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Summer Fashion Tour 2019 (I have a question)

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, so today is a summer haul. I have a problem with clothes, I’m getting rid of some of them. I promise, but I cannot stop buying clothes so well anyway. You know you guys know so anyway. It’s my favorite store. I don’t care that, like you know, everybody else is on the Urban Outfitters thing and I’m on the Express thing, because look at this look at this. First of all, this dress. Okay, we’re just gonna pick it right off.
This is the cutest thing. I’ve ever seen in my life – okay, so flattering so cute, so lightweight perfect for summer. It’s to me kind of like something again. but it’s something like Sierra Furtado would wear, because it’s just kind of like girly and preppy a little bit. I don’t know if it’s like preppy, but I am okay. I have to say I am I’m reinventing my style again. I’ve been reading these books, you guys know the it girl series. This came out in 2005 and I actually found a it’s so funny. Do you remember borders the bookstore that went on a business and it was like Barnes and Noble, but it was even better than Barnes and Noble. Well, I I read this probably like freshman year of high school and I loved it. Actually, maybe it was middle school. I loved it so much. This is my favorite book series of all time and it still is like it’s crazy and I can go back and read this and it’s still so good. It’s the same author that wrote Gossip Girl, but these are so good and it’s it’s takes place in a brook like a private boarding school of like the rich and elite people, and it’s just it’s called believed, really Academy. Oh my god. I want to go to boarding school and I want to like. I want that, like East Coast, preppy boarding, school style and today, oh my god, did anyone see the the benefit I don’t use benefit i freakin wish I could I wish they would go cruelty free. So bad, but the benefit event that they just had it. That, like mansion did anyone see if you follow desi Perkins you saw or Patrick Starr they were like at this. It was called benefit a cat. It was like a brow. It was like a brow thing. Marketing thing, but it was so freakin cool they were wearing all these preppy stuff anyway, it’s just funny because I’ve been reading those books and I’m upset. So, okay, let’s just talk about this stuff, because I’ve been talking for weeks EULA. So first things. First, you guys know the dress it’s so this is the cutest dress in the entire world. I was snatching this up. I bought this stuff online, so I’m not sure if it like exactly fits me. If it doesn’t, then it’s just easy return. You know, I used to shop in store. But now I pretty much know my size and everything and there’s just a really big selection online and they have like in different brands like they have Steve, Madden and stuff, like that so yeah I like to shop online now and it’s just unique.
I don’t have to leave my office, but anyway they also have to you guys they have size extra extra small on their. They have petite. They have, I think, along like for tall people, and then they also have like so petite. If you’re like me, so it’s like five three and under and then they have Plus Sizes now online, so they have a ton of stuff. They have stuff for you. I promise you some people say they don’t have my size and, like you said to go, I lied. Okay, so here’s the next thing. I got it’s this little romper and I’m a huge romper fan because I love to just like be able to put something on. That’s light and airy, and it’s like you look put together even though it took even less effort than putting on a pair of like a ratty pair of shorts and a ratty t-shirt. You know what I’m saying: it’s just it’s funny how that works, but this has pockets. It’s really cute. It’s this really pretty watermelon color. Is this water mode? I don’t know, but you guys know, I love to look like a watermelon in summer like it’s just something that I love to. Do I like to roleplay as a watermelon, but, Oh anyway, so yeah. This is just really cute. I like the little like straps right here. It’s just like I like that it hits you right at the right place. I like that about rompers and if you can find one, that’s like you know, really Airy, I think in the legs, because, if you’re like me, I have kind of like thicker thighs from when I used to play soccer. I can’t get rid of them if you like those I like to get like kind of bigger side, you know figure sigh area, I don’t know what I’m saying at this point, but um speaking of that. Let me just skip over to this. I have see. I haven’t even opened these yet might have a problem with shopping. Ok, so speaking of big thigh region, I got these with oh wait. I think I should we got a smaller size, but anyway I got these shorts because I love my other ones. Where are they? Let me get about really quick. Oh these are medium okay, because I love these so much. I did this in my last Express haul. These are the Express Rocky Barnes collection, shorts and they’re, like this leopard and they’re, so freakin cute, because they’re actually like comfortable and flattering and they’re the one of the only pairs of shorts.
