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Summer makeup tutorial

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey, what’s up you guys, welcome back today’s tutorial is on this summer a sleigh make up. Look it’s very colorful. This is not for, like the daytime lasts, all day, sort of a look, even though I’m pretty sure this could last all day. That was just not my intention. I wanted to do something very dramatic and just fun that represents the summer time. I am using their new modern dreamer palette. This is what I used to create this look. There are so many colors in here, so let me know what other looks you’d like me to create with this palette, since there are a lot of options and I had a lot of fun using this today but yeah.
This is the look I came up with. I feel like it is just the perfect colorful super dramatic look for this time of year, I’m gonna be using their new modern dreamer palette. Look how beautiful this is. It has a gorgeous range of brights colors everything that you need. When I sat down to film, it was really tricky to figure out what shades exactly I wanted to use because there’s so many in here you have your brights, your cools, your neutrals, your warms blush tones, there’s literally everything in here you’ve got shimmers mattes. All that jazz, so let me know what color family you’d like me to use next. So here’s a close-up look of the palette, so you can see it up close and personal. There are 40 shades in total, so it’s perfect if you’re, just starting out or if you’re Pro NYX is always add an affordable price point and they’re cruelty free. So I am going to start with my brows first and foremost just because I cannot do my eyeshadow without doing my brows fair. So if you follow me on instagram, you probably already heard me talk about this. This is the NYX fill in fluff brow pencil. I’ve been using the same brow pencil for years, I’ve strayed away and then come right back to the same one I’ve been using, but all month long I’ve been using this brow pencil. It is a brow, pomade pencil. It does have an angle here on the front and then the paddle brush isn’t a spoolie, which I never thought that I would like, because I’m so used to using spoole ease and just the way that they work. But this it’s awesome. So I’m quickly is gonna run through my brow, and this has a little bit of product left left over in the paddle brush.
So there’s gonna be a little bit of color distribute is there and do you need to tweeze my brows? I might do that. I should do my brows, so I am in the shade ash brown by the way. What I like to do is just start on the bottom sort of like in the middle and then lightly. I do the front, and now I’ve got the bottom guideline there and now I’m gonna carry that to the top and carry that to the tail. Now I’m gonna take this and turn it vertically and do vertical spikes here in the front, and then I’m just gonna fill it in with the direction that my hairs are going. So I’m not just like coloring it in like a coloring book. I’m just doing little hair strokes in the direction of the hairs. So now I’m just gonna take the paddle brush and it sort of just buffs it together. So it looks like a more finished look gives you a bushy look, but in a good way. It’s not like overpowering, I just think it looks so natural and right now it looks to me like from far away that I didn’t have my other brown not done. I think like it looks like. Unlike my notes, my brow grew that way. You know what I mean: okay, so now that my brows are Donna I’m gonna prep for the eye shadow, I’m gonna be using the painterly Paint Pot from Mac. This is my favorite eyeshadow base primer type of product and just apply it onto my lid. I’m just gonna grab my makeup forever H, 104 powder, which is this lighter powder right here. This just is going to ensure that when I go in with these bright pigmented shadows, they don’t adhere to just like the sticky area. It’s gonna blend out very very nicely. actually a couple I’ll link them up in the info bar. So you can check them out and hear me talk your ear off about applying eyeshadow um. I also like to take this powder and just lightly run it through my brows making them a little bit more sparse, which in turn, I feel like makes them look even more natural. So now, for the fun part, we can move into the modern dreamer palette. I’m really drawn to like this whole section, like the Pink’s, the oranges, a little bit of the yellow, I’m gonna start with the bright yellow, shade here, and this is going to basically just like map out the look you’re eventually, not even really gonna see Much of this yellow, so I’m just gonna bring this here, keeping it lower in the crease and lightly feathering it up not into the brow, but in the brow bone area in little circles and windshield wiper motions.
