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Strawberry blonde at home the best extension of my latest formula red hair

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi it’s Molly and welcome back to my channel. step-by-step guide on exactly how I get my hair color the formula I use the process, the extensions I use afterwards and how I blend them. So if you are wondering how I get this hair color at home. This is my updated formula because my hair at this point is 100% white and gray.. So, let’s just get right to it, so for coloring you’re going to need two pairs of disposable gloves. So that’s one. Two three four gloves: total coconut oil, a color comb to push the color through with a dividing and developer a color bottle.
This is a super basic one from Sally and your color. This is 8 g, 7 g and 8 RG in my new apartment. My sink area is all carpet, so I like to lay down an old towel just to protect my carpet because sometimes at home, color can get a little bit messy when I just put on an old towel for when I’m coloring as well. But I will just brush through my hair: you do want to brush through your hair that way the color won’t go through it really easily and not get caught up. We’Ll have your phone close by because you are gonna need a timer, I’m gonna start out. I like to protect my ends with with some coconut oil. I just like to put this oil in my ends so that they don’t get super fried or pick up a weird amount of the red dye. And after I do this, I don’t wash my hands. I just put them right in a pair of gloves and I let the coconut oil sink in, like a deep conditioning treatment for my hands as well. So you’ll take your first pair of gloves. This is a super cheap, a bottle from Sally’s. I think it was a dollar, maybe two dollars, and it is the best Collard bottle. I’ve ever used, it’s really pliable. So it’s very squishy. The cap lets out the perfect amount and the bottle goes up to fifteen ounces, which is perfect. So I love this and this is an absolute find because I have a lot of great hair. I do like to put a little bit of developer on first just on the really resistant gray parts and that just helps to make sure that everything is colors and I’ll just get a q-tip really saturated with developer. I just like to make sure all those hairs at the temple really do get cover it up because, for whatever reason they are very resistant, I just realized have my earrings in two, so I am gonna take my earrings out.
I started adding some 7g to my formula. This is one shade darker than the 8, the level 8 shades that I’m going to be using – and I did this because my hair is all gray and white at this point. So the original formula that I was using was starting to come out a little bit peachy on me and now, if you don’t have any Gray’s, you don’t need to add that this you can skip this step. But if you have a lot of gray and white hair like me or if the formula is coming out too peachy then feel free to add this 7g. So what I do is, I add one, two, three, four five drops and, as you can see, those were pea-sized drops of 7g. You can barely even see them on the bottom of the container. This is my 8rg, and what I’m going to do is fill right up to the 1.5 ounce line, I’m going to be adding two ounces of 8g, which is the full tube now my formula is it 3.5 ounces and I’m gonna add 7 ounces of developer? For ten point, five ounces of total formula: well, a color term – is a one to two formula which means that for every ounce of color you use two ounces of developer. I have ten point: five ounces of total formula and, as you can see, I’ve got my little candy corn formula and I’m just going to start to shake it up in this part. I know it’s annoying, but it’s really important. You definitely don’t want to get like a weird splash of color on your hair, so just keep mixing now. This is how I do my hair now, because I do my hair myself. So what I like to do is part down the center and then I part my hair, all the way down to the back of my neck, because I’m doing my hair myself at home, I found that this is the easiest way for me to apply color so That I can make sure that the back is fully saturated as well. So I’m gonna start my clock for 30 minutes, and here we go. I apply the color first at the nape of my neck and then I pull it all the way up to the front of my head. I grab my brush and then I just start to work that color through to make sure that it’s really getting down into the base of my roots. I do this every time I swear. I’ve been coloring my hair for almost 20 years, and I forget every single time I’m gonna go around my face and get my face: colored there, okay! So once I have the color all applied.
What I like to do is go in in the back, and this is definitely not how it would be in salon, because you actually don’t want to move the club. You don’t want to massage the color so much that you make it leave your hair. But when you’re coloring your hair at home, I do like to make sure that the back is all covered because there’s no other way to check. So what I do is I take my hands and I go in the back and just massage at the roots, so that took me 15 minutes to apply. I’m gonna wait, 15 more minutes and then put the rest of the formula on. I am going to grab a little cloth and just make sure I get the color off my skin. The colors been on my roots for 30 minutes, so I’m gonna grab. My other pair of gloves, I like to start my timer from the second. My color goes on. I have tried it where, as soon as I’m done applying my color, I start my 30 minutes on my roots from there and honestly, it just comes up a little bit to read than too brassy. So I do 30 minutes from when I first start colouring and then I’m gonna take the rest of my color and pull this through my hair. Now this part again is definitely not how they would do it in the salon. But when you’re at home, you’ve got a you’ve got to do what you can so I’m just gonna divide my hair into sections and do little zigzags and don’t worry because we’re gonna go back over the whole thing in a minute. So if it doesn’t look totally saturated, that’s okay, once I have it somewhat distributed all through my hair, I take the cap off and this part can get really messy, so you know be careful so after I have it mostly distributed to my hair. I take the cap off and I just this part can get really messy, so I do try to be as careful as possible. I take the cap off and just dump some in and start to rub it through, and obviously this would never be how somebody would do it in salon, but at home it’s how I get it the most saturated. So that took me about eight minutes to get my hair all saturated, which is plenty of time for the color to sit on there I’m gonna go hop in the shower and I’m going to check back in with you after I applied my collar the other day I got in the shower rinsed all the color out shampooed it once with this color, safe shampoo that I loved then shampooed.
It again to really make sure all the color was out conditioned Yesterday I didn’t wash my hair at all and today I’m gonna wash my hair So I wanted to show you my hair color before I hop in the shower, so you guys can see how it came out I’m gonna take you outside as well, so you can see really how this looks Here’s my hair in natural light, I’m gonna go wash it right now and I’ll show you The results after here are my result After two shampoos, now one initial shampoo in the shower after I rinsed out my hair color, and then I also shampooed again yesterday Here it is my color outside I just want you guys to get a really good look at it I also get a ton of questions about extensions, so I want to move along to those This is the shade 31 signature, strawberry blonde from my girl get glamorous hair line, and this shade was matched directly off the results of this hair color So I want to just clip these in and show you how they blend and all that good stuff I am grabbing some clips, a rat tail comb and a little bit of texture spray This will help the extensions grip I clip my top section right out of the way first and then I start clipping them in about mid ear level, but nothing is gonna Go above this point, so I just clip this section up to get it out of the way and a key here is to pull this section up really tightly, and then I just tease a little bit once the extensions are in I do like to blend them A little bit because you can just see where the natural hair stops in the extensions starts I’m gonna grab a 125 inch iron I’ll just grab little sections of the extensions and my natural hair and just make sure that I curl right where the natural hair meets the extension These are slightly bigger sections that I would do if I was just typically curling, my hair, but because I’m just blending the ends, it’s fine and if you are going to be wearing extensions, make sure you add a little volume up here, whether that’s with a texture Powder or a little bit of light teasing all right This is it That is how I get my hair color, which extensions I use to match That is the hot scoop, so I hope it was really helpful Bye,

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