I’ve ever felt like good in you know, that’s sad, but anyway, these are the other pair, like she had another pair of these kind of shorts and just in a different print. So I thought this to be cute was like a white top or whatever. It’s really kind of tropical. I wish I had this for a rube. Oh we just got back, and part of me wants to do a story time, but it’s also about my dad and I don’t think that’s appropriate to do a story. Talk about your dad, but my dad basically ruined our trip because he was on a jet ski and he’s 50 years old, he’s on a jet ski going 60 miles per hour. He went over. The handlebars hit is ripped like he fell on the water going that fast, his man went over he’s six five or like six four. I don’t know what he has went over. The handlebars and fifty-years-old hit the water and he like thought he broke his rib. So he I don’t even know how he got back to shore and we’re in a Aruba inert like we’re international. My mom had to take him to the ER in Aruba twice because he thought he broke his ribs and he’s like something slashing you’re on a namer nightmare. Nobody else’s father does that. I can tell you that right now maybe yours does and if your dad does that or if your parents are reckless like mine, then please comment down below because I need I would like some support and I would like to know I’m not alone in this world. So anyway, oh I want to say something about these really quick. When I was in Aruba, I wore a bunch of my express stuff. because it’s when you go to like a tropical island or tropical vacation, it is so cool to be able to wear like the most tropical thing. Like so stereotypical tropical thing so anyway, I’m glad I had that, but I kind of wish that this order came before I went because this stuff’s really cute. I also ordered this. I don’t remember what this is. Oh, it’s a dress. Okay cute. I don’t remember owning this at all. I’m not gonna lie, but it is really cute and I guess it ties so I think it ties with them right or maybe the back so you’ll have like a sage to waste. Sorry you’re not gonna roll to see out you’ll see when I try it on, but this is really cute. This is again like something where, if I had this in a robot I would have looked freaking hot and I’m so mad. I didn’t have it, but I ordered this like while I was on the plane to her room. So anyway, there we go cute, dress, cute love, it gotta love it super cute. I love it by the way it links down below for everything and they are affiliate links. So if you use them, I do get a commission so, but anyway, let’s see what the next thing is.
Oh, I know what is this, so this is like um. It’s kind of like a mini dress have another one of these, and I love it because it’s I like that it is a MIDI because it just they don’t have a lot of those these days and it’s really kind of modest, except it’s a little flirty with This little cutout right here, but it’s really flattering, and I just love it, it’s so cute, and I love that it’s like this lemon kind of fabric I feel like linen, is just so cool right now and I love it. So I wanted to get another one, and I really like that color. I actually like this color better than the one that I have so I had to pick that up, um plus and then I got these jeans, which I hoped fit, and I don’t know if they will so we’ll see. Otherwise, I’m gonna have to lose a few lbs because I don’t want to return it and that’s the other thing about vacation. Every time I realize I’m like wow, I really need when I’m on vacation. I have like an existential crisis where I’m like. Oh, my god, if I don’t lose weight when I get home and eat healthy, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. So I had that when I was in a room, I’m like it’s: it’s always on vacation when you realize it’s too late like it was you didn’t you needed to yeah? Okay, don’t mind me. So I got these jeans. I love expressed genes. Everybody knows, and these were like gosh, what were they called their high-rise jeans they’re straight and they were from this vintage collection, they’re kind of like Levi’s. I guess and I’m looking for stuff that looks like Levi’s, but I don’t want to pay for a I’m, not gonna lie so yeah. I got these they’re like this nice straight. I didn’t want like too big, because every time I wear girlfriend jeans um, I just kind of look like. Oh I don’t know like. I look. Doesn’t look that flattering on me so anyway, I wanted to get like more straight or a pair, but these are kind of tight, so we’ll have to see about that, but they are high rise. So that’s important to me because I bought a lot of crop tops. This is one of them, a sista, lime, green and I freaking love this. I wore this actually in Aruba I mean it was really cute, it’s just really bright and it’s like hey everybody notice me. I have a million of these. I have like a white one. I did in my other haul and I have a yellow one and I truly wear them all the time I get mine in a medium, because, even though I’m usually a small shirt, these are a little tight. So just keep that in mind if you do or online so, but they’re really kit, they have like this lettuce, edge, bottom and stuff, so love, okay, here’s another little crappie toffee, and this is just cute for summer.
