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Sugar – The biggest artist surprises his fans for a lifetime

30 Sep , 2019  

Let’s do this Regular Thursday, Just another Thursday Hi guys Hi How are you Hey? What’s going on guys, (group claps)? What’s the best thing on the menu like California, Chicken Sandwich California, Chicken Sandwich lemme get one of those We’re gonna sing a song Is that cool for you guys (screams )? What happens when deserving fans get the surprise of their life? (cheers and applause) I love crashing any kind of party I never did this before If I ever met Blake Shelton wow, I’m coming in to surprise you buddy ♪, Stuck here for days ♪ I am now a C5-C7 quadriplegic, I believe strongly in women empowerment I was in about thirty foster homes and two group homes He works with an organization that helps other kids in foster care I was in rehab Actually He’s been right on task with getting his kids getting his education I’m inspired to be apart of a show like this, because that’s the spirit that I am ♪ Don’t know you’re alive ♪ Listening to that song is like medicine to me It’s not even just the music, it’s just more like the person he is With their music I feel ready to continue to be the woman that I’ve always been ♪ So let it go now ♪ I never get nervous, but I’m so nervous ♪ Feel the ground beneath your feet ♪ Don’t blow the surprise (cheers) This is gonna be epic We have a special guest Let’s do this (screams ), I’m like literally speechless (screams and cheers ) ♪ Let them know ♪ ♪ That you’re not done ♪ ♪ You’ve got a long way to go ♪ ♪ So shout it out: ♪ ♪, Oh ♪, ♪, Oh ♪, ♪, Oh ♪ ♪! So shout it out ♪

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