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Study with me for 12 hours – half semester Edition (Grade A)

1 Nov , 2019  

Oh you hi guys. I know it’s been so long. But I’m back for the study with me because I had a few days in half-term to film like me, studying because I had to do some work. Obviously so here I’m just doing some biology notes on synapse is and nerve transmission. I think, and basically I did work on the Tuesday and Wednesday in half-term and I was away in bath Tuesday to Saturday and I worked the first Sunday and Monday and then the Sunday after as well so yeah.
. It just has been really hectic in life, but I’m hoping to be back a bit more often now, maybe like every other week and so fingers crossed. I can stick to that and it’s also my birthday in, like I don’t know like nine days when this goes up, which is so exciting, but I’m not ready to be an adult so yeah, that’s scary, you. I then moved on to my biology task, which was a group project type thing, and it turns out. We had to put it on a PowerPoint which is fine, because I just typed it up. But I was just doing something about how the structure of muscle tissue or something linked to its function, and then we did a PowerPoint presentation on there in class and it was quite hard to know what to say without repeating what the others would say. So I found this kind of difficult to find the information, but it only took me about 25 minutes, so it wasn’t too bad. You, you you and then here I was writing my geography. 20 marker on, I couldn’t remember what it was on. It was to do with how human rights, an intervention and something I think about government and defining development policies. I think – and yes, I do wear glasses, but only when my eyes are really sore or I’ve got a headache. They are really old. They’Re like six years old, but I needed to fish them out because my eyes was so painful that day. But this actually took me a really long time because I’ve struggling to know what exactly to write. But yeah things took me about an hour and a half overall, maybe I’m not a visual but yeah, it’s quite a difficult 20 marker. So on Wednesday I decided to start by doing some flashcards of comical political ad day I was just basically making summaries and analyzing Wow the months and translating into Spanish, so it was easier for the exam to know what I was writing and this typically a while, because obviously I was translating it into Spanish from English.
Like the whole summary that’s highlighted on, the right is in English: I’ve got I’ve, got it off the internet, but then I was translating into Spanish, because obviously I need to write my essay in Spanish So that’s what I was doing here didn’t take me long overall like to do the whole flashcards If you know what I mean, because I didn’t just do them all in one here It took me a couple of days but yeah, I’m quite quite happy with them You you, then here I was making some flashcards for a labyrinth or delfano This was using their Atlas directors techniques I can offer I wrote it Spanish or English, but I did there’s my face enjoying a wonderful makeup: bliss messy hair face, but basically we have to know about the doctors techniques used in the film So I’m just making flashcards of that which really didn’t Take me very long at all, and actually I think the previous flashcards took me longer, but I didn’t film it, which is why there is like a huge gap in time and I think they got distracted doing something else But anyway I was just doing these flashmaster Didn’t take me very long at all so yeah that was that and then here I was just doing some human rights notes I’m actually really really really enjoying health, human rights and intervention At the moment It’s so so interesting we’re learning about, like obviously human rights and the Geneva Convention and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights just stuff like that, it’s quite intriguing, there’s different aspects of Human Rights that you haven’t necessarily considered So I’m really enjoying that at the moment and yeah – it’s just very lengthy Please give it a thumbs up if you did I’m sorry for being so missing in action for ages, but fingers crossed I’ll be back a bit more Obviously I do have exams in like a hundred days great, but I will try my best to upload obviously revision yeah Bye

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