces for little meals. I think that cans size is absolutely perfect for two people I can use one. I can use two because most of the time it’s just an ingredient. It’s not you know, I don’t need a whole big amount of it. So I was very happy with that. We picked up some tikka masala sauce because we wanted to try it. We haven’t tried it. We thought it might be good. I needed some soy sauce for an upcoming recipe, so I picked up some of that and some Italian dressing for a marinade fill moving moving. Okay, Phil likes Raisin Bran, so he wanted a couple boxes of raisin bran. We got that now. My surprise check this out. Yeah. Look at that. I bought corned beef in September. That’s unheard of, but so is me finding corned beef for 399, a pound. That is the price that we normally pay in March when it’s on sale, so all of their corned beef was 399 a pound. I I couldn’t pass it up and I knew my mother wanted some too. So I got. I got three packages and the two big ones I’m gonna can up and then the smaller one I’m gonna give to my mother. That’s a two and she will injure because she was just asking about that. So I was really happy to find the corned beef. Now I picked up a little ball of fresh mozzarella because I loved it needed some garlic, some fresh garlic. So we have that some three cheese tortellini, I’m looking at a couple of small soup meals for Phil – and I are you know, just easy pasta, meals for filadyne and then I picked up two packages of the Cabasa, because that is also coming up a meal that You’Re gonna see soon Phil really likes. These cheese sticks, so we got those two and those will come in handy for quick. You know quick okay, um, some bagels, it’s gonna be a little treat kind of like a last to retreat before bagels are going out of our life for a while, but cinnamon raisin bagels good good, it’s a nice tasty treat will give them. You know there are sometimes kind of thing. I picked up four bricks of an ounce bricks of mild cheddar. They were only a dollar sixty nine. I think so very happy about that. That’Ll go into the fridge, some spinach and some romaine and then Phil really loves pistachios, so I’ve picked up some pistachios and then I wanted to try this.
Like I said, I don’t get to Aldi, it’s not something I ever do, but they had this fit and active flatbread high in fiber, and so when I read it, it has 22 carbs, but it’s only 12 net carbs for the flatbread. So I thought I’d give it a try, see how I like it. If I like it a lot, I may consider the next time I go out buying more of them so that I can put them into the freezer and use them as as I need them. I picked up some classic five cheese ravioli, because I have a special thing coming up that I want to show you this okay, this I wanted to try. Now I try to stay as far away from soy as humanly possible because it has very adverse side effects with me. If my body does not appreciate soy at all, this is a whey protein powder and phil has tried it before really liked it. Now I don’t know if you remember, but Heather from the needy homesteader had gifted us. Some elevation bars to try and they were good, but they were still very high in carb. They were so like 20, something carbs for bar, so that was a little high for me, but Phil really like this and the last time he picked it up, which was a couple years ago. So I’m at $14 a pop was $13.99. We picked up three of them three chocolate, because I’m gonna give these a try as a meal replacement. The total carbs are nine, so for one serving so I’m not doing keto, I’m I’m backing off the keto, but I do want to do low-carb. So this would fit remarkably well as a meal replacement for me, with only nine carbs we’re gonna give it a try and I’m gonna find out. I’m probably gonna. Do it with water mix it with water. But if you mix it with milk, then you have to add all of that to it. Also, so you know the the carbs for the milk also, but I was very happy with this. It has 30 grams of protein, so it’s high in protein should make it so that I’m not hungry it’ll cure any kind of sweet treat craving that I have and just be a really excellent source of protein, as the King says, so that’s cool that works. For me, we’re gonna go to try see how it goes now. Let me bring you this way. Okay, I’m not sure. If you are subscribed to my buddy Heather at the needy homesteader, I was like. Oh I my name is Lisa. I am a mug addict um, so I think I’m always looking for the next best coffee mug, and these are perfect. These are perfect for soup. These are perfect for coffee. I picked up two because well there are two of us, so I’m very heavy they’re, just as great as I thought they would be when I saw her with hers $2.