So it’s just like a you know, just like a black shirt. I thought it was really cute. I don’t know I thought it’d be cute with like some shorts. I cut off shorts, maybe like even olive coat like just shredded shorts, like you know, distressed and I thought it’d be really cute. So yeah, it’s just lightweight cute. Whatever you know what I mean, of course, you guys are gonna be mad, and I’m actually really bad myself that I did this. I did this so man, but I got these. I got more sunglasses because again do you guys I’m looking for sunglasses to make me look famous and I cannot find a good pair like I’m just okay? Maybe I’m just done. I don’t have like a famous face. I don’t know, but they here’s what I do like they all come with this case, which is really good to travel with, and I actually didn’t have a case for a pair of sunglasses, the ones I bought at Nasty Gal, which I loved they broke in my Bag when we were going to New York, I literally opened up my bag, and I just saw just this. My sunglasses were just in pieces across, like I didn’t put them in a protective case so anyway, this is really good for traveling and it’s really sturdy put your sunglasses in there and keep it. So that’s a good thing about buying from it’s called their Prive Ruvo. I don’t know eyewear it’s like they’re, nice brand of sunglasses, so I got these pretty cute. I probably have a pair that look exactly like it, but you know I thought they were cute. They look cute online. Oh yeah, you look cute, wait a minute! Oh yeah. I, like you cuz, I, you know when I broke another pair in my I broke my favorite pair from Kohl’s. Then I got my grandma, so I thought these were cute. I like this style, it’s just kind of like casual. I don’t know so yeah. These are the what’s it called Prive. What are they come? The London’s I think I like it down below you guys, won’t know so, yeah, okay, one more thing and oh, I don’t know what to say about this. You guys, I’m really nervous to even show these because I’m like uh, I don’t know cuz when I saw him a Jarvis, he kind of laughed at me and he was like you’re really gonna wear those. But you know me: this might be it one of those things work. Remember my other haul, where I got bright, orange boo, hoo shoes that might have been a Miss that I you know in hindsight, but okay, here’s the shoes so there these are Steven Madden and I thought they were cute But you know they’re kind of like you know, they’re chunky, obviously, but the whole thing I don’t like is that they kind of go up like a genie shoes like I wish that they were down kind of like like if this wasn’t like that, but they’re cute.
I mean this is something that I would definitely wear like again I had an existential crisis when I came back where I was like I had to come I had a wake-up moment where I’m like I need to freaking get my in the gym and I need to start eating healthy and not as much food like I keep eating so much so you know we’ll see if I wear these, I don’t know if I will, like I here’s what I was gon Na do I’m gonna say I wanted you guys to know, and I want you to be really honest with me and treat me like a friend You know I really want you to treat me like a friend, for what should I like are these? Are these lame like, if you think, they’re lame, then I’m just gonna return them because they were kind of expensive? So, just let me know I really need like actual advice, cuz They are kind of cool, they’re cool from the side, but they do have that thing I don’t like stuff when they go up like a genie You know so anyway These are what I got there They had a couple different styles, but I thought these are cool because they have like this reflective camo You can see right there, so I don’t know on the fence about that, but anyway, and I think of my favorite things This is probably my favorite thing So if you want it like every time, I do a haul, I’m like okay, if there’s one thing, you’re gonna get get this, and I think that the the thing I’m wearing right now is probably it it’s just so cute so flattering and so lightweight girly, Like a little bit preppy, I freaking love it it’s so cute I don’t want to take it off, but I need to get in my pajamas today because there’s a new patch coming out in World of Warcraft, so I need to get ready by the way I really want to start streaming on Twitch, but I don’t know what you guys would want to see or like what I would even play I play World of Warcraft, but it’s like man, I I don’t think people want to watch that So I don’t know anyway Just talking to myself at this point who knows, but anyway, you guys know, I love express to check them out I’ll have links down below to everything Please use them if you decide to buy anything and support I totally appreciate it thanks in advance if you do and leave a like, leave a comment How was your day what’s new in your life anyway

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