Now that the base is on in the crease. I’m going to sort of just start, adding a little bit more dimension, so I’m going to switch to a little bit of a smaller brush and I’m gonna go into the lighter orange shade, which is right next to the yellow, bringing this closer into the crease. It’s going to help the other shadows that we use and the eye look fade into this brighter, yellow with ease it’s just going to naturally do a gradual gradation and not like be pink orange, yellow they they’ll all just like mend together into like just a nice Melty look so now I’m gonna grab my concealer. This is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD concealer and I’m gonna put a little bit of this. On the back of my hand, I’m gonna pick it up with a flat brush, and I’m just gonna put this on to the lid, so that these brighter colors really stick to it and can be as bright as they’re meant to be. I’m not being too precise in the crease like I normally would be with a cut crease sort of look when we do this concealer step just because it’s gonna be blended. Eventually, I just want to get this sticky base on there and the opaqueness so that those colors can really really pop okay. So the first shade I’m gonna grab is this bright, hot, pink shade and I’m gonna put this on the flat side of my brush and I’m just gonna push this in on the inner part of the lid and now I’m gonna flip. My brush over to the other side and I’m gonna grab a Z like basically it’s like a bright fluorescent red orange and I’m gonna put this right next to that hot, pink shade and I like to use fluffy brushes with matte shades. Even if they’re going flat onto the lid just because I feel like they pick up the product better and it just lays it right where you need it to be, I think that going in with a very dense flat brush, would you I feel like you’d, get A lot of fallout when you’re using a matte shade on the lid like this and now you can kind of go back and forth between those two shades to make sure that they melt together and now I’m gonna mix these two purple shades together and I’m Gon na start adding the darker purple to the outer corner.
I have a pencil brush here and I’m just going to set this here in the outer corner, flicking it into that bright orange. Now I’m going into that bright orange, and I’m just touching this into the crease to help blend these shades out before I head too far into the darker purples, I’m gonna keep it right in the center where that bright orange is on the lid and then Bring it forwards to blend the pink into the yellow and then once you’ve got that blended. You can bring it over here because if you pick up any purple on this in the crease and then you bring it over you’re gonna bring that purple in further than your. You might be wanting to okay. So now that both eyes are done well, they’re not finished. I still have to like highlight the brow bone and the inner corner, but I’ll probably do that when I do the rest of my face makeup, I am gonna do liner, which I just feel like. I haven’t done liner and it’s slow long. This whole year, I’ve been just a very much no liner and just some false lashes kind of girl, but today I just kind of feel like doing the thing I feel like going all out, so I’m gonna use my favorite gel liner. This is the Inglot gel liner and I’m gonna be using the Make Up For Ever 250 eyeliner brush For Lashes, I’m going to be applying it, the velour here to slay lashes. This is like the only lashes that I wear, I’m just gonna pop these. On here, the middle, the outer eye tackle the inner. The trick is to let your glue get tacky. First, that way it’s not slipping and sliding around when you put it on. Oh, I totally forgot to put mascara on I’ve got like pink lashes. I totally forgot. Let those dry and then I will revisit that at the end. But oh my gosh, I haven’t done that in years like I look so funny right now, just like the upper part and like these dramatic lashes and nothing else on the face or on the bottom. That’s okay, I’m gonna go in and cry, and I’m gonna use this for the first time it’s the NYX bear with me. Hydrating jelly face primer. Oh weird, I’m gonna put this on for my face primer. I also really love the way that this stuff smells so now for foundation, I’m going to be using the Dior forever foundation. I have the new one and I wanted to compare it to the old one, because I know they discontinued this packaging and they came out with more versions of the forever foundation.
So if you love this foundation, the one that’s been like raved about for so long, and you want that and you can’t find it. This is literally the same thing. It smells. The same goes on the same. The color is the same, but the numbers are different. So I’m normally shade 15 in the old one, and then I went with 1.5 N for the new one. 1.5. 15 they’re. Basically the same thing I don’t know if all of them are gonna work that way, but it worked that way for me. So it’s, but it really is the same shade it’s just instead of 15, it’s 1.5! This is the new packaging. This is the one I’m gonna be using today. I’ve worn it a few times it literally this game. I’m gonna go for a very full coverage today, oh yeah mmm, that smell definitely the same foundation. Now I know this is this one by the way is the mapped forever, because now they have different forever foundations. You know like different types were before it was just that one. So the one that I have is the matte one been breaking out a lot lately. I haven’t been like totally perfect with my diet. Lately, I never really am in this summer I stray away – and I have things that I probably shouldn’t be eating, but you know, live my life moderation, but I have been breaking out like crazy now that I’ve been so strict with my diet for so long when I do have something bad. I notice right away, so I’ve been like really breaking out down here, gonna go into my concealer. This is the Ultra HD. You can see that from Make Up For Ever. This is same one that I used on my eyes to like prep for the bright colors, I’m like lost out of this. I need to start using my other concealers and it looks like I’m applying a ton of product. I never apply that much, but it’s drying it out. So it’s a very thin layer. It’s not like I’m taking on the concealer, I’m gonna be using my Sigma fo 3 brush to blend the now I’m going to set the face a little bit, I’m going to use the Laura Mercier translucent powder just to set like on the sides of my Nose and then that makeup rubber, h1 or h2 104 powder, so you set the under-eye area to bronze, I’m going to be using the bronze goddess bronzer from Estee Lauder.