99, a piece not a bad price, so I’m excited about those. Well then Heather did her dastardly enabling – and she told me about the Casa de the cast-iron saucepan she’s – got a beautiful red one, a beautiful gray, blue blue. It’s not look at on-camera comics, it doesn’t it, but it’s great. It is just the prettiest little pot. You ever did see I’m going to enjoy this pot so much $15 for a for an enameled cast iron pot. I don’t know if it’s made in America – it’s probably not it’s made in China. I’Ll live with it for the moment, because it’s a very pretty pot. Okay, when they get this put away, not the pot everything else and we’ll be back with you all, dee hall. Oh wait! A minute! Wait a minute! Here’s the important part hello! Okay, like I said I wasn’t planning on three of these. I wasn’t totally planning on this. I wasn’t totally planning on this. Okay, I also was not planning on the apple juice in the apple cider or the pistachios, but I did get to stock up on some stuff that I was planning on. So it worked out really well, but let’s see our cost, for this was 207. 93. 207. 93, that’s what we ended up paying and let me see so we got 42. Oh I’ll tell you how much is actual for groceries and how much is for special projects, but obviously this is not. This is not. This was 42 dollars more than I expected the powder. So honestly, we did not do bad, considering the extra stuff on there. Now, let me get to the the now it’s time for the Dollar Tree haul. Yes, that is a wall of spinach that you see there. It really is so we’re walking through the aisles just kind of see what we can see and they have these 27 ounce cans of chopped spinach Phil loves spinach. Now I can tell you that I can’t get the smaller cans. What are they like? 15 ounce? For a dollar so to give it a 27 ounce can for a dollar we cleaned off the shelf. We really did we bought every single one that they had, that it should be enough spinach for him. I asked him, I said: hey Phil and he said yes, Lisa and I said: can you eat all that spinach at one setting he’s like oh yeah? Well, Who am I to argue with a man who wants his spinach right? I mean it’s good for you. It could be worse, so who’s gonna argue with Popeye. He says mm-hmm, so um spinach. We have so he’s good for well. You know a couple months anyway, um I picked up three eight by ten just inexpensive frames. I will show you my projects with those.
I picked up a little thing, a poster board because again I have a project going. Some LED light. Bulbs are 60 watt, I’m hoping the three of them I’ll brighten up my bathroom a little bit more than it is right now, while we’re in the construction phase. I don’t want to purchase any expensive light bulbs because I’m not sure what’s gonna fit in the new light fixture that I decide to get when I decide to get it. So this is what we’re going for. I literally cannot tell whether I have blonde hair on the side or gray. I’m thinking it might be great. I don’t know okay um a couple of these just because it’s always good to have some bears and then some hair bands, because I wear my hair up like all the time. I knew that mine were dying, so I’m picked up a new spatula slotted spoon, not a lot of spoon and because my potato peeler seems to have grown legs. I picked up a potato peeler that felt like it had a good good hold to it, and a nice sharp blade, two of these for lighting candles and whatnot, and then these are always handy to have. So I should come up there for having pictures and stuff that I’ve lived. I got some cocoa butter for my office at work. Phil had fun with this one, because I literally just ordered one of these on Amazon for the car and he found these at the dollar store well for about. You know six bucks less than I paid five bucks, five bucks less than I paid so now we have one for his car and a spare because you just never know around here. I need some basil, so we got basil. These are the bomb, these little lights that they sell. You put batteries on them. They last forever literally they’re great for decorating they’re great for ambience they’re great, for whatever you want these ones are purple. Can you see that purple lights, so I’m very excited. I picked up, I think five. Yes, five of those and the nice lady that register we’re having me a pack of batteries because I forgot to get the batteries, so I’ve got five of those they’re very cool. I’m gonna have a lot of fun with them. Taper candles because I’ve got one little pretty I don’t know – I don’t even know – I don’t know the name of it anyway. It holds taper candles, but it holds shorter ones than this. So I’m gonna cut it these down to fit in that holder It’Ll work out really good, hair, skin and nails, and I wanted to try the little gummies because well they’re fun.
My drain stopper thing is dying, a slow, miserable death, so I want new ones so Phil and I had kind of a debate as to which was better So he chose that I chose this and because I like we’re done to see I got to then I got some hand sanitizers for my office for my bag for my car, because you know funk season is showing up I got this ready I got this because I could don’t go bacon, my heart, it’s a magnet for the fridge, couldn’t resist It was cute um That’s why the Dollar Tree sucks you in it goes nope we’re gonna Take all your money Okay, some elbow macaroni excuse the fly It’s a fly season with 50% more I’ve got a project coming up where I’m gonna be using at least one box, probably two with different experiments, so you guys will be seeing some of that I missed awesome and we ran out so picked up a bottle awesome and in these really great containers, the long story short of eases one is gonna hold on my ginger One is gonna hold the hub Any powder that I keep One is gonna hold sugar because the friend we have a good friend that comes up about twice a year stays with us and he drinks sugar with his coffee, which this time he had to go, get out of a five-gallon bucket So when I put it in a mason jar, it tends to turn into a brick So I’m gonna put it in this because it has a nice rubber seal he’s only cost a dollar hello Dollar Tree, and then you always get an extra one Just in case, so that is our Dollar Tree haul, along with our Aldi haul, okay, so this time at the Dollar Tree, we spent 75 dollars and 46 cents It was kind of an expensive afternoon, but it was a stock shop afternoon and picking up little odds and ends that I know we needed But honestly, these were things that I didn’t plan it I did not plan on the spinach I did not plan on the hair, skin and nails I did not plan on this elbow macaroni I didn’t plan on the corned, beef and a bunch of other stuff from Aldi, but very happy with everything we got We got fantastic prices on all of it and I think this is it I’m wrong There’s probably still a couple things I need to stock up for the winter, but this was a majority of it So I hope you enjoyed our impromptu haul and remember if you like what we do here Please check us out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and until the next time be safe, you

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