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Summer favorite (beauty products + reading content)

30 Sep , 2019  

Favorites, specifically focusing on summertime items, I know we only have one month left of the summer, which is devastating, but also you know it’s still like 30 to 31 days we got under our belt. I wanted to touch on some items that I’ve been helping me thrive during the summertime. So let’s get started so I’m gonna prime, you guys with a beauty product first here I have Lancome’s prep and matte mattifying primer. I went to Mexico a couple days ago and it was sohot and sohumid and I thought it was the perfect environment to kind of test out a bunch of different mattifying primers, and this one definitely roasted the top.
This was the only mattifying primer that didn’t cling onto my skin and make me have like weird patches of foundation. I think it’s because this one is also like a hydrating mattifying primer as well, even though that sounds like an oxymoron, it definitely did the trick. I focused a lot on my t-zone and like around this area that tends to get quite dewy and it kept me relatively matte in 100% humidity, it’s virtually impossible to find a mattifying primer. That’s gonna keep you completely oil-free, especially in environment, where it’s just moist outside, but this one kept my makeup on it blurred out my pores and I loved the fact that I didn’t cling on to weird patches of my skin. Moving on to some audiobooks, I want to do a huge shout-out to my long-term, sponsor audible. If you guys don’t know what audible is for some reason, it is the best service to listen to audiobooks and they alsohave original podcasts they’re, like business news, comedy all of that. It’s all on the service, but today I want to recommend two audio books for you guys. Yes, the first one is called Daisy Jones and the six, and this story is so cool because it takes place in the 70s and you get to follow this like really huge larger-than-life band. They show you how they like skyrocketed to fame and it leads to their breakup. Inevitably, I don’t think I’m exploiting anything, because it’s just that’s part of the synopsis, but it is so convincing.
Okay, I think it took me a quarter of a way to realize that this isn’t actually a band like I was googling like. Oh, I want to listen to daisy jones in the six and it’s all completely fictional, but just the way they tell you like the crazy parties and all the tea that happens and what happens on the road and just like the drama between everybody in the band. It really is so just like immersive. I also want to recommend a thriller. It’s called final girls by Riley Sager. You guys have probably heard me talk about this, at least like two times in like a bunch of my vlogs, but I had to drop this in because this will just shake you up. It’s about a girl who survives this mass murder like she’s, just in a cabin with all her friends and she’s, the lone survivor. But the problem is, she doesn’t remember anything like she’s, pretty much blacked out when the whole massacre happened and the story just shows you how she copes with this traumatizing experience. If you’re looking to get sucked into a story that is going to probably induce some nightmares but in a good way, I recommend checking this out. So those are just a few of my recommendations, but audible alsohas the audible originals, which are audio titles that are created by storytellers all over the world that range from theater literature and journalism. So you can definitely check those out, and I personally love listening to these, because I find that I learn a lot more about myself and it can lead you to become a better you right now, Amazon Prime members can get audible for four out ninety-five a month For the first three months, which is essentially getting three months for one and then after that, it’s only fourteen ninety five – all you gotta do is go on my URL, which is, slash clothes, or you can text close to five hundred five hundred. This offer. Only lasts from July 31st. 2019. So please utilize it today, since the temperatures are rising in the summer, you know little crevasses in the body can get a little stinky.
So I want to talk about this deodorant by cope re. This is their coconut oil deodorant. I think I think it smells freaking good. It smells like a pina colada. I don’t really perspire that much. I definitely just use this for odor control and this one. It has definitely kept the Bo at bay, and I also love the fact that this is a clean deodorant as well. There’s a lot of deodorants in the market that have a lot of toxic chemicals like aluminum. That are just plain awful for you. So if you’re looking for a clean deodorant – and if you don’t like perspire that much this will be a nice light deodorant for you. So now I’m gonna move on to a skincare product. This is Fresh’s sugar, a strawberry exfoliating face wash I’ve been told to exfoliate my face. Just I don’t even know how many times my facialist, but she basically tells me that there’s all this dead stuff and gunk on my face, which is just unbelievable, because I literally wash my face two times a day. But I guess exfoliating is key. But I find that a lot of exfoliator Zhai feel like they don’t do too much or they’re just tooharsh and just stripped. My skin, I feel like this exfoliating face wash by fresh, has been a really good one for me to use, because it’s really gentle there are like tiny sugar granules in here that just kind of like softly, refine and just kind of smooth out the face, and I’ve been noticing that my skincare products have been sinking in better and my face feels a lot more smooth. It smells like strawberry candy, so like every time I use it. I just kind of get like a little burst of excitement, because you know scent is something that I do. Love pink fresh just has really great skincare products. I switch off between the soy, cleanser and the strawberry one, and it’s been doing really well for my face So now I just want to quickly touch on hairspray, because when I went to Rome – and I had those curls for three days straight – all I did was use living proofs flex, shaping hairspray, and this has definitely been sleeping in my bathroom right after I curled my Hair, I just did like a little mist of this, and I like that, my hair didn’t feel crunchy.
I feel like this is where, like the flecks, shaping spray really comes comes through because it’s still flexible but you’re not like you, don’t look like you have like Shirley Temple curls and it’s all just hard in one piece I am definitely stocking up on this because this is working for me last summer Favorite is a fan This is my Fendi fan that they have graciously gifted to me when I went to their show and I’m not even trying to flex here Y’All like this is just this is just like favorite thing to use it when I go outside, you know it just keeps me cool, like you see, ventilated, and then I also bring it inside to do my skincare, but I have a very extensive skincare routine and In between the items I have to wait for the product to absorb in my face before I can tack on the other one So after I do like my toner I’ll use, this fan to kind of expedite the process and then I’ll put myessence and I’ll fan again and then I’ll put my serums fan again I pick you might get the point, but I also love bringing this out, because it’s just a nice photo prop like you know, when you don’t know what to do with your hands or photos This pretty much takes care of one of your hands and the other one You could just kind of focus on like your hair, but I don’t know I’ve just been a huge fan of this fan Alright, guys those are all my favorites for the summertime I would love it if you guys would leave me your summer favorites in the comments down below I truly love reading them and I just like to interact with you guys that way I want to thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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