I haven’t used this in a while it feels like, but this is what this looks like. It’s just a nice red tone bronzer. I am in the shade medium and I’m using a Smith 154. I’m just gonna start patting this up here on the forehead and slowly bringing it down into the cheek man. This I look really starts coming together once a good to the face makeup on, like you just look a little crazy at first, but then it all just starts coming together for a highlighter, I’m going to be using the Charlotte Tilbury highlighter. That comes in this duo. Right here I’m going to use the highlighter side and then I’m also going to use it up into the eye. Look so I’m gonna use my Sigma F, 35 and I’m gonna hit this right here in that spot. I know I’m gonna grab my Sigma lit brush the lo4 and I’m gonna bring this first here into the inner corner of my eyes. I’m also gonna bring this on the Cupid’s bow tip of my nose bridge of my nose. Don’t worry I’ll blend that out and then up here on the brow bone, my finger, I’m gonna blend out the inner corner with a clean brush. I’m gonna blend out this one and then with the fluffy brush, I’m gonna go in. Do the nose and keep it up now, I’m gonna add just a little bit of blush. I hope this is gonna go. It looks like it’s gonna be pretty neutral. Normally, I would go with the oranges and do like a pop of peach, but I don’t have like a ton of makeup here at my house. Still, I still have to bring them over my collection, but this is the cover FX soft peach, little duo here, Musa Mac bright – I totally don’t know – I think it’s 168. I’m gonna use this to apply the blush to my cheekbones, not my cheekbones, my cheeks. Okay, I’m really happy with how this is turning out. I’m gonna zoom back in so we can finish off the lower lash line and complete the look. It’s funny how it looked so strange before I did my face makeup and now that that’s on it start off it’s like already starting to look more complete, so I’m gonna start with that, like bright, yellow, shade that we used earlier and the fluffy brush, I’m Gon na look up into my mirror and carry this low and also connect it to like the wing area, bring it in. So this is gonna really peep out from the rest of the colors we put on and help them to like fade nicely. This is the makeup forever: 216 brush It’s like a dome shaped brush and I’m gonna take the think of the orange shades.
I’m gonna take the orange, but I might also take the pink I’m gonna play around I’m gonna start with that orange and smudge this into the lashes more precisely Okay, so actually didn’t take the pink I’m thinking I might want to keep the pink up top I’m gonna grab the purpley shades mix them together and put that right at the lashes I’m connecting it to that wing there and I’m adding the pink like I know that might just be up on the top, no we’re going I think Lastly, I’m just gonna go back in with that fluffy brush to blend everything So now I’m gonna apply it some mascara onto the bottom and also the top I normally do that before applying lashes, but I totally forgot: I’m gonna use the NYX on the rise Volume Mascara Oh, this totally goes with the theme gonna keep it at the base so that I don’t go too much through the lashes because I don’t want to mascara PHY them Okay and now to finish off this, look, I’m gonna do the lips This is the rosewood lip pencil from Laura Mercier I’ve been using this a ton lately, it’s just a really good rose based, nude and looks good on my skin tone So I’m going to line and over line my lips and then fill them in with this lip pencil and then for lipstick I’m gonna go into the pink lemonade, lipstick from Tarte It’s a light, pale nude, but it has like a peachy undertone, so I’m just gonna blend in okay and that my friends is the finished look I had a lot of fun doing this because I have not done a look like this in a while It’s been a really long time, especially these tones It’s just so perfect for this time of year, and it makes me feel really fun and summery, and I dig it so that’s everything for this tutorial I hope you guys enjoyed following along you wanna pre Creating this please tag me on instagram I would love to see your look Let me know below what other looks you’d like to see using the modern dreamer palette, because there are a lot of options here So let me know that down below Thank you so much for watching Please subscribe and i’ll see you later bye

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