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Sugarcill make up or mukbang ft Kim Chi

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everyone and welcome back to the sugar well YouTube channel. My name is autumn and today we are here with kimchi hi. What’s up yeah, I’m at the house? It’s all! So, if you don’t know, kimchi is the person. You probably know our kimchi products funny bags. Those are made by this one kimchi is a chicago-based drag performer in done. First anime-inspired high fashion looks he was a top three finalist on season. 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, so today we have a really fun game.
This is a little bit different than what we normally do, but I’m really excited Kim and I have bonded over a couplethings that we both really love – men well, yeah they’re all ends: men make up well food, no, but the word doing mukbang today, yep yeah. So this is a show called makeup or mukbang. The proper pronunciation is fun here. We have this magical shirt, oh wheel, and we’re gonna take turns so we’re gonna spin, the wheel. It’s either gonna land on a sugar pill product or it’s gon, na land on a food. So we either have to put that product on or we have to eat that food and we tried to get some gross food items. I don’t want to say gross but just undesirable, to eat in large quantities, and it turns out Kim likes all of these things. If I can finish all of these right here, so this might be a challenge for me just a feast for Kim it’s fine. I don’t you know, I just came here to eat and they come here to make friends I think of you to make up, but can I explain beforehand my makeup is very simple right now, because we’re gonna be putting more makeup on before you guys start Writing hateful YouTube comments. Oh well! You there make! Oh, it looks great. I’m gonna go for the thoron. Oh, so you’re gonna play it safe yeah. You know what I mean: fine get the chili. You know Wilfred of Thai okay, all right, serrano pepper! Here. We go. Oh that’s really! Quite oh! No! I’m so scared, but the wholething. No! I won’t make you do that. The Thai chili that’s on this plate is 23 times spicier than a jalapeno. Oh, my God! Look like it’s fine! Oh mystery, okay, hurry! So this is the fun square that I really didn’t want you to land on. This means you get to pick any product for me to wear or any food for me.
Oh I’m gonna pick chili for you. You know I’m excited into it. Okay. Does it hurt see going in it’s not the bad part tomorrow coming out is where it really hurt. We can keep going, I’m fine, your turn to spin, though Oh hope we get chillies again. Okay, sauerkraut wouldn’t be so bad, but maybe I don’t know it’s acidic. It’s gonna make it worse. It smells bad two hot dogs, all right. If I get to work with tonypop Dali puppets, actually what I use for a blush, so I’m just gonna put more on. Are you okay? Now? Is that pepper taste wrong tree? No! It’s gone season me yeah, I don’t know about you, but I’m doing good. Both of you ate way more than I think in all right. I think papasan beautiful, please good day, Lilly, thank God for Goldilocks. I can’t wait to see how you apply Kabam for me. Lose shadows are always very challenging. I’D like to just press on on very lightly. Okay, it’s all gonna collect on my lashes. I wouldn’t normally put makeup on in this order, but you know what you know what this is the challenge. We have a reason: yep, don’t like patted on older, looks like one of my favorite hold. I set on the market because a lot of whole life’s have like a green tint to it. A rag looks just like pure gold. Look Goldy laughter, you have it all right. I think I want to autumn to try to not tell you know that what’s good, how do you like imagine? Okay, so after his first practice you take your wet socks off and then you put it in a plastic bag, and then you forgot about it and a week later you open up the bag. Oh No, so hard. I deserve this. That’s poison! Come on all right! There you go since my mic was turned to for neon just a little purple. Normally I don’t have less on what I do. I said oh, but you know there is what color yellow it doesn’t really show up, disappoint them. Yeah cuz, it’s my dude yeah. Usually, when I wear yellow, I have to like look at how we look blue or something just like this, but what our cupcake from sugarpill animated show all right that I do for now, beautiful in case I get more colors. I don’t want to like it. She’s pretty right all right, my turn drink it.
Oh I’m just wearing lip liner right now. I could use a little lipstick too. Oh can we talk about that? I’m like every Instagram girl with this look right now hold a Luxan trinket. You want to do my voiceover sure, okay, hey guys does Adam from sugarpill. Today, I’m gonna show you how to apply the trinket lipstick. Today. Don’t were freaks, you take the applicator and you stick it in there, too looks good. It’s like a good littletrinket is such a good news day. It’s good on everyone. It does yeah, it’s a smelly, everyday color, really yeah. When I don’t want to wear a lot of makeup, because it’s easy to dress up or dress down yeah. My favorite part is like, after a dress like you, peed tap on it gently like gold, pigments, really cool. Since I got Goldilocks earlier since you used Ali pop twice, I’m gonna put all the elect on top of those. You don’t look so good. At the end, at the end, all the cool pigments already coming to life, looking good mm-hmm there we go. If I get it I’ll try an extra call and it matches your like purple. Look so if you guys have never heard of kimchi is domestic. What looks like, I’m, the market mm-hmm, it’s pretty bad, it’s like a soft like lavender color. So it’s good to line your lips with dark purple, pink mauve! Anything is that going in the middle. That’s it it’s a good, color! Combo! I see why you made this color looks really good. You know like it over like on pink liner, no explanation, just a look good, Oh cuz. I just kind of feel like a really like thought: baby pink color in it yeah cuz. I’ve noticed some people are like. Oh, it’s too light for me, hmm, but if you pair it with the right liner, it works for every turn to like any color. You want basically the right blending yeah and also this one. Just like I’ll get is your political looks like when it dries up pigments, but this one is more subtlethan the shrinkage yeah yeah, exactly everyday mm-hmm. I don’t feel so much better. A little stick on yeah, okay, all right! No one’s kimchi get yours now get hers today. Oh there, there we go so when you’re coming into the colour What Ichigo is blue because I boys want to like a good like aqua color.
It’s always hard to find like a good Matt color that has a good payoff yeah, which is weird because you think that you think might work people win on man Five, I feel like a lot of people are afraid of blue shadows yeah, but they shouldn’t be They work on it with every night when I first have a dry hump, pull me up agent girl should never murder blue eye shadow Oh looks good on you Thank you I mean it was made by someone who was really linked If you get him to get come to you, the tribute tradition with us of Korea and when I was picking my drag name, I want to represent my culture and kimchi found feminine So when I was young, I used to eat kimchi and cake together too and cake yeah and just at the same time we’re at the front of time like I’ll take the kimchi and put it on the cake and eat it Coz, the affinity for the kimchi will cut through the care Okay, really butch another Well, the more you know: dun dun, dun, okay, oh no! I love press will call me up here very well We we ate some things We put some things on our face up for the next tutorial stay tuned For that I never want to touch your pepper again in my life, which is super super fun You guys should definitely check them out We are obsessed with both products Let us know in the comments below what you thought and if you want this to become a thing, because I love to this This is how I need to do this again: yeah, but next time we’ll get spicier pepper No subscribe to their Channel and if the numbers are higher, maybe I’ll come back Yes, please yeah do subscribe, so we can have kim again because i think only comes if we have so many subscribes like Let’s make sure this bitch never get to describe We love Kim Thank you for having me thanks so much for watching you guys, we’ll see you very very soon bye, Kyle Beckerman, it’s good I thought the time he was gonna help it as making it work Everything literally can feel the heat inside of my ears Here’s someone McDonald’s napkins, I mean for your eyes your eyes, I’m buying

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