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Strangers make me up

1 Nov , 2019  

There sometimes I don’t wake up and there’s just like boom. I’m gonna be letting strangers on omegle big. My makeup scared, though, because a lot of men, a lot of old men on omegle, are really young. I don’t want to say that out loud, so i’m gonna do foundation. First, I’m gonna have them pick either between the Giorgio Armani Foundation or or the Tarte double-duty foundation. This one is so. Full coverage is also like a shade lighter than me so kind of look like a spur that goes, but it’s fine.
Can you do me a favor? Can you pick one of these yeah but just like yeah they’re, the same color, but just pick one, the purple. One is a black one: purple, okay, the purple one. Okay, thank you. So much have a good night bye, Gordon my top lip go. Do you guys see how light this is on me literally, look at the difference, so next I’m gonna do concealer. My options are the NARS foundation or a tart foundation. I mean foundation, concealer, okay, a Tarte, concealer or a Tarte can wait tarte, oh my god. I really hope they pick the NARS one, because this one is so freakin dry on me and I have dry skin, and this is just like not a good combo hi. I love your hair. Thank you so much that is so nice you’re. So nice wait. I love you you’re, so nice. Well, I have a question: yes um, which concealer? Should I use? Okay? What’s the brand of the black one Norah’s? No, that one’s turn yeah? Is it the same skin color yeah, all right, tart, really, I’ve seen more good things on those okay, I’m kind of sad, though cuz she picked hard at faith in you, I’m just getting whiter and whiter by the second okay, I’m gonna set it real, quick And then I’m gonna start um, I shadow okay. Actually, I think I’m gonna bronze in contour first, because it’s bothering me how pale I look you shouldn’t, so I’m gonna fix that first, okay, I added some color. I feel a little bit better. I still look really pale, but it’s fine kind of look like a clown. Oh me, faded thing.
Um. Can you answer something for me? I can hear you, you could talk okay, so I need you to pick a color blue. Okay. Can you dog please? Yes, thank you. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, okay, cool! Thank you! So much! You know I can hear my computer overheating. I cannot believe I’m doing a full face of makeup at 1:00 a.m. and then I’m gonna do a halo cut, crease yeah. I haven’t done that in a while: okay she’s blending, okay hi, I’m me from the future like 30 minutes later um. I know my makeup is done. I actually religiously use honey. Like I swear like, I got really excited when they said they wanted to sponsor me. I was like oh okay. Honey is a free browser exception that automatically adds the best promo coast to when you’re shopping online. So you can get the most money off so literally when you’re online shopping anywhere, Amazon, Sephora, Best Buy and literally anywhere else you could think of so actually. For me, I use honey on Sephora because it always gives me like free things. With my makeup that I buy or money off honey works on literally every single website. It has a coupon for every single website. Every single thing you want to buy I’ve been using for about like I want to say eight months, maybe a year I don’t know I got it because of Shane Dawson, so you should go to join honey, calm, slash marina! It literally only takes two clicks installed. Like literally too quickly, no reason to not use honey to buy anything online like I said it’s free and it takes two clicks: get honey for free at join honey, calm, slash, marina, that is join honey, calm, slash, marina! So again. There’s literally, like I said, there’s only no reason to not it’s free and SAV money. Like I love yes, thank you so much. Can I ask you something sure? Okay, can you um pick a color, all right, yellow, hey what color is on your eyes right now, blue, okay, I’m just so hard. He knows: okay, yellow or the purple they enough of it, which purple like right there, this one, no, the one to the left and up what’s the right enough, there’s one thought: oh okay! Thank you.
So much have a good night okay, so they picked purple. So I think I’m gonna cut my crease, so I’m gonna cut my crease real, quick and I’ll be back. I messed up, and these are definitely not the same. This was definitely way higher, but if I try to make them the same and I messed up – I’m just gonna cry, so I’m gonna use the purple she told me to use. I already know this is gonna, be the better eye, but like okay. So I finished with the blue and purple, and I literally told you guys this was gonna, be the better. I like look how good this looks right and look how trash this looks. I’m mad! Okay! It’s between these two lashes. I have a coat for these by the way they’re doto lashes – oh my god, make up and be use it. No Jesus Christ, how you doing I’m good! How are you okay? They said one guy from Eastern Europe call me n-word, Indian, another guy y’all catch. That too, look at me and stare for a while, until I told him that Osama bin Laden’s just was behind him, then he looked behind him. He yes look behind them. For that, I’m just surprising us! You mean going over right, how’s! Yours, my night is good. Thank you for having um. Can I ask you something Owen one thing then: okay um, which one’s should I use no definitely on the bottom: okay, cool! Thank you, yeah yeah! That’s what I do, professor! Oh, that’s, cool! Yeah! You don’t care right! I I do care. I do care there. Sometimes I don’t like nothing. It’s just like boom. I work Wow. Okay, so he chose the bottom lashes. Hopefully these lashes cover up how ugly the left eye is. I don’t like them. Okay, next is highlighter. I’m gonna either ask them between this. Glossy err highlight glossy a glossy a wall see here. How do you say that I don’t know? Do you know what I’m talking about yeah you do Okay, glossy err wall, see here the jeffree star peach goddess highlight: can you do me a favor totally? Can you pick one of these? Thank you pink why’d, the pink one.
Oh, it looks good What’s that alright? Well, okay, what do you think this one is really not strong? It’s really it’s really bright pigmented Do you see that okay? The last thing is lipstick I’m gonna ask for this Kylie gloss or or this Kylie matte lipstick, hi We’Re pretty! Thank you so much I bet you’re really pretty too I can’t see you, though you have a really nice smile, which should I use this gloss, or this matte lipstick gloss the gloss you have taste Okay, thank you So much have a good night ci I love what I encounter Other girls and they’re like you’re, so pretty you don’t like No you I am really happy that she picked up the gloss cuz I love lip gloss I have an addiction What’s what does zoom in a bit? Oh, that’s too close You can see all my thing killed Oh my face details I think we’re done with the makeup or where so that is that I’m freakin done it It’s literally 2 am Wow love You bye, Oh beautiful eyes This is gonna end up in I’m dying Half of my main screen also, I find seem weird right now I literally pulled an all-nighter last night and just never went to sleep like I still haven’t slept since like two days ago, so nice week, gang yeah So I was reminiscing and I was like well, I’m not gonna die to my hair strands again, no, sir! Oh, why do I a half of my bangs? I’m honestly only probably doing this really impulsively, because I haven’t slept and probably like gonna regret this Just like I regretted cutting bangs in the first place I just have no self-control when it comes to my hair Look, I just want to go by the way This time you guys this time I told my mom, I was doing it, she doesn’t approve She thinks I’m gonna look ugly, but my hair has been through so much like Let’s just anyways

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